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  1. Boufal would be great in Ligue 1 or MLS or Eredivisie or Scotland Not cut out for the Premier League. Get rid, get what we can for him, move on.
  2. Pamplemousse

    20/21 Kit

    Not reading every post, but does it really matter if we're in blue?
  3. 0-0 bore draw. Nice to have an end to the season we can enjoy. Fully expect us to push on next season, not sure we're quite at Leicester/Wolves "best of the rest" levels but it would be nicer if we can get close to them.
  4. Corporate Ho gave me some right old chuckles. Don't blame him for not returning but if you come onto your rival's forum you have to expect stick.
  5. I can't believe some of the embarrassing comments here, I want Southampton to win every game If you don't, you're not a true Saints fan. End of.
  6. I'd take a draw Would love it if we won though A lot of Chelsea fans round this way and they all want us to win... here's hoping
  7. We are a top top team now, scary to say
  8. Not sure what to expect, think it might be a draw
  10. FUCKING BRILLIANT I love this team so much, I love Southampton, so proud to be a Saints fan. GET IN THERE
  11. We will almost certainly lose, but I don't care, for the first time in a while, ever since the dark, dark days of Pellegrino, I feel optimistic again.
  12. Given how quickly the new season will start, ending this one on good form should bode well for us, but fuck me we need to sort out our home form. Got to beat Brighton and Sheffield United.
  13. Park the bus and hope for the best
  14. I'm not confident Last chance saloon for Vestergaard.
  15. It'll be interesting to see the stadium wrap Some teams have done it very well, others not so. Newcastle's the worst I've seen I reckon, just so bland. Norwich's was very good.
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