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  1. I suppose it’s always possible that some of the MSD loan is to help with transfer cash-flow.
  2. I reckon Salisu was budgeted for with the Danso option not taken up. Those other sales are going to probably not happen
  3. Agree with pretty much all this - & Che’s form at the end of the season probably rules out the last bit. Villa favourites for Watkins, I’d say. Fulham linked with KWP: https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/tottenham-news-fulham-southampton-walker-peters-sessegnon-clarke-skipp-a4517276.html
  4. I get what you mean about losing out, but £8-10m would be pure profit as we didn’t pay anything for him & you would imagine the choice of selling him is to raise cash for further signings.
  5. Harrison will either replace Hojbjerg, or help fund a replacement. I’m sure he will get a chance to impress pre-season. (Unless the decision has been already made).
  6. 15 minutes left to go, Fulham 1-0 up. Reed’s asking price probably double what it was half an hour ago.
  7. SuperSAINT


    Whether it’s true or not, it’s not crazily different in detail to the Lyall Thomas story from Sky Sports a few days ago.
  8. SuperSAINT

    Site issues

    This is why they are waiting to announce Salisu...
  9. Seems like he’s been around forever. He was one of those lads fast-tracked wasn’t he? Sure he was around the older age brackets when he was 16. Always a good sign.
  10. SuperSAINT


    I’ll take it. It’s not ideal, but let’s get it done.
  11. New 4 year deal: https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2020-08-04/southampton-football-club-jake-vokins-new-contract-2024-announcement
  12. https://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=36958
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