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  1. To The Cat's point, an argument could be made that Doyle and Ballard are 2 of the best attackers outside the first team (and they are both only first year scholars).
  2. Indeed! Scored twice. Ballard got 3.
  3. He's got a fair few good players not playing at the moment. Watford get a full week to prepare for us.
  4. Won 5-1 away at WBA today.
  5. Nice to see we have (in theory) some decent options off the bench, too.
  6. Saints B winning 1-0 in friendly with Bournemouth development side. Lewis cook starting for them.
  7. Ipswich haven't been great this season, either!
  8. **Honourable thread bump** How did he get on today?
  9. BIG test for Salisu. This was the kind of game Vesty used to come in for (even when he was out of favour).
  10. Didn’t listen but can rewind stream here:
  11. They never sound great when I hear them speak.
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