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  1. Interested to hear your view on my first point. I think that would make a big improvement to the game
  2. Meme King is correct, the ref was right. But the rules are absolutely wrong and should be changed. Wave a physio on if we're that worried about his poor little cottons, we can play around them like they do in rugby. It's not hard. *talking about the head injury not Antonio, which was terrible refereeing. Ok think I'm talking about different situation to you chaps
  3. I wonder what he's worth in the market. A lot of Prem experience, English. If Ben White is worth £50m...
  4. ...to Stokes, who's onside... ONE NIL
  5. You can't blame them Cloggy. We've seen it a thousand times before and West Ham were starting to dominate.
  6. West Ham are set up really well, it's hard to break them down. Today we had Redmond and Moi totally anonymous, Prowse was quiet too. Overall not too bad. Broja is going to be fun while we have him.
  7. Yep you're right actually. Let me rephrase, Ralph was better with his subs today. 1 upfront is madness.
  8. He was right by pointing out how dreadful the refereeing was in that instance though. We are through on goal and all he can think about is to book Antonio, he didn't even look at Diallo. Then he blew up bang on 5 minutes.
  9. Ref you absolute pr*ck. We were through then. He didn't add enough time on either. Great finish to the game from us. Ralph got his subs right for once. Broja must start next game. McCarthy had a decent game finally. With Stu Armstrong and Broja starting we will start to win games. Redmond does not deserve to play for us.
  10. Redmond doesn't deserve to play for us. Livramento not great today, he's knackered now. Moi has done nothing. Armstrong looks our level. Romeu was playing well. Salisu and Stephens look good. Perraud decent.
  11. I know so many of these kinds of lads in Southampton. Their fathers failed them.
  12. Fucking hell, you'll be triggered by absolutely anything.
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