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  1. A lot of people seem to be very much glass half-full here, especially in relation to Lyanco. I think he may turn out to be better than some of you fear. I also think that suggestions that he will not be used in defensive midfield may be incorrect. From what I saw on the videos he looked very much like a player who would fit well in that position fulfilling a similar role to Romeu. Since we have not signed anyone else to fulfil that role, I think Lyanco may well have to be the one who covers for Romeu if he is injured. However, I also think that he could produce decent competition for Sali
  2. If we are seeking to sign a fifth defensive misfielder, then I'm surprised that we haven't made a move for a player like Claudio Gomes from Man City, though I don't know whether he is more of a Romeu-type DM or a JWP-type DM. I think our shortage is cover for Romeu rather than cover for JWP. As I see it our defensive midfield options look like this: Traditional UK Number 4 (in Germany a number 6) - defensive holding midfielder Romeu More attack-minded or box-to-box style DM - traditionally a number 7 or 8 in the UK JWP Diallo Smallbone While JWP or Diallo c
  3. So, for all the talk and rumours, we didn't sign any of these: Nat Phillips Boubakar Kouyate Flavius Daniliuc Thomas Delaney Ainsley Maitland-Niles Rob Holding James Tarkowski Phil Jones Issa Diop Japhet Tanganga Omar Colley Philippe Sandler Erik Palmer-Brown Jason Denayer Andreas Hanche Brandon Williams Gary Cahill I notice Maitland-Niles is now linked with going to Everton on loan with an option-to-buy. With his ability to play in a number of positions including defensive midfield I alwa
  4. I suspect we may give run-outs to a couple of younger players - if not in the starting line-up then on the bench. If Small is fit enough then he could start, but if as has been suggested he is not match-fit then how about Olufunwa? After all, he has been training with the first team. It also makes sense to give a run-out to Simeu in central defende and Watts or Chauke could get an opportunity in central midfield. Another factor is the risk of cup-tying players who we might want to send out on loan (or sell) like Long and Valery Thus here is what I think we could see: ForsterKWP
  5. There are a lot of negative posts here from what I can see from a quick scan. Let's just wait and see shall we? Personally, on looking at those videos I find myself seeing both massive potential and yet also some things that may be of concern. Whether they will be of concern remains to be seen as does whether we can bring out the best in him. Nevertheless, this is what I observe so far: He has far more flair pushing out of defence than your typical centre back and great ability moving forwards. That makes him a potentially great defensive midfielder. He looks good at turning a defe
  6. Where do you get 11? I would agree a few but not 11!! The ones I would say are probably deemed surplus are: Lewis, McQueen (possibly though I personally hope that by January he might begin to rediscover something of his form from several years ago before he got injured), Valery, Elyounoussi, Long and possibly Obafemi - that is 6 players. Who are your other 5? While there may be several players you do not personally like, all of the others are definitely NOT surplus to requirements and, like it or not, will form the core of Saints squad this season, even if only as reserves and subs i
  7. So, where does this leave the Saints squad? I would say it is something like this (players only listed in primary positions): GK: McCarthy / Forster / Lewis (3 players for one position) LB: Perraud / McQueen (Possibly Thierry Small or another LB to follow?) (2 players for one position + cover provided by Stephens, Djenepo, Diallo, Livramento, etc.) RB: Walker-Peters / Livramento / Valery (3 players for one position) CB: Bednarek / Salisu / Lyanco / Stephens (4 players for 2 positions) DM: Romeu / Ward-Prowse / Smallbone / Diallo (4 players for 2 posit
  8. Is Worrall now definitely the leading candidate to replace Vestergaard? Have we discounted all the other possibilities including the following?: Nat Phillips Boubakar Kouyate Flavius Daniliuc Thomas Delaney Ainsley Maitland-Niles Rob Holding James Tarkowski Phil Jones Issa Diop Japhet Tanganga Omar Colley Philippe Sandler Erik Palmer-Brown Jason Denayer Andreas Hanche-Olsen Gary Cahill Tosin Adarabioyo Koni De Winter
  9. OK - Won't our points for our teams from week 1 still count though?
  10. Some of you lot are a joke! Please keep away from our club and go back to Pompey and give them this style of so-called support! Ralph is not perfect but he is streets better than any alternative we might get - including Eddie Howe. Let us be clear here: Bournemouth were relegated despite having new wealthy owners putting in far more to the club than Saints are able to draw upon. They were managed by Eddie Howe. If he couldn't keep Bompey up with all that financial backing, how on earth do you think he could cope with managing Saints?! We have played ONE fixture this season and if it
  11. I don't think either of these questions were answered. Personally, as well as my Fantasy Premier League team I have also got a Telegraph Fantasy team and one on Sky Sports. I also do Super 6 predictions. If there are Saints Web leagues for any of these I would be interested in joining. Thanks!
  12. So, what are the potential options for Saints to replace Vestergaard? Here are some of the possibilities including some of the names that have been mentioned and a couple that haven't: Nat Phillips, Liverpool - Age 24 - Strongly linked over recent days but rumours now say he is not currently of interest. Duje Caleta-Car - Age 24, Croatian international. Plays for Marseille. Two years left on current contract. Ozan Kabak - Age 21, Turkish international. Plays for Schalke 04. Nikola Milenković - Age 23. Plays for Fiorentina; Serbian international. One year left on contrac
  13. Interesting article about Phillips here: www.thisisanfield.com/2021/08/nat-phillips-still-not-in-training-as-options-open-up-for-15-million-move Personally I think he sounds like an alright buy even if he is very similar to Vestergaard. I remember one match last season wheer the pundits were heaping praise on him for his performance, so let's hope that if we do sign him we see some of that!
  14. This sums it up for me. I agree that it feels like we need to do something about our goalkeeper coaching. I seem to remember that a few years ago we brought in the England goalie coach but FF seemed to go downhill instead of getting better! Nevertheless, I don't know if that is the same coach or coaches that we have now. I also agree that AM is better in a few respects than FF. While I do appreciate the statistical analysis presented in another post above, I think that is only part of the story and doesn't give any weighting tom the relative merits of each keeper. It also only gives and a
  15. Mate, don't take it personally - I wasn't laughing at you, so no need for being aggressive! My LOL was simply at the thought of Hoddle being the lynchpin battling defensive midfielder in any side. Nevertheless, I will concede that he did probably play himself in a deeper midfield position a few times at the end of his career when he was player manager at Chelsea and Swindon and on a few occasions that may even have been as a sweeper (though not as a traditional central defender). He was hardly there in the Romeu-type role though. In those days the role as it was implemented in many clubs
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