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  1. Wolves away if we do manage to win today.
  2. Agree. This place isn’t perfect but we do seem to have avoided the influx of Soccer AM ‘tekkers’ sorts. God I sound old.
  3. https://www.salisburyjournal.co.uk/news/15149306.ten-years-for-joshua-hare-who-stabbed-victim-in-head-with-scissors-in-front-of-horrified-shoppers/ Over 20 previous convictions! Ascoli is (I think) View From The Top. I wonder if Javi has killed anyone yet? This forum has provided many hours of entertainment it has to be said.
  4. Badboysaint is now serving a very long prison sentence! Few names I remember: Ponty, Maverick the copper, Starfish, Al de Man, St Steve, Dune.
  5. LGTL

    Mohammed Salisu

    I'm most surprised that anyone is surprised that it's turned out like this.
  6. All fitting into place nicely isn’t it.
  7. No chance. Ralph already alluding to the ‘financial’ problems caused by Covid, and so it starts. We’ll sell this summer whether Ings wants to leave or not.
  8. Assume this means Bertrand misses the cup game? Clever from him if so, could do with Walker-Peters doing the same.
  9. We’ve been really good without creating too much thus far. Just need to sharpen up the final ball.
  10. Smallbone played the exact same position against Palace and was horrendous. Haven’t seen anything of him in any game that suggests he has much about him, but what the fuck do I know.
  11. Fair enough, was stupid to carry on the current system when there’s next to no chance of getting back before Spring.
  12. As has been stated previously, he has no future here under RH.
  13. Looks like I was right. I heard about this on Tuesday but was hoping it was wide of the mark. FFS.
  14. Competition is a joke this season. Derby and Villa have to play their U10’s but Shrewsbury somehow get it rearranged. VAR at some grounds and not at others, drawing two rounds at once with about 200 permutations for each game. Farcical.
  15. We are one relegation away from being absolutely fucked. Like 99% of the league I suppose.
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