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  1. Just checked my phone and Appy told me about it on December 15th. I also assumed it would be common knowledge.
  2. I see they've signed Scapuzzi and Rekik from City on loan. Haven't heard of Rekik but Scapuzzi looked very good at Oldham. But, then again, it was Oldham.
  3. 810 posts on this thread today btw!
  4. Surely this is just identical to us appointing Pearson?
  5. Seems to be a lot of stories about Sean O'Driscoll getting the job today.
  6. If/when Cotterill gets the boot I can't wait to PMSL at the names touted around as a replacement. Paul Hart strikes again maybe?
  7. Defence. Which part of this whole thing is he currently in court for?
  8. I am led to believe a jury member did not turn up on one of the days. On the other day a witness, who lives abroad, could not connect via their web-link, so their evidence has been thrown out (after various attempts to connect) and they have refused to come to England for the case.
  9. Storrie is not going back to Pompey any time soon. For starters, his court case is due to last 8 weeks.
  10. I'm led to believe Peter Storrie is in court sometime this week. Anybody know more?
  11. Really looking forward to their protest on Saturday. We led the way with Lowe before Swansea, now let's see if they can follow suit!
  12. I don't know if this was revealed several months ago or not but I found out today that Peter Storrie was actually earning just under £1m a year (rather than the famous quote of £1.2m a yea) and that he and the key staff/players were on the following match bonuses: Home win - £3,000 Home draw - £1,500 Away win - £1,500 Away draw - £1,000 Loss - Nothing No idea how those figures compare to the match bonuses of other clubs though.
  13. Solent said they had a "massive" following at Hull today for what could have been their last game. They estimated 800-900
  14. Was this also aimed at your fans for recent home attendances?
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