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  1. They're causing no end of issues. Shitting on the paths in the woods, letting their dogs run at anyone going near the field, ditto driving vehicles towards anyone entering the field, entering peoples gardens, and all sorts else. There's not many reports of thefts, yet, but their presence and behaviour ain't making them any friends.
  2. Blimey, that is a new level of nonsense.
  3. Dawson should have had a second yellow there.
  4. egg

    Watford build up

    He didn't go because the guy we wanted on loan from Arsenal stayed there in the end. I wasn't given a name but pretty sure it was Nketiah. My guess is that when/if we get another win, he'll get a run of games to either prove himself or put himself in the shop window.
  5. In terms of representation, there are cases where mum's are unrepresented and Dad's have lawyers, and vice versa. That is unfair, but it's not a gender issue. That looking at it objectively is the only part of the system where there is unfairness imo. Keep on doing what you're doing, support has to be given. Perhaps a local law firm will help your group ? There'll pick up some work (perhaps have a banner ad on a website). Just a thought.
  6. I agree with much of that, save that re judicial bias. I've never experienced that as an advocate, although some Judge's are more cautious than others and that can be perceived as bias. Putting yourself in the Judge's shoes, you sometimes have to take a punt and decide if something is a sufficient risk to justify no direct unsupervised contact. It takes a brave Judge to throw caution to the wind. Thus, the decision is made in the interests of the child, but erring on the side of caution. Representation is the biggy. With effective preregistration, many people would achieve a better outcome for themselves and their kids. Nobody should be unrepresented in children cases, or as a minimum where one side is, then legal aid should be available to the other to give equality of arms. Where there is that imbalance, then I agree, there is an unfairness and believe me the judiciary do not want unrepresented parents in their courts.
  7. I've worked in the family justice system for 30 years, and still do. I've represented parents and the children through their guardians. There is no gender bias, that's a fallacy. Both parents see their kids unless there is a cogent reason otherwise. That's the law, it's how it happens in practice and it's wrong to suggest that courts shut kids off from seeing a parent for no good reason. I've dealt with hundreds of cases where contact cannot take place safely, or to be safe it must be supervised. There not cases where fathers have been treated unfairly, rather cases where the court has made orders in the best interests of the children. Sure, there'll be cases where the court make decisions that a parent feels is wrong, but to be frank one never knows where the truth lies and the court must do it's best with the evidence available. There are cases where parental alienation happens, and it's very sad when it does. However, that's a different issue and not the justice systems' fault. rather, that is a parent who is unable to put the child's needs above his/her own feelings. That said, I've dealt with loads of cases where the courts have fought hard to reinstate and maintain contact against that background with the use of psychologists, guardians for the children, and policing/enforcing the orders it makes. I've also dealt with a number of cases where residence has been flipped as that's the only way that the child can have an effective relationship with both parents. The key in those cases is to act quickly - delay allows the rot to set in and that can be tragic for the kids and the impacted parent. You make a good point re representation. The lack of availability of legal aid in these cases will inevitably mean some rough justice, that's indisputable. McKenzie friends can help with assistance, but many of them can do more harm than good and some proper legal advice, even just a short chat with a specialist, is vital. Genuinely, fair play for supporting people in these cases.
  8. I'm intrigued. What are these "injustice" in parental rights for fathers that you mention? The law does what's best for the child, there's no parental bias.
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