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  1. Good signing this. His game has really come on leaps and bounds under Ralph.
  2. Now thats how you break your duck!
  3. Weathered the storm, controlled possession and then punished an error. Impressive.
  4. During a global pandemic where most countries are advising to stay home, this turd is doing boxing training in public and posting on Instagram. I didn’t think I could ever hate a Saints player, but he is as dumb as he is ****.
  5. MH penultimate game. Yeah. He was truly awful along with Hoedt
  6. To get that sort of fee you have to ask a)which Top 6 club is he a first choice CM? b)Do Everton or West Ham want him? It's great to see how he has progressed this last year. Outside shot at the Euros.
  7. What a goal. Take a bow Redmond and Ings.
  8. Boufal has to hit the target there.
  9. Did VAR review the challenge? Obviously high.
  10. Hoping that’s just an impact injury and not anything more serious to JWP’s knee.
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