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  1. Their goal came from a fluke and not much to suggest they were a better team, however Saints were terrible...very, very negative football and to have so few chances on goal in an FA Cup Semi is tantamount to criminal! I don’t think Ralph has got what it takes to be a successful manager at Saints unfortunately now. Thank fook I didn’t pay to watch that!!,
  2. Ralph’s plan to contain them in the first half has worked! Just need to switch on the magic now. Be nice if the ref actually remembered that he can use the yellow card on Leicester players too! Some of their fouls have been cynical attempts to nibble our players - shocking that they’ve not been booked. COYS!
  3. Think Djenepo could be the key to unlocking the door either by way of a pen or a JWP ‘special’ from a free-kick outside the box. This will definitely be a more entertaining game than the City / Chelski game, but it’s difficult to call. We’re definitely the underdog and the team without good form, but Leicester are not looking everything themselves lately. I think it could be a 2-1 to them, but if we’re exceptional then we could pull off a shock. COYS!
  4. Watch us give a third away on the break...it’s bound to happen. Big Sam knows how to protect a 2-0 lead against a side in poor form. Can’t see anything to suggest we’ll get anything from this game.
  5. Perhaps it’s tactical...let Brom win and allow them to catch Newcastle so the ’strongest’ team goes down? 😉🤣 Seriously though, this performance matches our 9-0 games but WB are more rubbish and VAR is their enemy. KWP in particular seems to have lost it...half the player he was 3 months ago for some reason. I’m starting to hate the formation Ralph insists on...I just don’t think we’ve got the quality in the side to play 4222...JWP and Diallo are just not good enough to support the attack and Redmond is not at the same level as Armstrong so the midfield is not functioning effectively. Have
  6. Horribly slow and ponderous start from us as usual. Why does it take 20 minutes to get our passing game going? KWP making a hash of things there.
  7. Don’t agree Minemino is better than Theo...unlike Theo he wouldn’t have had the vision to have picked a up the loose ball at the back and picked out Redmond for the winner at the weekend. I think this the key with Theo now - he has bags of ability and so he takes defenders away from Redmond, Armstrong and Ings. He stays in for me. I agree with those saying keep a settled team...there really is no reason to change anything. We should win this...but it will be a nervy tough one...I’m going 2-1 Saints.
  8. Brilliant win, but to be honest we got lucky. If only JWP had a little more invention and ambition we would be better in midfield. If only Bednarek and KWP were a little better in their games today. Small margins, but if anyone thinks we’ve got a shout in the FA Cup against much better oppo then thy need their heads seeing to. Well done Ralph and the team - one more win to safety.
  9. Back to playing pedestrian football again now. Sooo slooowww. FFS. They will wait and break for their 3rd...wait and see.
  10. Can’t sniff at the fitness JWP has developed...is a real machine. Playing the ball really well too and would love him to net another.
  11. He was my first footballer hero alongside Billy Bremner, before I was old enough to understand what allegiance to your home town club meant. Fastest shot in UK football at the time if I remember correctly...think he toe punted ‘em!
  12. Well deserved win against average Championship team. Can only beat what's in front of you and it should have been 4-0. Thought Forster did well again. Redmond of course draws most attention and to be fair, rightly so. Armstrong put it a great performance and Diallo did well. JWP is a machine. KWP immense. And special shout out to Salisu who looked very good again. Well done Saints....let's take this into the last few games of the Prem.
  13. An example of what can be done when the ball is played positively, not endlessly recycled and players get their heads up and foocking PASS!
  14. I think this game will ultimately give Saints Board a very difficult decision to make. Lose and Ralph's head or win and Ralph will want money spent in the summer. Fingers crossed for the latter.
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