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  1. You think we have a chance of getting £90million for JWP. WOW
  2. Correct, it doesn’t. However, he is clearly better than Adam’s. Armstrong is a completely different type of player and he needs time to settle into his role so the jury is out for me at this point. Broja just adding some height in a relatively small side and the strength to hold the ball up is worth his inclusion alone. Love his ability to spin off his man and use his pace to get ahead his marker particularly in the channels. first player on the team sheet closely followed by Salisu IMO.
  3. I was surprised that Moi wasn’t substituted for Stuey as it seemed the obvious swap without changing the balance of the side. However that was decent decision by RAlph, I thought Moi looked great on the left and seemed to have a better partnership with Perraud. RP seemed to be happier to get forward knowing Moi was far less unpredictable than DJneppo.
  4. Oh yes beautiful, the drive down the Avenue and turn left for the flower roads &portswood, turn right for shirley & Milbrook or straight in for St Mary’s.
  5. I tend to agree. There are nice areas on the out skirts but typically its a bit of a dump. Which are the nice areas that we are missing?
  6. What if you were born in Southampton but left it because it’s such a shit hole?
  7. I take it you dont like this one "if you use a VPN to hide who you are whenyou create new user IDs then you're highly unlikely to be approved."?
  8. He played multiple times for Chelsea academy further forward. Not sure you can pigeon hole him into one position when he has the ability to play in more advanced roles. Our issue is that we look toothless so maybe sacrificing his defensive attributes is worthwhile. Surely has to be worth a few games
  9. Maybe our embarrassment of a manager will realise soon that playing KWP at left back is a fucking terrible idea.
  10. interestingly viral load carried by vaccinated is the same as those who haven't been vaxxed (Source BMJ). So if you display less / no symptoms when vaxxed are you more likely to spread it as you may not get tested with light symptoms particularly now we are moving into season flu / cold season?
  11. Anyone noticed how his corners seem to never beat the first man these days, aside the fact we have nothing of note to take advantage of corners its still frustrating.
  12. I thought that too and was stunned that the players didn’t even shout for the foul.
  13. Walker Peters on the right is a waste of a player. He had multiple chances first half to get a decent ball in with his left that was wasted. It feels like he is only playing to keep him happy when the obvious choice would be to play Perraud who is actually capable of a decent delivery. It looks so unbalanced. it’s not even worth commenting on Redmond. The changes Ralph made when they scored left us looking confused as to how they were meant to be playing. It’s baffling that a premier league manage can’t seem to see the obvious line up having perraud at LB, KWP at right with tin
  14. i would imagine most city fans think the same but they are also completely wrong as well
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