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  1. I would say that I wouldn't make that mistake again but since I lost all of them I guess I won't get the chance.
  2. How are an innocent society supposed to react when the police start shooting us dead for no reason? The rioters need to kick some copper ass so until they realise they can't just shoot us dead whenever they like.
  3. All 12 of my chickens were killed by a fox last night. All 12. Including 6 babies. Make sure you lock your chickens up at night. I didn't last night for the first time in ages and lost all 12. 12.
  4. I hate all of you. Genuinely. Without exception.
  5. Don't open fire until they are right up close Don't move up north Don't order the prawn cocktail
  6. Where is 'f*ck you and f*ck this f*cking place' pancak when you need him?
  7. You remember the incident better than me, to be fair. Do you believe that most gypsies are thieves? I have had some dealings with them and they stole a pizza off me when I used to be a delivery driver, but I still wouldn't generalise about any group of people (except chefs. All chefs are ****s).
  8. Its stupid lies like this that cause impressionable maniacs like that Norway f*ck to go out and shoot everyone. The media have ruined this country/world more than muslims ever could.
  9. Bexy once banned me from this forum for being a racist when he was a mod. He is clueless. And, it turns out, a hypocrite and a racist.
  10. http://forums.birminghammail.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=38716 Ha. Sound familiar?
  11. I agre with Griffo. If you like something from another country, move to that f*cking country. My son told me that he wanted 'sushi' for dinner last night. I told him to f*ck off to Japan or eat his bread dripping like a good boy. And if people want to listen to black music, they can f*ck right off to africa with all the other blacks. Or at least 'black-up' like my dad used to when he wanted to listen to soul or jazz music. White people that like black music are f*cking traitors. In about two years there wont be any white people left in the world, except in zoos or museums (stuffed).
  12. I love Balotelli. Just like Rees says, the game needs more people like him. He is the Deppo of Premiership football.
  13. Good thinking. Winehouse was always very skinny, and Joplin will be nothing but dust by now.
  14. Wolfgang Wolf - Former manager of VfL Wolfsburg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Wolf Aránzazu 'Arantxa' Isabel Maria Sánchez Vicario - Tennis player http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arantxa_S%C3%A1nchez_Vicario Vanderlei Luxemburgo - Former Brazil manager http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanderlei_Luxemburgo Please add your own.
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