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  1. I think since Bill Green our then Head Scout sadly passed away in 2017 he left a rather big hole in the place. Maybe with the wealth of targets not coming through like they once did the club has decided to get on and get the scouting department sorted. On top of this in our current Covid Pandemic situation, hopping on a plane from the UK to have a look at someone in Spain then France etc, incurs self isolation upon return, and in some cases upon arrival from the UK. As football still chugs along the need for players still exists, and missing out through someone sat on their backside expe
  2. If this lot were to break away - then quite rightly they deserve to be expelled, denied the right to play in the PL or EFL. If this “super league” were to turn into a flop and fall apart, then this lot should not be allowed to breeze back to where they were, but all the way back down to the bottom of the pyramid and earn their place eventually at the top table. That way grass roots football will get the money they need through home gate receipts and the exposure that the “big 6” being in their league would bring. When the Glaziers took over Man U and mortgaged the club to finance the take
  3. If I was going to open a candle shop - Liverpool would top my list of possible destinations.
  4. Yes! That's the Glen reports we like - must have laughed out loud twice at the very least. Cheers
  5. Seeing as Diallo was on the bench and had a spin out for a few minutes, I'm guessing that he is somewhere up to near Ralphs readiness, with Theo out due to it being against his home club - and we don't know what the Armstrong situation is re his Covid positive test, maybe we will see him on Sunday from the start with JWP (seeing as no position is a challenge for him) and him switching positions through the game. When KWP has a trip up the wing JWP often slides into right back as cover, and we all know JWP has been used at right back before.
  6. Be interesting to know the results for the whole weekends PPV - tonights 5:30 game I can imagine would be pretty low, bit like our game v Burnley probably was at 8pm on a Saturday night, only die hards would be watching it especially up against the main channel Saturday night family big guns. interestingly Newcastle fans boycotted their PPV game and apparently raised over £20k donating the £14.95 to a local food bank charity, the most they have collected from matchday collections outside the ground is £5,800, amazingly they had donations from outside the UK too. Seeing the result bet quit
  7. The way MOTD highlights got later and later into the match, I thought one of these is going to nick it at the death.....................by all accounts it was a hard watch.
  8. John Boy Saint

    Sloe Gin

    Stood on the 11th Tee of the local golf course the other day with my Nephew not long moved here from South Africa, when the dusty blue hue from the bushes caught my attention "blimey just look at all of those Sloes there's flipping loads", confused he was "whats? where?" then spent the rest of the hole explaining the mystical art of Sloe Gin and Vodka.
  9. Just as aside I saw Southampton FC Women progressed with ease in the WFA Cup qualifying round breezing past Helston albeit 3 divisions below them 11-0, they are a pretty ruthless team that don't seem to know how to take their foot off the gas - just a shame the league was cancelled on them last season as they are currently playing well above the standard of the league they are in. Also it seems La Liga is a bit weird too, Real Madrid had an upset at home over the weekend with newly promoted Cadiz scoring in the 16th minute and hold out for the win. The La Liga top 4 looks different r
  10. I too was one of the handful who coughed up the £15, pretty glad I did (Mrs JBS said as much at the final whistle), obviously not as sharp as some on the intricacies of navigating the t'internet. Entertaining game and considering the money Chelsea had splurged in the summer, that money talked early on. Ralph had no doubt tipped the lads off on Werner but until you face him in the flesh, all the words in the world are going to leave gaps for a player like him to exploit. Bit like Danny Ings sometimes he squeezes off goals that didn't look possible just before he hits it. I thought even at
  11. What a goal to make it 3-3 football is bloody nuts right back to the IPL
  12. Not right now but have been - KKR my team as my Dad was born just up the road. very entertaining
  13. We can get back into this - Chelsea deffo look wobbly under pressure around their box. Werner v Bednarek exposes how slow we know Jan is.
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