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  1. The club will prefer us to do better in the league, especially in the current financial climate.
  2. Dean Hammond on SSN tonight watching our game
  3. Have a feeling Ings will be involved tomorrow.
  4. https://www.shrewsburytown.com/news/2021/january/club-statement-lincoln-city-fixture/ Shrewsbury’s game this Saturday called off too.
  5. Marshall Law - Former Saints defender Scott goes through the weekend's refereeing decisions.
  6. Yeah, like with City, Fulham etc. And don’t give it the “it’s a different competition” Premier League months ago said the same.
  7. All these Scousers moaning about the ref. The decisions were all correct, Thiago was lucky to stay on the pitch too. What goes around comes around after that stonewall penalty we were denied at Anfield last year.
  8. Why the hell should we do that? We're playing a League One team on Saturday, rest players then.
  9. It'll be fine for one game, it's not like we're chucking a kid in, he's an experienced goalkeeper, hopefully carries on his form he had from Celtic last season.
  10. Yeah he was, the other two were not.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if the game is in doubt
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