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  1. Nobody would buy Forster and pay him what we do.
  2. Yep. She's shown loads of commitment by seeing her inheritance tied up for years, but inevitably there'll come a time when she wants to cash in.
  3. Absolutely. Our transfers have largely been a disaster since VVD was sold and no sensible business man would look at the disaster that was Carillo, Hoedt, Lemina, Boufal etc and decide to throw £100m at more players. I suspect Gao wants out more than we want him out.
  4. egg

    Site issues

    Carry on doing nothing please - it's going brilliantly.
  5. You say that you grasp it, but then demonstrate that you don't or choose not to. I suspect that you've seen the accounts. It's obvious from them why we had to borrow. We've then had covid and sponsorship issues. We spend more than we earn. We therefore need capital. If Gao has it, he won't inject is as he won't see it back. That's why we have to sell our Citroen to buy a Skoda. If the bloke from the midlands has a line of credit or a wealthy uncle willing to lend him a few quid, of course he can buy his Audi, but we ain't that bloke and just cos he can have an Audi, it doesn't mean that we can afford one. You keep on about agents fees and bonuses. Of course every club has to pay them. For some clubs they're easily affordable and don't get in the way of spending. For skint clubs, like us, they do.
  6. You never seem to grasp that what other clubs do, or can afford to do, is irrelevant to what we can do or afford to do. It's like saying that if a wealthy bloke from Chilworth can buy a lamborghini, that the minimum wage bloke from elsewhere shouldn't have to make do with borrowing his mates old Kia. We're skint Del, it ain't complicated.
  7. Exactly this. The club putting out stories linking us to good players only for us to sign some donkey makes zero sense. None of the conspiracy theorists will ever be able to answer your question.
  8. Yep, Lighthouse way of comparing the effectiveness of players is nonsense. Smallbone hasn't done anything so far to suggest that he is capable of effecting a game in the way SB can. Having seen Tella play, I can only assume that he's in the squad as there's nobody else if we're keeping SB away from the team. SB on the bench, or as cover or an alternative, makes sense to me.
  9. Yep, agree with all of that. The CB's were lambs to the slaughter today with the way we were set up and the midfield.
  10. I'll bite. You say "so called 'virus'". What is it if its not a virus? I get that you'll be there if stadium's reopen, but I suspect you'll find that many won't be.
  11. Ralph started last season with odd tactics too before he came to his senses. Strange.
  12. We arrive at the same destination by different roads!
  13. Yep. I reckon he'll do well there, Watkins too.
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