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  1. If internet explorer was a footballer…
  2. Not a patch on those Indian actors though. The way they laid perfectly still on those funeral pyres, even with all the smoke and flames, is true dedication to our great and noble cause.
  3. That could be an interesting thread actually; what would you donate £100 to charity for someone to do? Obviously for a decent chunk of dough like that, it’d have to be something impressive and unusual.
  4. That would involved Ralph losing the plot, putting out a truly hopeless team every week, with Romeu at LB, Long starting ahead of Broja most games and sending the latter on for the last 5 minutes when we're 3-0 down. I don't think that's likely to happen.
  5. If they don't it'll be proof there is a god.
  6. I don't really think it works like that any more. The difference in gate receipts between us and a club like Leeds, Sunderland or Wednesday probably buys Paul Pogba's watch these days. TV money just dwarfs everything and the League can only sustain a certain threshold of sugar daddies, trying to buy Champions League football. We've basically reached that now with about 12 clubs all after the top four places. You end up with situations like Everton have, spending half a billion and in the bottom third.
  7. Should have taken Djokovic instead of Hameed. It took the Aussies two weeks to get him out.
  8. I think watching them put in the most hapless attempt at a Premier League season of all time was probably karmic balance enough for that playoff game, galling though it was at the time.
  9. I like how you're still trying to prove things the rest of us already knew the day they were said.
  10. I think you’re thinking of libertarianism there. You can democratically elect a libertarian or an authoritarian crackpot, it’s not dependant on the system of governance.
  11. 68-0 and then we lose all ten wickets for 56 runs. Just embarrassing.
  12. It takes a man to know what a man wants.
  13. Why should he be rewarded for poor performances?
  14. I've just seen the highlights and holy f**king beans on toast, that was a goal. If he gets any better we'll have to get him taking our goal kicks.
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