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  1. I like how we have reclaimed ‘scummers’. It hurts them. I’ve always preferred calling them scabs over anything else.
  2. Two horrendous teams, Ings aside.
  3. I know. And I’d go if I could!
  4. I can’t wait and would go tomorrow if I could.
  5. I wish there was an option to just put it towards next years ticket. It’s already paid for now so I won’t miss it.
  6. LGTL


    He went and blamed us!
  7. Never won there have we? Could be a long evening.
  8. LGTL

    1 year ago

    Ok by day, rather then date, but a year ago today we humiliated the skates on their own ground. Without doubt the best football night of my life. I remember jumping on the train home with a lad who didn’t have any shoes on, he lost them in a melee on our Goldsmith jig before the match. Great day and great memories. For all the skate bravado, they were pathetic that night.
  9. This has been better so far, deserve to be ahead
  10. Another poor goal given away, luckily ruled out for offside. Romeu on a booking for a poor tackle on PEH. It’s not exactly been a great start.
  11. Couldn’t be less up for this. Stupid kick off time, empty stadium and an ending that, lets be honest, is pretty inevitable.
  12. I opted in with a mate yesterday. The no more then 2 household thing really is annoying. And yes I know they have to. Does anyone know if my mate has to apply himself too, or does my application cover us both?
  13. I suspect both teams somehow managed to lose.
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