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  1. Parraud has played a blinder against some tough opponents- not really put a foot wrong. We really need to keep hold of the ball more. Commentators really want City to win. And here we go - VAR really want to give it to City don’t they!
  2. We’ve been fantastic value for our 25% possession. We all know where it’s going in the 2nd half, but we’ve won the 1st half.😘 I do think Che Adams needs to step up a bit more - not putting in enough of a defensive shift for me. But guess what - it’ll be Broja that gets pulled off. Need another goal within 15 minutes or we’ll lose.😉
  3. Would try 4-5-1 to give Pep something to think about. Pack the midfield, play a defensive but high line press, Broja up top. Probably will make no difference as the Ref, VAR and a much better squad will prove to be too much. Going 0-4 embarrassment with the slightest possibility of a home goal or limiting them to 3.
  4. And that’s why Forster is just not really very good. Sell him and reset. Either stay back or really go for it, but his brain is just not up to it. Wolves are generally faster to every ball…it’s what they do well. We’ll lose this obviously.
  5. Think Ralph made the wrong decision putting Tella in at RWB - OK against Brentford but not against stronger opposition. We’re playing well but their players are more likely to cheat for a pen and guess what, we obliged. Having said that, we gave the Ref no option… their player was taken out and so it was a defo pen. Their defence is solid so can see them hitting us on the break as we try to get the equaliser. Would change Tella for KWP at half time.
  6. Pleased Ralph stuck with the same team, but it’s clear Wolves are a cut above Brentford. Think this will be a pen and if so, we lose.
  7. Incredible performance by the team, but MOTM has to be JWP…probably the best game he’s had for Saints…not just in his own play, but also in his comm’s with other players (saw him berate Salisu for example). Tactically Ralph was spot on matching Brentford with a back three and going strong in midfield. I think in general the players at his disposal are more suited to that system. JWP, Romeu and Diallo were extremely solid and largely responsible for the win. I do wonder if the change was prompted by the ex-Brentford Director joining us, as otherwise Ralph might have considered 4222. I
  8. Another tough game which I suspect we will dominate for a draw. Think Ralph’s selection and tactics will be a key decider on whether we get anything….too cautious and we’ll lose. I’m going 1-1.
  9. What an absolute cock Valery is. Like I said, we’ll be hanging on to a 0-1 lead.
  10. Tella is having an absolute mare. Playing like a L2 player at best. Looks like we’re settling to hold on for 0-1!
  11. Good line-up and I like Broja starting. But Swansea will be no pushover and the defence need to be super switched on. BBC Wales commentary as expected overly biased to Swansea, so that’s going to be an earache all game! COYS!
  12. Good game and a well deserved battling performance from the lads. What’s not to like?
  13. 2-0 wetsham. They’ve got too much about them….men v boys as they say.
  14. Watch us spunk it away in the 2nd half!
  15. This will be an even bigger embarrassment I fear than previous debacles unless this disparate bunch miraculously gel and find a way of scoring 2 or 3 goals. That’s what they’ll need to walk away with anything, but we all know how this plays out. Tippy tappy madness at the back, JWP passing backwards more than forwards and no punch at the front. Let’s see if Ralph is worth his salt - these are teams we need to beat. Prediction… 2-0 Palace.
  16. Palace are looking like a side reborn with 3-4 stand out attacking players and a solid defence. Can only see a defeat and no goals from us. Even if we had a fully fit squad I’d say we’d lose such is the lack of belief in Ralph’s system now. Like most others I want to see KWP at RB, Perraud at LB and a 451 formation. Unlike most, I’d have Long up top just because he can hold a ball up and can head a ball…sad to admit that’s even an option. This could be 2-0 or even 3-0.
  17. Think we’re going down if Ralph stays and probably if he doesn’t, but on the balance of results he doesn’t deserve to stay. We look as bad as the side that were relegated last time around. I don’t find myself thinking anymore, yep we’ve got a chance of winning this. On the contrary, every game we go into I’m thinking we’ve lost already. Would not be surprised to know the players feel the same way. We’re in a bad way.
  18. Where do you start summing up that half and where we are as a Prem team? It starts with Ralph. If he had Arsenals team he’d do great, but he’s trying to craft a thing of beauty with sub-standard tools and materials. It’s not working and everyone can see it. Except the SFC Board who won’t or can’t act. Had enough of the rubbish TBH…seriously thinking of giving up the ST next season after years in the same seat…I can get the same shit show watching from the comfort of my armchair. Feeling pretty deflated, but hey there’s the 2nd half to play yet!
  19. And that’s why we don’t win games. Right there. Stupid formation and tactics against a team of Arsenals quality. JWP not living up to the hype AGAIN. Ralph puts in a rusty Stephens. So many things wrong.
  20. With the team Ralph has at his disposal it’s pretty clear this will be a loss…I’m going 2-0 with some heroics from Cab.
  21. Take no joy in saying I predicted this result - the team is mentally shot…probably physically shot too if 2nd halves are anything to go on. Ralph is not really doing anything to prove to me that he has what it takes to get the best out of this team…he either needs more financial backing to bring players in who are at least 50% more expensive than the current first 11 OR the Board appoint a new manager who can get more out of the current squad. We all know where this is headed if something is not sorted out soon.
  22. Yep, this is where Ralph thinks he’s some kind of tactical fucking mastermind….gives a half-time talk that mystifies the team and makes subs that would make Wigley raise an eyebrow. 😂
  23. Watch us have 20 attempts and let one in just before half-time. Midfield struggling to link with the strikers already. We’re playing well but we’ll still not win because we’ve forgotten how.
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