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  1. Dr Who?

    1st May

    Yeah alright I was 1! Cannot believe my sad did not take me! Ha ha
  2. Dr Who?

    1st May

    I can even begin to read that, it hurts my head, but I am sure it is really good.
  3. I think Bournemouth will finish above us, but I am also in the Puel in camp. He needs to be given the summer, to try and get his own team in place. Key players fully fit and a regular season. I will see how things are going by Christmas and then make a judgment. to continually finish in the top 6/7 is going to be a tall ask. Last season we had Liverpool and Chelsea being rubbish, but stick them in the top 6 and we struggle to get in. Spurs Chelsea Man City Man U Liverpool Arsenal these are going to be hard to budge, but no reason why we cannot be the best of the rest. On to next season. You get some weird results at this stage of the season!
  4. Me as well. Needs another season at least. Few changes in playing staff and players back from injury and we should be much better next season. Do not agree with chopping and changing and neither does Kat either, which is far more important.
  5. It is very strange as our home form was very good up until the period between Christmas and new year, when we lost twice in 3 days at SMS. We had only lost at home to Chelsea in the league at home before this and only twice in the league at home in 2016. Weirdly arounf Mid late December we started improving our terrible away record. Weird.
  6. I have no blinking idea where I got that from ha ha ha. How fecking daft. They have conceded the most away though but only 2.5 per game. A little better hey! Whoops!
  7. Now this was a strange reply. I now think you are the one with a butternut squash problem!
  8. My first Saints game, my 2nd was quite a few years later. Saints 0-4 Everton (Graham Sharpe scored all 4) stark contrast!
  9. Used to love Soccer AM in the 90's through until Lovejoy left. LGTL is correct, if you look back on it now it was not/is not a step in the right direction for the sport, setting it back years. It is backward enough as it is!
  10. NC did a lot of good for our club. Who knows what would have happened if he had stayed. I think he wanted more for the club, but again who really knows. At the end of the day what he wanted and what Kat wanted differed, so he was gone. I trust Kat to do the right thing with the club. If it is NC it could be worse. Whatever we will support the Saints! Buckle up!
  11. Better to be safe than sorry. You get a little discount and it saves the waiting around to get a ticket. Also I get membership for children as well. A couple of seasons ago I would have missed out on Man City, Man U and Liverpool away if I was not a member.
  12. Dr Who?

    Puel out

    Great defensive performance front to back that is lad. Especially as the 2nd leg was away at only 1 up! Oh and yes, shut them out. We did not concede over 180 minutes. Liverpool were the top scorers in the league at the time and are now joint top with Chelsea and Spurs scoring a massive 112 goals. Liverpool have failed to score on only 4 occasions in the league this season. Man U - Hull - Burnley - Southampton So we have shut Liverpool out on all 3 occasions this season. I would say that is doing a number on them! We still have to play them again though and I have to say I will be surprised if we do again.
  13. No Hull are absolutely shocking away. 7 points all season scoring 9 in 17 games. Conceding nearly 6 a game away! That's the most conceded by any team in the premier league. That is a lot. 3-0. Or they may get 1 out of complete determination.
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