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  1. Named villa player of year today. This one is on Ralph. We now have to buy two left backs. Madness in hindsight.
  2. Just posting the Keane vs Redknapp row today? Interesting to know your thoughts?
  3. Hi just wanted to share a podcast we have done over last few days if anyone fancies a listen. Be interesting to know your views. Thanks.
  4. Sorry win percentage Johnny boy it’s win percentage.
  5. Win percentage: branfoot after 128 games:28.91 Ralph after 103 games: 37.86 Please stop posting this drivel.
  6. Anyone know when they are announcing times for this?
  7. No you don’t have to download it just press play on the arrow. But if you do download podbeam it’s free. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Please let me know whether you enjoy it and agree with opinions or disagree.
  9. Please give them a listen and a follow and a share. Trying to get it off the ground.
  10. Forster didn’t do anything wrong rather he play in goal.
  11. Haven’t posted for a while but I just want to say, thank god for s-Clarke. Completely agree with you. Puel had a much better squad and was backed and played rubbish football, and pelligrino/Hughes had this squad and slightly better. The later we v nearly got relegated. The football and plan under Ralph is evident and ultimately the lack of squad and investment has hurt Ralph. I think the board now are decent and doing the right thing in giving Ralph so much power. I think almost any other manager would be relegated and the longer we have this owner it’s more inevitable we will get relegated at
  12. Roger

    Injury Watch

    Pretty important to us I think? Anyone know?
  13. I know he's a future england captain supposedly but he's always on fringes of games. His shooting poor and even set pieces are getting worse?
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