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  1. Ings at Villa, Adams after taking a boot to the noggin.
  2. Frustrating defeat but understandable considering all the casualties. First half some excellent passages of play from us without the killer touch. Agree with Charlie Wayman that Theo is wasted up top. His runs from midfield are pretty much his only real strength at the moment so losing that damages us quite heavily. Upfront nothing sticks to him and he doesn't really threaten. Having said that first half he and Che linked up well a number of times. The foul on Diallo for their first goal was infuriating especially as the ref a) had a great view of it and b) booked Diallo for doing ex
  3. couldn't have been a clearer foul to be fair
  4. Thanks for this one, never used it myself. https://www12.eplsite.football/ = hit and miss https://soccerstreams-100.com/ = recently discovered and is very good
  5. There will be some decent streams available around kick off if you're not able to watch on TV. Some links will appear on the match thread 👍
  6. Diallo wow what a performance. Some player we could have, and as somebody just pointed out he's only 21! Jack Stephens had another brilliant performance overall. Someone pointed out he gave the ball away a few times but I thought as a team we did that quite a lot especially in the first half. He's filling in brilliantly for Vester, and if Salisu is "the future of Southampton" as Ralph said recently then we have 4 excellent options at CB. KWP. How we managed to get him from Spurs is unbelievable. He's getting better and better, such a class act. Proper throw back to see Forster
  7. Not only great blocks but silky on the ball too. Admittedly he did just play a shite pass
  8. Stephens has been f*cking great tonight. Diallo good too
  9. This is going to be a painful one. We're due a defeat and we've got too many players bang off form. 1-4 to those pr*cks.
  10. Forgot to mention Theo who had a very good game. Not perfect, he still lacks a decent killer pass oftentimes but he was the only one running directly at their defence and was our biggest threat all game.
  11. Stephens did well I thought, didn't expect him to be playing Vestergaard-type long balls all game and he played well overall like he did against Fulham. Yes, he made one mistake but Ings made about 50 and I don't see too many pointing the fingers at him. The amount of times we gave the ball away in promising areas was painful, everyone was at it. Moussa had a shocker, starting to worry about him and his future here. Bertrand, Ings, Che and Armstrong also had games to forget. And Long? F*cking hell. Honestly it's getting silly now. Nothing personal against the guy, in fact he's a
  12. When the line-up was announced I must say I was slightly disheartened to see Stephens in there, but fair play to him he had a good game and was also pretty solid for a long while before that too. That block at the end was great. However it's a bit of a worry if Ralph doesn't see Salisu as being better than Stephens. 😐
  13. Looked neat, tidy and saw him play some imaginative and progressive forward passes, the likes of which we haven't seen so many of in recent years. Excited to see more of him
  14. That would be bloody lovely. The league is still so tight and if we're not careful we could find ourselves dropping into the lower echelons of the table with a couple of bad results. Would love to think we can beat West Ham but just can't see it, especially with Vester out and Ings possibly not back to his best yet. Think they're favorites but a draw is probably the best we can hope for tonight.
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