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  1. In fairness, I thought Leicester were pretty poor themselves. Neither team played well, they just got lucky.
  2. If only we hadn't sacked Puel eh... I don't blame Ralph, I blame the players. They didn't show up. I think mentally our team has been weak for some time and we need to get rid of most of them. You can't always blame the manager...
  3. That was particularly bad. We must be the worst team in the entire world chasing a game. The big players didn't show up, simple as. Centre backs played well; defensively we were decent. Other than Armstrong, the attacking players were really, really poor.
  4. Our players do tend to motivate themselves for the big occasions, just got to hope they're competitive. If we lose I can accept that, but not like on Monday. If we turn up we can win.
  5. I wonder if he'll go three at the back... I'd be inclined to play Salisu anyway. Bednarek needs to do what Vestergaard did last season, come out of the team, work on the training ground, come back better. He's badly out of form.
  6. Yeah exactly. Granted there have been far too many bad days at the office for anyone's liking and we have to improve, but also, let's not forget where we were when he took over. Some perspective is needed.
  7. Let's see where we are next season. If, as we are led to believe, this transfer window we will be active, then hopefully there will be improvements. No point in being rash. After all, we had the same morons on here crying Puel out and we ended up with Pellegrino. I was right then and I imagine the more level-headed amongst us will be right this time.
  8. We should win this one. Win and we're up to 12th, which from the defeat against Brighton is very much a step in the right direction, as we're better than lower mid half.
  9. Absolutely zero need to rest players. 6 days between West Brom and Leicester. The next game after is only 3 days so maybe rotation for the Spurs game
  10. Oh absolutely they deserve criticism. We couldn't keep the ball and defensively we were all over the place.
  11. Going forward we look a million times better than against Brighton. Defensively we've been poor. Worst game KWP has played for a while. And as for Bednarek... I think it's time for Salisu to come in for him.
  12. Finally, someone speaking sense on here.
  13. I think we'll win. Ralph will have had more than enough time on the training ground to show them how to break down teams i.e. don't do what we did against Brighton and play at 2 mph.
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