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  1. In what way is that a "silly" quote ? Just because you didn't do Latin at school it's OK, you don't have to feel deprived. I am quite capable of debating in an adult manner, if I am debating with an adult.
  2. The German gymnasts wore body suits.
  3. If there was an Olympic medal for pedantry, MLG would be a multiple champion.
  4. Why are we not Team UK ?
  5. A revised version of the HC is being introduced, changing the rules and priorities for pedestrians and cyclists at crossings and junctions. However, how many drivers are going to know these changes are being made, and how many are going to acquaint themselves of their new responsibilities ?
  6. Perhaps Nige would be happier seeing piles of drowned bodies washing up on the Kent and Sussex beaches.
  7. They're being kept apart from their sisters, so yes.
  8. Delivery drivers who give you a delivery slot between 08:00 and 12:00 ' tomorrow', send you an email confirming this, then at 09:00 'tomorrow' send a message saying that they are not coming until after 14:00.
  9. So, just about everything you have posted ?
  10. ( Godwin's Law klaxon !!!!!) Hitler
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