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  1. IF he doesn't maybe we could loan him to Barnet
  2. Turkish


    I dont think he will. He's good at what he does but technically he's not great. His passing and shooting are pretty poor and at 25 it realistically isn't going to get much better now which will hold him back from being a truly class player. However the media seem to love him for some reason so i'm sure a few good games and he'll be hyped up beyond belief and there will be meltdown on here that we've sold an amazing player too cheaply.
  3. Turkish


    What do we think, in 18 months times he’s become a top player and this place will be full of people whinging we should have done more to keep him.
  4. Yes I did Dave. No Q&A at the moment but rest assured as and when things progress you’ll be kept informed.
  5. Old news pal. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/06/30/report-southampton-and-ac-milan-want-arsenals-folarin-balogun/
  6. Well this is Ralph’s 4th and he’s only so far been allowed to bring in 3 players permanently. When the Salisu and Walker Peters deals go through that’ll be a Bigstep in the right direction.
  7. Whilst we are in the premier league we are. I dread to think of the state we’d be in had we gone down, which we really deserved to. Our self stainable model relies on Staying up and having players other clubs want to buy, we haven’t had many of them lately. I would say it’s been more down to luck than being well run up up until about 18 months ago. The current lot seem to have got it together and are now having to right the wrongs of 2-3 years of gross incompetence.
  8. Kind of p1sses on the “we’re a well run club” mantra Though doesn’t it. We’ve been awfully run for a few years but people wouldn’t admit it.
  9. Turkish


    Yes he could play there, but i could play that role too, if either of us would be any good at it is kind of the point.
  10. "investing" to the average football fan though is spending and then spending some more and then spend more and if those players dont work out spend more. BUY BUY BUY and if a player plays up let them rot in the reserves. It's a bit like the cliche that we need a 20 goal a season striker, well so does every club, the problem is there aren't many 20 goal a season strikers around, the ones that are usually play for the biggest clubs. Now Ings has scored 20 goals we are apparently too reliant on him so we HAVE to "invest" in another striker. Just for the record my issue with much of this is why we are the only club that has to sell players to buy new ones. People go on about agents fees, bonuses, loyalty payments etc but every single other club has those too and in fact Saints are usually towards the bottom of the table when agents fees are listed, so that one doesn't wash. Those same people then boast about us being a well run club when we have a load of crap players on big wages that we cant give away, we might be now but it's now down to the current regime to make up for the errors of 3-4 years ago, when we were still having to sell to buy.
  11. Turkish


    Plus with tackles flying in from all angles. The myth seems to be because he’s good on the ball, one thing to be good on the ball with the whole game in front of you, quite another to do it in a 100 mph midfield battle. You need to be able to read the game and anticipate well, two things I don’t think he’s very good at unfortunately
  12. Supposedly he wants to come to the premier league so you’d have thought Monaco wouldn’t be in with much of a chance. He also supposedly doesn’t want to go to a top club just yet as he wants to be sure to play. So lots of things appear to be in our favour, as he seems to want the shop window type approach we can offer him, I guess It’ll come down to if there are any other offers on the table better then ours.
  13. €50k a week my sources tell me. Shalke are in trouble financially and are introducing a salary cap, he is right on it, plus they need to sell to raise funds. I’d imagine he’ll be wanting a big pay rise to come to the premier league hence why there is a gap between that and what we’ll pay.
  14. They are separate deals though. We needed to sign a right back so whatever ever happened we’d have to stump up for one and we’ve got a good one for £5m less than we got for Targett last summer. The loan fee for walker Peters was more than likely was covered by the Cedric loan fee we got. Spurs will also have had to pay loyalty bonuses, agents fees and so on, I find it bizarre that every time anyone talks about making a profit in a transfer window suddenly agents fees and loyalty bonuses are wheeled out to claim things aren’t as good as they first appear when every other club has to pay them too.
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