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  1. A lot of LGBTQ fans groups are very vocal on social media about the Saudis as well, citing their record on oppression of those groups. However, we all know that in the eyes of the elite running football, money trumps everything else.
  2. Palace fans give their verdict on the Toon's new ownership;
  3. My nan would have scored that - and she has been dead for 30 years.
  4. Exactly. If the Board haven't got rid of Ralph after what we saw last season, why would they conside it now ? The bar has been set extremely low, and up to now we are above it this season.
  5. Regardless of Ralph's abilities as a manager, Howe is not a viable alternative.
  6. Perraud looks as bad as Cedric when trying to cross the ball.
  7. If referees actually enforced the laws on dissent they might get more respect. The next time a "big club's" players mob a ref, book them all. I would love to see Harry MacGuire,( or any other overpaid prima donna ), sent off for his second offence of mouthing off at an official.
  8. The plan to train new HGV drivers means that the rigid axle and articulated tests are to be merged, and drivers will not be tested on hitching/unhitching trailers, nor will they be required to reverse; https://www.fleetpoint.org/driver-training-safety/criticism-mounts-over-government-plans-to-streamline-hgv-driving-tests/ "“This lowering of standards is a knee-jerk reaction to the driver shortage caused by Brexit,” said David Jinks, head of ParcelHero’s consumer research. He added: “In an effort to get more truck drivers on the road, the government has announced plans t
  9. badgerx16


    My wife wondered if they 'know' each other in the Biblical sense.
  10. The NFL brain injury compensation scheme, ( was, but should no longer be so ); https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58993679
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