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  1. Look forward to this being officially announced by the club next tuesday week.
  2. The ridiculous and seemingly compulsory mispronunciation of the word ‘clique’ as ‘click’. Can’t recall the last time I heard someone say it correctly. Heard numerous times during the Euros that our current squad does not contain clicks or suffer from the clickiness of previous squads and that previous squads may have been more talented but were too clicky.
  3. Encouraging that all our returning loanees are putting in maximum effort and looking utterly superb in training. TBH though Ralph's hardly going to say that they're all shit and he can't wait to get rid of them.
  4. Taking the emotion out of it Italy were superb and pretty much schooled us for the majority of that game. Penalties were an utter fuck up.
  5. Just got to get the next goal. We’ve defended really well but I don’t fancy us just soaking up pressure for the rest of the game.
  6. He played well and we won so all good. Pompey fans must be FURIOUS.
  7. Thought that Doku lad looked very Mane-esque.
  8. Chadli wouldn't get anywhere near our squad, ergo we have nothing to fear from Belgium.
  9. Basically agreed but we'd all be fuming if Redmond blistered past a defender..............on no sorry I've lost the thread of my argument.
  10. That was never a penalty in a million years. Still, I'm thoroughly glad it was given.
  11. Because Mike Riley is a cunt?
  12. Thought Spain looked properly one star. Would actually welcome playing them in the final (if we were fortunate enough to get that far, no presumptiousness here pal)
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