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  1. Hologram pioneer? Gao must’ve used him for proof of funds in 2017
  2. They are, rehash and click bait.
  3. They do if they sell Grealish which looks likely
  4. To Saints, probably 60m+ in the current climate.
  5. If Villa offered us 50m+ I think he would be off.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jun/06/aston-villa-set-to-make-move-for-southamptons-james-ward-prowse-transfer-window Surely not
  7. Boruc is the best keeper we've had since promotion IMO so would be happy if he's similar to him.
  8. Oh Christ sake, would love to be proved wrong, but he just isn’t good enough for the Premier League. No pace, no skill, offered nothing before, why would he now?
  9. Kane is in the top two best centre forwards in world football. Ings is probably in top 7-8 strikers in PL. There’s a huge difference.
  10. Under 21s Euros, you’re still right.
  11. He might be worse than McCarthy
  12. He absolutely isn't worse than McCarthy
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