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  1. Yeah, got to be Vokins. I'm sure if Djenepo or Redmond were fit, Ralph might go full Pep and put one of them at LWB... Hopefully same performance and same result, whatever the team.
  2. Good result, we did enough in the end. As others have said, Diallo the best player on the pitch. He really is a super midfield talent.
  3. We're gonna beat them tonight and on Tuesday. For whatever reason, their fans truly fear us and consider us our bogey team. Also, I want revenge for 2003.
  4. This place is still far better than Twitter. the #saintsfc hashtag can be brilliant at times but also pathetic.
  5. You just need to put some specs on!
  6. It's criminal that we have, what, 15 first team players and then youngsters. I'm all for giving youth a chance but come on.
  7. Terrible second half, but the reason for this defeat is our lack of depth.
  8. It wasn't that long ago that we had Pellegrino and Hughes. Hassenhutl is a brilliant manager, there is no denying that, but to turn things around after the damage those two, plus Les Reed and Krueger, enflicted, is nothing short of remarkable. I hope, and am optimistic, he is here for the long haul.
  9. Hmmm, it'll be interesting to see how that pans out. I think if DaGrosa was serious it would be done by now. Given how well we're doing this season, either Gao no longer wants to sell (understandable) or people are waiting until the economy stabilises.
  10. Just look at our bench on Monday. Young players know they will get an opportunity with us. The intelligent ones will always choose us over Chelsea. Take Tella for example, I think he showed enough on Monday that he will have an excellent career. Arsenal would never have given him the opportunity we gave him. He knew that. And that benefits us because we not only get technically gifted players but mentally intelligent ones too.
  11. Given their performances against lowly Fulham, West Brom and Newcastle, they are not the supreme team of last season and we can inflict serious damage if they are below par again. Looking forward to it, will be a good contest
  12. Apparently a number of Fulham players tested positive and their game against Tottenham may get postponed
  13. I'm hoping we can Forster a few mistakes from the opposition today
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