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  1. Seeing as we play them again midweek - Ralph might stir well the pot, just to keep a few things up his sleeve.
  2. Proper professional captains performance. looked like we could knock it up a cog or two if necessary - aside from the win a good chance to give a few lads a run out and put the Ralph way into practice against unknown players
  3. No surprise - think Saints were trying to get out of this pretty quickly as UA seemed repeatedly incapable of hitting delivery targets. Talking to someone in the store a couple of years back, not one stitch of a home replica shirt to be seen, yet you could buy one online from the UA shop in Holland (or somewhere) without sponsorship, for a fraction of the £££’s Saints were wanting to charge us, they weren’t best pleased. Bit of a shame as I like their golf shirts, so always knew what would fit. Interesting read on the subject, might explain why popular colour keepers shirts, hi
  4. Explains why Mrs JBS switched over to the Ice cobblers - rare for her to switch over from footie.
  5. Have to laugh at folks all over Stephen’s for the goal, but he kept pushing Maddison out into an ever narrowing angle but McCarthy being too clever is leaning to cover the likely cross opening the smallest of windows between him and the near post. It was a well taken goal doing what Maddison is paid to do threading the ball through the eye of a needle. Yes Jack lost the ball fro their second nearly everyone was up in the Leicester half, loses the ball but Bednarek and JWP both freeze momentarily which gave Barnes the head start. Commentary said where would Leicester be without Vardy
  6. Sorry mate .................you’re wrong!😃
  7. Just for fun to while away the time - what have folk got on the menu for their pre match meal tonight. In the JBS house - Chinese has been selected and will be collected in a minute, washed down with Thatchers Katy single fruit Cider.
  8. Mrs JBS may be a moaning old trout sometimes (30 years shackled to her - she can’t be that bad I suppose 😁) but with her personally wrapped in razor wire remote control, if there is footie on the TV all the soaps and other crap get shoved to one side...... except Strictly! Only downside is having to watch on the smaller screen and not the biggy in the man cave, cos I’m too tight to cough up the extra criminal £5 BT want to do chuff all getting to another box.
  9. As Mrs JBS who sprung for ours this season, says “the money has gone, it’s spent, just leave it in the pot for next season”. Seems a pretty sensible decision.
  10. I was conscious of my lapsed subscription, but seeing my Avatar become just a J this morning I thought a-ha the games up at last. I figured @stevegranthad bigger fish to fry than sending the boys round to sort us out.
  11. Hey-ho I only lost my John Boy Saint Saints shirt avatar photo that was about - 15 years old when I had such silliness on my shirts (goodness knows where it is stored now) still makes good use of the Birthday card from this year that shows a rather disturbing self likeness.
  12. Fulham slowly slowly popping points in their pockets.
  13. Being cynical old Hector: The Premier League is their Jewel in the Crown - Cramping up Saints with fixture congestion is of no interest to them as its a convenient way to hamper another Leicester fly in the ointment at the top of the table. Arsenal have been written off to make the big table at the end of the season so long as the top 5 are suitably covered with the right teams they can live with it and sod Saints, Wolves, Leeds, and especially tomorrows chip paper team Chorley. You would think with the protocols they have in place to be as Covid secure as possible - that they would give
  14. Ooops Fingers ahead of brain. Not everybody’s perfect............said the Dalek climbing off the dustbin.
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