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  1. He's always reminded me of Neil Lennon, a player I wished we'd signed after we played his Crewe team in the FA Cup. He's a real midfield battler but he also has some skill. Let's see what Ralph makes of him.
  2. He's trying to cover for Vestergaard. We need an extra central defender, when he plays.
  3. It's not fair to blame the rest of the defence for Vestergaard. If he'd been playing for Sheffield United, we'd probably be winning 1-0 now.
  4. I hate Vestergaard. He has no team spirit whatsoever. If any other defender had lost that ball, he wouldn't have just stood there; he'd have raced back to at least try to block on the line. When he makes a mistake: he just stands there and shrugs his shoulders as if to say it's your problem now, not mine.
  5. 😄 He was obviously a man ahead of his time: practising social distancing long before the rest of us had even heard of it. I've met a lot of Saints' players over the years and even knew a couple of them quite well. Mick Channon's sister-in-law was our next door neighbour and as he knew I was a Saints fan, he came round and offered me free tickets in the Upper West Stand at the Dell but I said no thanks as I liked to stand behind the goal. He was very friendly though. Terry Gennoe lived in our street and I became quite friendly with him. The two of us celebrated Saints' League Cup semi-final together in the local pub. I knew Steve Moran quite well before he broke into Saints' first team. He was the teenage football superstar in the area but still a modest character. I met Alan Ball several times and my uncle chatted to him regularly, as they were neighbours. One of the times I met Alan Ball was in an Italian restaurant in Southampton, just after he'd become Pompey's manager. He was with John and Kevin Bond. We chatted about his new job and we all ended up singing OWTS.
  6. I agree with your general positivity but I see the situation as more of an AND than an OR. Obafemi is 4 years younger than Adams so he is, understandably, a less developed all-round player at this stage. A striker who has just turned 20 this month, who has scored 2 goals and had 2 assists in his last 7 Premier League games, is like gold dust nowadays. Imagine how good he could be in 4 years' time.
  7. They will both continue to improve under Ralph. Obafemi has scored 2 goals and had 2 assists in his last 7 Premier League games, in spite of only limited minutes on the pitch, while Adams has scored 2 goals in his last 5 league games. These have been crucial goals too, against teams like Man United and Man City. If they keep that rate going, they'll both be in double figures next season.
  8. Five ex-Saints collected Premier League winners' medals last night. That must be some type of record.
  9. Sheffield United have got £5 million to play for because with the easy fixtures Arsenal and Burnley have got, anything less than a win for the Blades will almost certainly see them drop 2 places. I don't know whether this means their owners will be offering them a special win bonus as an incentive.
  10. Yes, that draw at Brighton guarantees our 22nd top 12 finish.
  11. It's also our biggest overall points total since Koeman left and the 6 match unbeaten run is one of our best ever final run-ins in the top flight. If we don't lose our final game, it will be our 4th best in 43 seasons at the top: 1983/84 10 match unbeaten run (6 wins, 4 draws)2015/16 6 match unbeaten run (5 wins, 1 draw)1986/87 9 match unbeaten run (3 wins, 6 draws)1988/89 6 match unbeaten run (3 wins, 3 draws)1998/99 5 match unbeaten run (3 wins, 2 draws) It's certainly a great finish to the season and we did better against Bournemouth today than Spurs, Leicester and Man City did in their last 3 games.
  12. Any chance Ings gets goes straight into the bottom corner of the net. You know he won't miss. I'd love to see him score a hat-trick today. The other forwards just need to pass to him at every opportunity.
  13. His clearances unerringly find an opposition player so he is a key man for setting up their second phase attacks. He's so clumsy that now he's picked up a yellow card, I'd be tempted to sub him before he gets a red one. It's very risky leaving him out there.
  14. I was a big fan of Aarons earlier in the season for his attacking qualities, but since the lockdown, he's been exposed as a physically weak defender. I agree with you about Buendía: he's a quality player.
  15. He is better than Vestergaard and that's who we have to rely on when we rest our first choice central defenders or they get injured. So, Mings would be a definite upgrade to our squad, which is what we need as we have a good first XI but lack cover.
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