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  1. Actually made me chuckle the film comment.
  2. Jwp, Luke shaw, oxlade chamberlain all recruited as 7/8 year olds. Not much of a stretch to suggest their parents would have put them at a London clubs academy if we had been going through admin and playing in L1 at the time. Why is that not plausible?
  3. If that was true then why do the top clubs fight over the most talented youngsters? There is a 2year period prior to administration and whilst in league 1 where parents would have definitely chosen other clubs over saints meaning for at least 4 years we would lose out on talented young players. That seems to tie in with the current 16-20 year old group that is terrible. You telling me that a 21 / 22 year old Adam Lallana wouldnt have played any games this season at Saints?
  4. The current crop would have been taken on as youngsters around the time we were in championship / league 1 and as such we probably didn’t have first pick of the top talent. Stands to reason we are going to have a bunch of duffers in the current wave. We returned to the prem 8/9 years ago so I would expect the 13-16 year olds will start to see better talent going through as opposed to 16-20 age group are likely to be mainly shit. just my logic being applies but sounds plausible 🤪
  5. Personally, I have no interest in watching saints play a B team from one of the SL teams. For that reason Im out.
  6. The big clubs will have bloated squads signing all the upcoming talent including youth players. They wll expect to play a B team in the premier league to keep these players fresh whilst trying to get a ESL game with the A squad. The only way the FA / PL league can fight bac is by expelling them and banning players from international duty. Fans need to play their part by cancelling any subscriptions that include these teams. No doubt it wont make much difference as the company owners arent interested in local English fans of their teams as this is dwarfed by the number of worldwide f
  7. i take it that if we win on Sunday that any season ticket holders remaining that continued with their ticket this season will get first dibs on cup final tickets. What was the number 10k ST holders this season?
  8. no chance the tickets will come to the clubs. No doubt its will be another carve up with the offering.
  9. id suggest its paying duds' like forster £90k per week. plus lamina hoedt (or whatever his name is), carillo and all the other shyte we have out on loan at high wages
  10. if he starts in the euros this summer and plays well then £50m
  11. surely it would be less painful to divorce her if thats the reason why you watch saints
  12. Shouldnt we reame this thread Summer Free transfer 2021?
  13. I agree with this entirely. jeez, imagine if we sacked him now who we would end up with.
  14. how can you guarantee that, are you Ralph or has he been suspended already?
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