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  1. Djenepo is playing a good game in the sense he’s putting in a real shift winning some important balls...better than Redmond has shown lately. Vest is doing very well at the moment. Danny and Che looking good as a pairing. Romeu has played the ball well. Just need another goal to feel like we’re really on top, otherwise I can see my 1-1 prediction as an end result.
  2. I pay to watch it legally on Saintsplayer but thanks for your usual condescending ‘help’.
  3. Anyone got any decent stream links please? Saintsplayer have let their customers down this weekend.😟
  4. As in, don’t ever play it using substandard players against some of the fastest strikers in the World? A stupid tactic to use if you go 1-0 up against a top team and think that will work for the remainder of the game - this team (bar Ings) is just not good enough to operate at that level. But that’s just my opinion...let’s see what the score is at 10pm Saturday - I may be wrong or Ralph may change things. I’m sticking with a 2-0 loss.
  5. Basically it doesn’t matter what keeper or back four Ralph plays - if he continues to insist on the kamikaze king tactics of the last three games we will lose. Again. I don’t think he’ll change because he probably believes it will come good eventually. 2-0 loss then.
  6. I called it correct in thinking we would get a tonking, although I didn't envisage 2-5 (but then I didn't think we would persist with a suicidal tactic of having such a high line with such limited defenders). I think Ralph needs to take the blame for that defeat, unless the defence are deliberately keeping too high a line against orders (I don't think that's the case). When we went 1-0 up the warning signs were already there and there was no need to hold such a high line anyway - we were lucky to go into the break not significantly behind. ANY EPL team would be able to exploit our defence playing that system. To make this team tick better, IMO we need a box to box midfielder who is capable of walking straight into the team - Saints don't do business like that. And even if we did buy a really good CM, who would they replace? My feeling is Ward-Prowse or Redmond/Djenepo are the likely candidates, assuming Romeu is capable of being the disruptor rather than ball-player. Armstrong is actually a good player if fit, so perhaps he could come central and put new man on the right hand side? It's not a straight-forward decision in my view how to affect the team in a positive way. I don't think JWP will be dropped now he's got the Captains band, but he is such a slow/negative player for 95% of his game and it costs us. Most of all though, we need to drop this high line bollox to stop us being anchored to the foot of the table and cast adrift.
  7. OK, this is going to be the first thumping of the season 0-3 to Spuds. Think they will make our lads look like strangers. Ralph has picked the best team he has at his disposal, although I do think Long had a shout to replace Redmond. Who’s next?
  8. Yeeessss!!! Che Adam's you beauty!
  9. Nice one...clearly stung him into action!🤣🤣🤣
  10. 70% possession and not one shot to test the keeper. The Saints of old return to SMS. JWP completely unable to make a forward pass to a teammate. Not looking good.
  11. Redmond and Vestergard are a liability in this game. Redmond is sooo slow in his decision making its painful.
  12. We would be relegated without Ings. It's as simple as that. Class striker.
  13. Trouble is Bompey are actually a better side IMHO.
  14. Can't understand why the crowd are not booing that performance off the pitch at half-time. Complete horse manure. Even Ings our best player looks poor. I reckon there's a mass bet in the Saints camp for a Brighton win! lol
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