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  1. It'd have to be Everton for me, for two reasons. Firstly, we never win at Goodison and it'd be good to get that monkey off our back. Secondly, they're a point above us in the table and this is a mid table obscurity six-pointer.
  2. A bit like Lord Duck saying, "on behalf of women everywhere, I'd like to apologise for the feminist movement and admit I belong in the kitchen."
  3. A better analogy would be The acronym WWF being used by the World Wildlife Fund and World Wrestling Federation. Clearly it would be hard to confuse the two when given any context but eventually the wrestlers changed to WWE to save confusion. I don’t really understand why organisations such as the PL persist with BLM, when plenty of other anti-racism slogans are available, which also encompass more than just black people. It would save a lot of tedious bickering.
  4. Just need one more for City and we move up a place.
  5. I completely don't get this attitude. There are so many styles and colours of T-shirt you can have, without going completely abstract. If anything we look like fewer other clubs with the sash. Just Boro, instead of Stoke, Sheff U, Brentford, Atheltico Madrid, Bilbao, PSV, RS Belgrade etc.
  6. The sponsor logo even looks okay on that, although we’ve yet to see the build quality and material used.
  7. Is that a shepherd’s pie on Lamela’s head?
  8. Lighthouse


    Looks like the Chinese have managed to add an outbreak of bubonic plague into the equation. 😯
  9. Four draws is quite an unusual stat really and one of them was a 96th minute Arsenal equaliser.
  10. I kind of see it the other way, rather like taking the knee before Premier League games. You can’t not do it, so to me the message is somewhat diminished. His motivations may be pure but his actions are somewhat confrontational and may do more harm than good. I don’t hold that against him and I really think all sides need to move on from the past. He has previously modelled for Hugo Boss who, if we’re going to dig up old skeletons, designed the uniforms for the SS. He might chose to drive a Porsche, even though their founder Ferdinand Porsche designed tanks for the Nazis too. BMW built engines for Messerschmitts etc. There’s nothing to be gained from this kind of point scoring.
  11. No, his agenda being BLM specifically. Every other driver was wearing an ‘end racism’ T-shirt but he had to be special and wear BLM. He also made a point of taking his mask off so his face could be seen in all the photos. His stance is that if you’re silent you’re part of the problem, whilst he himself has been saying nothing of note until the Floyd incident in the US. He has also been completely silent on hundreds of social injustice issues around the world, so by his own standard he is part of the problem. He can use his voice and SM however he wants, to spread whatever message he chooses but he has no right demanding compliance from everyone else in the paddock.
  12. Interestingly, that form extrapolated over 38 games gives us 63 points, which is exactly the same as Koeman in his second season here. We need 8 points from our last 5 games to maintain that form.
  13. Eh? That post was nothing to do with BLM or Marxism. I was criticising Lewis Hamilton who seems to be harassing other drivers into jumping through the hoops he is holding up for his own agenda.
  14. I don't think so, not against Man City. The problem is that this has so often been the case against much, much worse teams at St Mary's. Even a team as sh*t as Villa could have equalised in injury time, after all the missed chances and only having a 1-0 lead and we were desperately hanging on for the last 20 mins against Norwich.
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