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  1. Austin makes Akinfenwe look like Road Runner. It’d be awesome if Brentford can overhaul the Baggies for second.
  2. It’s not impossible for us to beat Puel’s points total and finish 14th. It would require Palace to win 2 out of 3 pretty tough fixtures but it is at least plausible. Puts the whole ‘they sacked him because 8th wasn’t good enough’ argument into a bit more perspective.
  3. 3 to 1 is hardly night and day as a scoring comparison. I think Adams plays with more intelligence, works hard and unlike Long works smart. He links up well with Ings and has a decent touch. Both will get chances but I’d be starting with Adams.
  4. Adams for me, I just think he’s better and with a bit of luck would have half a dozen goals.
  5. F**k off Nev. You weren’t so certain that Fernandes should have been sent off against Villa. What a pointless booking that is from Prowsey.
  6. Personally I find it astonishing that someone can be considered a race based on the vehicle they happen to live in. Anyway, I live to become enlightened and as you say I don’t make the law, so on the basis of that I will retract my earlier racist statement and apologise. I hold nothing against the race of gypsy people. I do however hold the utmost disdain for people of any race who used to break into my grandfathers business in the 90s, the industrial site my dad used to work on and who regularly break into public areas, cause damage, leave large amounts waste (some of it highly insanitary), steal people’s beloved pets to use as bait in fights, copper wiring, lead roofing and other materials... all at the expense of the taxpayer.
  7. I fail to see any criteria by which travelers count as a race; they're just people who live in caravans. As far as I'm concerned, they're white British people, who's ancestors just happen to come from the other side of the Irish Sea.
  8. Since he left we've consistently had two better CBs than he is, right up until January 2017 when Fonte left. He wouldn't have had a chance to play regularly here until he was 24.
  9. Can’t see much changing in the remaining games but I’d love Brentford to pip WBA to second place.
  10. I don’t think it will have made any difference. United are going balls out until the end of the season and confidence will be sky high.
  11. So he could sit on the bench, watch Fonte, Hooiveld and Lovren and never develop as a player? He needed to leave and play at his own level for a while.
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