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  1. The UA baseball cap that matches the training gear Ralph has been wearing the last couple of games, looks like he has made a mad dash from riding winner in the 4pm at Ascot
  2. Nothing wrong with those, makes a change and as others have said rids us of the stupid “Bra” Under Armour seem obsessed with. Seems a shame to have done away with the Yellow on the away, especially when the manager commented this past season that the boys seem to like “pulling on their yellow trousers and going out to play”. On the Saints Facebook page they had a past shirt vote recently for the next historical replica to appear in the shop, the 1976-1980 thick stripes with thinner side stripes wiped the floor with the rest so I’m guessing that’s next years prep being done.
  3. They are in a spot of Bury type bother so probably still searching
  4. I think we have our tails up now - don’t think there is anyone in the remaining games to scare us. We look fit and that showed in the City game, actually from both sides, where just the minimum of subs were made, ours replacing a bloke who hasn’t played 90 minutes all season and City trying to unlock our door. Keep PEH and his negative play off the pitch and we can pocket the 3 points.
  5. Said it before even at 55 it is like being a kid waiting for the next edition of Whizzer & Chips or the Beano to come out - then when it “drops on the doormat” you've read most of it before heading off to school 😳🤪
  6. I had a couple of mates who phoned me today saying that’s what amazed them the most.
  7. Think Romeu is a far better foil for JWP in midfield bit like Wanyama and Schniederlin where Victor was the blunt instrument and Morgan the surgeon. Romeu is the iron fist in Prowseys velvet glove. Romeu always seems to look to play forward much more than PEH.
  8. Think Ralph didn’t want to break the cohesion, making changes for changes sake might have broken the spell, also shows the level of fitness both teams had, us to defend them to attack. It might be red and white striped glasses I viewed that through, but that has to be the most intense game so far of the restart. I am bloody knackered. 😁
  9. Given the global presence of Under Armour the do seem like a bunch of Stumblebums dragging their feet each year with our kits. all seems a bit tinpot But then when the CEO of our headline sponsor is a bloody Squirrel we shouldn’t be surprised it’s all a bit cockeyed.
  10. Amazon Prime have already proved they have the capacity to show every game on one day - be a bit of coup if they yank that rabbit out of the hat!
  11. Pretty certain that was nailed on, new stadium we suddenly looked like we had money Bierhoff would have been the marquee signing (he was one of German Footballs pin up boys) to say “hey look out everyone, shiny stadium and big Bollocks with it on the pitch”. Trouble is he wanted big money wages and Lowe being rightly sensible and cautious 33year old player on that kind of money no way. So we got Rory Delap and Augustin Delgado probably on wages combined adding up to what Bierhoff wanted.
  12. Norwich goalie just gifted a goal to Arsenal to set them on their way.
  13. They deffo don’t sing that! 😳🙄🤪
  14. Please can someone give me a clue as to what words they actually sing when Sky goes to adverts during football - me and Mrs JBS have given up guessing - “see the ball” possibly At the end.
  15. Trouble is do you want him training with the nippers slowly becoming like a bottle of milk left out on the side with the lid off stinking the place out? That said when he turned up he freely admitted that his contract with us sets him up for life, so cruising round with the nippers would probably suit him very nicely.
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