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  1. There is about 10 clubs wanting him tbf. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s included in the deal to take Rice to Chelsea.
  2. Sounds dreadful. But sounds like it might be happening, gut feeling is this is not good for the football club. I really don’t like the model of owning different clubs, don’t think it should be allowed.
  3. Isnt he off to PSG? Can't see us him coming to us
  4. RLC wouldn't be playing out wide, he'd replace Romeu in CM I would expect.
  5. Indeed. You look at Everton's mids/fwds who aren't their first choice. Delph, Sigurdsson, Gbamin, Davies, Gomes, Besic, Walcott, Iwobi, Sandro, Bolasie, Tosun, Bernard, Gordon, Kean....
  6. They're shopping in a different market to us tbf, we're in the pound shop whilst they're in Mulberry.
  7. Don't mind Tom Davies as a player, but definitely not as a DM/CM, Could see him giving us depth behind Armstrong though.
  8. Nice to have an actual link...sounds like he'd be a Boufal replacement, assuming hes off. Not sure where we're getting the money to fund that though... Not a CM though. Slightly concerning that his highlight reel consists of him giving the ball away...A LOT.
  9. Supposedly the Barca president have now blocked it.
  10. McCarthy is nowhere near good enough, but I don't think Gunn or Forster are either. Really, we should be looking to get rid of two of these, and bringing in a proper no 1. But thats wont happen. Pretty sure there must be a few better keepers in the championship.
  11. McCarthy, KWP, Vestergaard, Bednarek, Bertrand, Romeu, JWP, Armstrong, Djenepo, Adams, Ings. This team for me, Stephens was appalling yesterday, and we're lucky we have a bit of depth in that position where we can change it. The rest of the team picks itself.
  12. We need, Starting CM, Depth in the wide positions/starter, Redmond, Djenepo and Armstrong are ok, but we have nothing in those positions off the bench, Tella isn’t there yet New keeper if we’re going to play this system, Forster or Gunn aren’t the answer either. Another CB with pace to partner Salisu Highly likely we’ll get one CM who won’t end up being first choice...
  13. Dont think he had a choice tbh, Pierre had decided he wanted to move on, earn more money, and play with better players. I don't think there was anything we could offer him to stay.
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