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  1. Whilst I agree with that assessment, I thought Armstrong provided a level of midfield dynamism that was missing in the first couple of games he was out for. Don't think it'll be long before he shakes off the rustiness.
  2. Clear, dry, light winds, temperature dropping to around the freezing mark overnight
  3. Yep, decent start to the season for us
  4. When Ralph was asked about this in yesterday's press conference, he gave a wry smile and acknowledged it wasn't working too well "yet" but he said there are advantages to playing this way once the players have got used to it (or words to that effect). So, it could be something we need to be patient with as fans, if Ralph is convinced it'll pay dividends long term. Or, of course, in acknowledging it isn't working (at the moment) he may well decide to ditch it sooner rather than later...
  5. That can work both ways though. Ex-players can often raise their game when faced with hostility.
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