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  1. John Boy Saint

    20/21 Kit

    Given the global presence of Under Armour the do seem like a bunch of Stumblebums dragging their feet each year with our kits. all seems a bit tinpot But then when the CEO of our headline sponsor is a bloody Squirrel we shouldn’t be surprised it’s all a bit cockeyed.
  2. Amazon Prime have already proved they have the capacity to show every game on one day - be a bit of coup if they yank that rabbit out of the hat!
  3. Pretty certain that was nailed on, new stadium we suddenly looked like we had money Bierhoff would have been the marquee signing (he was one of German Footballs pin up boys) to say “hey look out everyone, shiny stadium and big Bollocks with it on the pitch”. Trouble is he wanted big money wages and Lowe being rightly sensible and cautious 33year old player on that kind of money no way. So we got Rory Delap and Augustin Delgado probably on wages combined adding up to what Bierhoff wanted.
  4. Norwich goalie just gifted a goal to Arsenal to set them on their way.
  5. They deffo don’t sing that! 😳🙄🤪
  6. Please can someone give me a clue as to what words they actually sing when Sky goes to adverts during football - me and Mrs JBS have given up guessing - “see the ball” possibly At the end.
  7. Trouble is do you want him training with the nippers slowly becoming like a bottle of milk left out on the side with the lid off stinking the place out? That said when he turned up he freely admitted that his contract with us sets him up for life, so cruising round with the nippers would probably suit him very nicely.
  8. No it’s a lesser Red you could almost call it an Orange, he didn’t set out to smash the player to smithereens just last man before keeper and goal so a soft red, think handball on the line might be a soft red too, but if you have been sent off already this season that becomes 2 match ban 3 times etc......Pretty sure Wanyama got pinged on that one for us once.
  9. Spurs wages aren’t at the stratospheric level many other clubs piddle up the wall, makes me wonder if the win bonus is rather nice thank you. Think Arsenal did similar once as did we in the days of Lowe. It’s only recently Kane had a new contract that bolted him to the floor at £200k pw not that long ago he was around £50k pw which when it came out made you think Gosh that’s low.
  10. Wasn't until I saw this post that I realised we seem to have the rub of the green on this next set of games, in that we have a week between Watford and City - City play Thursday against Liverpool then us on Sunday. We have our next game on the following Thursday then the following Monday which is reasonable enough, although travel could be a pain as both are away in the north west.
  11. What bright spark dug this up from the dark corner where it should have remained accumulating dust and cobwebs - there is nothing cathartic in a revisitation. Reminded me of waking up in China to turn off my alarm and seeing a message from a mate about shipping so many goals at home - wow I was instantly awake. So thanks for that reminder and thanks for making me wonder when I can go back to China again.
  12. Think that was evident as the clock ran down, even Ings was hanging back trying to feed him. Liked the look of KWP - he looks like you could just pop him in your pocket, but against Watford’s monsters totally un-phased and always looking forward tidy player on today’s performance if Spuds want to swap him for PEH, crack on. Romeu looked tidy today no frills just simple stuff breaking up play giving JWP freedom instead of having to show for PEH. Sorry but Redmond drives me up the wall, Armstrong gets the ball drives forwards Redmond in the same spot on the pitch is like a Super Tanker trying to execute a handbrake turn.........maybe that’s just me. Anyway what a treat to see another win on the road nailed and 40 points with games to play,
  13. The phrase - The chances of that are slim to none....................and Slim just rode out of town - springs to mind.
  14. That’s what I said yesterday evening - bit like getting a lollipop after seeing the dentist - you know full well that you will be back in their chair before long! 😁
  15. Get that bloody White Witch back to top up whatever she did when we first moved into St Mary’s - might be mumbojumbo to some but there are many who believe the weirdness surrounding ancient Britons and the ground being built on an old settlement.
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