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  1. Charlie Wayman

    20/21 Kit

    Saints in Blue, Heaven forbid. All those years of shouting "Yellow" down the pan. Anybody upstairs awake?
  2. A bit like the "temporary" 40 mph speed limit on Millbrookk Road you mean?
  3. Having just heard what the PM had to say this morning about the reversal of planned easing of lockdown restrictions on indoor venues and mass gatherings, looks like PL will be playing to empty houses for some time to come. End of hope for the club to sell season tickets?
  4. Perhaps he doesn't like the new jerseys. Remember when The Potter's Heron was the centre of the universe?
  5. Fulham one step closer to PL football next season. If they make it why would he want to come back here to an uncertain future? He has left the safety of the nest, learned to fly and now surviving on his own.
  6. Imagine if he was rehabilitated here displaced McCarthy and we ended up giving him another contract at even more money. 😬
  7. New deal for JWP to keep him here to 2025. Um, what were we saying about Reed's inflexible long & expensive contracts? Now time to ink those deals for Bertrand and Romeu, Mr Semmens
  8. Thanks for posting. Nothing revelatory on offer and a tad over optimistic about getting the fans back in but comes across as a straightforward honest bloke.
  9. Nice way to sign off once Ralph had dragged them off the beach at HT. Romeu deserves MotM by a country mile but strikers get all the accolades so no doubt Adams will get it. Pleased for him 'though. It'll be a tougher league next season and a good start will be vital. We have momentum but there are also some concerns about lapsing into complacency as we saw in the first half today. It puzzles me how this can happen and why they need a bollocking from Ralph at HT to get them purring again. It's not the first time this has happened this season and not even the first time since the Restart.
  10. People are at high risk from 65 onwards whatever their medical condition which must cover a sizeable chunk of our fanbase and contributors on here.
  11. Nutshell. If there is to be a second wave of this bloody virus we will know by October. If there is the rest of the season is likely to be behind closed doors. As you say no point at all in handing over your money and then having to fight to get it back. To Dave Foggy: There is worrying evidence emerging that the numbers of new infections and deaths are no longer falling and some recent evidence suggests that they have started climbing again. It is not scare mongering, the virus is still very much with us and we are a long way from being out of the woods. Why are you in denial so much, not everything in life is a conspiracy.
  12. All fully explained earlier in this thread. Question generally is why have we not been shown the press conference on the OS?
  13. It's a tough call even so. Will they let people in at all? Will there be a ballot? If successful, will you like the seat they allocate to you? How will you feel if you see somebody else sitting in your usual seat because that's how the allocation worked out? Then there's the risk! All in all best left for a year until things hopefully return to normal even if it means giving up your usual seat.
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