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  1. It’s turned into absolute dross. I’ve cancelled mine.
  2. I tried calling the TO for about the 20th time in the last week, and didn’t pick up, copied in customer relations they said they’ve been busy and they’ll call me…still haven’t. So frustrating as such a basic thing to get right. Try again tomorrow…
  3. I think its a variety of things. Matchday prices Being shit for ages Some probably don't feel comfortable returning yet. People have lost income in the last 2 years General price of living has increased I really thought they might drop the prices for this season to entice people back, but the issue is the club need as much money as possible, given we have an owner who doesn't have any either. The first two games suggest the pricing is not right, and I fully expect to see deals flying out soon to get people through the door.
  4. Yup I agree, and Walcott to flip in and out off the back of form. If we want the slightly more unpredictable player then Djenepo, if we want the more reliable option, but more predictable, it's got to be Redmond.
  5. Thought he did ok, he didn't play up front, he was more of a wide right, which he hasn't played much really. Think it took them all a bit of time to get used to the new formation, and therefore they all struggled a bit. Djenepo was a livewire, but trips over his own feet, Elyounoussi did bugger all, and JWP looked a bit lost that far up the pitch tbh. Was much better once he went deeper and Diallo played further up. Certainly don't think Redmond deserves being singled out every week by certain members of our fanbase.
  6. Expect us to go with 4-1-4-1 again here. Free hit, see what happens, try and nick a point. Macca TIno Stephens Salisu Perraud Romeu Redmond Armstrong (if fit) JWP Moussa Adams
  7. A top class centre back, who needs a bit of time to become a better footballer. Was superb today I thought, maybe I’m just so used to Antonio running riot against Bednarek….! Got a big future for sure
  8. You couldn’t, because it wasn’t. It wasn’t anywhere near a 433
  9. 4-1-4-1 today. Interesting, Dont think you get the best out of Prowsey in that position, and Armstrong looked completely isolated, but Blackburn fans always said he can’t play up top on his own. looked a far better side once Broja came on, Nice to have another option, but restricts attacking effort, feel like we need to get Tella more involved, he’s such a talent
  10. No - I don't. For clarification. Was just being dramatic.
  11. Tbf, It feels like Bowen, Antonio and Fornals always score against us. I can't deal with another 9-0
  12. I hate playing West Ham, absolutely misery in recent years, even when they were awful they still seemed to steamroller us.
  13. Plenty of players have gone out on loan from Chelsea, gone back and never made it, but still gone for decent money. Logic being, that he's on a decent contract at Chelsea, has a good season in the premier league, they'll want upwards of £20m for him next summer
  14. Seems like a bit of a trouble maker. Seems like we dodged a bullet with him last summer.
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