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  1. Might take your comments seriously if you could avoid using insulting terms like 'remoaner' and 'Lib Dumbs'. Call it as it is, you are making a serious point and adding to the debate, but the fact you have to resort to downright rudeness and dismissiveness towards those who simply do not agree with you devalues your opinion.
  2. Indeed, but the sentiment I was picking up seemed to be that having Kamala Harris as VP was somehow akin to a centre left Labour Party leader having Diane Abbott as deputy leader with the Corbynistas waiting in the wings. As you say weird. What Trump and the other populists, Johnson included have done, is normalised anti-left rhetoric, successfully demonising even centre-left views (relative to the country) and turned 'lefty' into a pejorative term (see it on here all the time from certain posters, references to pinkos, Lib Dumbs etc)
  3. They're doing a Trump v Biden poll on LBC. Seems a sizeable proportion of people in this country would be prepared to gloss over Trump's shortcomings (corrupt, racist, misogynist etc) and would vote for him if given the chance. Their main fear is the rise of the left. I suspect that this isn't necessarily a comment on the US more a backhanded reference closer to home.
  4. Fantastic win for TGH at the Giro. 5 Brit to win a Grand Tour. Like many not a huge fan of Ineos Grenadier, but Tao and Rohan Dennis along with Ganna totally lit up this race.
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