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  1. Sounds like he could be relayed to that fat racist trout called Anne
  2. Who'd have thought this might be a consequence. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-exports-dpd-marks-spencer-b1784376.html
  3. There are a few on here who wouldn’t look out of place amongst the Proud Boys
  4. One of the greats. Genuinely! Saw him play for City against us and numerous times for England.
  5. Disagreeing with your view on the world is merely a difference of opinion and very clearly not treasonous in a country which upholds freedom of speech. Talk about trolling! Try this dictionary definition for size. Traitor - a person who gives away or sells secrets of his or her country, or someone who is not loyal to particular beliefs or friends.
  6. Well that's more than double what I've managed although I did manage to tidy up the year on Zwift yesterday and go over 5200km mark. Took average weekly to over 100km/ week plus a little bit more for the leap year day, Only 22 rides outside during entire year; I've certainly got great use out of the Direto. Hope to ride out more this year once know more about wife's heath going forward.
  7. Think I've alluded to the unflushable turd's resemblance to an amphibian on more than one occasion as well.
  8. The Darts World Champs and the hot tub.
  9. I know a bit about this as my wife has had more scans than a tin of beans at Tesco's since 28th March. She has an oncology consultant at RBH in Reading, a radiotherapy consultant at Churchill Hospital in Oxford and a cancer surgeon, Alex Mirnezami involved in Southampton they are all part of her MDT. She's rightly in contact with many in a similar situation to her and whilst there are those who are struggling it is apparent that this may not be the case in Berkshire ,Oxfordshire and Hampshire. Every consultation has been followed through with dates and deadlines all of which have been kept. I
  10. Nah, I'm not into the toad look. Kind like the way I am tbh.
  11. I suspect that people don't like being judged on their musical tastes any more than they like being judged on who they find funny. You know the type of ridicule people would be open to if they admitted to Mrs Brown's Boys and Michael McIntyre for instance. Btw not for me either of those two. So back to the music. Helping my daughter move into her first house on Friday and she had Taylor Swift's Folklore album on. Like VFTTs Miley Cyrus guilty pleasure, I quite enjoyed that.
  12. It happened so quickly with us. She'd been ill for a couple months but in the end she was like a runaway train about to hit the buffers. Waiting for the outcome of the 11 hours of emergency surgery was not great. As I couldn't go in I had a 'next of kin' call which explained things could go either way. Having negotiated that, everything else is as a bonus. You're right about the partner being the listener, she hears nothing of the detail. Amazing the number of times we get home after a consultation and she relates back the blah, blah blah and I have to fill in the important bits
  13. That’s shit too. Despite what we’ve been through at least we’re together for Xmas. There was a morning in March when I woke up not knowing if I’d have a wife by teatime.
  14. Thanks. On the real plus side, none of my wife’s treatment was cancelled due to Covid and the care she’s had has been top notch. She’s been in contact through social media with others having bowel cancer, and scarily quite a few are no longer with us because of interruptions to their treatment.
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