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  1. I hear that Alex Crooks well informed.
  2. Looking at that league table, it’s bloody tight this year, I can see us slipping down into the relegation zone if we’re not careful, hopefully it’s looking a bit more spread out in a couple of months time.
  3. Amazon showing footage of the incident, that ain’t right.
  4. Yep, I knew it would come back to bite me on the arse.😂
  5. Rednaldo’s having his best game in a while for us.
  6. Would have liked to have seen Lyanco given the start ahead of Bednarek.
  7. Gave me an image in my head of some inbred sausage dog thing. Native to Portsmouth of course.
  8. No they won’t be, something about water in all the steels, if you go and listen to the total saints podcasts episode where they interview Toby Steele they talk about the trouble they’ve had with them there.
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