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  1. That's complete bull. It's easier to leverage a deal for a private company than a public company.
  2. benjii

    The BBC

    Can't argue with that though!
  3. benjii

    The BBC

    Well, it's levied on households, not individuals. It's literally not a poll tax and doesn't quack like one.
  4. It is bizarre that they've come up with someone even older than him. Trump is mentally and physically impaired due to degenerative age-related conditions and they've kind of taken those issues off the table.
  5. Yes, I’ve posted the exact rule and the reference on here before but I can’t be bothered to look it up again now. But, basically, Gao admitted bribing officials in China but was never convicted because he acted as prosecution witness. Basically, he agreed a deal. The PL rules said that someone convicted of certain crimes couldn’t run or own a club. Bribery is one of the crimes. But he wasn’t convicted, even though he admitted it in evidence he gave. So they changed the rule to ban people who had been convicted or people who had committed an act overseas that would have been a crime if it had been committed in the UK.
  6. Christ, the classic “football consortium”. Grandiose plan. Washed up player as some sort of associate / advisor. No money.
  7. Kat and Gao could have agreed anything. Wasn't it reported before that she had a put option (i.e. the right to force him to buy her out) and she tried to exercise it but he wasn't good for the cash. I'm sure I remember reading about that. They were in dispute.
  8. Don't knock it until you've tried it. I take your point, but the ST revenue is relatively small compared to the broadcast revenue and as long as we don't get relegated we're in no danger of going udne
  9. benjii


    They are hoping most people aren't ignorant cunts looking to game it.
  10. benjii


    At risk of what, though? Death, sure. But what about permanent lung damage?
  11. You actively want to loan SFC money interest free? There's support and then there's being bummed hard.
  12. Indeed. On the other hand, I swear to make the underwater, moon-base, monkey-chicken petting zoo a reality. Maybe I should set up a go fund me.
  13. Yeah, it's just fantasy. No skin in the game. I could make a luxury underwater Hotel empire with a moon-base for weekend trips. I just need someone to give me enough money.
  14. Better than getting relegated and we aren’t competing with Everton any more.
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