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  1. If it's true then good on him. I always felt underneath all his bravado he was a decent guy. Would love to see a few high profile players come out as well. Although i doubt it'll happen as they know it'll mean more $$$$ for them.
  2. I really enjoyed watching Harrogate Town mate. £14 to get in, can get a beer at half time easily enough, can go to any of the 4 stands where there are terraces and stand with your mates, no idiots taking selfies. Can walk to the ground via a couple of pubs. It's definitely the way forward.
  3. The juventus chairman has resigned from the UEFA executive committee and joined the Super league executive committee. If this was to leverage a better deal from the champions league then it’s a strange way of doing it
  4. So the statement is 15 founding clubs with an opportunity for 5 other clubs to join them Depending on their success, so they prequalify every season. What a joke. Clubs to still be in their domestic leagues with matches to be played midweek.
  5. We played like we didn’t think we could win. It was so pathetic
  6. Don’t really see how anyone can think it’s good idea other than those running the clubs. Even the players appear to lose out in that They’ll be banned from playing for their countries. id quite like to see it happen, no interested in the top 6 and it would make our league more interesting. Be great to see fans boycotting it, no one watching it on the Telly, if some players and mangers boycotted it too then even better.
  7. Statement from UEFA https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/news/0268-12121411400e-7897186e699a-1000--statement-by-uefa-the-english-football-association-the-premier-/
  8. yep, there may be a bit of short term pain financially but the league will be a lot more competitive and better without them. Let them go, ban them from all domestic competition and players from playing for their countries.
  9. A league of 12 clubs from 3 countries 6 from one country where 4 of them are not even in the champions league places this season is not European and not super.
  10. He also got lucky in that his shot was going wide hit Vestergaard and went straight back to him. Doesn’t take away the fact that we deserved to lose, it was a pathetic performance, how the fuck can you play in a semi and not even muster a single shot on target.
  11. What a pathetic performance. That was worse than Chelsea 3 years ago
  12. Terrible game, but we’re still in it. Stop giving the ball away FFS
  13. Good to see a few saints fans have sneaked in
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