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  1. I thought that people said saying you have a black friend was a mark of being racist? Is it racist or virtue signalling? Anyway that's nothing. I've been frantically tweeting this morning how proud of i am of my young son this morning when he told me Andi Peters is his favourite GMB presenter. He also asked for Redmond to be the name of the back of his saints shirt this season, he doesn't know who Nathan Redmond is but that's irrelevant, the fact that his first choice was a person of colour is clear evidence no racism exists in my household. Oh and did i mention i cry every time i watch to Kill and Mockingbird?
  2. Looks like a bit of a balls up to me, close to doing a deal for one player, pull the plug on that to go after someone else, he then choses another club meanwhile first target joins someone else as well. The ghost of Les and Ross lives on.
  3. So you didn't agree with the protests, you didn't agree with pulling down the statues, you didn't agree with the police being attacked, you dont support the BLM political agenda. So what was it you were frantically applauding a few weeks ago? What was that all the stupid racist people didn't get and that you understood so much better than everyone else? You seem to be completely against all the events of the last month or so yet at the time you were typing and typing and typing and typing and typing calling everyone who didn't applaud it all a racist simpleton. Come on, admit it, you were just virtue signalling to let eveyone know you aren't racist weren't you.
  4. Ah okay, so when you were banging on about how great it all was, the protests were all great, the waving of BLM banners and attacks on the police, whilst not great but were just a few people getting over excited, the taking the knee, wearing black lives matter messages on badges and football shirts, how anyone that didn't agree was thick and racist and no one really understood what the BLM movement was about, especially the "simpletons" that mentioned about how they said they wanted to defund the police, what you meant was you didn't support any of it either, just that you arent racist. Got it.
  5. So they are supporting equality, not the political group you, Soggy and co have been frantically applauding for weeks. In fact they make a point of distancing themselves from any political group. They and you are supporting different things pal.
  6. Kit looks nice, i dont really do kits but as far as you can create a decent football shirt it's a good effort and looks nice. However the new strap line "Defying the odds since 1885" What? I guess the odds are that not many clubs of our size have won so little, thats the only defying of odds we've done
  7. Sounds like we’ve lost out here trying to get away with getting him on the cheap. As good as the defensive display was yesterday the fact is some of the same players have proven over the past couple of years they can’t do it week in week out. May sound harsh but that’s the reality. Maybe we’ve moved on to other targets but there was obviously strong interest given we made a bid.
  8. Turkish

    BLM & Football

    I’m glad the Premier league have clarified the situation to make their stance clear. Some simpletons were vigorously applauding the actions at the first mention of it when they clearly didn’t understand what was meant and just wanted to look like a nice person. Glad we have some clarity.
  9. Walker Peters looks a quality player one what I’ve seen so far. We should snap him up if we can
  10. Turkish

    BLM & Football

    That article is ridiculous, typical of a posh white person trying to show how they aren’t racist. Absolutely laughable that she says she’s ashamed that until recently she didn’t know how many black wine makers there are in South Africa and the US. Why would anyone know or even care? Talk about trying to create a problem.
  11. Matt Phillips was very close to joining when were in promoted to the premier league. We had a deal and terms agreed and her told his friends and family he was joining saints only for blackpools loony chairman to pull the plug at the last minute.
  12. Turkish

    BLM & Football

    It’s all a bit embarrassing really. Three weeks ago if anyone questioned BLM or criticised their “largely peaceful” protests you were a right wing racist absolutely lambasted for not supporting this great cause. I see some are still clinging on but it’s come down to a “well okay maybe some of them but overall it’s a good cause” still the tide is turning which is good to see. Still some ridiculous stuff going on like Washington redskins under pressure to change their name, I’m surprised snooker has survived, a white ball systematically takes out all balls Of colour with the highest score for the black, you can’t get more racist then that. And don’t even get me started on golf, white balls are by far the most commonly used, another example of white supremacy
  13. Sounds to me it's the simpletons that throw their weight behind a cause because it's flavour of the month without actually understanding what the cause stands for.
  14. Add the BBC and Sky into that as well. Kind of sums it up when these sort of organisations have to issue statements clarifying what exactly they are and aren’t supporting. It’s pretty indisputable other than to those desperate not to appear racist that BLM is more than just a group of people angry about racism to black people.
  15. Turkish

    BLM & Football

    The guardian and BBC plus quite a few on here described the London protests as largely peaceful too. If that's your definition of largely peaceful then both world wars were largely peaceful as well, the London bombings were largely peaceful, after all millions live in London but less than 100 people died. I see its now being debated if Jesus is racist because he's usually portrayed as white, just seen it labelled an image of white supremacy. I presume the LGBT will also be all over this now say it's also sexist Jesus is a man. Then there are other racist things like whitening toothpaste, milk, the British countryside, racism is everywhere. A black person cant even go for a walk in the New Forest without being subject to racism.
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