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  1. Until they score, then both teams will be in 'scrapping for a win' mode and players risk getting injured. Why not go for 2 or 3 and put it beyond then? We're not looking close to tiring them out. By contrast Saints supporters are asleep!😉
  2. Cant believe how pedestrian and slow our build up play is against substandard opposition. How the hell is Long managing to steal a living as a footballer?!? So very frustrating.
  3. Oh boy, one of those ‘on paper we should breeze this’ games. But as has been said, they’re on good form and will want to be the Prem team beaters. If Ralph has been able to get through to the youngsters...been able to drill the forwards...we should be too much, but there’s no guarantees in the Cup. The gulf is not as great as some might believe. 2-1 Saints but a really tough game.
  4. I was thinking both, but cannot argue about having versatile players...it’s a good point. And agree that Omar Richards is a great shout if available on a free, but would he come here if Bayern was in his sights?
  5. Stephens proving he’s been living on borrowed time as a Prem player. Just not enough quality in the squad with the injuries to be able to compete against a good Leicester squad. Plus the Ref seemed very keen to spoil the game for us. Oh well onto a youthful side for the FA Cup. We really need something special in the window, but there’s no money so it’s the kids we’re pinning our hopes on.
  6. To the ref 1-0...utter disgrace that the foul was not given and it was all in the same passage of play as they held possession. Small one is having a decent game, but we’re not capitalising on their weaknesses in defence. Really, really need a player to be able to work some magic around the box to get a free kick for JWP to convert. Too much time wasting tip-tapping around and passing backwards in the 2nd half will lose the game for us. Would defo take a 1-1 draw at this point.
  7. I’m not sure Williams is all that and there’s got to be better value out there surely? Looks like Crouchies illegitimate love child (allegedly).😉
  8. Under normal conditions (I.e. Ings available) we would match up to Leicester well and it would be a close game, with every chance of us getting a win...probably 0-1. That’s not how I see this one going unfortunately...think they’ll have too much and we’ll struggle to score so think it’s 2-0. Hope Che and Theo step up and the supply to them is of high value.
  9. Just the type of game we’d stuff up as a win would (a) solidify our place chasing the leaders and (b) it would really hack off Lineker and assorted pundits. Not sure either team would play for a draw but maybe 1-1...think they’ll nick a late goal for 2-1 though.
  10. Absolutely brilliant tactics by Ralph, especially putting Valery on to help protect KWP - incredible performances from EVERY single player, but Ings showed his class and KWP was incredible against Mane. Diallo is a revelation...Romeu may struggle to get his place back...I thought he was fantastic. Only slight niggle was Tella who I thought looked a little lost at times, but still a 7/10. I think that was one of the best professional top level performances from Saints since Koeman. Absolutely elated that we beat Liverpool and convincingly too, despite what the supposedly neutral commentato
  11. This is rubbish...we’re being totally outclassed! (...ahem...)🤪
  12. And your knowledgeable contribution is...?
  13. Understand why you’ve said that, but I don’t think any of those teams set-up to play like we. We try to play proper football and generally tend to do OK against the better teams, but only if we move the ball fast and utilise the chances which is not happening enough lately. That will make a huge difference to the outcome of the game IMO, so the likes of JWP, Bertrand, Djenepo and Adams all have to really be firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately I think the tactic will be ‘hold the ball to limit their opportunities and try to counter without causing risk’ and that conservative approach will fa
  14. Only one way this is going...0-4 L’Pool. We’ll knock it around a bit and take at least 50% possession, but ultimately not score because of the ponderously slow build-up play allowing 11 men to get behind the ball. They’ll hit us on the break...0-1 at HT with the remainder coming as we try to catch the game. We just don’t have the quality I the team to match them.
  15. Left back - a starter to replace Bertrand who despite being a great servant to the club is now past his sell-by date. He is not linking well with ANY of the left sided attacking midfielders and consequently the balance of the team is poor. Need to contrast how effective KWP has been since embedding himself in Ralph’s system. If there is such a player within our grasp, he would be 21-26 years old, experienced in a top flight league, definitely a left sided player with the potential ability to switch to RWB if the need arose, proven ability to drive forward and get back quickly to defend co
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