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  1. Thought his crossing was excellent (in light of the fact he was playing against us)
  2. And you Chez my luvvly. Agree to disagree x
  3. Agreed it doesn’t matter. We look like a really tidy side, just lacking that killer instinct particularly with no Ings. It wasn’t a foul though.
  4. Trousers, I’m not looking for bites. I don’t think it was a foul. You are welcome to disagree (with all due respect).
  5. Just watched it again I just cannot see that was a foul. Particularly one worthy of a VAR review and goal cancellation.
  6. Will have to look at again then it simply did not look like a foul to me but there is a groundswell of opinion on here that suggests I’m wrong.
  7. With all due respect Bollocks. Take your Saints tinged specs off it wasn’t a foul.
  8. Wasn’t atrocious refereeing. We just lack a cutting edge (Ings).
  9. Think we agree but maybe some crossed wires flying about.
  10. Hmmmmmm they definitely should have cancelled that goal.
  11. Is that not sort of the same thing Clark One. Foul not given/foul not called back after goal.........
  12. Personally I say bollocks to that, no offence respect your opinion. If we had scored and it had been called back and cancelled because of that ‘foul’ I and I suspect you would have been rightly furious.
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