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  1. Yep, this is where Ralph thinks he’s some kind of tactical fucking mastermind….gives a half-time talk that mystifies the team and makes subs that would make Wigley raise an eyebrow. 😂
  2. Watch us have 20 attempts and let one in just before half-time. Midfield struggling to link with the strikers already. We’re playing well but we’ll still not win because we’ve forgotten how.
  3. A good game for the neutrals. McCarthy for the best part looked good, but he has key frailties that cost us games…think it will Forster to leave though when a replacement arrives (Johnstone?). 1 point is acceptable against a good Leicester, but they were poor this evening I thought. And we need to start winning games too - draws will see us relegated.
  4. Would imagine there’s very little confidence in the team that they can win a game. Unfortunately I don’t think this will be a win…they score goals, we don’t…game over.
  5. I don’t agree that the club needs hundreds of millions…we need to spend £30-40 million rather circa £10-15 million on two competent strikers that will present more of a goal threat than the present incumbents. We need manager who knows how to play a system that works with the players available to him - Ralph hasn’t done this and all the evidence suggests he won’t. When a team of Norwich’s limited ability outplays us because they get a manager who knows how to set his limited team up, you start to understand why Ralph is more to get us relegated than maintain a mid table status.
  6. Three key points to make on this… it was very likely we would lose this game - most teams would lose this game. we have far too many Championship level players and particularly in those loosely labelled as attackers…if you can’t score goals you can’t win games or even pose a threat that inhibits an opposing team from committing too many going forward. Ralph has no idea what to do with the players at his disposal…his is ham strung. BUT I’ve been told he does not accept criticism or advice from anyone let alone his coaching staff…they do as he commands. This club needs new
  7. Think this will be a hide behind the sofa type of game. If they come away with less than a 5 goal advantage I’ll be surprised.
  8. What the hell is Ralph thinking? McCarthy twice beaten at his near post. This is a terrible indictment of this team and Ralph’s tactics playing for fucking draw when playing a bottom three team. Time to go for me…had enough.
  9. Get Diallo off he’s been utter shite. As has JWP, KWP and Moi. We’re being outplayed by Norwich now…let that sink in.
  10. Think Norwich at home will give more to their new Manager than some here think. 1-1 is more than likely. Having said that we have all the capability to spank them 0-3, but that’s not going happen…it never does.
  11. Agreed, but Pulis was equally totally out of his depth and if ever there was a sign of a dodgy deal it was that with that lad and his Dad. I thought Pulis Snr was a good manager and passionate about the game, so it must have been painful seeing his Son watch every game pass him by.
  12. Don’t wholly disagree with this, but I do think it’s component of a wider problem with how we set-up in attack time after time. I’ve watched carefully and what I see is a very flat front four, everyone looking to wait on the shoulder of a defender but the pass is not there and if it does come there’s no runner. I loved Armstrongs goal at the weekend - why? - because he did something we rarely see by running from behind the front line onto a lose ball and taking a (belter of a) shot. This comes down to coaching and how our 4222 system transitions into attack in the final third…it needs improvin
  13. The sort of game that we should win comfortably but will struggle to score in. Can’t see this being more than 0-1, with even the remote possibility that they throw away the progress and concede a couple of goals to lose despite dominating. Would love to see us put an opposing team like Norwich to the sword though and come away with a 0-4 or 5.
  14. Difficult to call even if they have got a few players out. Think we might fair better if playing away as their home fans will be baying for blood. If the defence holds strong and the strikers find their boots perhaps 2-0, but in reality this could go either way with a single goal separating the teams. I’d love to see us put Villa to the sword and put the game to bed by half-time, but there’s little hope of that with our slow build up play and Villa will be set up to defend. My seat will be empty as we’re away, but hopefully I can get a good stream. COYS!
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