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  1. What a complete waste of time that was. Spineless bunch of nincompoops. Time for a clear out. Reminded me of the white flag surrender at Cardiff in 2003. What is the point of battling your way to Wembley and then giving up without a fight.
  2. In all honesty, no matter how much one might wish and hope for a different outcome, Saints have little chance of over-coming Leicester this evening. We are in a very poor run of form and apart from the Burnley result that is beginning to look more freakish by the day there is little to suggest that we might cause a major upset. Our defence in particular has lost all cohesion with several players way out of form. Passion alone will not achieve the result we want. Unless Diallo & JWP somehow miraculously get their acts together individually and collectively our midfield will be over-ru
  3. Presented without comment and no wonder, what is there to say? After the much publicised shake-up of the Academy, the impact of the new direction and management team is producing the sort results that provide proper training for our lads at they prepare for first team duties. Keeping our traditions alive is very important.
  4. So was my younger son. Small world.
  5. I think what he was saying is you only need to make a point once. Brevity is to be admired.
  6. What a thoroughly depressing post, why do you bother to support such a hopelessly lost cause of a club?
  7. At least tonight we don't have to agonise over our MotM.
  8. Seems very unlikely, he will want to keep momentum and sharpen automatism for the Leicester match. Massive folly to change things around now and he won't!
  9. He was also MotM. Ralph must be monitoring his progress closely and surely will want to take a good look at him during the summer. I agree he has become a key player at Celtic and no doubt they will want to hang onto him. Could be interesting. Main question is would he want to come back here after all the abuse he has suffered at the hands of many fans?
  10. Wonderful memories of Sadio as a free scoring Saint and the heady days of Top 4 life under Ronald Koeman. Looking back, what a team we had then. If only... and remarkably there is our one and only James strutting his stuff amongst the elite. Nice one OS, really enjoyed watching that again, stirring memories of how elated we felt in those halcyon days.
  11. Presumably these shirts in kids sizes will be sold without the shirt sponsor's logo. Model racing cars were never allowed to be sold with alcohol or tobacco logos.
  12. He is certainly not the finished article by any means; if he has any common sense he will stay with Ralph for a couple more years before chancing his arm on a big move. My personal view is that he won't be going anywhere this summer.
  13. If that was true it wouldn't say much for Hasenhüttl's appeal to players as a progressive and development coach. For that reason alone it is all bullish*t.
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