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  1. On Sky Sports news they were saying that people from Tier 3 areas must not attend matches in Tier 2 due to this clause (the Tier restriction applies to them whichever tier area they are in): there should be no public attendance at spectator sport or indoor performances The nearest ones are Bristol area, Slough, Kent and Midlands, could the club use season ticket address postcodes to make sure that fans from those areas are not invited to attend?
  2. M271


    His tights / long johns do look weird but better than pulling a hamstring, which I presume that is why he is wearing them. Or maybe he just likes to wear tights even in public!!
  3. I know the feeling. Being positive: We're playing really well and there is no reason why we can't keep that form going into this game. Being negative: Trouble is that being a Saints fan I'm just waiting for the 'down to earth with bump' feeling and the normal month or 2 period each season when we get very few points. COYS. I know that not all games will go our way but at least play as we have been as a team and we will stand a chance.
  4. I normally watch any football game going but the last 2 England games without Ings or JWP in the squad I did not watch. Mind you I don't understand the European competition format and didn't realise the importance of the Belgium game, I think that having friendly games at the same time period as competition matches hasn't helped. In theory we should have a good England team to compete with any country (Belgium a small country at number 1 in the world!!) but over the years England managers have poorly selected and mis-managed the resources around them.
  5. "Unlike other travel to the UK, there will be no exemptions to this quarantine policy," the guidance says. Since June, elite sportspeople have been exempt from coronavirus-related travel restrictions. The Football Association is awaiting clarification from the government. The latest rules, which took effect at 04:00 GMT on Saturday, will be reviewed after a week, the Department For Transport said.
  6. I wonder if Vestergaard has travelled to Denmark yet to join up with his national team. If he has he may not be able to travel back due to new government ban from Denmark due to Mink covid. England game v Iceland is in doubt due to them playing Denmark before then this week. Travel ban will be reviewed in a week. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54858614
  7. Stoke supporters seem to be taking to him. Getting good game time now that Davies is out injured. https://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/277904/angus-gunn?page=25
  8. A UK luxury car company that a friend of mine works for is heading for record sales this year even though they were shutdown from late March until early May, they have been working overtime since then to meet demand. Some reasons given are that the lockdowns have prevented buyers spending on lavish holidays, socialising etc and not investing in high end property due to price reduction risk. And forward sales orders for 2021 are well ahead of planned as well, many from China who are still seeing substantial economic growth of 4.9% in the last quarter.
  9. M271

    Site issues

    For me sometimes they are missing but if I go back on a thread later they are there. Seem to come and go.
  10. M271

    Site issues

    I'm finding the same but on a laptop using Edge as the browser.
  11. Gunn is not their number 1 keeper so will more be on the bench more often than not, which unfortunately will not give him much more game time. Their no. 1 is Davies the Wales national keeper and has been performing well according to Stokes fans forum. https://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/296879/davies
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