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  1. Here we go again defeat at home to a relative bogey team and the sky caves in. Ralph, get rid. Redmond the perennial scapegoat. Tactics wrong, subs nonsensical. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. Shit happens. Dust yourself down it’s only Stamford Bridge next week. Yes I did watch on Sky.
  2. Songs of Praise followed by interminable episodes of the Onedin Line. Cap’n Baines
  3. Free LFTs to be phased out next year. Employers/individuals to bear cost. Wonder where the care sector and schools for example will be able to rustle up the extra cash for that?
  4. From what I gather the next steps will be to legalise sending small boys up chimneys and reintroducing polio!
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/02/brexit-uk-food-drink-exports-eu-disastrous-decline Fake news peddled by a left leaning newspaper or reality discuss.
  6. Same with me! I manged to bag this one a few months before I was 60.
  7. Living with your mum, spending all day wearing your underpants
  8. Absolutely, it’s on him and his coaching team now.
  9. Love Mowbray's take on it. Maybe some on here need to take note!
  10. According to this thread we’ve already been relegated. No point to this season!
  11. Does potential Kane to City for £160m open up Ings to Spurs? If so, at what price?
  12. Part of the divide and rule strategy employed by these self-serving fuckwits?
  13. Indeed. Not as sorry as I did for Tony Martin in the 2012 Vuelta though!
  14. Not casting too many 'nasturtiums' about Pogacar, but! Anyway, back to Cav. He's won here in Chateauroux before in 2008 and 2011 so wouldn't back against him today.
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