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  1. He was the only player other than Foden against Scotland who was positive. Good shout re Grealish though. On reflection, he's the logical change.
  2. We'll miss Mount. I'd hope that he'll play Foden in that role, and bring Sancho in on the right. Chilwell won't be missed.
  3. Yes. Weston and Antrim were commenting on steel post brexit, on a post brexit thread, so oddly enough I commented on steel in a post brexit context. Odd that you find that odd. If you want to start a thread about industry revival, crack on, and for what it's worth I'm all for the revival of the steel industry if its economically viable.
  4. Tim, this is a post brexit thread, not a general "industry revival" one.
  5. Tim, this is a post brexit thread, not a general "industry revival" one.
  6. Again, nothing to do with brexit.
  7. All great in theory, but the fact is that we've all but abandoned our steel industry. Remaining in the EU wouldn't make any difference to whether we have a viable steel industry going forward.
  8. He looked poor when he played last season. While I'd rather go into the season with him than nobody at LB, I think we can do better.
  9. Whilst I can't see any benefits of brexit so far, the steel argument is a poor one. Our steel industry was shot to pieces years ago. Whether we import steel from the EU, China or elsewhere, it ain't British.
  10. There it is, the silly comment. I like him, but he's not as good as the other midfielders. It's that simple. Henderson and Maguire were both picked on their way back to fitness. When available, Henderson will add to the team in open play. JWP wouldn't. Pop a pair of these on.
  11. We don't know how fit Henderson is, and (like Maguire) he wouldn't be in the squad if Southgate didn't think he could play a part. The whole discussion goes around in ever decreasing circles though. Some saints fans just won't have it that the players selected are better. That's cool, we all have an opinion.
  12. No. Henderson is the better player by a country mile.
  13. egg

    Eric Hassli

    I've never heard of him, but that was an amazing goal.
  14. I'm talking starting 11 in response to the suggestion of playing Grealish and JWP. Henderson ain't starting so we can't leave him out for JWP.
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