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  1. There are already a few urban electric vehicles out there which basically do the job of the C5. As stupid as the programme was, with a vehicle obviously designed for comic effect, Top Gear basically had it right with their 'P45', only with an electric motor and full, weatherproof cabin.
  2. Thank f**k, I thought it was just me. I didn’t have the confidence to confess to Patel and Begum in the same day.
  3. Let’s be honest, the petrol probably tastes better.
  4. Every time I see her on TV I can’t help but shout, "I’m a bad boy, take away my benefits, you whore!"
  5. I quite like her in a b*tchy, dominatrix kind of way. I said that out loud, didn't I.
  6. Just published today actually, only 59 of those deaths weren’t in the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ category. It’s really an astonishing success story and still people are sceptical.
  7. It’s all largely nonsense anyway. All you can realistically do is try and win each game, or maybe get a point against certain teams. You go into a season with 114 points to play for and you get what you get.
  8. I can say with absolute confidence that the people who refuse to get vaccinated and are responsible for this issue will be the ones who protest loudest. I still think if they turn up to A&E gasping for air, we should ‘defer’ their treatment until after we’ve caught up with all outpatient care and the staff have had a decent holiday.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-58560923 It’ll be interesting to see how the Taliban are going to cope when they don’t have a foreign power or a western puppet government to rage against. A lot can change ideologically in 20 years, there could be some ‘heated’ debates about who’s in charge and how to run the country.
  10. If you live in Stamshaw and somebody offers you the chance to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills for a year, you take it whether you own it or not. If he scores 30 goals for us, I couldn’t care less if he signed for Pompey next season. I’m just glad we’ll have had someone of genuine quality for a season, rather than sending the likes of Long, N’Lundulu and Obafemi on to try and change a game.
  11. Lighthouse

    GB News

    I saw one theorist a few years ago, who was peddling the whole, ‘jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams’ line. He’d clearly gone to great lengths with his maths, worked out how much fuel a 767 would take on a flight to LA, how many joules of potential energy would be released on ignition. Then he contrasts this with the amount of steel (apparently) used in one tower of the WTC, the temperature at which it melts and the amount of energy required to increase it to that temperature from about 20 degrees on the morning of the attacks. Wouldn’t you know it, the jet fuel doesn’t release anywhere near eno
  12. If we jab Burnley with a coat hanger and keep flushing, they’ll go down eventually.
  13. I heard someone on the BBC earlier saying that only 1% of deaths were people who had been fully vaccinated, so slightly higher than that tweet. I guess now that 90% of adults are fully vaccinated, that death percentage has crept up to one whole percent.
  14. I’m more concerned by the cream chinos.
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