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  1. Possibly not ready, sure, but where you get a potential attitude problem from I have no idea.
  2. Indeed. Nothing like bypassing the obvious and running the lad down.
  3. So you've now accused the kid of having a bad attitude, not working hard, and attempted murder. Anything else?
  4. Indeed, so I'm unsure why you think that his asking for a move because he wants to play suggests a bad attitude.
  5. Wanting to play and not wanting to sit on his arse hints at a great attitude.
  6. egg


    Nothing wrong with Charlie. Done well for himself by hard work, and expects people to graft for their money. Taken a firm stand on anti vaxers too. Shit hair though.
  7. He handed in a transfer request because he wants to play, if not here, then somewhere else. That's very different to not wanting to be here.
  8. Each to their own, but personally I think that benefiting from your own team getting relegated is a disgrace.
  9. Has anyone on here actually said that they've bet on us to go down? If so, I hope they lumped loads on and lose. Never bet against your own club. That said, people are entitled to take the view that we could go down. I'm confident that we won't, but if we lose the next 3, it'll get interesting.
  10. Nice. Is Monday too soon for him?
  11. Half of your first sentence is correct.
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