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  1. Jwp and diallo need to Keep partey quiet. Ings and Adams should cause problems for holding and Luiz.
  2. Bonus if Cedric plays at LB again should Tierney not make it. Might play saka I suppose instead.
  3. Semmens says Ings will see out contract at saints at least.
  4. Arsenal resting key players which is surprising. Playing likes of Pepe and Willian won't go down well if they lose. Still a tough game for us but we can't play a stronger lineup ourselves so we are seemingly going for it which is good news.
  5. Also Ralph said that players sitting on bench are more prone to muscle injuries plus the hydro therapy facilities at staplewood are out of bounds currently which is adding to the issue. Can't fathom why he didn't play for B team to reduce the risk of muscle injuries.
  6. Ralph says Ings needs to score 15 more goals to get move to UCL team. I don't buy it. He will command small fee if you consider his ability so quite a small risk for most UCL teams. He will have a club lined up already most likely. Spurs the obvious one that springs to mind
  7. Unrolled thread https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1351064573068140544.html
  8. Given our injury situation I think Ralph will rest most of last night's starting 11. Maybe start Forster, long, walcott and Stephens as the seniors. We may still have a chance winning as Shrewsbury haven't been able to train up until yesterday I believe. Not sure how many absentees they have for game though. Forster Valery Vokins Stephens Tchaptchet Romeu (if fit) Chauke Walcott Ferry Ndlundu Long
  9. To me it's very frustrating that we are not being told when we can expect players to return. We was told JV was at least 4 weeks but not had update recently. Moussa, salisu, Redmond, obafemi and tella all unknown. It was lead to believe Romeu would be back for Leicester game yet wasn't even in squad. Wasn't clear why Ings couldn't feature against Leicester as he was due to return to training last Friday. Does he actually have symptoms therefore not fit enough?
  10. I think Ralph was deliberately being coy about Ings to keep Leicester guessing. If he's back training today then he should travel at least to Leicester surely
  11. Good thread on the topic https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire/status/1349071711757602817?s=19
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