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  1. 450 attended. Won 2 0. Great afternoon out for £11 adult / £3 child prices. Excellent referee as well, let things flow but was on top of poor challenges when required. The opponents were Grantham managed by Carlton Palmer!! My son now lives in Southampton and went to an Eastleigh game last week and would go to Sholing if they get a home draw in the next round, he was up visiting for the weekend so came with me to the Nantwich game.
  2. Well it's international weekend so a time to go to a match at a lower league local football club, in my case FA Cup 1st Round qualification match Nantwich Town v Grantham, I find grass roots football a refreshing change. Is anyone else on here taking the opportunity to go to a lower league game?
  3. Sorry I was more thinking about home cup matches, if they come about this season that is.
  4. Can it be used to buy Cup tickets? I can't see why not. Or does that come under other events?
  5. That's how I heard it. Maybe someone can find the clip of what he actually said.
  6. Apparently he is from Solihull
  7. Bertrand tested positive for covid and Vesty picked up an injury in training during the week, I can't see anywhere what the injury is or how serious.
  8. We look a better unit without Redmond or Walcott on the pitch have them as subs if required.
  9. Who the hell is our defensive coach? Appalling marking.
  10. At the start of the 'match ready' article they call it PCR test but further down they call it a LFT, I think that PCR test is incorrect. As you say the link is to the NHS LFT instructions.
  11. The 2nd international break comes in November after 11 games when we will have played teams of all abilities, I can see this being the point when the board should be considering a managerial change if things are going badly. Looking at the 11 games I can see us only getting 5 to 7 points by then with games 9 and 10 at home to Burnley and away at Watford being key, get 0 or 1 point against these and things could be looking tricky for Ralph.
  12. We won't want to relinquish our dropped points from winning position title without a struggle!! Started already I see!!
  13. Bertrand not starting for Leicester or even on subs bench, Vesty is on the bench.
  14. I read some comments from Liverpool fans that they had to change their defensive tactics to accommodate Philips lack of speed i.e. didn't play with such a high line.
  15. According to the BBC Ralph press conference is at 13.30
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