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  1. As if by magic chapel end appears within a minute. Give it up mate you’re so predictable. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Considering you joined this forum 15 years ago and have only recently started posting, mainly about me or how upset your daughter is about a women’s match being cancelled I’m inclined to think this concerned parent act is a load of bullshit and you’re another user name for a resident weirdo. If I’m wrong I sincerely hope your daughter recovers from her upset a a women’s match hardly anyone knew was happening was cancelled
  3. Did he bollocks. Liverpool played the last 30 minutes like a training game happy to knock it around on the half way line. I fucking hate Liverpool much prefer Man United but I wish they’d been ruthless like Leicester and Man U were v us and pushed on for more goals.
  4. Getting absolutely served up here. They look a yard slower all over the pitch. For a club like Man United to have Mctominay and Fred as their central midfield pairing is shameful
  5. So do you believe men have a cervix then?
  6. I love it how many people are obsessing about what I’m doing on holiday. I love giving you obsessed wierdos little snippets of information. 🤣
  7. So I’m not on ignore then.
  8. If anyone was going to have transgender mate on this forum you’d put money on it being Soggy
  9. Just seen it myself, absolutely ridiculous miss. Walcotts was also awful, not to hit the target from 12 yards out in the middle of the goal is really poor.
  10. Hasn’t some genius come up with an expected save formula so we can do a proper comparison?
  11. Indeed. Exactly what is racist about this?
  12. The old bill must has seen the posts on here about the possible trouble so moved it to a night game
  13. I don’t believe this lovely story ever happened. on another note when you have someone on ignore you can’t see their posts so how can you respond to a post on a thread they started? 🤔
  14. He absolutely will be in the minds of our owners and board though. Young, unemployed, fairly cheap, works with young players. Regardless of what us fans think he is exactly the sort of manager we go for.
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