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  1. Chelsea have taken the Lincoln left back on trial that we were looking at: https://the72.co.uk/236002/chelsea-to-take-17-year-old-efl-starlet-on-trial-recently-trialled-at-southampton/
  2. Former Pompey duo Harvey Rew and Harrison Brook have not succeeded in winning Southampton deals: https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/former-portsmouth-pair-fail-to-win-southampton-deals-after-handed-trial-chance-3239262
  3. I'm not watching the game - How has he looked so far?
  4. Yeah, Think I heard it’s his 1st involvement since Feb.
  5. Not really Saints related, but this is really interesting on how you can be a bit of a chancer & yet still push the right media buttons to get noticed...
  6. Re: Hypo's info. I think as a rule, most early word of mouth in the press seemed to point to American interest... Whether that was DaGrosa or not I'm not sure, but info seemed to point to there being another US group that was close pre-Covid.
  7. I scanned through and thought the ghost of Benny Hill was in negotiations via Ouija board.
  8. 19 years old, attacking midfielder.
  9. MLG had 3 weetabix this morning.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/12307593/steven-davis-rangers-midfielder-named-scottish-football-writers-association-player-of-the-year
  11. Both likely to be way over our budget, IMO. Can see another loan coming in. Dusic's topic is interesting because it equally puts the No.6 position into question (for depth) as well as No.10.
  12. *Bump for this thread now we know the 3 teams*
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