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  1. TBH there're a whole bunch of 'new' personas recently who have a vague whiff of familiarity about them. If this is indeed our old friend Brett, he's managed to avoid sonar detection for a few weeks longer than after his previous reincarnation.
  2. I do wonder if there's an element of being so terrified of offending people that we (as a society) just go with what seems agreeable and not necessarily the best solution for those involved. I'm not sure the phrase 'LGBT' is necessarily accurate; I think the 'T' is a separate issue, which should be treated differently. I can't see why a form of body dysmorphic disorder should be lumped in with being gay or lesbian, seems like rather a lazy association to make.
  3. Standard pundit sound bite for any club yet to reach 40 points, at any point in the last 3rd of the season.
  4. A thought popped into my head seeing that Drag Race trending on Twitter and I genuinely don’t know where I stand on it - Are drag queens just doing blackface with gender?
  5. 32 year olds, looking for one final, large contract? The game is full of them. I don’t recall seeing anything like that personally. If anything I’d say the opposite and concerns that players like Dodd, Jaidi and Davis were just getting ‘jobs for the boys’ and were far from the most qualified for their role. It’s not a case of getting rid, his contract is up. The debate is whether to offer him a new one and I would say no. He’s only going to get worse from here and at his wages will prevent us signing another player.
  6. Mainly it comes from the tyrannical dictators of days gone by needing growing populations to work, tax and fight in their armies. Actually it’s amazing just how convenient most religions were to the rulers of their time. How many mistresses you may take, how many slaves, how you must treat them, which races are superior to which other ones etc. Oh and if you’re lucky enough to die fighting for the cause, you get blessed with eternal happiness in the afterlife.
  7. Okay, tonight has made my mind up, he just doesn’t have any burst of pace or intensity to his game any more. He’s been a wonderful player for us over the last 7 seasons but I’d happily let his contract expire in summer.
  8. Okay, I’m done. I’m Alan Partridge is on Gold, that’ll do.
  9. Remember last season when we got 8 points from our first 12 games and thought it was f**king terrible. Them were the days....
  10. How the frig is it only ‘64 minutes? Feels like this has been dragging on forever.
  11. I don’t see how that was a free kick in the first place.
  12. Bertrand again, just static. No threat down that side at all.
  13. That’s why I wouldn’t be giving Bertrand a new deal. Should have been steaming down to the touch line there but plays a half-arsed cross from 25 yards infield instead.
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