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  1. Fully deserved point. Salisu absolutely incredible. Best centre back performance since VVD vs Liverpool in the League Cup semi final Uh oh
  2. Tough game, but if we play like we have been doing at home, we can hopefully give them a game
  3. They cheated, end of story. They can join some other cheats and languish in League 1 for a bit...
  4. TV selections haven't been announced yet, so I think when that's all sorted and the dates are confirmed the tickets will go on sale fairly soon after that. Don't think there's any chance of our game being on TV
  5. I'm heading up to this one, looking forward to it. Not been to Molineux before, so nice to tick off another ground.
  6. Missed the game so just seen the highlights. Looks like we put in a terrific display. Fantastic stuff. Hopefully we can kick on now into the top half. We're not going down, we're obviously far better than last season, let's see what we can achieve.
  7. MLG is against this initiative by the way, the colours of the shirt names and numbers on the back didn't comply with the FA regulations about having to be a contrasting colour to aid broadcasters
  8. Hopefully the club are sensible with prices. £10 maximum.
  9. Strange game. Obviously with 11 men we win that game at a canter. Very funny to get one over them again, in that manner as well.
  10. History has shown that to get that side as high up the table was probably one of the greatest achievements of any Saints manager in the last 20 years. He is a world class manager and I genuinely think that with Koeman's team we could have gone better than Leicester and won the league under him.
  11. We were incredibly lucky to stay up that year. Will never forgive Les Reed for bringing in Pellegrino.
  12. Martin's being very coy, which is good. Last thing we want are teams suddenly demanding stupid money.
  13. It'll be available on the BBC Sport website on the day. I'm sure someone will post a link
  14. Anything other than a comfortable win would be disappointing. The game should also be played at St Mary's if they can't have fans.
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