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  1. Ah Ron Davies. Played when nobody took prisoners and centre half’s were tough as teak. I well remember the power of his headers and this with the old leather balls and very muddy pitches. Great player in that era.
  2. Fantastic to see the old ferry again. Thanks for posting. Fond memories.
  3. CeeBee

    Injury Watch

    What’s the latest news on Obefami ? Any update on his injury?
  4. He certainly is . Wish they would attack a little quicker. Very slow build up. Still, 1 goal to the good. COYR.
  5. Agree, he won’t come back, but would welcome his visionary outlook. He always seemed to care what happened to Saints.
  6. Would love to have Cortese back. Also Mitchell. Probably whistling in the wind but one can dream.
  7. Thoughts go out to the family and all Leicester fans everywhere. So sad.
  8. Croatia were very fluid up front and ran our defence ragged. Kane was well held. Young not a good night. However, enjoyed the run while it lasted. Some nice football before the disappointment. Don't think we will have any chance in Quatar. Too hot. Euros could be our chance.
  9. Danny Ings favourite to join Saints according to Sky.
  10. Would take one or both in a heartbeat.
  11. Sensible words again Redslo.
  12. I see someone called Sara Davidson has posted that Saints are in advanced talks with Barclay for E29 million.
  13. Great read Redslo. Keep up with the diet.
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