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  1. So Finland heading home as one of the worst third placed teams, with 3 points and -2 GD. Candidates to join them are: Ukraine, 3 points and -1 Croatia, 2 points if the don’t beat Scotland Portugal, if they get stuffed by France Slovakia, if they lose by 2 or more against Spain.
  2. This isn’t NFL. We can’t just bring a kicker onto the pitch every time we want to kick for a field goal.
  3. I think you need to send my post back to Bletchley Park and ask them to try again. Anyway, today’s games could be interesting. You’d imagine Austria and Ukraine would both take a draw and go through in second/third with four points. If the Danes beat Russia, there will be a three way tie for second in the other group. As it happens I don’t think they will but it could all come down to GD and last minute goals. Anyone remember the Sweden, Denmark and Italy group from Euro 2004?
  4. I can’t argue with that. Want to meet up behind the bike sheds?
  5. TBH I’ve long since lost interest in anything Collin has to say. This brand of crackpottery isn’t particularly interesting.
  6. The one year of reduced testosterone levels is just an arbitrary line drawn in the sand because the IOC are scared of offending anyone. They don’t want to upset trans people by not letting them compete but they don’t want to upset women by letting them get their arses kicked by biological men.
  7. Agreed. England need a Steven Davis type midfielder to link defence to attack.
  8. I think we’ve jumped the shark on this one. For anyone interested, photos of other women are also available on the internet.
  9. TBH what I meant was what I actually wrote, with the words and structured sentences and all that stuff. Any particular word giving you trouble from that post of mine you highlighted?
  10. Now that is a can of worms. So basically anything involving a crucifix is out. Players making the sign of the cross when they run on the pitch or score.
  11. Good grief, it’s like watching a Puel team.
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