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  1. This thread is really really sh*t now. Are you all ashamed about heaping this juvenile abuse on the above individual? I hope at least some of you are. I couldn't care less about W******d and have no opinion on him. But I think you are all morons.
  2. Did anyone see the bit that read: "If we were able to stay I would expect the average gate to be higher in the Conference than it has been in the Premier League this season." Blink and you miss it, really.
  3. SO.... why exactly was their transfer embargo lifted?????
  4. I am sorry, pfc123, that really is nonsense. You wouldn't get anywhere near that amount. I think it is time for Pompey staff and fans to stop deluding themselves. Seriously. You should have got real five years ago, instead of believing nonsense like what you wrote above. Then you could have avoided this altogether. I mean that in the nicest possible way. You are deluded.
  5. Oh, thank God you are okay. I heard about the violent riots at the game yesterday and was worried that you were caught up in them. But I guess you were probably at home in bed when it all kicked off.
  6. We should get Detective Inspector Karl Skrzypiec on the case. I hear he's good.
  7. I should expect he was describing Pompey strikers and their efforts on goal!!!:p!!!:p!!!!1!!
  8. I met lots of pompey fans who were worried about our plight at saints and wished us all the best with the takeover. Pompey are in trouble and need a cash injection just like us, so, if you don't mind, i wont be gloating.
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