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  1. Not a particularly frightening fixture. COYS
  2. Stupid decision, it was 100% offside.
  3. This is what you said, Bale when he was 17, wasn't better than Ings is right now....
  4. Bale? He was a kid, yes an impressive one, but not anywhere near as important to the team as Ings is.
  5. Agree McCarthy is a better keeper, but I'm happy with Forster in there for cup games this season. Macca back for midweek.
  6. Would pretty much go full strength for this. Forster; KWP Stephens Bednarek Bertrand; Diallo JWP; Armstrong Ings Adams Walcott Might see NLundulu start if Ings not back yet, and maybe Vokins but seeing as though he's playing in the league a few days later, might as well make use of Bertrand for the cup tie.
  7. Just because it’s not due, doesn’t mean it’s not accumulating interest...not that I agree with the above
  8. Is this the first time Finnigan and Watts have been in the squad? Really intrigued to see what these young boys are like. Hopefully they slot straight in. COYS
  9. Exactly my point, we should be able to get £30-40m for him this summer with a year left, if he doesnt sign.
  10. Really? One of the best strikers in the premier league? Arguably available for a bargain fee? £20m is the price of an unknown ST from Europe these days. I'm going to go through "top 8"...You could make an argument for each of them...and if he's available for a cut fee there makes complete sense for both player and club.. Arsenal - he could easily slot in there, especially if Lacazette is going to be off Spurs - they have one striker, they need an alternative Chelsea - Have Abraham, Werner and Giroud, been trying to sell Giroud for the last 18 months, and Werner is misfiri
  11. Why not? We battered them at their place, you never know how a game will pan out, especially given we're at home. They'll rotate their squad, we may choose to put out our strongest team. We may lose yes, but we might also beat them. Away to a misfiring Wolves in the 5th round....we could find ourselves in the 6th round just as we get a load of players back from injury...don't' think there is any reason to have such a defeatist attitude.
  12. Going to go with a slightly stronger line up, I know we have a lot of games, but Ralph won't want to lose this game either. Forster, KWP Bednarek Stephens Bertrand, Diallo (Romeu) JWP, Valery Walcott Long N'Lundulu
  13. Getting the details from the @SwissRamble post above... Without COVID #SaintsFC revenue would have been £31m higher at £158m, i.e. £8m (5%) higher than prior year (£21m deferred to 2020/21 accounts and £10m foregone). Allied to £2m net cost saving, the loss would have been “only” £43m, around the same as 2018/19. #SaintsFC wage bill slightly decreased by £1m (1%) to £114m, which means that wages have been essentially flat for the last 4 years, but over that period
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