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  1. There isn't a point. We got scammed by Birmingham. Unfortunately he's done nothing to show he deserves a spot in the side, and nothing to show he deserves to be a professional footballer either. However, if he does play lucky there isn't a live crowd in because the boos would be unnecessary. Yes he's one of the worst players we've ever had but that doesn't mean he deserves the abuse. Get behind the lads no matter their level. We'll lose this 1 or 2 nil.
  2. Beat them and we go level on points. Finishing above Arsenal would be fun.
  3. Loved his time here, wish he never left. Pelle, Mane, Van Dijk, Schneiderlin, Tadic, Alderweireld, Wanyama. That was fun. Get well soon!
  4. Perhaps it's hard for you to imagine now what all the fuss is about as the situation in the UK is not yet anywhere near as bad as it's going to be. Yes, for now Micky the tubes are packed and people are coming into contact with one another. It won't be long though before the tube lines are almost empty. You saw the shutdowns of Chinese cities I assume? That's how the spread is defeated. So yes, playing football games even if behind closed doors won't be going ahead even if the players are "fit and healthy". People seem to be looking around now and saying "Tesco's still fahkin' open what's the problem mush?" This is far from the worst of the crisis.
  5. Winner at Old Trafford, winner at home to Arsenal, goal at West Ham. That's what I remember most about Charlie Austin, not his twitter page.
  6. Bain of my life that song. We also used it for Jermaine Wright, Papa Waigo and Frazer Richardson too.
  7. Cork no, Barnes no, Wood no, Jayson-Rodrigo no. McNeil not yet ahead of Redders.
  8. We're going to beat them 2-1 and it's going to be fun
  9. Will Smallbone Because size doesn't matter, size doesn't matter Will Smallbone It's what you do with it that counts, what you do with it that counts. Our Willy Smallbone Honestly, you really do satisfy all our needs
  10. Somebody clearly listened. He looked much more of a unit yesterday. Great performance too.
  11. no chance at all but we are definitely going down. 100%. innit
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