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  1. What did Sunderland get out of it in 2011? Probably just the usual club link partnership that none of us are the wiser to what benefits Saints get.
  2. Another heavy depressing defeat coming up against a team we always struggle against. Davies inbound from Everton. Great days!
  3. Tbf its been three games...and was more tongue in cheek 😁
  4. Get big Sam in. Would rather win ugly than suffer this shit all season. I haven't seen a beating like that since someone stuffed bananas down my trousers and set a Monkey loose.
  5. Maybe its a ruse....and we aren't going to play like that against Spurs.
  6. Bit optimistic...with us scoring an all...
  7. Has he left yet? Really want him gone - then only left with a few other duds from the last few years.
  8. If only Saints looked half as decent as Everton.....at this point in time.
  9. My optimism for Saints this year is like this Basketball after last night..
  10. I doubt if he signs in the next 48 hours he will be in the team, he could only manage 45mins the other week for Wales, badly short of match fitness. SAINTS PLEASE BUY A MIDFIELDER!
  11. Good Keeper - surprised ended up there.
  12. with Spurs going for Bale they can't afford Ings tbh...unless Kane is off.
  13. I see Grujic didn't go back to Germany and is now sat in Liverpool's reserves. Would be worth a punt imo even if on a loan then buy deal like Ings.
  14. Win this Cup and now get into Europe! Kinda....some weird third rate competition like the League Cup is.
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