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  1. I’ve read the updates from all the local boozers around my way, and it looks like hell on earth to be honest. Giving it a swerve this weekend as can’t be bothered to go through all the hoops. Will just continue to have a few at home until it’s more like an actual pub.
  2. Really?! With our home form I’d probably not even give us a 0.9% chance!
  3. Let's be honest, he's too good for us. But being a local lad and already done the whole 'big club' thing might work in our favour.
  4. LGTL

    Watford build up

    I often wonder if Adams had have scored against Sheffield Utd earlier in the season if things would have turned out differently. He played well that day and was denied by a wonder save. He then played in our total humiliation of the skates but was poor, and we haven’t really seen him since.
  5. I can cope with most of them winning a PL medal except that rat faced knobber.
  6. Absolutely this. These four positions are an absolute must.
  7. Hojberg at fault for both goals and McCarthy at fault for both goals. Joy.
  8. Appears to be 4-4-fucking-2
  9. Hojberg is never on the half turn. Utterly infuriating.
  10. Obafemi is a passenger, Valery is useless. Won’t win fuck all with only 9 players on the pitch.
  11. Did McCarthy even see him 😂
  12. Someone please put Valery out of his misery.
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