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  1. In reality it is not a binary choice as the OP has presented it, we should discard them both, neither has stepped up to the plate. We need more from a striker than pace and energy. Of the two, Adams seems to me to be the more skilful and gets his head up more than Obafemi. Adams used to knock them in for fun at the Brummie's so what are the coaches doing or not doing that has caused his goal drought? Don't give me the Championship v PL gulf crap either, many of the games against sides in the bottom third are of a no better standard than a Championship match.
  2. As Ralph said of Liverpool, you win things through consistency as well as skill. If we played every game as we did on Sunday then it would be possible with other results going our way. Sadly, we are not consistent enough to secure 8th place. We are a work in progress still.
  3. Yep! Agree exactly. Best we have at the moment. There's a good chance of getting something out of this match. I will take a punt on 1-2 to Saints!
  4. No "if only's", this was a superb team performance and suddenly anything seems possible. Isn't it great to see the new found team spirit and everyone playing with a smile on their faces? Amazing what self belief can do. Perhaps contract renewal time and shop windows might also have had a little to do with it. Of course Danny Ings was the star of the show but what great performances from our fringe players, Romeu, Vestergaard & Walker-Peters who totally eclipsed their rivals for positions Hojberg, Stevens & Valery. We looked a much better balanced and more skilful side with this line-up and Ralph must think carefully before he even considers reverting to his preferred line up. Oriol Romeu has always seemed to me to be an indispensable part of our team, I've never really understood why he isn't a first team regular and yesterday he showed what a huge loss he would be if he were to leave. OK, OK, sometimes he can be a car crash waiting to happen but his performance yesterday showed that he can be committed but disciplined which shows how players can iron out their mistakes. Just give him a new two-year contract Ralph. How impressive was Walker-Peters, surely we will sign him on full time as part of a Hojberg deal? Lets face it who could we get that's any better for the sort of small change that we are likely to have to spend in August. He also comes across as a very likeable lad. Danny Ings may well win the golden boot and get called up for England. Both events scare the poo out of me, I cannot see our owners - greedy & skint - turning down offers of £80+m even if the lad loves it here. People are starting to take notice of us again and that can only lead to troubles ahead. Maybe we are OK for next season but just suppose Ralph breaks into the top six.
  5. You should be ashamed to have posted this.
  6. This is not a five minute problem that can simply be brushed under the table and forgotten about because it is inconvenient for people like you who seem totally oblivious to the plight and feelings of the socially and economically disadvantaged minority groups who are our fellow countrymen. Shame on you! Try to think about it from their perspective when pontificating from the comfort of your middle class retirement
  7. There are no obvious standout players in the bottom six with maybe the exception of Tim Krul that would improve our squad. Norwich, Bournemouth and West Ham look the most likely for the drop but a new goal keeper while desirable clearly is not a priority. Norwich 'though financed by parachute payments seem good enough to come back up at the first attempt so probably will not be selling any of their better players. Bournemouth are at the end of a cycle and will need to re-group and start again with youngsters while West Ham just seem to stumble from one financial mess to another, buying expensive over-rated misfits that never seem to match expectations. Can't see Ralph looking in this directions at all.
  8. This. Since Ralph arrived we have seen less of it as he demands players to move the ball forward but last night we were back to our old worst habits. Walker-Peters was particularly guilty; even from advanced positions he passed the ball 20/30 yards back into his own half several times. His mindset was clearly to play a pass and make 100% certain he wouldn't give the ball away to Arsenal (which presumably in Ralph's eyes is the cardinal sin). It is either an abdication of responsibility that makes players do it or sheer laziness. In last night's heat wave it was probably a bit of both. It wasn't that long ago that we were going apoplectic with rage every week because JWP passed backwards every time he had the ball but under Ralph's tutelage he has developed the self belief not to do it.
  9. Don't forget Oxlade-Chamberlain. Pretty bloody galling that the Bindippers PL winning team contains 5 of our lads from the halcyon days under Koeman. Should have been us winning the trophy.
  10. That was a pretty poor show Saints. A few attitudinal problems in there to be sorted out Ralph. Sleeping at the wheel is a criminal offence and McCarthy and Hojberg should be ashamed of themselves. In fact why bother with Hojberg, we know he's off so let's build a team for next season and forget him. At least Romeu would give his all for the cause. If the plan was to let Arsenal have the ball and wear themselves out in the first half then attack them in the second, without those stupid individual mistakes it might have worked. What to make of Jan Valery? Lost his way for sure but he is still young and a rather inexperienced player so the coaches need to work on him. Obafemi showed his limitations once again and Ralph must be tiring of him. Is Adams off one wonders.
  11. The club face a number of problems in trying to shift season tickets even supposing the ground can be re-opened for next season; Few fans over 65 will feel safe from infection in a crowd whatever advice the government offers on shielding - and there are a lot of over-65's in our fanbase It will be nigh on impossible to socially distance walking up to or away from the stadium Services in the concourses and loos impossible to maintain safely and hygienically and without crowding Ground capacity will be strictly limited - whether 1600 or 3200 - through social distancing Who of the current ST regulars will get the few tickets available? 15k very Brassed Off people Will there be any tickets at all for fans who don't buy Sts? Another 10k really Peed Off folk At the moment the club seems too have its head buried in the sand ( disingenuous) by encouraging all fans to renew without any of these questions having been addressed or answered satisfactorily. I see trouble ahead
  12. This is going to be difficult for everyone, will the high press be sustainable in this heat? There will be a few knackered players at HT so choice of subs will be crucial. Not the time to try put the kids today we need the tried and trusted with wises heads who can pace themselves for the conditions. Expect Romeu to feature at some stage, he might even start with JWP at RB and prefer Adams over Obafemi at 65 mins when Long runs himself into the ground. 0-0 or 1-1, Arsenal are not Norwich even under Arteta.
  13. They're probably linked to i/d such as supporter number and so not transferable.
  14. A lovely lad and a great player. Put him on the banner mods. Bonne chance mon ami et merci pour tous les bons souvenirs. Nous t'aimerons toujours.
  15. Move on buddy, move on!
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