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  1. Us, Norwich and Newcastle after him. £15m would get a deal done. I think Norwich would be favourites to sign him as he's more likely to in starting 11. If Ings stays then he has to try and break up Ings/Adams partnership. That said a year learning from Ings before he leaves on a free isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  2. Apparently he's in contention to represent France at the Olympics in Tokyo subject to permission from saints. I'm sure Ralph will want him in for preseason.
  3. Spot on. Gao just can't take us forward as a club. Fans always strive for more and better which is fine but obviously requires new ownership to achieve that. That being said, we are still paying for past mistakes from even before Gao bought the club. Our struggles of recent years have been a result of poor recruitment and managerial appointments not a direct consequence of Gao owning the club or his decision making. Les Reed, Ralph Krueger and Ross Wilson biggest culprits.
  4. Certainly a tough start given our poor record against Everton, utd, Newcastle and West ham. However a decent point tally will build some good momentum. Need new players through the door early doors so we have ample time to prepare. Of course that won't happen but we can live in hope.
  5. Villa spending £33+ on that Norwich player who is unproven at PL level will certainly inflate the market.
  6. I guess Daniel James may be allowed out on loan next season if Sancho signs. We are after a winger. CHDAJFU?
  7. He's got a good engine, gets up and down well with good cross on him. Well suited to PL apparently. French football still not sorted out TV deal yet so many clubs are in a bad way financially so some good deals to be had.
  8. Romain Perraud deal close apparently
  9. Not sure it be a case by case basis, I haven't come across any covid related rules which are case by case other than definition of essential travel. I'm sure other clubs have found ways round it whether that be through legitimate means I don't know. Saints being saints probably tried playing it straight down the middle. Not heard any other manager complain about lack of access to recovery facilities. Makes you wonder.
  10. With regards to some facilities being closed during pandemic, surely same for every other team? Rules are rules unless other teams have either found a way round them or have simply breached the rules. I think the backroom staff need to have a rethink as our common second half collapse was more than a mere blip. Teams worked us out knowing we would be knackered and they took advantage of that plus Ralph's inability to change tactics / personnel for the better during games.
  11. He played like he knew he wasnt going to the euros against West Ham.
  12. Vestergaard and bednarek are an awful partnership. Both really gormlus in terms of basic defending. Vestergaard on second and third goals abysmal. Bednarek turning his back on first goal with Bowens initial shot. Then he ran like a sloth trying to chase Rice who isn't particularly quick himself. It was embarrassing all round from both of them today. I would sell whoever can command biggest fee and get new CB to partner salisu.
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