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  1. So two defeats in two fixtures we won last year. Good start Saints.
  2. Well, there’s the predictable saints injury time equaliser in a half we dominated, so we can lose it in the 85th minute. Honestly, if Saints made a porno it’d just be 3 minutes of socks on missionary.
  3. Hojbjerg trending on Tw*tter and not because they all love his tattoos.
  4. Who had 6 minutes in the clumsy Romeu pointless booking sweepstake?
  5. Some thing something, COYR, bad gateway 0-1 already FFS etc.
  6. This basically. Those 11 players are capable of winning but collectively we lack the fitness and mentality.
  7. If he has another blinder, we’ll have a decent enough season and probably have a bidding war of sorts next summer. If he is average or has injury issues, I can’t see there being that much interest in a 29 year old from bigger clubs.
  8. I like Evra. Anyone who makes erotic chicken videos gets my vote.
  9. I know he’s young but if Salisu isn’t an improvement on Bednarek or JS, I really do worry for our scouting department. At the very least we know who we’re playing at fullback every week. This time last season we were pissing around with Danso at RB, Cédric at LB, Yoshida in goal and f*ck knows what else.
  10. I think it’s a realisation setting in that they’re still nowhere the blue half or the Scousers and face another year in the shadows.
  11. Hojbjerg is not the difference between 11th and relegation. We’ve strengthened in defence and missed out on our top midfield target because he went to the Italian Champions.
  12. As if Zaha went down for that 😆 Wow, made up for it though.
  13. Everton will be the Leicester of last season. Riding the crest of a wave, all the ‘experts’ will tip them for a title challenge and Champions League football, only to fall by the wayside as their momentum falters after Christmas.
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