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  1. I'm done with having a laugh and a joke on this thread. Some of you will be aware from another thread which didn't make it across to the new site that I have more important things to deal with. To those of you who offered the very best of wishes to my wife, even those I have sparred with on here. A big thank you. Looking forward only to good news so wasting positivity on here isn't useful.
  2. These days it seems the three word strapline is all people can cope with.
  3. Winnersaint


    Indeed. It seems that only the 'righties' are allowed to make political capital out of anything, with us 'lefties' having no rights to an opinion on this without being shouted down. Suck it up! You lost! That's all we get from GM. WT et al.
  4. I've changed my mind to 'I dont give a toss'. Road to Damascus moment was when I was able to apply for an Irish Passport. That was important as I have to be an EU citizen to buy property on the Pelion in Greece which may or may not be feasible in the future but is a medium term plan. It is designated as part of the EU border.
  5. Winnersaint


    If anyone does want to home school I know an excellent GCSE and A Level Geography tutor who has produced superb results over the last couple of years. Due to social distancing he can only do online tutoring at present.
  6. Winnersaint


    This was made very clear to us at my wife's outpatients appointment last week.
  7. Winnersaint


    My wife was in our local hospital. Had emergency surgery for bowel cancer 4 weeks ago today. No PPE in use on ward for about three days following recovery and then PPE visibly in use thereafter. She left the ward once for x-ray to check her IV lines, whereupon she was given a surgical mask. At follow up appointment in outpatients last Tuesday both of us were given masks, and I had to have temperature taken which was a tad unexpected. Not sure if we'll get masks at oncologist appointment next week, but we maybe building up quite a collection. Seems to be plenty to go around although I believe the RBH is actually designated as a step-down centre for Covid-19.
  8. Are you Katie Hopkins you xenophobic p r i c k?
  9. Your posts don't often make me laugh as you come across as a right pompous know it all t w a t most of the time even though a lot what you say I am in agreement with, but in this case, this did cause me to chuckle.
  10. Winnersaint


    Nor watching Saints home games.
  11. Winnersaint


    That was in response to CB Fry’s post further up.
  12. Luke Shaw did today on 5 Live. Mind you he's supposed to be as thick as pig ****.
  13. **** me Alps. Welcome back. Thought you were dead. Try a bit of positivity on here in your present incarnation and I might take you off ignore.
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