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  1. My mum always taught me that if you had nothing nice to say, then don’t say it. it’s a game, he smiled, it might be how he reacts to that sort of thing. He smiles a lot. He is a human being!
  2. I cannot either, but I have not been to a home game since Ralph has been in charge. 😬.
  3. I would just go with the fact that people are entitled to their own opinion and in all walks of life this happens, but even more in football and then again in a forum. He has us playing football in the right way and has had his hands tied with transfers and acted very professionally. I would like to see him around for the long term here’s to the next 3 years for stability!
  4. This 100% first half at Everton and Newcastle especially we ripped into them. We were the better “team” at Man City and should have won, as we should have at Newcastle. Second half at Everton we deserved to lose. Cant say to much about the home games as I have only watched Wolves all the way through, where again we were the better team but a bit wishy washy up front. Highlights of yesterday we were much the better team and solid against a very good West Ham side. I do think we are better set up for away games and counter attack very direct, which we managed to do at h
  5. I think if anything it shows because of the heights he has reached. In a way he has made a rod for his own back, as you notice when something is off. Perhaps he is not fully fit, and just because he signed a new contact (because DI left) does not mean he 100% wants to be here, he might want a better club than Villa to move too. As a Saints fan I hope he hits top form for us, even if that does mean that he is likely to leave for a top 6 club. I not delusional that is how it works unfortunately!
  6. You are getting me wrong I love the bloke, but can you tell me hand on heart that is performances have been up to ‘his’ standards this season. His dead ball delivery has been off. I am not going to question his fitness that is down to him and the management. To me as a supporter, if he is on the pitch he should be 100%. if he is not rest him! I want to see the best of JWP like we all do, but we are not seeing it in the first 8 games. All I am saying is something is off.
  7. Agreed. For me his performances have been poor this season. His delivery has been off, with corners absolutely bollox, and maybe his challenge last week shows his head is not right? . Maybe his head is away from the club? Hopefully he will sort it out and turn in a great game soon and prove me wrong.
  8. Redmond was amazing. Where has that sort of performance been? good result and hopefully a springboard for a good run. No reason why we could not win the next 2. But we know it is not that straight forward.
  9. Harrison Reed looks quite handy for Fulham. Comfortable on the ball, direct running and not a bad shot on him. Not scored since 2019 which surprises me looking at the way he plays.
  10. Lack of information with that! Very strange.
  11. We are in the National League South. Get promoted by winning the league and winning the playoff against the National League North winners and we will be in the Championship. Win that and we will be in the WSL. So this time in 2 years we could be in the top flight.
  12. Well today we have 7th position Southampton FC Women v Cadiff Ladies. Where Ipswich get to improve their goal difference against MK Dons. Both kick off at 2pm and you should get the results just before lights out tonight! 🙄
  13. If we get promoted, which means winning the league and the playoff against the winners of the northern league, then we only go into the championship not the WSL. We will have to win the championship for that to happen. We would replace Watford as it stands. I do think it will come down to the game against Ipswich at home on 12th December and then away on the final day of the season on 17th April. I think either team will beat the winners of the northern league. win the championship then we can have a straight forward crack at the WSL.
  14. Rafferty [3'] [63'] Williams [27']Pusey [73'] [78'] [90'] Mott [68']Kendall [84'] Pharoah [86' it was only 2-0 at half time.
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