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  1. So we’re basically an interlude in three successive 5-0 wins for City (I’m counting Mahrez’ goal).
  2. In what way is it a problem? Rich people having fun in no way negatively effects the lives of the poor, however it may seem. It’s like the kid of some Russian oligarch having a yacht and Ferrari. Sure, it isn’t fair but if you take those things away from him it in no way makes my life any better, so what is there to complain about? To complain is plain and simple envy. Racing at that level is basically just wealthy relatives an state sponsors being willing to chuck millions into a black hole, so some kid can go racing for fun. it isn’t a job.
  3. I don’t think it’s anything to do with colour, it’s just that different sports and industries attract different people. It’s no different to the white, upper middle class people of Surrey being grossly underrepresented in sports like boxing, greyhound racing or darts. Why do you never see a black jockey, how come they’re all Irish? Why are there no women F1 drivers. I’ve been an F1 fan since the days Damon Hill was winning and I’ve been going to races semi-regularly for about 10 years. I would say the average punter sat in the crowd is a white male but I’ve yet to see any bouncers on the gates stopping women and blacks from getting in. It stands to reason the people pursuing a career in that sport would roughly reflect the audience.
  4. The last few hundred years aren't relevant to getting a job today. That's like saying if you think the French navy aren't a threat and that women are allowed to vote, the last few hundred years have passed you by. I really can't imagine a black engineer not being given a job at an international F1 team because of his skin colour. A builder's merchant in Bradford, maybe but not an F1 team.
  5. We’re playing well at the moment but we’re 12th for a reason. We aren’t this good and we aren’t as bad as the team that just lost to Newcastle, Burnley and West Ham.
  6. Not really an ‘other game’ but apparently it’s 10 years ago tonight that Gazza turned up to an armed Police standoff with a KFC megabucket.
  7. With Hoj, Boufal, Cédric, Yoshi, Clasie and Austin all coming off our wage bill, you’d think we might free up a bit of breathing space, in that regard.
  8. You’ve got to be absolutely f**king kidding me.
  9. More to the point, Fernandes did a little pirouette and stood on Konsa’s ankle. I’ve seen them given as a red card the other way.
  10. How the frig was that a penalty?
  11. I'm going to say 83rd minute Everton winner; deflected Sigurdsson shot from the edge of the area.
  12. How is it not 0-4.... oh right, Goodison.
  13. You don’t get closer than that. Ooooh pen. Ings or Prowsey?
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