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  1. There was a rumour doing the round's that he didn't know we could be relegated, although i wonder if that was just usual bullsh1t. Either way i'm sure he was sold the dream, an established premier league club who develop players and sell them for £30m, who buy players for £13m and sell them for £75m, look we've got one going through right now, Van dijk, buy now and we'll sell him in January instead of now as a sweetener. He didn't back on the fact that after him was a load of shite we couldn't give away.
  2. Doesn't sound like the player wants to play there though "He still has to learn. Especially his mindset must be right, that he accepts this position and that he wants to play there. Then I think he can do a good job there."
  3. Expect to see him at left back 👀 https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/19479107.moussa-djenepo-set-feature-left-back-saints/
  4. So apparently we’re after a full back, centre back and defensive midfielder. No mention of a striker or wide attacker
  5. Oh come on the idea of MLG shagging is hilarious
  6. Looks like Bournemouth fans came out of the woodwork. Where were you when you were good?
  7. Reckon Mrs Le God would be happy about you announcing to people that you dont bag up when you're filling her slot with MLG love glue?
  8. Promoting promiscuity and unprotected sex. What a terrible role model. Get rid.
  9. “Very West Ham signing” hardly meant as a compliment was it. People are talking bollocks imply West Ham sign loads of has Beens wanting a last pay day, the facts are very different but the we all know people on here don’t like facts when it doesn’t suit them
  10. Winston Reid that signed for them as a promising 23 year old 11 years ago and was a regular starter for them for most of that time until getting a number of injuries about 3 years ago. Another “very West Ham signings” who is anything but. Quite a few of them aren’t there
  11. another myth, unless Bowen, Benrahma, Soucek, Fornals, Diop are all older "proven" players. In fact if you look at their transfer history there are more of the young hungry and guareteed to improve players than there have been of the ones saintsweb snobbily dismiss as a typical West Ham signing.
  12. So a free transfer with a bad injury record isn't a very West Ham signing then.
  13. A very saintsweb comment. You do know they finished 6th last season and we haven’t beaten them since 2017, losing 6 of our last 7 against them. it’s about time people stopped sneering at West Ham. It’s a bit ridiculous.
  14. Everton and Rangers in between
  15. this is a real statement of intent!
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