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  1. trousers


    It's 837 to be precise, but fair point.
  2. trousers


    Well remembered that man... It's a fair cop. I'll figure out a new way of ducking out of futile discussions on an internet football forum in future
  3. trousers


    I think you're mistaking me for someone with a high enough IQ to engage with someone of your superior intellect on an internet football forum.
  4. trousers


    Am I the only person on this wondrous planet who would want the leader of their country to be one of the first people to be involved in a pilot such as this? Surely we want the man or lady at the top as unimpeded as possible in their endeavours to run the country and if this trial achieves that then it's common sense to involve the PM, along with all the other key public service personnel that were also included, isn't it? Or maybe I'm being naïve and the country should indeed be run in accordance with the prevailing grievances of the Twitter mob?
  5. trousers


    Thanks. Mission accomplished...
  6. This can only mean one thing... #hescominghome
  7. trousers


    Chomp chomp chomp
  8. Why does he need the state to feed his kids if he can afford to get hammered...?
  9. trousers


    Chomp chomp chomp
  10. This can only mean one thing... #hescominghome
  11. Just seen the alleged screenshot. Not suitable for posting on here.
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