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  1. Yes, Leicester kept hold of Vardy and he wasn't even a Leicester fan. If our owners don't want to sell Ings, he'll stay.
  2. A draw tonight between Palace and Burnley would be the best result for us. I'm impressed by the Amazon Prime TV coverage both before the lockdown and now: good, old school commentary and great camera work.
  3. Our 2 best performances have been watched by a nationwide TV audience. With ours being the only Premier League game today, I wonder what the viewing figures were like? I'm sure that as well as our fans, Watford's and the neutrals, every Pompey fan out there would have been watching and hating it. That own goal must have raised their hopes for a brief moment. It's the hope that gets them.
  4. Yes, it was clearly Smalbone's assist for that goal.
  5. A very classy performance against a Watford team, which, let's not forget, beat Liverpool 3-0. I've been a big critic of Vestergaard in the past but I'm very happy to revise my opinion of him. Today he gave an almost flawless performance. He won everything in the air, made good interceptions and his passing was excellent. If not for the brilliant Ings playing like a world class striker, Vestergaard would have deserved Man of the Match. Walker-Peters has secured that right back spot and what a free-kick that was from Ward-Prowse!
  6. I don't feel too bad about the result, to be honest. To put things in perspective, Pompey haven't beaten Arsenal for 62 years. If, when I started supporting Saints in the 1960s, I'd been told that we'd be in the top flight for most of my life, I'd have been very pleasantly surprised. I remember in the 1965/66 promotion season we played a home friendly against Arsenal and lost 1-3. I thought, wow, it's going to be a struggle to survive in the company of teams like that. Well, the win v Norwich secured our 44th season in the top flight. I never dreamed we'd be another Arsenal, Man United or Liverpool but neither did I dream that we'd ever achieve that.
  7. No, I think Ralph has made the very sensible decision to get him off.
  8. When we beat them in December, Norwich only had one corner in 90 minutes. It's a bit different today.
  9. No, I didn't. I just heard the commentators say that after I posted my comment. So, it isn't the crowd noise that is making a difference. Norwich just seem more motivated than the teams did in the first two matches. I prefer the noise to the silence anyway: it makes it seem less like a training game.
  10. First impression is that the piped crowd noise is a big advantage for the home team. There is much more urgency about this game than there was in the two played in silence on Wednesday.
  11. It sounds good. Our owners investing in strengthening the squad with a new transfer guru, poached from another club, advising them on which players to buy. Just imagine us behaving like other clubs: reinvesting the Premier League money in building a better team. Is that really going to happen?
  12. The fallout and legal battles in Germany over those former MALI companies are ongoing.
  13. Different company, Turkish. They are manufactured by the Liebherr Group, which is owned by Markus's siblings & Kat's cousins,. That is still manufacturing and thriving. At the time of his death, Markus only owned the 5 companies in the MALI Group + SFC. They were all liquidated after Kat gained control of them, except SFC.
  14. Fair enough, Benji. Markus did seem to manufacture high quality equipment and vehicles. He was actually in the process of expanding the tractor manufacturing plant when he died.
  15. They used different brand names as Markus bought the Doppstadt Tractor factory, then marketed his new tractors under the brand name Li-Trac. I could look at videos of MALI tractors all day but I've got better things to do:
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