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  1. 1.You appear to believe that only Christians believe in God. I have never read the Bible, I am not a Christian. 2.There are nutters in all walks of life, seemingly on mongboards too. 3.It has been a point of yours that people who do so for selfish reasons, ie to heal, for themselves, etc. That demonstrates your complete lack of understanding. 4.I fully understand what you have said. You know it too, but are as stubborn as you are closed minded.
  2. Indeed. His assumption is that those who believe in God see him as the creator. He's also babbled on that those who believe won't take medical attention if they're ill as they apparently believe that God will sort them out. He also believe that those who pray will pray for themselves. His position is based on his assumptions, arrogance,lack of understanding, and inability to accept that people are entitled to views which differ to his. Each to their own etc.
  3. Lack of evidence of the existence of something is not evidence of the lack of existence. More to the point, people can believe in what they want. It doesn't matter that you don't share that belief - you're not God.
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    Given PEH short contract I'd take a swap too. We aren't in the driving seat here.
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    Cheers. That's encouraging.
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    These words: "The potential for false-positives (those people without the disease who test positive) to drive the increase in community (Pillar 2) cases is substantial, particularly because the accuracy of the test and the detection of viable viruses within a community setting is unclear". Science I like. Assumptions / guess work, no.
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    That is encouraging. With everyone being sensible, hopefully we'll get the numbers down further. It's not all about Dorset though, the numbers are going the wrong way in certain areas.
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    You confuse what I'm doing. I'm being careful, maintaining distancing where I can. I cannot, however, control what other people do. It's like driving to an extent - I take care but I can't control other how others drive, but I can't stay off the roads because someone may drive like a dick and crash into me. Covid hasn't gone anywhere. We live amongst it. Life goes on, it has to, but I don't act as if it's gone away and/or that'll I'll probably be OK if I catch it. The sad fact is that many people are complacent a) about teh chances of catching it and b) what it may do to them if they are unfortunate enough to catch it. The "few people die of it" attitude on this thread says it all.
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    You normally come across as a bright fella, but appear to have lost your way on this simple issue. Complacency = ignoring distancing. Hope that helps.
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    That article refers risk of dying. Covid's impact is not as binary as living or dying. It's about the effects if you don't die. A respiratory consultant explained to me the 4 possible effects of covid. 1.No symptoms, 2.mild symptoms, 3.really serious symptoms with unknown complications, 4.death. There's no middle ground between the 2nd and 3rd areas. None. Its the complications at 3 which nobody wants.or really knows.I know a previously healthy and fit 46 year old woman who has been very ill for over 4 months. She hasn't died, but is left with multitude of life impacting issues to include neurological problems and arthritis. Who knew covid could cause those problems? I suspect you didn't. The reality is that they can. Yes, there's living and dying, but there's a hell of a lot in the middle that no sane person wants to risk happening to them or someone else.
  11. I think you're right. That was 9 years or so ago now though, so things may be different now. Either way, he's a good manager and what he achieved at Bournemouth was remarkable, and he'll get opportunities.
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