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  1. It was a bit clumsy, but it's not a red IMO. Absolute no intent whatsoever, just very marginally mistimed. A yellow was the right call without a doubt.
  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with how we played. When you have spent the money City have, and have arguably the best coach of all time, and are arguably the best team thats ever existed, it's no real surprise we don't go gung ho. The Chesterfield fan...no idea what he was expecting, us to just hand it to them on a plate. Football is not about just trying to score more goals than the other side, it's about effort, team togetherness, and determination, and we showed a real spirit this weekend. We fully deserved that point, given how well we defended. We also always had a threat on the break, so
  3. Not sure you can call Stephens an academy boy tbh, he was already playing regularly for Plymouth when we signed him.
  4. We're a better side when he's in it, and despite his lack of goals, we seem way more likely to score when he's on the pitch. Agree with others, that it's a position that we could do with an upgrade on, but got no issue with Redmond starting atm. He's a decent enough premier league player for a club of our size.
  5. Could have been class for us - unfortunately, he's an absolute waster.
  6. He’s really good. Decent defender, and has grown the more he plays. Did very well last night.
  7. Because I guess Tino came available, and we are choosing to play him over KWP due to the model we've decided to go down. We can use him as an example to other young players that they'll get a chance. Sure I read somewhere Tino was told he'd be first choice before he'd signed. KWP is fine at LB, but if he wants to play RB, you can't blame him for looking at other options.
  8. He’d have a great chance of being first choice at….. Man Utd, Spurs, Everton, Leicester, West Ham, Newcastle. All of which could offer way more money than us. Also think he could get a move to city, but as backup, given the need for homegrown quota. I think he’s fantastic, and would want him to stay, but understand if he was a bit frustrated with current situation at saints, I assume Tino will walk straight back in when he’s fit, as it’s a great advert for the new “model”.
  9. What will be will be with him. We all want us to sign him, but he’s not our player and we’d understand him going back to Chelsea. Hopefully we can just enjoy him this season, and the club can see what they can do. It would be best for his career to stay at saints, but players + agents don’t always make the right decision.
  10. Tbf, they probably call it a sell out to enable them to sell a few cheaper tickets, instead of tickets going unused. Especially as the club get more money for a match ticket rather than a ST.
  11. Doesnt seem to make much of a difference tbh. Especially when it comes to hoarding kids. Especially with the slow roll out of that rule.
  12. Who decides the % likelihood of us winning?
  13. That’s not my point. They’re established now, they would never have been given the opportunity IMO if they could have bought players over those years
  14. I’m not sure Mount would have ever been given a chance at Chelsea if they didn’t get the transfer ban. Similar with James. They sold Abraham, Ake, Tomori, Guehi in recent years…
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