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  1. Dull. Scotland will only create chances from out wide or long balls. Two defensive midfielders is pointless; get Grealish on for Phillips, Mount can move slightly further back into a CM role. No need for 2 holding mids.
  2. Guess you had £20 on Eriksen as first scorer
  3. Issue for me is what is it actually achieving? After a few weeks of doing it, there was an opportunity to seize on where real change could have happened. Now it seems like it is just done to raise awareness of racism, as if a racist will notice and think ‘shit, I didn’t realise I was offending anyone with my views’. Agree that booing it is a bit odd because of the intention the players have when taking the knee is clearly not in support of BLM the organisation but I also think that for the majority, booing it (whilst misjudged) does not have racism behind it. For most, raci
  4. Unless there were also true stories leaked, in which case, how would you know which were credible?
  5. If you feel that taking the knee will make a difference, feel free to partake in any of your suggestions. If you are against the players motives which are clearly anti-racist then boo. If you sympathise with the motives but feel taking the knee achieves nothing (at least since the ‘get people talking’ moment has passed and not capitalised on) or disagree because of the links to BLM (the group) then turn your back on the gesture.
  6. Think I remember that could be a possibility, might start a new thread suggesting it...
  7. ChrisPY

    Stamp Duty

    Why does a first time buyer need ‘the average house’? Surely you’d expect them to join the housing market on the lower end. Why does a first time buyer need a 15% deposit? There’s plenty of 5% deals with lenders offering at least 4 times salary in loan. The argument was never what you’d need on average but what is needed as a minimum to make it possible to own a home. It might not always have the perfect features or be in the perfect location but it’s nowhere near impossible if compromises are made.
  8. ChrisPY

    Stamp Duty

    Having done it in the last couple of years, without any financial support, having to pay rent and earning below the UK average, I can assure you it’s not. I‘ve got family and friends who have done the same more recently than I have, again without receiving any support. I’m not saying it is possible for everyone (it never has or will be) but it’s nowhere near as difficult as being made out and a lot of those complaining would be able to afford to save for a deposit if they gave up a few luxuries.
  9. ChrisPY

    Stamp Duty

    It’s a load of bollocks that young people can’t afford to buy a house. Making a choice to prioritise other spending and not be willing to go without certain luxuries is the main reason but some people will claim it’s ‘impossible’ to get on the housing ladder despite there being plenty of examples proving it can be achieved.
  10. Would have been the perfect opportunity to try and stop players going down easily but instead the refs are effectively encouraging it and making their job harder. Said it before but don’t see why the Premier League that wants the best players in the world doesn’t go and get the best refs from other countries as well.
  11. Fair point, agree with that in a lot of cases but the main idea of them not being far left nutters still stands and as you’ve said, not a reason to boo as no malice behind their reasoning.
  12. Bit weird to boo it though when clearly the players aren’t far left nutters but doing it to promote equality. Personally I think it’s pointless virtue signalling that since the first couple of weeks where it got people talking about the issue, hasn’t achieved anything and the time has probably passed to build momentum to make any real change. I’m not going to boo it though because the intention clearly isn’t to promote a far left ideology but (no matter how poorly) to draw attention to a racist culture that still exists in our society. Back to the main topic of the thread..
  13. Couldn’t care who it is. A club needing a win, sending everyone up for a last minute corner that results in the keeper scoring the winner will alway be brilliant!
  14. Came through the Liverpool academy by the looks of it but struggled with injury until leaving in 2017. Expect he saw a lot of Mr Ings in the treatment room.
  15. Good to have a safe pair of hands running the country. Expect a reshuffle to see Maldini brought in as Defence Secretary.
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