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  1. That’s what £20m and £80k a week gets you. Remember all the back slapping about how hard we had to work to get the difficult deal done?!
  2. That’s the one, thanks. I loved that top, also had a dark grey Hummel top as well from sports kit. 3 decent kits there too.
  3. Turkish


    AND YOU BELIEVED THAT LYING USELESS CUNT?!!!!!!! fair points well made
  4. You can list dozens of players who don’t want to leave but they do, for many different reasons. Unfortunately MLGs knowledge of football is limited to spreadsheets.
  5. I didn’t say that. opps wrong again
  6. Not out of context you were just wrong, yet again
  7. Unfortunately this seems the likely scenario.
  8. To be fair you need one or two players like Long around the club. Been here a while, gets the club, bit of a role model for the youngsters. Was a bit like Kelvin Davis to towards the end, was only ever going to play in an emergency but his experience and commitment to the club meant he was important even if he wasn't up to it anymore.
  9. Turkish


    Im looking forward to the meltdown on here about how Boris Johnson is injecting us with a killer tory virus, they've managed to murder all these people now but he survived.
  10. Turkish


    Report: Deaths from Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Hit 29 in Norway (breitbart.com) 😨
  11. Does anyone else remember the plan red Draper Tools warm up top from about 1989? They were very popular, i lived in mine and wore it to warm up for my youth football team in along with some rather fetching blue Hummel tracksuit bottoms.
  12. Poor lad, it didn't look good when he did it. Lets hope he makes a swift recovery.
  13. Will you be boycotting this seasons shirt and buying it anyway or not boycotting it and buying it anyway?
  14. Don’t you be so sure about that pal.
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