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  1. Mount has done absolutely nothing so far, I’d like to see either Foden or Grealish in for him, especially if he’s going to stick with 2 DMs. Need 4 attacking players, Atleast 1 of which who is quick,
  2. Baffling that both Armstrong and Adams aren't first choice picks for that side anyway. They're a much better side when they are playing.
  3. He isn't a "RB" as such, and he's played more games at LB for Utd than RB. He can play both, His contract is up at the end of the season too. although they have an option of another year.
  4. I'd be happy with him, I feel like if we could get him on a permanent deal or option / obligation to buy, he could be our full back for the next amount of years ala Bertrand when he came from Chelsea and KWP when he came from Spurs I'd have no problem with us signing him and either Firpo or Perraud, and then those 3 fighting it out for the 2 spots, and then JWP and Diallo giving us options if we get 2 injuries. I can't see us bringing in 3 full backs, unless one is very young and happy to sit on the bench, but maybe we'll keep Vokins or Valery for that 4th choice option
  5. Would take him with an option to buy, but a difficult one. Think he'd have to be a guaranteed starter in our midfield for him to join. IMO Diallo isn't quite there yet, but couldn't see him starting in front of JWP or Romeu.
  6. Sounds like Brighton have missed out on that Striker it looked like they were signing, gone to Fiorentina instead.
  7. Pretty impressive forward line of Vardy, Iheanacho, Perez, Edouard and Daka...especially given they're not in champions league...
  8. Badly managed when he arrived, and clearly a bad fit mentally, a talented player on his day, but not a good fit for the premier league. Shame he was an utter bellend, glad to get rid of him. If we have let him go for free, but got his £75k wages off the books then happy days. In reality he’s probably gone for free and we are still contributing to his wages…
  9. Not sure what you’ve got against JWP, he’s a fantastic midfielder, and would walk into a lot of teams in this league
  10. Given championship players and average prem players are linked with £40m moves, I’d expect JWP being a key player and captain, on a long contract and coming into his prime and a club that doesn’t want to sell…it would have to be silly money. Also, just because a player is “worth” x doesn’t mean that’s what you sell them for…
  11. Maddison being linked with £80m move to Arsenal this morning.
  12. Italy I think are the best unit I’ve seen, the way they break together, press without the ball, work had and create chances is impressive. Could win it for sure
  13. Fair enough, clearly not good enough to be playing for us. Obafemi 2 years younger, better than him, and also probably won’t make it. No point him staying at Saints really.
  14. At least Benitez plays some dreadful football. Solid but hardly free flowing.
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