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  1. Ball bounces right in front of him, he should save it, he’s slow to react.
  2. Missed opportunity that, Burnley looked all over the place with Mee out. Didn’t get the Walcott selection at 2pm, didn’t get him being left on as long as he was even more. A competent goalkeeper saves their second goal.
  3. Niemi Clyne Richards Van Dijk Bridge Lallana Schneiderlin Oakley Mane Ings Lambert
  4. Yeah, he also scored in that game.
  5. What end had the ticket issues? I arrived at turnstile J at around 1:25, just walked straight in, no queue at all.
  6. Not sure the worry about Chelsea just yet is warranted. They have two of the best right backs in the league and Chalobah is there now too, they won’t be shelling out on him for a good while yet.
  7. The shot wasn’t deflected. Made saves and dealt with “some crosses”, so pretty much what any goalkeeper in the top four divisions should be doing? Yes I think FF is better, not by much but yes, he is better.
  8. Very gutsy performance from the team today. After their equaliser I definitely thought we looked the more likely to win it. One point would’ve probably been three with a competent goalkeeper.
  9. Update on this soon
  10. Yeah, down to nine men. Obviously lost.
  11. They at least look half decent going forward.
  12. Interesting surprising. KWP bench
  13. Our team is ……. Surprising
  14. Christ, our fans are deluded, both would walk into our side.
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