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  1. Another problem solved which even the most rabid BLM protester never even mentioned in the first place.
  2. Lighthouse


    I’m not a doctor, I’ve no idea where you’d draw the line. I guess people should consult medical advice based on their own specific issues and go from there.
  3. Wouldn't say it was all that unfortunate, personally.
  4. Lighthouse


    None of your ‘theories’ stand up to even the most basic fundamentals of science and logic, I have no interest in discussing them.
  5. Well, I had some serious doubts about his investment credentials from sketchy articles on the internet, so I have to wonder how thorough she was in her cross referencing.
  6. Yes, I’m sure she wanted to see her fathers ambition fulfilled. She did, making a substantial profit on the initial investment. So what’s left for her now? St Mary’s isn’t a play park where he used to push her on the swing as a little girl, it’s a commercial property with high resale value.
  7. It was an investment he made for barely a year of his life. Given her apparent lack of diligence in finding a new buyer last time, I doubt she’s overly invested emotionally. She probably hoped her share would continue to inflate in value and she’d be able to sell it for more than may currently be being offered.
  8. It’s more like saying the Asian-Manc can buy a Lamborghini because his uncle happens to be a Sheikh, the blonde woman from the midlands with fake boobs can afford an Audi, because she married a hedge fund manager and the guy from Southampton with 3 messy divorces and 4 lots of child support to pay has to sell a Citroen to buy a Skoda. The bloke with the Skoda will also be the only one saying his council tax bill is stopping him buying other stuff, even though the other two both have to pay the same bill each month.
  9. Lighthouse


    The large majority will be retired pensioners, who won’t ‘need’ to leave home anyway. Younger people at risk will just have to manage as best they can, possibly with some form of JRS implemented specifically for them.
  10. Lighthouse


    I can't tell if this guy is another Glasgow/Cabbage wind up or really just a bit thick. Having said that, there seems to be a large number of people who also cannot fathom the reason we're closing pubs at 10pm. I'd agree with your strategy though. Everyone goes back to normal-ish with hand sanitisers, masks and working from home where possible. Those at risk will just have to isolate as best they can.
  11. To what end? How does consistently underperforming on the pitch and making feeble attempts to resolve the situation with underwhelming signings make good PR for the club. It’s like buying your wife some second hand golf clubs for your anniversary and telling her you tried to buy a diamond necklace... every year. Stories appear in the media and SM because it’s the transfer window and it’s obvious we need signings. If anything the media probably know we’re desperate as fans and feed us hope to make us click on their articles.
  12. I don’t really get the logic behind what some of you are thinking. Why would failing to land any of your transfer target because you’re skint and making ridiculous lowball offers be good PR for the club? I don’t get what the club is supposed to gain from such a strategy. Just looks like click bait, column filling to me.
  13. Not sure which gays you’re referring to but none of the ones I know would be see dead dressed like that.
  14. I’m not raising the flag for Tella or Smallbone but seriously, what do they need to replace? Boufal set up a goal against 10 man Brighton, when we were already winning and they were chasing shadows. We looked better against Everton when he came on but still lost and he turned the game around against Watford. The win at Stamford Bridge showed how well we can play without him, then he started two games against Palace and Huddersfield, put in a pair of non-performances and was rarely seen again. He played 1 minute plus some injury time after the restart, during which time we played some of our best football and achieved our best run of form.
  15. Probably the same reason that people who live on the dole are ‘obsessed‘ with shopping in Poundland.
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