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  1. Redmond isn’t appalling he is exactly the player we purchased, decent midfielder who runs very hot and cold and isn’t clinical in front of goal. If he was consistent and a better finisher he wouldn’t be in our squad anymore! He is like many of our players a decent pro our problem at the minute is we lack the one or two outstanding players we have had every year since promotion loosing ings has finally left the cupboard bare we need to find W couple of affordable gems to add to a decent squad that will put us back in mid table.
  2. But given that they were in the process of negotiating the hardest brexit they could surely it was obvious that shortages of workers in industries that relied on them would occur? Maybe this was even pointed out to them repeatedly by the evil ‘project fear’? Yet still they chose to do nothing about it and just sleep walked into an economic nightmare, the government should own it’s mistakes….sadly nobody will hold them to account.
  3. ‘High skills economy’ got to love a Tory three word slogan! I guess they had to move in from ‘get brexit done’ and all the levelling up fluff seems to have died a death!
  4. Funnily enough I don’t remember the huge bus mounted slogans that said vote leave for empty shelves and power cuts and rampant inflation!!! Increased wages only make a difference if prices don’t rocket to compensate so in reality paying truck drivers 50k+ a year while it sounds great just makes everything more expensive and the UK less competitive. The thing that is really stupid about all this is that it was all predicted by the evil ‘project fear’ and if our almighty leaders had half a brain between them could easily have been avoided by tapering down freedom of movement for key
  5. What’s the betting he does enough to earn a new contract in January then instantly turns crap? What is commonly known as the Saganowski streak!
  6. Nobody is relying on kneeling to get rid of anything but the England team kneeling is doing two things: 1) showing that the team are together and as a group reject the racists treatment of team mates and others, which is a very important message for them to send given the incredible profile they have. 2) it prompts continued discussion of the issue which keeps the debate alive and reminds everyone that while we have made a lot of progress in this area we still have a way to go. For such a tiny gesture it has shown it’s self to be incredibly powerful.
  7. We won’t get relegated because we didn’t block the pathway for a youth team player, if we get relegated it will be because the starting 11 and senior backups were not good enough. I was talking in general and if you read what I said it doesn’t apply to this individual if he is that far off the first team.
  8. This is crazy we should always be making transfer decisions with the academy in mind, if we have a lad who is on the verge of first team selection we shouldn’t block his path by bringing in another player in that position unless that player is already proven good enough to displace the player occupying that position. Bringing in a gamble that then clogs up the squad for two/three years is crazy when we could have gambled on the youngster and lost nothing.
  9. It is the same one, he has had a decent career since leaving us, was always talented just not really suited to English football.
  10. So who is the right consulate who is affordable? Plenty of people on this thread saying bring in a new goal keeper on a free but who and can we actually afford them? Clearly we could have adjusted our priorities and found some Money but we are not talking £100k a week plus so let’s have some names!
  11. If redmond was consistently as good as he is in flashes he would be a top 4 player he isn’t hence he plays for us!
  12. We’ll see but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he turns out to be anything other than average (average isn’t a bad thing!) looking at how he has done so far. I’m not saying he is a bad player or that he won’t have a decent career with us just that we won’t be selling him on for 60 million in a couple of seasons. This isn’t a bad thing we need a base of decent average premier league players but it does mean there will be an opportunity for this lad joining us.
  13. I don’t think we need to get rid and I didn’t say anything of the sort I just said he seems a bit m’eh. I’m not convinced yet and you can hardly argue he’s been outstanding so there is an opportunity for this lad to displace him.
  14. Is Sergio Romero still going on a free surely he’d not what that much this late in the window and he must be better than what we have!
  15. Peraud looks a bit m’eh to me this lad might bench him if he is as good as reports make out.
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