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  1. If you saw the interview with Ralph when Redmond signed his new contract, got the impression Ralph is a bit scared of Nathan’s Mum 😳🤪
  2. Last 10 minutes were entertaining - as has been said our ladies have only played in the cup and Birmingham are WSL playing every week and it showed. Fair play, getting one back put a bit of Petrol in the ladies tank. At 3 nil Birmingham subbed their keeper, almost a tad disrespectful nearly backfired as she was certainly a bit flappy. Brum certainly were rocking when we got it to 3-2. Lets hope they get a fair crack next season because they are miles better than the league they are in.
  3. Without a doubt ain’t the sharpest pencil in the box never has been, papers over the cracks with the odd assist, but you watch just about every other player on the pitch and he’s a friggin passenger 99% of the time by comparison.
  4. WooHoo I got a double last night - Saints Won! And I won a tenner on the Saints Foundation Super Draw! 😎
  5. Hope the Ref got a receipt for that non foul
  6. The probably wanted to check that a Saints keeper really did dive left for the first time this season.
  7. The gift that keeps on fucking giving!
  8. For all of those who can't print their ticket Click this link to the official site and scroll down towards the bottom and there is a video to tell you everything you need to know if you are successful in getting a ticket. They may drive us up the wall in the Ticket Office sometimes, but I thought that this was rather concise and pretty much idiot proof. https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-05-10/southampton-fc-return-to-st-marys-leeds-united-tickets-on-sale
  9. We're higher than you NN!! haven't sat that far back for years..............still its miles closer to the pitch than you can get at West Ham .
  10. Glad I am not alone in this both on the phone and the web - get as far as my account page and thats it - had the email Friday to say today was the day.
  11. Just got to hope that his keeping possession of the ball is worked on in the summer.
  12. I’ll have 2 bags of what you’re smoking
  13. Too much fucking about in the wrong part of the pitch 2-0 very flattering
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