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  1. Just watched the highlights. Being in the Northam End, I hadn't realised quite how woeful Bednarek's defending was for the Burnley equaliser. Baffling how an international player can't get the basics right in a scenario such as that. And, also, when I saw it in real time, I couldn't understand why McCarthy didn't go full stretch to try and make the save, and looking at the replay he indeed just seems to flop over half-heartedly to his left. Hey ho.
  2. Back from the game... My first since Feb 2020 A win wouldn't have been undeserved, but relatively happy with 4 points from the last two games. Somewhat baffled by the Walcott selection, and him not being subbed sooner, but apart from that, a decent performance overall. I feel a safe-ish mid-table outcome for us this season.
  3. Anyone got any stats on how many times the usual suspect serial referee/VAR criticising managers have been fined since VAR was introduced? Or are they more adept than Ralph with their critical wording to ensure they don't fall foul of the punishment criteria...?
  4. Although could it be argued that Pawson allowed the half to continue beyond when he should've blown for half time (approx 40 seconds longer than the allotted 2 minutes)? In other words, did the time taken for VAR to make a decision in itself delay the half time whistle and, if so, should it have done?
  5. Odd timing for an impromptu friendly...?
  6. File that one under 'interesting'...?
  7. Shocking news.... https://news.sky.com/story/conservative-mp-david-amess-stabbed-multiple-times-in-incident-at-constituency-surgery-12434498
  8. My thoughts are with you and your wife @Winnersaint. Best wishes x
  9. My take.... either Cummings was a rubbish advisor or he's lying. (I believe he has a track record of both?)
  10. "Calendar year form is meaningless"
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