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  1. Correct, I rewound it on virgin at the time ans Ings was onside. The goal would have stood if it had gone in.
  2. This is the classic spurs MO unfortunately. AS much as it we know they do it, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth but to be fair its good business and a model that works for them to compete with the big guns. Levy is a C(nt though. Personally i would be disappointed by Ings if this is what happens as he is a local lad and knows he is screwing over the club to aid his own development.
  3. plus the wages they will save for a player who istn needed. its a bit like the Cedric deal with Arse.
  4. If he doest sign I’d keep him for another season and lose the transfer fee which would be low in the summer anyhow. Maybe closer to 31 there might not be the interest from a top club by then.
  5. Decent performance first half against a really good side. Leicester definitely deserved the win if I’m honest. If we had a full side out there would it have been a different result? Maybe. I just wish we could keep injury free and see how we end up but let’s be honest you need a full squad to be consistent.
  6. Not so sure, I heard the kebab shops in West London have gone on red alert and upped their orders for Doner meat.
  7. if you are after someone hungry what about Charlie Austin?
  8. Ha ha. You couldn’t make it up.
  9. I’ve always felt that relegation 2005 had a big effect as it meant that parent of the top talent kids wouldn’t want their children joining the academy of a championship / league 1 side. So for around 7 years we had less pull and as a result 15 years later the kids coming through now aren’t as good. If its cyclical then the return to the premier league will mean players aged circa 15/16 and lower will start to get better again. Thoughts?
  10. Agree with this. My boy is off to uni next September so this is my last season before I need to find someone else to sit with. Wish everyone stopped oissing their pants and got on with love. Who knows what we will die of and when but until I do I want to carry on watching some live games.
  11. Well i guess it depends on whose side of the table you are talking. Sounds like the release fee is the sticking point. Maybe Ings side is £30 million and we are saying no chance its more like £45million. At £30 million we might as well keep the additional wages and sell him for £25+ if we get an offer next summer. I see little point in paying more in wages and letting him go for a modest fee in the summer anyway.
  12. No chance, what’s the point in giving him a pay rise only to lose him for £30m. We will get that anyway.
  13. This is my attitude. Bang on to every other fan about winning the league while we are flying high and when (inevitably) we fall away we all know including other teams fan It was all a bit tongue in cheek banter. But here’s the thing however small the chance there is a chance and with every Hurdle passed the chance gets a little bigger. I say enjoy the ride as it may be over tonight, maybe!
  14. imagine if we had and then he started turning in these performances. What were people happy to take for him ? How does RH turn fossilised turds into Gems? obviously its got to help that everyone buys into his ideas and then confidence breeds improvement. Lookign through the team the list endless of players jumping levels, Ings, ward prowse, vestergaard, KWP , Romeo, bednarek, Adams. Thats 7 players that look like top 6 players. Avoid injuries and we could be looking at something special this year. 35 years Ive had a season ticket and fuck me we are going to miss most of it due to c
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