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  1. I agree credit is due for board who didn’t immediately fire RH in a knee jerk reaction. However, looking back through this thread surprisingly not that many really did call for his head and Most level headed fans recognised the manager was probably worth persisting with. So if the fans can see it then surely the management team should be able to see it. of course anyone outside the saints family I spoke with said they were gobsmacked that he hadn’t been fired.
  2. 100% agree. I’d love to see villa and wet spam go down.
  3. And there you go, the reason why schools won’t go back until September. Easy to sit on your arse on full pay for 6 months whilst th economy tanks knowing the unions will protect you.
  4. I work in London, I know one elderly person who had died from corona and numerous people that have had it (although only mild symptoms). May I have an opinion now?
  5. Why, just because I’m not running round scared witless by a virus that is highly unlikely to kill me let alone make me seriously ill. Yes people are dying earlier than they otherwise may have done but those at risk could be self isolating much more effectively. If the care homes were locked down at the beginning of February then the numbers dead would be radically different. How many people will die from undetected cancers, socio economic issues created by lack of hospital treatment because if fo using in the virus and the econmomic fall out? Just because believe the lockdown was the incorrect decision doesn’t make me a **** nor does you thinking hiding away mean you are one too. Even the modelling created by prof neil Ferguson that scarred the government into a uturn of strategy is now hitting MSM as a flawed model. The answer was 238 on 7th may by the way.
  6. How many people under 60 with no underlying health conditions have died from covid19 in the U.K.? I believe you have more chance of dying from an unintentional injury / accident than corona virus. I wonder if people’s view on whether lockdown should be removed will change once the furlough scheme is removed
  7. Probably because half the country are sat on their fat arses being paid 80% of their wages. Come June when it starts getting reduced they will be less likely to want to sit at home. Interesting that most people seem to think that they will go back to work after furlough when in reality lots of businesses will start looking to shed workers through redundancy once the furlough payments dry up. Watch unemployment start to significant rise over the next 12 months and we will see if people agree with the lockdown once they lose their homes.
  8. The country needs to wake up and smell the coffee in my opinion. Get the country back to work as soon as possible and spend the cash on protecting / isolating the vulnerable more effectively. jesus, the money they have spent on furloughing staff we could have a Caribbean Island and put them on an all inclusive luxury holiday for a year in self contained isolation.
  9. Agreed, but would the players have known about a plan to potentially furlough some staff or more likely that they find out that staff had been furloughed and then went to the club With their plan?
  10. Mate , 100% they furloughed staff and have since unturned due to the backlash. Feel free to go back to your senior person for confirmation but my friend was actually told on that Friday.
  11. It wasn’t ******** at all mate. The club have u turned and decided not to use the JRS. Not really a surprise after the backlash other clubs faced. Can only tell you what Happened as I personally know the person who was furloughed in the Friday.
  12. No reason why it wouldn’t be true, my good friends wife works for the club. Club are topping up from 80 to 100% though.
  13. Your understanding is wrong unfortunately. A friend I know (plus others) who works for saints were furloughed for an initial 3 weeks on Friday. To say I’m a more than a little disappointed at the clubs actions is an understatement.
  14. Saints are furloughing a load if their staff as of yesterday I heard.
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