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  1. How long is Diallo's contract? Anything less than 4 years and we should be looking to extend it as early as possible!
  2. Ah, fair point Ralph just said: "an opportunity for a few changes on Tuesday"
  3. Great dilemma for Ralph to have. Diallo's pace to break down that Arsenal attack today has got me thinking he could well warrant a starting berth ahead of Romeu. Romeu offers a bit more in the strength department though, and obviously has experience on his side. Too close to call.
  4. Was a toss up between Diallo, JWP, Bednarek and KWP for me, but gonna give it to JWP as it was yet another complete masterclass.
  5. Good call for the MotM though. Another midfield masterclass from JWP
  6. It's a contact sport (well, it used to be...)
  7. Into injury time... # checks the script #
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