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  1. Fascinating. Since there’s no actual link or substance to this story, I suggest you take your love affair to the duck rape thread, or better yet PM.
  2. Good news, it’ll ease the load on the NHS.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-53770859 Am I being naive or is this genuinely good news?
  4. What do we reckon, could these protests be the beginning of the end of ‘Europe’s last dictator’?
  5. It would make sense. None of it really matters but if we’re being traditional: 2. KWP 3. Vokins 6. Salisu 8. Whoever’s replacing PEH. Possibly Smallbone or Reed. 11. Maybe N’Lundulu. We haven’t really got any first team attackers above #25. 13. Gunn maybe. 15. Bednarek maybe, or Salisu.
  6. The point is that just because it’s not someone’s job, doesn’t mean they aren’t making valid, intelligent points.
  7. No it isn’t, you’re right. However many of these humourous entertainers seem to make more coherent arguments than the religious crackpots they come up against. Was Rashford wrong about school dinners because he’s just a footballer?
  8. There are plenty of pastors, imams and other religious leaders who are fantastic orators. However when I’ve seen them debating with the people I’ve mentioned, I’ve yet to see any of them come up with a convincing argument.
  9. I love watching videos if Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, Gervais or Fry on YouTube. Hitch has to be my favourite though, seeing religious leaders floundering around his wit and intellect is just wonderful.
  10. Wish him all the best but in all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever watched him and thought, "aaah, I’ll be gutted when he leaves!" Like I did with Mané, Tadic and Van Dijk. There’ll be no animosity from me when he comes back to St Mary’s, his attitude has always been spot on if nothing else. Good luck Pierre.
  11. Perhaps if we sign Skipp we can get rid of some of the rubbish in our squad.
  12. TBF you could say that about most of our recent history, except for a brief period between 2009-2013.
  13. I agree, this seems to have drifted off topic (for which I’m partly culpable). If anyone wants to continue discussing COVID-19 countermeasures: https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/topic/57941-coronavirus/
  14. Probably that and not being robbed at knife point within his own home.
  15. Both of those arguments centre around not using masks correctly, which is completely different to masks not working. I never knew it was so complicated to put a surgical mask on but apparently a lot of people are struggling with the concept. Put the mask on, cover your nose and month, don’t fiddle with it, clean your hands with alcohol gels whenever you see them in shops. Even if your a complete fruitcake and you take the mask off every five minutes, wipe your hands on the inside, then wipe them on everything you can see in the shop, you’re still trapping more microbes than you would by simply breathing them out across the room, unrestricted. If they’re good enough for surgeons performing open heart surgery, they’ll do for me.
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