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  1. im not really surprised but does this guy really have any inside contacts that are likely to be accurate or is he just making an intelligent assumption? #clutchingstraws
  2. i would say we are more than capable of getting a point this weekend bearing in mind its the same side that went 7 games unbeaten a few weeks back. #bedwetter
  3. Burnley’s front 2 pairing isn’t the quickest and will be less likely to exploit a high line as Son did.
  4. yeah the save from LLoris was a great save. I also think the way he had the composure to shift the ball left away from the defender to make room for a shot was decent although he should have put it away after creating the space. He held the ball up well and used brought the midfielders moving forward well. Overall i think Ings and Adams are starting to look a good partnership. Miles better than the other options we have.
  5. Hmm, I don’t actually agree with that. I think he is a decent player and we will see that this season. But hey what do I know.
  6. The bizzare thing is it was blindingly obvious that the high line would fail once they started getting tired. Played well going forward but it was just a matter of time before the goals started flowing. Spurs ironically have been poor but just exploited hoisted balls over the top. major fuck up by RH to the point of whether I would question whether he has done it deliberately?
  7. Typically the Shareholder agreement will give the other shareholders first option to buy the sellers shares and usually some sort of formula is written into to it on how to value it. If the option isn’t taken then they can sell to who ever they like. Well that’s what’s written into my business
  8. He has the touch of a fucking cement mixer
  9. Agree with this. Looking at the James Rodriguez transfer, im sure we would be over the moon if we signed him but i have a suspicion it wont turn out how they hope.
  10. Insignificant against the loss of a 7.5m annual contract lost. Have they announced how much this new deal is worth, I may have missed that? I suspect it’s a fraction of the old based on the current economic climate,
  11. As they cost about a quid to make I’m sure they aren’t that bothered.
  12. wild-saint

    Site issues

    First time i have managed to get on for about 2/3 days. Looks ominous, lets hope they can resolve it as most of the other sites are dog shit.
  13. Without giving the game away, should we not be expecting him to be playing anytime soon then?
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