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  1. https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uefa-president-ceferin-says-breakaway-clubs-will-be-banned-soon-possible-2021-04-19/ Well the end of this season until the next won't be dull.
  2. at an average of 13m or so per player looking at that. #bargainbasement
  3. Would have him here in a heartbeat if the job was available. He would never ever come though 😄
  4. Eh? Didn't he win the league at Chelsea? Tough crowd on here if that is under the pretty average category 😄
  5. That year we went down to league 1 was easily more shit.
  6. To be honest they could not train before the game and still make easy work of us at the moment.
  7. Not to mention the fact these clubs can even cherry pick the best players even more from the non competing clubs. Agents are licking their lips all over this money being promised.
  8. Well maybe the other 14 members might have something to say especially given the fact these 6 are given I believe 500m per season to start with?
  9. Maybe on domestic support. Not internationally though I think you are overselling them Be good to see stats on that but not sure how you would measure it ! 😄
  10. Yep he has invested really badly here, bit like me and the timing of my investment purchases down the years 😆
  11. Interesting take on it, I'm guessing its Utd in debt.
  12. nope - the founding members as I read it as will never get relegated...
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