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  1. Burnley, West Ham & Fulham for the drop and Brighton next up just!
  2. Maybe because the set up is all wrong with OR and JWP playing deep defensive roles while Djenepo and Armstrong seem to think they are strikers rather than providers. Ralph keeps telling everyone that they should provide goals so we've ended up in effect with four strikers, no attacking midfielders and six defenders.
  3. Two very poor teams and inevitably a drab and tedious affair lacking any enterprise from either side. A win is a win but we need to pull our socks up and get working if we want to win any more. Not much evidence of automatism which must be a worry for Ralph. I'd have Romeu as MotM for his commanding performance in midfield but little else other than Danny's usual well taken goal was cause for celebration.
  4. Easy win for Saints with Adams improving, Armstrong fitter and Djenepo off the leash. 3-0 to Saints, possibly even 4-0
  5. They might pay you not to, it's always worth asking (threatening?).
  6. Which could be a blessing in disguise. Everything I have read about this possible deal brings images to mind of frying pans and fires.
  7. I just wish they would get on with it. Only 9 days left before it's too late. Anybody still holding their breath? Deja vous all over again!
  8. Think about what you just said again. Can that really be true? It is extremely unlikely isn't it? Don't you think it might be that we bought players at a price that would have fitted a certain level of performance and then expected them to start playing as top six level players?. On that basis any player we could afford would disappoint. I think we are a club in conflict with ourselves, the reality of our situation doesn't match the ambition of people like Hasenhuttl, maybe Semmens or indeed the fans. Other clubs like Burnley & Palace seem far more realistic and content, understanding where they are in the pecking order and cutting their cloth to suit, buying players that can sustain their 'more modest' performance expectations that more or less guarantees their survival. All those players that are easily and cheaply labelled on here as failures caught 'our' eye once but we have had so many changes of management, direction and strategy that no wonder they couldn't settle and prove their worth. I feel sorry for them in a way because hanging around here when not wanted is destroying their careers. They signed contracts in good faith but now find themselves locked in by them just as the club does.
  9. If they are going to refund ST holders on a match by match basis, it is going to cost them a fortune in administration costs. Surely this will out weigh any advantage they might have in hanging on to your money 'til the bitter end. Why can't they face up to reality, there will be no fans at football matches this season so just refund all STs that were renewed now in one go? If in the very unlikely event fans can go back for the last 2 or 3 games, just charge per ticket at the time.
  10. Didn't this same useless defence keep a clean sheet against Man City a few weeks ago?
  11. We get that you don't like Boufal so time to lift the needle off the old record and bin it. He will leave, the controversy will be over. I will have better memories of him than you. Let's wish him well and if he blossoms elsewhere let's hope you're big enough the acknowledge it.
  12. Forster back in goal at the weekend?
  13. The way to judge Adams is to consider what would have happened had those opportunities fallen to Ings. My guess is Ings would have scored them all whereas Adams literally seemed to just blast the ball without much thought as to where it would go. Another example, Ings would not have needed two touches to bring the ball under control and those milli-seconds matter when trying to catch goalies and defenders off balance. Ings goal demonstrated the difference in quality of these strikers perfectly.
  14. Not completely swimming against the tide. Even Ralph Hasenhuttl is not a complete idiot and will soon ditch this new plan A when he has to face more unpalatable evidence that it is not working, like a few more 5-0 hidings. The worse thing that could happen next is that we beat Burnley 1-0 using this system, a result that will reinforce RH's self-belief that he is barking up the right tree and so should press on. At times in the first half against Spurs when pressing forward we seemed to be regaining some of the "automatism" that he was so passionate about last season and it was a joy to watch so there are grounds for optimism that we can recover from the recent setbacks quite quickly. What our new tinkerman needs to learn is if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it.
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