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  1. Yep. He had a shocking period, and it was a tad odd to read people argue that he had not made mistakes that he admitted making. The corner appears to have been turned though.
  2. It's all about opinions mate. Some people think Ralph has become more flexible, but some people can't. That's opinion, and we all see it differently. I mean some people think Adam Armstrong is better than Broja. It's the opinion of people like that, on managers and players, I struggle to respect.
  3. Lol at daft posts like this that don't understand the issue that people like me had. Ralph was shocking for the best part of a year. He was stubborn, inflexible, and made bizarre decisions. Results matched that and he got the grief he deserved. I stand by my criticism of him and people supporting what was plainly a failing manager. Ralph has changed, and as a consequence my view of him has changed. It shouldn't be a hard concept to grasp.
  4. Yep. There's still weird decisions - Liverpool away was mental - but games where he gets it right. Like you say, let's hope the good bits continues.
  5. As someone who said he should have gone last season or in the summer I'm glad he stayed. I'm not sure what's happened, but there's been a change. Gone is the same system regardless of the opponents or it not working, gone is keeping the ball for the sake of it, gone is killing our players with relentless pressing and then being exposed for a seeing to. This season we've seen a mixture of systems, styles, good counter attacking, and a lot more steel to the players with a bit more edge to us. Fair play to Ralph this season.
  6. I think we'll ultimately be undone by Pep 's tactics. There team looks very fluid and whatever we do, they'll adapt to it, tweak what they do and dominate. Close first half I reckon, then the game will go. Hope I'm wrong.
  7. Buying players ain't like buying something off amazon mate, these things take time. Anyways, we're not desperate, if we can't get the right player at the right price, we're good til the summer. Chill chas.
  8. I'm not sure it'll even take a big hitter to undermine him publicly to make him go. It'll only take a few behind closed doors I reckon. The Rishi interview for ITV yesterday was interesting - he ignored the question of whether he supported the PM and walked away. Its only a matter of time I think.
  9. That was a very young team too, especially the defence. Tremendous result.
  10. Yep, we're not desperate anywhere which is a great place to be. Apart from RB, we could arguably upgrade in all positions, but there's nothing vital like you say.
  11. Yep, it's got ridiculous. Leeds have shown the way, pack the bench with whatever you've got and crack on. Glad they won last night just for doing the right thing. And cos I hate West Ham.
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