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  1. Bit on the Beeb this morning - most of it stuff we know already. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58350650
  2. Well if Sky are planting trees for all the carbon dioxide that comes out of the commentators mouths - the amount of Bollocks they spout, that’s the whole south coast up to the M4 resembling a rain forest. Methinks its a damn good wheeze to sell acres of expensive advertising slots to every “green” product producing company in the UK. With the small print of £0.0001 per was given to tree planting properties.
  3. I think the big problem is we have seen what he is capable of in the time he has been with us, trouble is most of real Nathan Redmond is in his past. “The Pep talk” was probably on the money when he said that Redmond tore them apart in the previous season, we get snapshots of what he can do, now almost it’s as if he doesn’t believe in himself that he can do it - The amount of times we have all seen him race up to the box only to be greeted by a couple of bigger boys and you can see the steam coming out of his ears as he says to himself “errr” “what do I do now?”. Saturday that dilly dall
  4. @Sheaf Saint Is there a still a big sink hole outside Decathlon? That was a pretty handy spot a few years ago with a pretty tidy get away.
  5. p*mpey dumped out at home by Chichester & Selsey from the same league.
  6. Perrauds pace to get back was also a big help too
  7. Tella should have been on earlier - last few minutes of the 90 West Ham were blowing out of their arses especially at the back, Him and Broja would have not been fun to defend against.
  8. Gave a good bollocking to the referee too for a really crap decision - I like his “I really don’t give a f*** who you are” attitude. Him and Salisu seem to be clicking.
  9. You forgot that Skácel fellow we’re supposed to be signing from Hearts!
  10. Its well worth making the effort she will enjoy it (you might even be surprised) - £3 to get in, free parking in the trading estate round the corner.............buy her some of the cheesy that many seemed to opting for and you will be the best Dad in the world. Mrs JBS and I went and saw the Gillingham game at Totton (yup the 2 keeping errors made you laugh) , as a team they are well sorted actually they look a bloody nightmare to play against, they are relentless. Walking back to the car we were talking to a lady who seems to have been going to their games for a while, "they seem to have
  11. Tella stepping up probably didn’t help his cause - blistering pace, football intelligence and possibly more receptive to instruction. Ralph said at the outset the MO was a stone that needed polishing, obviously he wasn’t coming up quite as well as he hoped. With regard to pace - read on the weekend that so far Armstrong A has been clocked as the fastest player in the league this season.
  12. You forgot Sweeteners too There was some chat about Ings getting £6m from Villa “for signing on the dotted line”,
  13. Popped along to the Women’s game at Totton - Ref has made some woeful decisions, 2 had all 20 outfield players standing looking at him - to a Woman “WTF?!”.
  14. You could argue “and other events sold by the club at St Mary’s”, a home cup game is an event sold by the club at St Mary’s. no doubt more effort will be made to dodge that than was put into the ticket fiasco
  15. Maybe he’s woken up to the fact that with Mo getting a start, Stu due to come back in, Tella, Broja, Theo all being good competition, he needs to up his game to get on the pitch. Letting his natural talent, that has got him this far, override his annoying trait of dallying frustratingly.
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