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  1. That's not strictly true. We have our deal, warts and all. Sure, there'll be nips, tucks, concessions, turning of blind eyes etc, but not the significant renegotiation that was being suggested.
  2. Here's the thing, we can't just change it. It's not our decision. The EU members have to want us. It's not like phoning up and rejoining the gym on some kind of off peak hours type deal. Regardless, rejoining ain't brexit is it.
  3. Exactly. The discussion about what should have happened is futile. It's like these people still think we're negotiating the terms of our departure deal. It's done. Shit or otherwise, it's what it is.
  4. You're deluded if you think that there's any possibility of any imminent change in our relationship with the EU after the events of teh last few years. It ain't happening. Wanting change, and expecting it, is not "how the world works". The Scottish debate is irrelevant. This is Brexit and the "discussion" with you on my part has ended as I now understand your position. it's unrealistic, but I understand it.
  5. Why must brexiters compromise on anything? Brexit has happened. Surely its remainers who need to accept, shit or otherwise, that brexit has happened and live in the reality?
  6. Buctootim seems to think that whingeing will lead to a possible chance of some wider future integration with the EU. You just seem to like whingeing. Buctootim seems convinced that his whingeing will lead to something to vote on come election time. I've merely said that there needs to be a manifesto before there's something to vote on. What do you hope to achieve by your perpetual whingeing about how shit brexit is and/or a post mortem of the whole process?
  7. Let's see what teh manifestos are first. What you want, ain't what's on the agenda.
  8. I'm not saying "bar any mention if it". I'm saying that whingeing achieves nothing of benefit, ditto rummaging through the ashes. As for discussion, in reality there has been none, just lots of "it's shit, I told you it would be". That also achieves fuck all. It's happened. It's shit. Stop whingeing and get on with it.
  9. You mean you haven't worked out already that we can't It won't change what's done. It won't improve brexit. It won't achieve any tangible benefit. None.
  10. I'm bored with this debate so won't get into anything else, but I can't agree with this at all. Player wise, black men make up a huge proportion of the players in pro football - over represented in % terms. If your point is coaching / management, sure the % is much lower, but it's wrong to say that it is a "fact" that non white people aren't "allowed" to progress. What I haven't seen is the stats of the racial split of the people that have got pro coaching badges. If the number of jobs being given to black graduates is out of kilter with their white counterparts then I think
  11. And what would that achieve? We'll still be where we are. Brexit will still be shit. A post mortem doesn't resurrect a corpse.
  12. egg


    Anecdotally, people I know who were double vaccinated and got covid shortly after were all OK describing the effects of the jab as worse than the virus. I know a couple of people who have had it more recently but had their jabs a while ago, who have been very poorly. Don't get me wrong, this could be down to the individuals, but I'll take an extra shot if its offered.
  13. egg


    Exactly. It's a constantly changing situation. Cases were increasing before the schools went back so we can see where that's going. Autumn is all but here, many people's immunity is down as they've been slathering anti bac over themselves and living in bubbles so flu will be a bigger issue than it normally is. If doing nothing ain't the answer, and everyone agrees that lockdown shouldn't be the answer, then a booster jab feels like the obvious answer. I'm not persuaded by jabbing kids though as everything I've read says that jabbed and unjabbed people carry the same viral load anyway. Re
  14. egg


    What's your issue with people getting a booster jab?
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