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  1. Old Harry ringing up the boardroom as we speak.
  2. Cedric taking a medal the cheeky prick 😂
  3. LGTL


    You’ve got to isolate for 10 days now if you have symptoms, instead of the 7 they’ve insisted on since March. Thank god the virus now knows it’s July and will only be hanging around for 10 days from now on. If there has been a more incompetent response to a major issue from any government in history, I’d love to see it.
  4. LGTL

    Adam Lallana

    You could guarantee saps like MLG would have lapped it up. In terms of all things Lallana, if you know, you know. There’s so much I could say about him as a youngster, about his ‘wife’, about his exit, about his sister... but it’s not for a public forum.
  5. LGTL

    Adam Lallana

    Couldn’t care less that he moved, anyone decent usually leaves us. The way he did it was disgraceful though and showed the little rat up for who he really was.
  6. LGTL

    Adam Lallana

    Or more time with his boyfriend, Jordan Henderson. His latest interview was a complete and utter embarrassment. What a whopper he is.
  7. Le Tiss is the nicest guy in the world. Genuinely a top bloke. But perhaps needs to give Twitter a swerve for a few days.
  8. That ending was utterly fantastic. Karma for their pathetic response at St Mary’s in October.
  9. Without Ings we’d probably be 6 points adrift, if not more. This is actually a big big summer for us. I feel like we have the potential to really push on and consistently compete for the top 10 under Ralph. He needs to be backed.
  10. LGTL


    Not sure if it’s been pointed out to you, but AOL literally stands for ‘America Online’.
  11. Fully deserved. United were bang average.
  12. Very real chance now that we’ll have the opportunity to send Bournemouth down.
  13. We just don’t win at Goodison!
  14. It’s Goodison. We could have Messi and Ronaldo up top for us and we’ll concede 94 to lose. Sorry all.
  15. They’ve been in the bottom 2 divisions for 9 years now. They’re pathetic. This year more then ever they needed promotion. Overspent as usual, and thanks to Covid, there’s a very real chance that the gap between Championship and League 1 gets even greater. You love to see it.
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