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  1. I was born in Fareham and went to school there so I know about the rivalry. That's why I know that Pompey fans love us singing about them on TV. It makes them feel big. It doesn't help our team in any Premier League game we are playing. It simply gives Pompey more media coverage than other League One teams get, thanks to our gullible fans. Every home game at St Mary's the first song the Northam/Kingsland corner starts is always about Pompey. I've seen televised Newcastle games and not heard songs about Sunderland and I've seen televised Pompey games and not heard songs about Saints but every
  2. Little Pompey being battered by non-league Harrogate at an almost empty Fratton Park: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/59521674 It's really embarrassing that our fans still sing about such a small club at every Premier League game. It's like Newcastle singing about Hartlepool or Liverpool singing about Tranmere.
  3. Juanmi scores yet again to beat Barcelona today and take Real Betis into the top 4. Only Real Madrid's Benzema has scored more goals than him this season: Resumen de FC Barcelona vs Real Betis (0-1) - YouTube
  4. Juanmi is having a very good season. His Real Betis team are 5th in La Liga and he is their top scorer. He got a hat-trick at the weekend: Resumen de Real Betis vs Levante UD (3-1) - YouTube
  5. He's starting to score a few goals and that's great to see. His games for Scotland have helped boost his confidence.
  6. No, they are not. Forster is much better than McCarthy and we've clearly seen that whenForster has played this season. McCarthy is a lower league standard goalkeeper who should never be in the Premier League. He found his level at Yeovil.
  7. But, if ALL of the players get sent to jail, we won't be able to play in the Conference. We need a bit of optimism here: we need to keep some of them. And whilst we're being optimistic, let's hope Vestergaard plays at least part of the game tonight as he has made a couple of sub appearances recently. The last time we played Leicester at St Mary's we only managed to get a draw because Vestergaard was sent off after 10 minutes (and that's when he was playing for us).
  8. Aren't our first team coaches Kelvin Davis and David Watson? If they resigned, they wouldn't get a job anywhere else.
  9. Not really. It happened to him at Torino too. The last game he played for them they lost 7-0 at home and they made sure that was the last time he played for them by offloading him to us. Torino 0-7 Milan | Milan thumps Torino 7-0! | Serie A TIM - YouTube
  10. To be fair, he also kicks some into touch but, of course, that still means they're going to an oppositon player for a throw-in.
  11. Leicester fans' player ratings for the season so far: Youri Tielemans 7.2 Jonny Evans 7.1 Jamie Vardy 6.9 Patson Daka 6.7
  12. Gong back over the years, the Saints goalkeeper McCarthy reminds me most of was Dave MacLaren and the one Forster reminds me most of was Campbell Forsyth before he broke his leg. Of course, our best goalkeepers were Shilton and Niemi but of the top flight goalkeepers we've had in the 60 years I've been watching Saints, Forster is one of the better ones and McCarthy is one of the worst. The goalkeepers I would have signed in recent years would have been David Raya after his appearance for Blackburn in the U21 Premier League Cup Final at St Mary's in 2015, when you could see he was somethin
  13. Spot on. When you look at McCarthy's career before he came here, there was nothing whatsoever to indicate he'd be a first choice Premier League goalkeeper. His reflexes always looked a fraction of a second too slow. and, of course, he's always had that glaring weakness at the near post. He wouldn't even be first choice at a Championship side. He appeared to find his level at Yeovil:Youth careerWimbledon–2006 Wycombe Wanderers2006–2007 ReadingSenior careerYears Team Apps 2007–2014 Reading 70 2007 → Woking (loan) 1 2008 → Cambridge United (loan) 1 2008 → Team Bath (loan) 2 2009 → Aldershot
  14. This is not the first time I've said this and sadly it won't be the last: I never want to see McCarthy or Walcott play for Saints again. They cost us so many points over a season.
  15. He should never be playing at this level. Why can't Ralph see that?
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