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  1. How do you know they aren’t aware? Have you spoken to each and every one of them individually? Have they explicitly told you they aren’t aware of our past results?
  2. Really really tough start.
  3. LGTL


    Maybe Tiss was right after all. This is becoming an absolute farce.
  4. LGTL


    A short delay becomes a slightly longer delay and then becomes a delay. We’ve been here before and it never fucking ends.
  5. LGTL

    20/21 Kit

    Far better then any shite UA came up with. Just shows it isn’t hard to get a kit right.
  6. Vestergarrd has to close Rice down FFS. It was diabolical from all of them.
  7. The fuck was Vestergarrd doing?! So shit it’s funny.
  8. Can’t wait for this fucking season to finish.
  9. 5.10 arrival. Yeah right. Do they not realise people work? Getting there for 6pm is hard enough FFS.
  10. Incredibly jealous of Leicester because they’re the one team where you think - ‘that could be us. Fuck sake, one day.
  11. Typical skate running!
  12. Chelsea could win the title next year, they look fantastic. And highlights what a poor job Lampard was doing.
  13. Fair play Saints, didn’t think we had that in us.
  14. What’s the point of VAR exactly? Ridiculous. But pathetic from Vestergarrd.
  15. Feels very similar to the cup replay up there last season
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