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  1. bit mad seeing as not even played a league game for Brighton yet!
  2. skintsaint

    20/21 Kit

    No surprise to see Zaha missing from the kit release photos đŸ˜†
  3. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53698778 Even Wolves have fallen foul of the rules...good punishment.
  4. RH's work at Red Bull was more about players fitting into his system rather than being good individual players compared to Bayern, Dortmund etc. He had a couple of stand out players who could also play his way but looking at the team he finished 2nd with in the Bundesliga most EPL fans wouldn't recognise at least half of them. He obviously feels KWP is a player that suits the system. 12m is worth the risk. He needs to develop his defensive part of the game though as wasn't the best. Do that then suddenly he is a 30m plus player fitting our club model of developing and selling for big profits.
  5. Unfortunately being a keeper is a bit more than shot/save ratio. He is crap on crosses and not great with the ball at his feet.
  6. to be fair hasn't been the same since Keane done him.
  7. no surprise. Might head onto the toon forums for the meltdown
  8. https://www.spox.com/at/sport/fussball/international/england/2007/Artikel/geruecht-ralph-hasenhuettl-will-martin-hinteregger-zum-fc-southampton-holen.html
  9. not with Covid though..
  10. skintsaint

    Adam Lallana

    Well it is, he has another decent lengthy contract in the PL at his age with his injury record. Not sure what motivation he has left though and will probably start well first couple of games then get injured and not do much for the rest of his contract.
  11. $15 a month in Aus, includes Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Internationals, J league (lol) & K League (lol).
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