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  1. It’s getting away bankier by the minute.
  2. There’re some holes in this City defence if we play it right.
  3. Personally I would politely refuse and if anyone asked say that empty gesturing is not for me. If anyone objected to that I would point out that in removing my choice, you’ve essentially made the gesture completely meaningless. The problem is many people won’t see it that way. If a PL player decided not to take the knee tonight for example, he’d be crucified in the press, SM and by commentators, who would completely ignore the fact that he’d already taken the knee three times previously.
  4. Didn’t WGS try to sign Rosicky at one point?
  5. As funny as it would have been, West Ham were never likely to go down. They have the best squad, easiest run in and the three teams below them are. Just... F**king... Awful.
  6. Lighthouse

    Hong Kong

    Really is f**ked up over there. Given choice, I’d certainly make a conscious effort to buy products not ‘made in China’ even if it meant a small price increase.
  7. Treated myself to a 4K TV just before Xmas and it’s made me realise how grim some of lot are. Watching the Hammers build up and Moyes looks like Hans Moleman.
  8. Some teams just haven’t turned up since the break. Bournemouth and Leicester being two of them.
  9. Or the third option, the one which he is doing, which is to take the contracted wage we’ve given him but go on loan somewhere else so he still gets to play football. The fault lies squarely with Saints and our old recruitment team, who I can only assume signed him off the back of a five minute YouTube video of his performance against Man City in the Europa.
  10. Adams I feel has been very unlucky in that all his starts came at the start of the season when we were fannying around with 3-5-2 and our performances were properly crap. I’d start him for the rest of the season with Ings. He’s got the work rate of Long but seems to have a bit more about him as a player.
  11. It's just one of the Shane Long tropes which seem to get trotted out, without any bearing on the actual game. Like the one about him and Ings being a great pairing when really it's just Ings being a great player and Long happens to be on the pitch.
  12. So who would finance and regulate the Police in a de-politicised world?
  13. Different situation. If a club like Chelsea really do fancy him to boost their home grown quota, we might be in luck.
  14. Which does nothing except ruin a mans career through no fault of his own and ensure one of our assets is worthless. We’ve scraped a bit of our money back on players like Austin, Clasie and Forster, what you’re suggesting would gain us nothing.
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