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  1. Bertie, KWP, Salisu ( ? ). Possibly add Smallbone.
  2. Shows how important KWP and Bertie are.
  3. As long as we are still in the game at that point.
  4. Aresnal are beating us at our own game.
  5. Let's hope it doesn't end with "Sleeping with the Angels".
  6. They said last week that they expected to start delivering again from the 23rd.
  7. badgerx16


    The genome sequencing that identifies the mutations is done by specialist laboratories on random samples; they know where the samples come from, but not necessarily the patient.
  8. It is theoretically possible under the UK system for a party to get over 50% of the vote and yet concede a Parliamentary majority to a party getting less than 30 % of the vote.
  9. Unfortunately this is correct. People have to understand the logistics of the Electoral College and the critical importance of certain States, as has been made clear in the last 2 elections.
  10. It is immediately apparent that a million monkeys with a million typewriters stand a better chance of producing this paragraph than GM has of putting so many long words into coherent sentences. There again, a bit of acknowledgement and attribution would demonstrate that he lifted it from the Telegraph, and it can also be found here ; https://kaleistyleguide.com/politics/2021/01/24/left-cannot-overcome-division-remains-obsessed-identity-politics/
  11. Publicly funded health care doesn't generate the profits or dividends for share holders.
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