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  1. Everyone in the bottom half would be happy to take Watkins, very good player. I'd be happy with him for sure, though not sure it's where we'll be prioritising our funds this window - especially given Long has signed his new deal. Unless we're looking to sell Adams and replace with Watkins...
  2. Saint Garrett


    I am shocked how he's gone from being rated as one of our best players, to being completely expendable and crap within a few months because Romeu has had a few good games....
  3. Saint Garrett

    20/21 Kit

    Would have been really nice if it was Yellow with blue trim...
  4. Feels like we should be looking to extend his contract this summer...? Think the current one is up in June 22
  5. Weird that someone that spends his life being “correct” quotes a guy on twitter who has been called out for being a nonsense source.
  6. We’ve been keen on Matty Cash for a while I believe. Possibly trying to force Spurs’ hand re KWP.
  7. Thought it was done last week....
  8. Saint Garrett


    Haha!! I just think we need to agree with Hojbjerg that unless Spurs can stump up the money, he'll agree to go elsewhere say by the 14th August as an example...It will leave us in the shit if we dont get this sorted out until the start of the season
  9. Don' t think the club will want to let him go, not without a buy back clause. He's still young, and he is a promising keeper. My concern is that keepers generally need to play to improve, we saw the same thing with Fraser, sitting on the bench (or not even on the bench) helps no-one. Depending on what happens with the other keeps in the squad, I'd be looking to let Gunn go out on loan, possibly down to the championship for a season, and get some games under his belt.
  10. Does this mean Salisu has fallen through, I cant see us buying two left footed CBs?
  11. Was mentioned by Alan Nixon on Twitter at the weekend, he's normally pretty spot on when it comes to Saints.
  12. Would expect a friendly against Bournemouth, they need the money...
  13. Oh absolutely, all of our keepers are pretty terrible on the ground.
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