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  1. Very impressive performance from Italy. They look like they are going to be semi-finalists at least.
  2. Pavarotti was the greatest and will never be surpassed. I was lucky enough to see him sing Nessun Dorma live twice - absolutely spine tingling.
  3. We do have a good national anthem, Land of Hope and Glory. If Scotland can drop God Save the Queen for Flower of Scotland, why can't England drop it too? It's the British national anthem, not the English one, and it is a boring dirge. I'll be interested to see how the 35-year-old Lille striker, Burak Yilmaz, plays. With our current budget restrictions, and being in limbo until we get a new owner, he might be good for us next season. I emphasize 'with our limited budget because obviously there are a lot of younger and better strikers there but they all would cost at least £40 mill.
  4. You are right. Barr Construction from Ayrshire, which was later taken over by McLaughlin & Harvey. St Mary's cost £32 million. Contrast that with the Tottenham Stadium, which cost £1 billion.
  5. That's not the way our club operates. They'll want to spend much less on Ings' replacement, which looks likely to be Adam Armstrong. Eventually the quality of the squad gets diluted until it's no longer good enough for the Premier League. The only other Premier League clubs that spent the same as or less than they received in the transfer market over a 5-year-period were Norwich and Sheffield United. Premier League Club Netspend 5 Season - Transfer League
  6. Looks like he's strong at concentrating on watching the ball go into his net.
  7. We wouldn't be able to afford a transfer fee for him even if we wanted him and I'm not sure that we do.
  8. "One surprising stat here is the creative output of Redmond. Redmond tops our attacking players for expected assists, chances created, and final third successful passes." Yes, that does come as a big surprise as he has come in for a lot of stick this season. Without him, it looks like we'd be in trouble.
  9. 2021 stats: Forster played 13......goals conceded 12......cleans sheets 6.......ave goals per game 0.9 McCarthy played 14.....goals conceded 38.....clean sheets 0.....ave goals per game 2.7 So, now that they have the same defence, the difference between them is even more marked. We are conceding 3 times as many goals when McCarthy plays.
  10. Fact is stranger than fiction. Southampton did, in fact, provide the first Englishman to be capped by Brazil. Sidney Pullen left his home city of Southampton with his family when his father got a job in Rio. He became the first foreigner to be capped by Brazil when he played for the Brazilian national team against Argentina, Uruguay and Chile in the first Copa America. He also won the Campeonato Carioca 6 times, 5 of them with the country's top club, Flamengo. He would have won more titles but his football career was interrupted when he returned to fight for the country of his birth
  11. Obviously, Forster was outstanding for Celtic, which is why he's kept a total of nearly 200 clean sheets but let's just compare like for like: Forster and McCarthy's stats for Premier League games only:Forster played 115..... goals conceded 130.... clean sheets 40... ave per game 1.1 goalsMcCarthy played 130..... goals conceded 202.... clean sheets 25 ...ave per game 1.6 goalsThat means that with McCarthy in goal we concede 0.5 goals per game more than we do with Forster, which is 19 more per season. How many points has that cost us????
  12. Fonte and Galtier are certainly a winning combination: Galtier and Fonte's leadership helped Lille to beat the odds (dailyherald.com)
  13. We drew 0-0 with West Ham when Vestergaard wasn't playing. We also beat Liverpool 1-0 and Arsenal 1-0. It just goes to show that without Vestergaard our defence can be good, even against top teams. In fact, when he went off after 10 minutes against Leicester and we were down to ten men, our defence looked much better.
  14. Another backup goalkeeper, with the bonus that he has dodgy knees. He's not even the first choice for Albania. You can see here why Lazio want to offload him: Thomas Strakosha - Stats 20/21 | Transfermarkt
  15. West Ham United 0-3 Southampton - BBC Sport West Ham United 1-3 Southampton - BBC Sport Five of the best: Saints at West Ham | Southampton FC
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