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  1. Very sad news regarding Alan McLoughlin, 54 is no age. Lovely video above, great goal from Alan and a reminder of a 4-2-4 with Wallace, Rideout, Shearer and MLT
  2. It’s really not. But more difficult than it needed to be.
  3. Has Forster ever saved a penalty for us?
  4. To be fair the second handball was unintentional as it was a close ricochet off his right hand.
  5. Decent side that. Key will be getting into them early.
  6. Can’t see Ings signing a new deal unfortunately. He’s got one big contract in him and we won’t be that. Enjoy him for the rest of the season and hopefully we will invest his transfer fee well.
  7. The 'Danish' shirt was a thing of beauty, welcome back Hummel!
  8. That last line!!!!! Brilliant. Cheers Mack
  9. Happy 10th Anniversary Nutjobs xx
  10. To be fair that article says a lot about JWP. Also to be fair to Pompey Pravda Neil Allen there are a few quotes in there that will have the few foaming at the gills..
  11. I watched some of the game, they are truly awful. When I think back to our League One side it’s not even close.
  12. I hope so. Seeing them lose the L2 playoff Semi was a real highlight for me!
  13. Pompey don’t send players to Coventry, they actually want to go! ROFL
  14. The gift that just keeps on giving......
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