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  1. He’s been pretty average for a few games now. Since the international Break where he has to withdraw due to injury. Ralph still continues to pick him though, despite having someone of KWP’s quality who’s being forced to play out of position.
  2. Agreed. This whole Improving players stuff is a bit of a myth.
  3. Exactly the sort of thing a cultist would say….
  4. More than likely that American chancer. RedBull Is a non starter. I don’t know why people continue to bring this up when there has never even been a sniff of them being interested in us or any other premier league teams. If RedBull did take over, most would soon see past the franchise element once we start competing towards the top end of the league anyway. Look at Newcastle, you have full grown blokes walking round in headscarf’s etc. Personally, football is dead, completely dead. We’ve got states & some very questionable people owning clubs. The reality is, if you want
  5. Wasn’t that because he was ‘injured’? For me, his performances have dropped also since? Naturally It’d have been very, very hard for him to maintain those levels we saw early season at his age. I think Duck is pretty much spot on in his assessment.
  6. He was pretty shite last night, it’s fine to admit it. He’s a young lad who’s been continuously played with no rest and is started to get found out a tad for his defensively ability. I’ve no doubt he’s absolutely knackered, not just physically but mentally as well. The second goal he showed his immaturity and dived in allowing Maddison to cut in on his stronger foot. Compare that to the experience of Evans who done completely the opposite when broja had a chance late on, causing him to turn into trouble. It’s a real shame that our 2 best players play in the same position, but I thi
  7. I’ll link you to the top of this page, where WTFJM89, who has indicated in a previous post, that he is one of the founders, has stated: We're just one of the many groups that are working with the club to make sure that football continues to grow up a bit and become an atmosphere where people won't hurl any abuse, because at the end of the day, abuse of any kind is abuse. And surely we don't want ANY abuse at St Mary's. As I said, part of a hostile atmosphere is abuse towards the opposition players, fans and the officials, at times. If there objective is to educate and stop peo
  8. Disagree. Groups like this, who’s aim is to irradiate ‘all abuse’, will damage the already pathetic atmosphere we get at St Mary’s. Imo, aggression, hostility and abuse (within reason) has a place in football crowds as it creates an intimidating atmosphere and therefore a competitive advantage to the home side.
  9. Fuck me, you really do post some shite.
  10. That’s actually a really fair point about being defensive. I think it was the home games which gave him that defensive reputation. His style is great away from home where naturally teams will attack you a little more, but not great at home when teams look to sit back. Effectively causing both teams to cancel each other out. That being said, Leicester won the league doing exactly that. Had Puel had Gabbiadini from the start of the season, who knows how that season would have ended. He remains the only manager we had to get a tune out of him (he genuinely looked world class at times)
  11. Puel’s team was frustrating to watch, in the main because we went from attacking / winning football with Poch and Koeman to Puel who was more defensively minded. Puel however was, imo, a much better ‘coach’ and tactically far better than Hassenhuttl. I wasn’t a fan of Puel, but if he’d been shown the loyalty and time that Ralph has, I suspect he’d have been seen as one of our better managers, along with Poch and Koeman. Given the choice of the 2 now, I think in our current situation, I’d pick Puel.
  12. We won, what, like 2 games after the second 9-0. It’d have been almost impossible for anyone to have done any worse.
  13. They won’t be too bothered about a loss to Liverpool as, as you said, it’s a bit of a free hit which were not expected to get anything from. However, if you think they’re not bothered about losing 4-0, and that first half performance then you’re deluded.
  14. He’s not wrong though, is he.
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