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  1. Yeeessss!!! Che Adam's you beauty!
  2. Nice one...clearly stung him into action!🤣🤣🤣
  3. 70% possession and not one shot to test the keeper. The Saints of old return to SMS. JWP completely unable to make a forward pass to a teammate. Not looking good.
  4. Redmond and Vestergard are a liability in this game. Redmond is sooo slow in his decision making its painful.
  5. We would be relegated without Ings. It's as simple as that. Class striker.
  6. Trouble is Bompey are actually a better side IMHO.
  7. Can't understand why the crowd are not booing that performance off the pitch at half-time. Complete horse manure. Even Ings our best player looks poor. I reckon there's a mass bet in the Saints camp for a Brighton win! lol
  8. Sweet Jesus the defence is looking utterly tragic!
  9. Brighton and Potter will see this as an opportunity to get points and protect their Prem status, so will be very up for the game. Expect to see long balls down the middle and crosses from the bye line testing our defence. Could be a game for Vest and even JWP at RB. I think if anyone in midfield is rested it will be Armstrong with Smallbone being favoured over Hojberg now. I don’t believe Danny will want to be rested and it would be counterproductive to change Adams for Obefemi or Long - they are good bench options for tiring oppo legs. Difficult to predict how this one will play out...you would like to think we’ve turned a corner and will have too much for them, but they play decent football and will need the win. Fitness will play a big part, so I’m going 1-1.
  10. How do Utd get a free kick from that?! We were in possession and their player head butts the back of KWP peters head. Incredible bias shown there FFS!
  11. Now that cross from KWP typifies what’s wrong with Adams...he didn’t anticipate the pass so it sailed harmlessly past in front of him by 3 feet. Dare I say it, that’s why he’s not good enough for the Prem...it’s typically the difference between a good Championship striker and someone like Ings or Vardy...vision (or lack of it).
  12. Bloody ref wants ensure the yellows are distributed fairly among all Saints players. If only we could move the ball forward quicker we would be so much more effective. Adams just wasted another ball...he’s having a mare this game, as is JWP, KWP and Redmond.
  13. Looking forward to this one...nice not having to wait three weeks for the next game! Think for once we might be able to take a point...2-2.
  14. Saint Fan CaM

    20/21 Kit

    Not the worst home kit, but like others I do wonder what's so difficult in producing a decent stripped shirt. The photos of the manikins make it look like it doesn't fit well. I'll be watching out for a Chinese import at £18 again...or perhaps use the credit we received from the ST renewal.
  15. Need to not sit back for the second 45 or we will have a hole ripped in the second half. Armstrong has been very good...KWP been very impressive...McCarthy made some superb saves.
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