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  1. Sorry had one at start but first time I haven’t been able to find one. Please let me know if you have one.
  2. Why are there no links to streams can’t find one anywhere
  3. Agree he is a joke and Kat is a fraud.
  4. Sounds like kat maybe suing gao for not keeping his promises on investment.
  5. I agree there’s loads of other problems but, aren’t they the consequences of having an owner who won’t put any money in or hasn’t got any and who isn’t really interested. How many games does he go to? Wolves and villa and Leicester have owners who are much more interested and have invested lots of money. I think kat has a lot to answer for as there is no way the takeover has benefitted club. Surely we need someone to take over club who has ambition.
  6. How you think Bertrand was worse than Jwp is beyond me.
  7. How Jwp gets away with a half like that and the way he’s played since April is beyond me.
  8. Jwp lost his man for second goal lost man for first goal. He’s rubbish.
  9. McCarthy got an injury on Tuesday so Lewis on bench.
  10. Saved the club what a great man.
  11. Keep ings and get rid of Vestagard? Don’t think so mate.
  12. Did a bit better than mid table mate. 8th 7th and 6th lol.
  13. Not in same league as mane. For me his attitude is suspect at times. I’d cash in.
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