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  1. Hello Sky there are 3 other teams playing at 6 pm you know!!
  2. Some nice comments and best wishes for Theo on an Everton fans forum. Not exactly sad to see him go but feel he is better than some still at the club. 2020/21 - Theo Walcott | Page 50 | GrandOldTeam
  3. Will the booing be for taking the knee or for the racist reason behind taking the knee ?
  4. Why didn't Vardy go off to the sidelines after his treatment? Is there something in the rules you don't have to in certain situations? Or was it just an oversight by the officials? Well played Saints, if we combine that solid play with 11 on the pitch and the extra forward we would be more difficult to beat and have a better chance of winning. As others have said I could see us losing that game if Vest had not been sent off and we had played in a more open way.
  5. I was irrationally optimistic at least for a draw earlier in the week but now have that sinking feeling of dread. I'm not sure that I can put myself through watching it live but I probably will !! COYR we are due an undeserved result, even a point.
  6. We just can't seem to rip up the losing script. A 2-1 loss away at Spurs or a 1-0 loss at Wembley to Leicester are not on paper a terrible result but the manner of the second half against the former and the no show at Wembley are an embarrassment. If last night we had a terrible first half and went in 2-0 down but had a storming second and narrowly lost 2-1 the feeling would be better but the losing from winning positions again hurts, especially with late freekick becoming penalty is a kick in the teeth. Losing 2-1 to Spurs is not the problem in an overall even game but losing and being o
  7. M271

    European League

    Exactly. If the 'rich' clubs refused to pay the high transfer figures or the stupid salaries the whole of the football pyramid could settle into a more affordable environment. A lot of the sky high deals don't work out well anyway.
  8. M271

    European League

    I've always thought that a large % of the TV money should have been allocated to the clubs on the condition that it is used for the good of the club infrastructure, local projects and for the benefit of the fans such as subsidising ticket prices. In effect every time that the TV money increases players transfer prices and wage costs increase, sucking the potential overall sports benefit from the fans again.
  9. Our midfield is so light weight, the opposition picks up most 50/50s and out muscles us which exposes our defence. Our midfield nether protects our defence or provides an outlet for our attack, this IMO is our main problem and needs to be addressed. I think that we need to set up more defensively until our confidence and results are more positive, we are so open and leave so much space for the opposition to exploit.
  10. M271

    European League

    I hope that any UK broadcaster will not sign up to this 'league'. At the moment they fall over themselves to be more woke than the other, they should show some balls and turn their back on this proposal.
  11. Big Sam had WBA set up well and knew how to play us. The way that they started didn't give us a chance to settle into the game, their quick passing, movement, tricks and flicks were very good and every 50/50 seemed to go to them. Our running around like headless chickens and quickly giving the ball away back to them didn't help though, at this stage Ralph should have set us up to be more compact and leaving less space for them to exploit. If WBA had started the game like they did the second half the overall game could have been much different. In the second half WBA did what they needed t
  12. And for once I didn't notice during the whole of the coverage any mentions of either 9 - 0. Maybe I just missed it? Souness seems to be getting more and more miserable though!
  13. With a 8 days before and 6 days after this match no need to rest players unless have a niggle. It's nice to have a nearly injury free squad at the moment, could have done with this a month or so ago when the games were coming thick and fast and some resting and rotation would have been beneficial.
  14. I have just remembered that once Bill Maynard the actor (Selwyn Froggit from the 70s series) was with him, of all people.
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