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  1. Agreed, hopefully the club have learned from past mistakes such as the Wallace brothers or Michael and Anders Svensson.
  2. And yet still managed to score against us and take his side further in Europa than we've managed in the same time. 😬 Matt Mills is another name who springs to mind from that era. Retired as of last year having played for a variety of Football League clubs.
  3. I thought I was the only one who didn't like the 2006-08 kit. Thanks to the massive horizontal white panel I could never get over the idea that the team were wearing a weird version of the Swiss flag. The response on here/Saintsforever seemed strangely very positive, as I recall.
  4. Something a bit different to the usual Youtube highlights offering set to some rubbish soundtrack. And no, he is not good in the air.
  5. Must have been a tough call between him and Jankewitz.
  6. How about we finally get around to replacing Graziano Pelle with... a certain free agent named Graziano Pelle. HCDAJFU 😇
  7. Are Portsmouth aware? Or is this just a Premier League thing, so realistically it won't be an issue for a few decades?
  8. You lot are all in the wrong bit of forum. It's not 20/21 any more. If you're talking about the new kit then you need the Hummel thread. Personally I hope the sash will be back soon, always good to see it. Even Under Armor couldn't mess it up.
  9. Haven't had a chance to listen to his episode from the Don't Tell Me The Score podcast yet but planning to do so as there are some good interviews in other episodes: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08qy9kn "Nigel's distinctive outlook has been dubbed "Adkinism" by many fans of the clubs he's managed, and it's about gratitude, positivity and making the most of the day, topics discussed in this episode. Other topics covered include honesty, the benefit of mentors and role-models, satisfying relationships, effective communication and developing a growth mindset in all areas of life."
  10. In this country the policeman might have been expected to use a taser, but on this occasion she had a steak knife and it wasn't for dinner or self-defence. I can understand reservations towards the official BLM line on this occasion and it undermines their cause severely to pay tribute to this individual. Bodycam footage for context. https://www.newsy.com/stories/video-shows-moments-before-police-shot-ma-khia-bryant/ Notwithstanding the above, I just can't believe this is the cause that people have figuratively chosen as their hill to die on. I'm sure many didn't approve of cl
  11. Apart from the small matter of not getting relegated, we've had about twice as many wins this season as we did back then, so it's really not that much of a conundrum, is it? Draw it is, then.
  12. Would make sense seeing as most of the other likely candidate clubs (e.g. West Ham/Leicester) can't offer CL football. Interesting to see in the same article we are reportedly interested in the Colombian winger Santiago Moreno, who also faces interest from Leeds and Rangers.
  13. If only in 2017, after our 1-4 defeat to Leicester, we approached the free agent Bielsa. Instead we decided to wait ages so we could hand the reins to Hughes. Not that Bielsa would've stuck around with us for long, but I can dream, can't I?
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