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  1. We have always been in agreement on this. Common sense suggest that the obstacles to keeping a crowd of even as small as 5000 safe inside and outside the stadium are insurmountable. Common sense also says that no way will the Club be allowed to admit 5000 people to the stadium untested. Who will do the testing and what form will it take? As for all those people returning to their homes, the risk of a huge knock-on infection of whole families does not bear thinking about.
  2. That tallies with several predictions on here of 16%. Probably these same suggestions looping around. The Club could take a cynical approach of allowing only the people under 40 to attend and cram them all in together irrespective of SD. If it's OK to do it on Bournemouth beach why not here. 🤐
  3. Tell your mate, "Sorry pal but we are not a selling club" .........and no way will we take Lampard in p/ex.
  4. Yes, I watched the game as well and 100% agree with your analysis. Very much the player we remember; slow to think and react, risk averse with the ball and not much creativity. Romeu is twice the player and Harrison is not the cheap option to replace him. Best all round if he stays at Fulham and we get him off the books.
  5. Don't worry, just assume as your default position that the so-called ITK-er is a myth. The Club are not stupid enough to leak information on transfers accidentally. All of the stuff on here is idle speculation based on regurgitated fake news or press rumours. You have to question the sanity of people who feel the need to draw attention to themselves by claiming 'insider' snippets of information.
  6. Charlie Wayman

    20/21 Kit

    Saints in Blue, Heaven forbid. All those years of shouting "Yellow" down the pan. Anybody upstairs awake?
  7. A bit like the "temporary" 40 mph speed limit on Millbrookk Road you mean?
  8. Having just heard what the PM had to say this morning about the reversal of planned easing of lockdown restrictions on indoor venues and mass gatherings, looks like PL will be playing to empty houses for some time to come. End of hope for the club to sell season tickets?
  9. Perhaps he doesn't like the new jerseys. Remember when The Potter's Heron was the centre of the universe?
  10. Fulham one step closer to PL football next season. If they make it why would he want to come back here to an uncertain future? He has left the safety of the nest, learned to fly and now surviving on his own.
  11. Imagine if he was rehabilitated here displaced McCarthy and we ended up giving him another contract at even more money. 😬
  12. New deal for JWP to keep him here to 2025. Um, what were we saying about Reed's inflexible long & expensive contracts? Now time to ink those deals for Bertrand and Romeu, Mr Semmens
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