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  1. Totally agreed. He's improved so much the last few seasons and he has the passion you need in a CB. Not the greatest by a long stretch, but I no longer worry when I see his name on the team sheet.
  2. Suppose he means "cleaner", so as the keeper didn't get a touch. But yeah, if it goes in then it really can't get much better!
  3. I think that's a fair assessment. I quite like him, certainly good enough to be starting for us, and as you say he's passionate, industrious and offers more balance to the side as he's a natural left footer. Don't think we'll lose him to a bigger club anytime soon though which isn't the worst thing in the world.
  4. Imagine being that insecure that it affects you like it does the usual melts on here.
  5. Yes yes yes. This has been clear for a while now, even last season when FF came in around the time we beat Liverpool at home. We are so much calmer with him in goal, so much more organised. He isn't the best keeper in the world, far from it, but he's miles ahead of McCarthy and is a bit of a beast to have between the sticks. If we give McCarthy a contract and not FF that'll be a terrible decision. FF is the superior keeper. What a joy to watch that game. Diallo and Tella had cracking games. Salisu is brilliant. Love Lyanco. Broja is too good for us and even Redmond had a good game. What's
  6. It's here chaps http://cricfree.live/live/channel-25
  7. Good stream here http://cricfree.live/live/channel-25
  8. Bloody hell, OG wins it for Boro
  9. Mansfield have been all over Boro this second half and their first equaliser looks like it should have stood. VAR probably would have overruled the lino there. Glad it's 2-2, this one could go either way now.
  10. Answered my own question https://cricfree.io/category/football
  11. Any streams for FA cup games today fellas?
  12. Hope this link works, his messages to Brentford fans after departing. Seems a top bloke.
  13. How, after all this time, do you still not understand how vaccines work? You're far less likely to contract the virus if vaccinated. It's hard to pass on a disease that you don't have.
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