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  1. -10 is just that..if they have no points or 100
  2. haha....remember the famous saints trust
  3. does 1330 in pompey actually mean 40 to the real world..?
  4. just read some updates....a quick skim though is this harris fella good news for pompey...or better news for us?
  5. sorry for posting this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2baoSsBRwNc#!
  6. I had a look through it earlier...about 30 mins just flicking through random pages from the beginning amazing, how over time the likes of corp have simply slipped away....quite happy to give it the big one...even at times saying they were fine and that they really had loads of money and how his mate...who he see socially every other week told him they were fine now they are just a sham of a club....no one really has any sympathy for them in football..sure, there will be some when they go pop and the odd, bucked toothed yokel will phone in talksport shouting "pompey till I die, innit"....
  7. this was all predicted when they were lauding it with sol campbell, david james, diarra, glen johnson and peter crouch in their team.... it was an utter train wreck waiting to happen... what gets me, is that they genuinely think they are some sort of massive club...we were bought by a billionaire and rocketed up the leagues...if they are so massive, where is their saviour..? and no...no sympathy from me at all LOL
  8. does anyone feel the slightest bit of sorrow for them...?
  9. they are (as it stands) 2 points off the bottom having played a game more they are relegated...they would do well to take the -10 this season.....or they will do a plymouth next season
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