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  1. He had an eternity and should have scored imo.
  2. Long isn't good enough as a goalscorer but yesterdays change was about having a threat down the left to hold back their right flank and moving Walcott over was our best option. We also needed to stretch the game and of the 3 options on the bench, Long can do that. We weren't chasing a win, rather we were clinging on and I'd be surprised if anyone really wanted to see L'undulu or Obafemi come on to help us do that.
  3. Tella is not good enough, at least not yet. Walcott to the left and someone else through the middle was his only option really. On that, we weren't getting up the pitch so Long rather than one of the others made sense.
  4. Pah. Never bet against your team. Just wrong.
  5. egg


    Wrong. Someone could be waiting to get jabbed, but catch the virus beforehand from someone who could already have had the vaccine but declined.
  6. Absolutely nothing in there at all that suggests antisemitism from Starmer.
  7. Yep. That defence looks like its never been coached. Whipping boys.
  8. I partly agree, but players need confidence to perform and develop. Getting beaten 3 nil each week won't help with that.
  9. egg

    Obafemi or Adams?

    I'm pretty sure Obafemi is eligible now after his ban. Didn't play for the u23's yesterday. I suspect he'll be nowhere near the squad, but that we'll instead see L'undulu. My monies on a loan in January. If he's really pissed them off, somewhere overseas like Belgium division 3 or similar.
  10. egg


    Spot on. Men aren't being taken off to fight / die / get crippled. Women aren't staying at home getting bombed and living in fear. Kids aren't being put on a train to stay with strangers in the countryside. Instead they have to wear a little mask, have to pour their beer at home not a pub, have to have a takeaway not go out for dinner, have to stay at home but still get paid. Sure, there are many people who's lives and businesses have been decimated by this and that's tragic, but those who haven't lost jobs or loved ones need to get a sense of perspective. Others have had - and are having - a
  11. Kevin Bond. The Harry Maguire of his era.
  12. Hmm...hopefully "sooner rather than later" doesn't mean "we'll look to sell you in Jan if you're not on the train".
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