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  1. Answer my own question: no it isn't. A hat trick has been taken in the first over of an international match on at least 2 occasions.
  2. Was that the quickest hat trick in first class cricket, in terms of the state of the innings ?
  3. As has been discussed earlier in the thread, there would not have been anything preventing the UK doing it's own thing from day one.
  4. A Polish pilot having escaped from the German invasion in 1939, arrives at his new RAF base and introduces himself to the squadron CO. "What combat experience do you have ?" asks the CO. "On the day the Germans invaded I took to the skies to fight back. There were fokkers to the left of me and fokkers to the right of me..." The CO interrupts him - "I thought Fokkers are flown by the Dutch Airforce". "True", replies the Pole, "but these fokkers were flying Messerschmitts".
  5. "Just another word for nothing left to lose."
  6. Well there obviously was a chance, however unlikely. On Jan 4th we were 6th on 29 points after beating Liverpool. Since then we have managed to limp to apparent safety, though not yet mathematical, by beating the worst team to have played in the Prem for several seasons, and defying our form and recent history by turning around a 2-0 deficit against Burnley.
  7. In January we had only just started our current run of crap performances.
  8. I know it's whatifery, but the semi final seems to be being used as a reason to discount, even excuse, our piss poor league performances over the last 3 months. We have come too close to getting a cup final and relegation.
  9. How would this thread be going if the league results were the same but Arsenal had fielded their first team in the FA Cup and beaten us ?
  10. 92 in 1966/7 I think. ( And we stayed up ). In the Prem it is currently 66 in 2004/5, the season we were relegated, but we also conceded 65 in 2018/9
  11. Yes, but there are ao many variables that in the short term it probably isn't a good idea to make definitive judgements either way. ( Didn't JRM mention 40 years, as he was moving his investment funds into an EU base ) I just thought that it might be interesting to have an alternative, ( non UK or EU ), report on how things are perceived to be progressing.
  12. No idea, but we had CoVid last February, and only left the EU 3 months ago, and the slump in January was in relation to the preceeding month. I would have thought that the most severe impact of CoViD had already been felt well before 'Independence Day'.
  13. If you start with 100% and reduce it by 42% you are left with 58%. If you then increase that by 46% you are still only at 86% of where you started.
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