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  1. Just got a text from my contact, seems like things are happening. I can’t say much but I can share the following.... Salisu is done, work permit due this week. We’re also close to signing talented Spanish full back from Spain. Hojbjerg move to spurs getting closer but spurs yet to meet our valuation, once it’s done expect us to move for a VERY highly rated American playing in the bundesliga , he wouldn’t give me his name but I understand he’s a top player. Club still keen on KWP but may look elsewhere, he thinks Ralph is a fan of Cash at Forest. other news hoedt may be off to a Belgian club, no further news on Vestergaard leaving but club think he will go and when he does we will replace. also expect two key players to sign new contracts soon. I’ll share any other snippets soon as I am allowed to tell them.
  2. What do you mean? I was just mentioning a few potential managers who would be interested and suitable for the role, I’d go as far as to say outstanding candidates. Not sure what BLM has to do with it.
  3. Who will replace him? Sol Campbell is available and ticks a lot of boxes Chris Houghton would probably get them back up I n a couple Of seasons David James wants to get into management or Les Ferdinand might fancy it after coaching and director of football at QPR
  4. Turkish


    Yep exactly, we aren’t in a strong position. The player wants to leave, he only want to go to one club and if we don’t sell him he can walk away for nothing in 12 months time plus we need him gone to crack on with our own plans, Levy will know this. There is no reason for Spurs to match Everton’s bid, simply try and do a deal for the best price they can get him for. The longer it goes on the weaker our position is. It’s a similar situation with the dead wood we want to shift, we’re in an extremely weak position with them as well. It’s a case with all of them of taking what we can get. All this talk of playing hardball with Levy or make him rot with the kids is laughable nonsense.
  5. Save a months salary. Typical saints, hold off as long as possible to save a few grand and someone nips in and takes him. Alderwereld, buttner, coutinho, Maddison. McGuire, Vardy, Promes, the list goes on, all players we dithered over to save a few quid, Semmens is trying to be Levy but was taught by Les, the ditherers apprentice showing us all now it’s done. Salisu will be in another teams shirt before he can say “I’m relaxed about it”
  6. Uh oh. We’ve not even met his release clause yet. Rennes back in. Semmens too busy flouting maxims with Adam Blackmore to get deals done it seems. If you’re not worried you should be. https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2020/rennes-dive-back-in-for-mohammed-salisu/
  7. Ollie Watkins is some player, he’d fit right into our system too. We probably won’t get him as not a priority position and they may well come up. We should try and recruit their scouting team though.
  8. Turkish

    Wesley Hoedt

    For starters gone 3-5-2 as struggled for both full back positions Forecast Hoedt Caulker Steve Wood ripley Palmer Hughes Lemina Euell Beattie Austin Manager Branfoot
  9. Player hasn't yet made his mind up yet i heard - Premier league club with an amazing catchment area and the best shopping and school outside London v some French place no one has heard of. Croker couldn't sell a bar of chocolate to a fat kid, nice one Croker. 🙈 Wont be long before Ralph get p!ssed off and leaves as yet another prime target missed out on. 🙄 https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2020/mohammed-salisu-still-unsure-between-rennes-southampton/
  10. Welcome back toby alderweireld! PS I dont really think it's him
  11. They aren’t quality. They have good games but time and again they show lapses in concentration which leads to opportunities for the opposition, sometimes we get away with it sometimes we don’t. The lapses are often in games where we have most of the ball, both of them often caught out by a long ball forward or not marking players in the area properly and it’s happened regularly for the last 3 seasons. To be blunt the claim that they are good enough for Chelsea and everyone else outside the top 6 is laughable. There is a reason why we have the 6th worst goals against for the last two seasons and it isn’t because we’ve got two quality Centre backs.
  12. Also named after an area of the city so his family must have links to the area. Sounds like a goer.
  13. Any chance of copying the article onto here? be surprised is it was Disasi, reports said we were very close to signing him but pulled out at the last minute, presumably to get Salisu.
  14. Little clue or tease here maybe?
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