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  1. Looks like Dan Sheldon has left the Echo which is a shame. I think 2 guys who cover Bournemouth have been brought in to cover Saints.
  2. Not heard of him. 22 years old. Probably true! Scout Report: https://footballwhispers.com/blog/orel-mangala-scout-report-arsenal/
  3. Really good player. No way the budget stretches up top. Especially with Che’s end of season form
  4. We’ll be lucky if he joins us for the final game of next season at this rate
  5. SuperSAINT

    Site issues

    Great stuff! Working great today.
  6. I like him. I'm very happy he's our player.
  7. SuperSAINT


    Need to check how many pennies are in our Weston McKennie piggy-bank.
  8. SuperSAINT


    Probably halfway between.
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