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  1. The club thought we'd be ready so didn't need to have a proper pre-season in terms of playing games. How many other clubs didn't bother with their preparations? Insanity that that was green-lit. Today we were disjointed, lacked energy and ideas and now it'll take us a handful of games just to get into the swing of things, and it's totally our own fault.
  2. Our boy Ings took a nasty one in training yesterday.
  3. I hope you're right but we are hearing about all the secretive games, just not through Saints
  4. Glad to see our youth teams getting lots of action. Don't worry about the first team
  5. Officially gone to Hull
  6. They'll be worth more in the future as only a handful will have them
  7. https://www.southamptonfc.com/store/replica-kit/home-kit/c-1/c-247 These look like the new kits but I might be wrong
  8. You're right to mock faux outrage but from a journalistic standpoint the club/OS could do a whole lot better with way more in depth pieces on a whole range of issues. Whether you'd be interested in those pieces is besides the point. FF is a paying customer making clear what content he wishes to consume from the club, and he won't be the only one. Step it up Saints, not only with flashy videos on Twitter
  9. Surprised to see the mods shutting down the forum, I guess it has taken up a lot of their personal time though which is fair enough. When's the official end date?
  10. A clear lack of photos of our players from the front. Ominous?
  11. Have also been trying to locate Gareth for a while myself. The Rog, as he used to be known
  12. Salisu su su push pineapple shake the treeSalisu su su push pineapple grind coffee
  13. Spot on. Club legend with a slightly unfortunate ending, but overall nothing but great memories of Jose Cheers for the great photo too
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