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  1. I know he's a cheeky Irish chappy who can sing and run amusingly around in circles and everybody loves him for it but, as a footballer, he clearly is no longer good enough against League One opposition. But, could we find a League Two team to loan him to that could pay even 10% of his wages? I think we're stuck with him.
  2. After our game, I just caught the final 15 minutes of the Leicester v Chelsea game, and I can't see anyone stopping Leicester this season. They obviously have a team of very good, experienced pros who know how to totally intimidate the opposition: a bit like the Leeds side of the early 70s. Chelsea just looked scared of them at the end.
  3. We should have enough to beat them but Shrewsbury are fielding their first team and League One first teams usually beat Premier League U23 teams, including ours, in the FA Trophy so, I agree with you, it won't be easy. I'm looking forward to seeing what Kegs Chauke can do especially. My main concerns are Valery and Long but hopefully they will surprise me against this level of opposition.
  4. The Leicester players and bench are putting so much pressure on the ref. I fear he is going to cave in. Even though we haven't got a good replacment for him, it might be wise to sub Diallo before he gets a red card.
  5. You know, like every Premier League club, Leicester analyse opposition players' weak points and Maddison would have been made aware of McCarthy's tendency to crouch down at the near post, which is why he was able to fire his shot off so quickly.
  6. Smallbone has been our best player so far. Let's hope he caps the performance with a goal. I'm not saying he is a better overall goalkeeper but Forster would have saved that one, no problem, as he always stands bolt upright at the near post while McCarthy tends to crouch down leaving that space above him to aim at. We're missing Ings' finishing up front.
  7. Jack Stephens was the common factor. His last ditch blocks and clearances were key.
  8. Forster has a better record against Liverpool than any other goalkeeper. Let's hope he keeps his 5th consecutive clean sheet against them tonight and extends his unbeaten run against them to six games.
  9. Perhaps it's simply that he's just not considered good enough for a tough game like this. I guess we will see him at some stage in the Shrewsbury game if we are ever going to see him at all.
  10. What you have to remember is that VAR is ultimately just the opinion of another referee and the bias in favour of big clubs still holds. Where it will make a difference is when crowds return as the VAR ref won't be influenced by the crowd.
  11. Boris himself has quite a choice as he has French, German, Turkish, Russian and American ancestry and was born in the USA. Personally, I think he'll choose the USA to settle in but obviously not yet, although he just might follow his father to France for retirement in a warmer climate but he could do that in California too.
  12. BAD SANTA A retirement home in Belgium has been hit by a major coronavirus outbreak, which has seen at least 26 residents lose their lives and more than 100 test positive. The outbreak was detected a few days after the 5 December visit to the Hemelrijck home in Mol of a volunteer dressed as Santa Claus.
  13. Liverpool draw a lot of games. Only Brighton have drawn more.
  14. Yes, of course, you're right. Just a red card then. Thanks, I've corrected that now.
  15. A lot of fans of other clubs are saying that Dawson kicking Adams in the head was "shocking" and "reckless" yet Saints fans have barely mentioned it. Craig Dawson criticised for kicking Che Adams in the head | JOE.co.uk
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