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  1. Should have won. We do look more solid. Playing that formation Broja has to start ahead of Armstrong. Replace Redmond/Djenepo with Livramento playing further forward and Tella and we wouldn’t be far off.
  2. Cleverly going to appear as a new tax on our payslips too. 1.25% now - I wonder what it’ll be in 10 years time?
  3. Financially, it’s probably a 7/8 out of 10. Player wise, it’s more a 4/5 for me. Not sure we’ll have enough, but guess there’s sod all we can do about that now.
  4. I could become a new ‘leader’ at the back by being generally aggressive, shouting at people, poking Fernandes in the chest, arguing with referees etc etc. Proof will be in the pudding - how well he defends.
  5. I’ll be amazed if Saints install these. Expect we’ll be the only PL club who don’t, it just doesn’t seem very ‘us’.
  6. Unfortunately we have to actually win a game or two soon. West Ham, City, and Chelsea are 3 of our next 4…
  7. So predictable 😂 This team are pathetic.
  8. Armstrong a replacement for Ings? Lol.
  9. I wouldn’t give him a 3 minute contract, let alone 3 years. Our GK recruitment has been a shambles for years and now we all know what happens. Some kid will come in next year and we’ll still have the worst GK in the Premier League as our number 1.
  10. Interesting to see some of the old posters. Strange how they’d post 128 times a day and then just stop out of nowhere.
  11. Because we will develop him and probably sell him back to Chelsea for a healthy profit. Doubt he’ll be here long so enjoy while you can!
  12. LGTL

    Adam Armstrong

    He’s not wrong though.
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