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  1. Nathan Tella's exclusion is down to Hasenhüttl's poor judgement, simple as that.
  2. We must accept that this is where we are with our current team and system, as good as Burnley but no better nor worse. It may be unpalatable to some but in itself that is nothing to be ashamed of. Many of our fans have assumed for years that we are superior to Burnley in style of football and quality of players, that Burnley are dour and a bunch of spoilers and little else. What we discovered yesterday is that nothing could be further from the truth. This is a new style and much improved Burnley that can press and string passes together, defend brilliantly and play neat football as well a
  3. 3-0 will take us above Villa so that must be the objective. COYS
  4. I wonder why you can't be bothered to spell his name correctly?
  5. Yes, Yes and Yes again!
  6. Funny you should say that as Barca's keeper is out of contract and could move
  7. Wasn't Benitez an A lister ?????????????
  8. Not just you, I have highlighted this in several after match comments lately. It is unusual to sub a full back except through injury presumably because coaches consider this as a waste of a tactical substitution option. Th majority of our subs are for the 10 position or strikers.
  9. Don't forget the bloke who used to walk the touchline selling throat pastilles!
  10. Same starting XI as last week, agree with many that too early to start Stuart Armstrong. Why change a winning team? Having said that KWP could be more of a threat than Perraud down the left flank and may get the nod.
  11. Semmens said recently (podcast) that contract renewals are now a top priority after the fiascos of losing Bertrand, Ings & Vestergaard and that several negotiations are on-going. I would expect Ralph to be keen to keep Mohammed Elyonoussi at St Mary's. This suggests to me that his agent has been busy dropping less than subtle hints for a pay rise and contract extension for a player who has found himself back in favour at Britannia Road. The Arsenal link is obviously ridiculous. They are most likely to be the next PL club to change managers long before Mohammed could leave on a fr
  12. Not only is JWP ponderous on the ball but when he is playing there seems to be a team instruction to always feed the ball to him, a tactic that virtually ensures that nearly every attack is brought to a halt while JWP works out which is the safest next pass to make, usually sideways or backwards. Meanwhile oppo's defenders have taken up position in their trenches. He is a very slow thinker. What was revealing yesterday was without these constraints our midfield play was much more fluid and inventive and often caught their defenders well out of position. One obvious benefit was how much mo
  13. Of course we only beat poor teams, hadn't you realised that?
  14. Really good performance all round. Salisu clearly MotM. Redmond had one of his better games. Only a curmudgeon would find anything to complain about today. Armstrong showed glimpses of what we have missed. Worryingly for JWP we seemed to be more fluid in midfield, more linked up with the front runners and generally more cohesive without him. He should have to play for his place when his suspension ends and not be automatically shoe-horned in. Romeu is an equally good captain and Redmonds corners were arguably better than JWP's. Elyonoussi is gradually cementing his place in the side, he i
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