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  1. I think Rom's against WBA was better.
  2. Impatient. And does it matter ? Corbyn is directly responsible for making Labour unelectable at the last election, whether it be his manifesto or his stance on Brexit. Momentum's Bolshevik style central committee control freakery drove tens of thousands in the constitruency branches away from their traditional voting pattern.
  3. badgerx16


    So she is a sensitive waste of space ?
  4. badgerx16


    Is Kim Kardashian the most insensitive waste of space on the planet ?
  5. Speaking as a muddle-headed, lefty, remoaner, 'pony' spouting, traitor, you get used to it !
  6. But has Donald Trump had Kamala Harris' wife ?
  7. ( Switches to Terry Pratchett mode.......) Sto-Lat
  8. Preferably the Arse - on the anniversary of 'that' result it would be karma to be above Leicester.
  9. Let us put this in it's proper perspective - we are now a quarter of the way to avoiding relegation.
  10. According to whoscored.com, Ings had 62 touches, DCL had 18 ( and I think that is being generous ). Also, was the disallowed goal the longest delay for an offside flag ever ?
  11. How long has he got left on the current one ?
  12. Ancelloti - "The red card was a joke...We will be appealling". LOL. Everton's approach to the season seems to be trying to severely injure at least one the opposition each game.
  13. If somebody had predicted that after 6 games we wouild be above Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Man City, and Man Utd, they would have been locked up for their own good. ( and yes I know that most of them have a game in hand, but "points on the board" ). Regarding the match, what an excellent team performance. Calvert-Lewin probably had the least number of touches in any match he's played. ( And I didn't realise that Ekoku was an Everton fan ).
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