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  1. Interesting post-match interview with Ralph. Says we prepared for 2 weeks by trying something different. I have to say, given the amount of goals we've conceded, we needed something different, and defensively it worked. I've always thought that a manager should always prioritise the defence. You concede nothing and you're guaranteed a point. My view is it's easier to fix the attack knowing you have a solid foundation behind you. Obviously against Man City next week we'll have to be much more solid still to get anything. But going forward, it's progress. AND it shows he
  2. REDMOND IS NOT A STRIKER He'll get subbed off on 80 minutes though.
  3. Nice one. See, we're doing OK compared to last season. 2 points better off. UCL here we come
  4. They've got their first Europa League game on Thursday. Hopefully Romeu getting into them early will cause a bit of panic. Think we'll win and actually it'll be quite comfortable in the end.
  5. Pamplemousse


    Yup, completely agree. It's a contact sport. Games have been so much better.
  6. 2 points better off compared to last season's corresponding fixtures
  7. The Perraud Djenepo link up was working well I thought. Still unconvinced on Perraud but he's young and will improve.
  8. Let's not pretend Forster is any better. McCarthy is the clear first choice, and he knows that he has to improve to keep that place next season.
  9. Newcastle's team full of pace. Need to defend well, they ripped us apart last season
  10. Fair team selection I'd say. Walcott definitely needed dropping
  11. Time will tell if it works out but at least we seemingly have a strategy. For me, this season is about improving. As long as we're on the right track and finish nearer the top half than bottom three, the following season could be a good one for us with one or two key additions.
  12. Wouldn't be surprising if true.
  13. Hopefully this week's performances have given us some confidence and we can play with a bit of freedom and get a win.
  14. I may be wrong but I don't think the game will be streamed anywhere. All the international broadcasters are showing just the Arsenal game. It'll have to be Adam and Dave for tonight. Or Talksport
  15. Got to win our next two games now. No reason why we can't
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