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  1. Kaiser Soze

    Dear Les

    Fu ck off and take that unless Argie cu nt with you.
  2. Kaiser Soze

    Puel out

    8/1 to be sacked now, in from 50/1
  3. If United finish outside the top 4 and win the Europa League (and therefore qualify for the Champions League), will Europa League qualification go to 8th? (bearing in mind Utd won the League Cup and Chelsea/Arsenal will win the FA Cup)
  4. According to this: http://soccer-rumours.com/?story=35&buying=23&selling=3&player=1 Odds have come in to 8s from 25s after the game. Hope we act quick.
  5. I also lost my wallet on the flight!! Mainly down to the fact I was still inebriated from the night before. Rung the airline and fortunately mine got handed in. They had to take out 22 Euros out of it to cover the cost of it being couriered back
  6. anyone know how many tickets we've sold for Milan?
  7. Thought VVD was immense, would be very suprised if he is still here next season.
  8. Anyone else concerned this could be another Remi Garde??
  9. Not a hint in there of a thank you/all the best to RK for his time here...which speaks volumes for the way he left and conducted himself. Says it all.
  10. Hope he dies on the motorway on the way up there.
  11. Anyone else think he is sh1te? Don't see what he contributes at all.
  12. Koeman's lost the plot Not sure who I hate more, Yoshida or Ward Prowse We don't look fit and don't have half the fitness we had under Poch What's happened to Jumani??
  13. Is that me Jan? Ha, think I may have lost those youthful looks now Very sad news, a great guy and a true Saints fan, rest in peace mate.
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