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  1. The polite way of saying “Mike Dean is a cunt”. He is - very, very obviously - but you can’t say that even politely.
  2. Great game LOL. Yeah we're all gonna remember this classic for years to come.
  3. Blimey, beat the full back 3 times. I want to see this bloke starting, couldn't GAF that he's only on loan, Adams and Armstrong won't score a goal as good as that between them all season.
  4. I would probably written cervices just for the, ahem, crack.
  5. I don't think he has a vendetta or is involved in any kind of conspiracy. I do however think he is an absolute cunt.
  6. See above. Any less than 4 points and it’s good night from me. That said would I be gutted to find out tomorrow a.m he’d been sacked? NO.
  7. You may well be right Wade my old pal. I’m giving him those 3 games because they include Leeds and Burnley at home. Anything less than 4 points and I’m done with him.
  8. His continued refusal to try this is the main reason I am 3 games away from calling for his head.
  9. Looks vaguely competent this season after looking hopelessly out of his depth 3 seasons ago. Could do with a bit more than that though tbh.
  10. I recall thinking Adams wouldn't make it as a prem striker after his first 6 or so games for us. He sort of has made it and I expect Armstrong will as well to the same sort of degree. Don't exactly get the pulses racing though do they?
  11. Hmmmm 6 of one half dozen of other. TOO WEAK.
  12. Which has to be a major worry. The bloke has 2 assists to his name in his entire time with us.
  13. It's the blindingly obvious one to at least try. Still not one that our Manager fancies though.........................
  14. Well not really. Didn't happen last week for example.
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