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  1. Livramento and Broja both looked excellent. Not convinced by Perraud - KWP deserves to be playing particularly after Chelsea. I would be more effective than Walcott if I was blind folded and sent onto the pitch. Thank goodness Armstrong is back.
  2. Great performance- robbed by that twat Moss
  3. Absolutely robbed. So Walker won the challenge legally?
  4. Seriously xxx off redmond you waste of space. Mentally weak everytime
  5. Yes pretty good window overall - best for a while: Positives; Good money for Ings and reasonable for Jannik Got rid of Lemina, Gunn and Hoedt Armstrong looks like a decent striker for reasonable money Tino looks a steal We now have at least 2 players for each position - v important Negatives Could maybe have got a new keeper and got rid of Forster / McCarthy Would have been good to have a Romeu replacement We signed Walcott
  6. Agree like his attitude
  7. If he’s as good as people say he is I hope we are ready to offer him a new contract when he turns 18! This has been a pretty good transfer window to be fair to those in charge. We have lost Ings and Vestegaard and I’m still saying that so they must be doing something right. I get the feeling that this is the first year and Ralph and Seemens are less hamstrung by the unsellables and they are starting to show what they can do
  8. Is three years the maximum a 17 year old can sign?
  9. Seems like this guy is intended to be back up. That’s fine as long as we use our surplus funds for a LB and defensive midfielder. If Perraud or Romeu get injured we are in trouble. I think a lot of the problems we had last year was missing the holding player and physicality that Romeu has and we need to be able to replace that when he isn’t playing.
  10. Kid is great. Reminds me of SHAW at same age.
  11. Agree he is underrated- when did he last make an error that cost us? He’s only got one year left too
  12. Really good performance- better team against one of the the potential title contenders (albeit an outside one). Romeu, JWP, Stephens, Adams and Tino all good. Walcott was gash. maybe Ralph had clicked by changing things at half term.
  13. I had an email from the club confirming you can share a ticket when I asked the question. Think they would struggle to prosecute after that!
  14. maybe but still no excuse. There is a QR code option which also doesnt appear to work
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