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  1. As far as I’m aware Covid can’t be sexually transmitted, so I’m not sure that was ever stopping you. So long as it’s outdoors and only with one person from another household.... On a serious note, a good friend of mine who’s a popular poster on here (well, he’s tolerable at least) has just been released from a week in hospital on a drip, oxygen and steroids. I’ll let him out himself if he chooses but it doesn’t sound like he’s had a pleasant time and he’s neither obsese, a smoker nor elderly. I’ll take my chances on being one of the 0.01% of vaccine takers who get headaches and diz
  2. It’s tragic, I’ve seen so many people reacting to the Qantas statement as if their human rights are being abuse. I honestly don’t know how much some people think they’re entitled to in life.
  3. 1st para - Yes, that’s basically what I’m saying. I’m assuming 70% take the vaccine and it works on 90% of them, that’s 63% vaccinated, so roughly 1/3. Minus, as you say, a number who don’t take the vaccine AND already have natural immunity. Even if that’s another 1/3 of the other 37% (a wildly optimistic overestimate), you’ve still got around 1/4 of the population not in any way protected. You can argue that with 75% herd immunity we will eventually get rid of the virus but I don’t want it gone eventually. I want it gone as soon as possible, the fewer people walking around not imm
  4. What’s your point? Let’s say 10% of the population can’t take the vaccine for whatever reason and it doesn’t work for another 10%. Best case scenario, 20% of the population are walking around, exposed to the virus. If another 20% stand on their anti-vax principles, you’ve got about 1/3 of the population walking around unvaccinated and spreading it.
  5. Probably just me being a tool but whenever I see headlines like, ‘Chelsea take on Rennes’, I can’t help but picturing a team full of Renne Artois’ complete with dirty aprons.
  6. I’d personally be wary of keeping players for reasons like that. We’ve already given Long a token contract because he tries hard and is a nice lad in the dressing room. For me, the jury is still out. A decent enough start but I’d want to see a bit more from him to warrant giving a 32 year old what would be a pretty beefy contract. I’ve always said he left too early and I stick by that. He’d only made his debut a few months before we sold him and instead of playing competitive first team football, he ended up stuck in their reserves for the next 6 months.
  7. The more people who don’t have it, the more potential hosts are walking around allowing it to spread and mutate until eventually we get a strain which the vaccine can’t protect us from. Some people who desperately want the vaccine won’t be able to have it for other medical reasons, people who are already at increased risk from the virus. As hypo says, if it passes safety checks and you refuse based on nothing more than principles you’ve acquired from Karen on buzzfeed, you’re a bellend.
  8. Looks like the tiniest flicker of a thought that he might not have won may have entered his head.
  9. There’s a definite ‘Bruno Fernandes (pen)’ on the scoresheet, so we need at least two to win it. I’m not confident personally, if there’re two fixtures we just don’t win it’s United at home and Everton away.
  10. Well, it’s a decent place to get a point but oh Theo...
  11. I’d rather he hadn’t crossed then, if I’m honest.
  12. When you bring on Long because ‘he’s great at defending from the front’ but it has absolutely no effect on the game at all.
  13. We’ve lost the plot now, only one winner from here.
  14. No, THEY need to do some self reflection as players. If they crumble like terrified children because of a few old boys tutting into their prawn sandwiches, that’s on them, not us.
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