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  1. Hey, it’s not my fault tajjuk doesn’t know what he’s on about.
  2. Or like everyone else he’s chosen to go to a different club
  3. Oh well, move onto the next target then.
  4. We've only got ourselves to blame you know. we really shouldn't expect anything else.
  5. Article also claims the Saints scout said Sangare chose PSV over us "to our great surprise" no mention of a work permit issues. Sounds like that's spin to cover ourselves.
  6. Turkish

    Guido Carrillo

    They were right. Do you remember all the self back slapping when the deal went through? How hard they had to work to get him and it was a hard deal to do etc. I bet was only hard to do because Monaco thought it was a wind up
  7. Turkish

    Guido Carrillo

    The rationale went something along the lines of if you take out games he didn't start, was subbed off, played more than 60 minutes then he's got a great record. It was hilarious.
  8. There's not even any credible links are there, a couple of reports that we've show an interest in but nothing concrete at all. What an absolute shambles.
  9. Turkish

    Wesley Hoedt

    "stuck in a hotel room" Sounds like he's isolating. Must be Covid.
  10. not really the same, DIa was a free transfer and signed on a one month contract. Not a record signing on a 3 1/2 year deal. Their contribution was pretty much identical though.
  11. Surely one of the worst signings by any club ever.
  12. That way when we get to our preferred eventuality we know exactly what we are doing each time as a wise man in said doing exactly what we’ve done 21 times before is exactly the last thing the enemy will expect you to do this time.
  13. I see we are at the bottom of the short list of players we’ve scouted for years honestly we have.
  14. He who rejects Me and does not receive My sayings, has one who judges him; the word I spoke is what will judge him at the last day.
  15. I’m not pretending. I used to share all my info until a few bitter individuals started to try to prove me wrong, yet as time past people realised I was right all along but the bitter ones couldn’t let it go. I started to post a few other snippets but yet again the green eyed monsters reared their heads so I stopped. My ITK credibility goes back nearly two decades, it was me who revealed that we were wearing yellow and blue in the 2003 final before it was in the media on the old saintsforver site for example. I outrank everyone on here for long and credible history but it’s people like you and the other non-believers who have denied the rest of the forum my insights.
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