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  1. Appy


    He was good for us at when he came in at the back end of 18/19. But his confidence looked shot at the start of last season, even before the 9-0.
  2. Bench must be the worst in the league by a mile. Burnley’s is weak but they have loads of injuries.
  3. Nine years ago in the lower leagues, doesn’t mean he’s ready to play in midfield in a premier league team. Anyway, it’s not going to happen.
  4. 15 years ago, what happened to us that season? Ask any football fan who is a bigger club, 80-90% would say PSV.
  5. I’m not sure getting to a Champions League Semi-Final is down to being in a worse league.
  6. I don’t know where this thought has ever come from that Stephens could do a job in midfield. It’s an absolute nonsense.
  7. This suggestion will never cease to baffle me, but yet it keeps cropping up.
  8. We clearly haven’t been asking the right questions!
  9. Seen Kraft mentioned a few times on here, whether it’s just speculation but charges against him for solicitation have today been dropped.
  10. Insight like Weston McKennie the guy that signed for Juventus isn’t good enough for us?
  11. Yes, he’s better than both of them when on form.
  12. Appy


    So because Pickford is rubbish we have to accept McCarthy being rubbish?
  13. Unfortunately he would still be an upgrade
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