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  1. I know what you’re saying but it’s about time we made it at least slightly difficult for opposing teams at St Mary’s. For too many years we’ve rolled over and had our bellies tickled. It was nice today to see that they clearly didn’t enjoy their evening, and not did the away support judging by their pathetic antics after the game. Grown men running on the field asking for shirts 😂
  2. Fantastic effort all round. Salisu was immense. I can’t get the thought of Grealish waiting for Romeu out of my mind though. What the f**k was he thinking 😂
  3. If Daniel Taylor has his name to it, who is probably the best journalist in the country, then it certainly isn’t ‘clickbait garbage’.
  4. Looks like it's being considered by the club... https://theathletic.com/3080123/2022/01/20/southampton-considering-taking-down-ted-bates-statue-st-marys/?article_source=search&search_query=southampton
  5. Strange game. Good day, but Wolverhampton is a proper hole. That FK was absolutely superb, privileged to see it in the flesh.
  6. The most disgraceful Prime Minister we’ve ever had. I don’t vote Conservative as a rule, but I could respect May, Cameron, Major. This idiot should embarrass the entire country.
  7. Some cracking away ties left in the draw. With that in mind - Palace home.
  8. Hopefully we’ll see it out but this squad needs a massive overhaul.
  9. This. Without Prowse in there Romeu is lost and we just can’t keep the ball.
  10. Perraud was a really poor signing.
  11. Obafemi with his usual shit touch but Valery just couldn’t help himself
  12. 23/4 after the bowlers worked tirelessly to restrict the Aussies to a 80 run lead. This batting line up wouldn’t look out of place in club cricket - pathetic.
  13. LGTL


    Wasn’t it meant to be a million by Christmas? 😂
  14. A bit like that Man Utd game that was meant to be on TV that has… *checks notes* been postponed.
  15. I can accept going to most away games without a hope in hell, but starting to get that feeling for games like Crystal Palace is a bit depressing. Comfortable home win, we’re fucking useless even with the majority of our first team fit.
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