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  1. First time Pep has conceded 5 goals as manager.
  2. 4-1 Leicester...would not have called this one after 5 mins of the game.
  3. Players are cottoning onto it now though and appealing everything. Carroll was even appealing the first one against Dier ffs.
  4. Vardy/Ings for league top scorer tho!
  5. Like this one - VAR officials or the Ref would still be the same outcome :
  6. Another joke pen given lol
  7. Lucas Torreira not wanted by Arsenal. Worth a shout maybe.
  8. Rewatched extended highlights again today, Dyche overreacting to that pen shout and getting all upset about it was my 2nd best highlight of the game after the goal.
  9. More than likely, would seem a bit strange to 'big him up' on their social media to then not want him.
  10. Is anyone doing that? We are at home so more than likely not get much out of this.
  11. ah gotcha. Fair enough, still think he will come decent enough for us.
  12. Set up the winner yesterday...then our way of playing meant him and Ings were basically getting no service. Felt sorry for them two really. We were so shit moving the ball from the back to the front last night.
  13. Was always confident of a win in this one and result was never in doubt 😆. Adams with a sexy assist and the right decision not to go for goal.
  14. that's why i stopped gambling on football! 😄
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