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  1. Absolutely never a penalty. Terrible, terrible officiating. Shows they know the laws but don't understand what they're seeing. Utterly terrible.
  2. Funnily enough, I've just left a Taoist shrine.
  3. Still doing it if I try to type much. I'm worried it's effectively made this forum unusable for me and you will all struggle without my insights.
  4. Maybe we can spend more than what we make now?
  5. I've updated my Android OS and now my posts seem to automatically get lots of extra lines added to them.
  6. Maybe we can do a similar deal as Tino where they have a buy-back clause. Benefits everyone. They get money now. Broja gets certainty over his future for the next couple of years. If he progresses well they get him back without having to compete with other clubs for him. We get a player that we wouldn't keep for long anyway, regardless of any buy-back, if he continues to do well.
  7. Great pass from Rom for the goal but also very nice clean, crisp first-time pass into him by Salisu. Let's hope that, with the new regime, we can keep players like Salisu, as well as Broja.
  8. It's been painfully obvious that 4222 leaves us exposed in midfield. A midfield 3 is definitely the way forward, whether that's with a back 3 or 4. The 352 suits us quite well because our wide-backs are generally very good but our wide forwards are generally not very good. If we can add an upgrade to our centre backs and GK and keep hold of Broja we could become a really dangerous team.
  9. Is it better for Labour if he stays? He's a complete joke and an embarrassment to the country and so evidently unfit for the job that you wonder if they need to be a bit careful here about pushing for him to go well in advance of the next election.
  10. I can explain: Tedeer wanted to post something about blacks doing crime and about BLM being bad and any problems faced by blacks being the result of all the blacks. However, he was worried that he might be a bit of a racist. He hoped that by hinting at this, someone would post something that would give some validation to that point and he could then post it and would have something to fall back on when people pointed out that he might be a bit of a racist. No one did, so he's scared to post it in case his fear that he's a bit of a racist is actually true.
  11. A 352 variation with JWP on the right definitely makes sense. Or even a 4141. If we have an extra body in midfield we won't miss him so much. Stephens at right back with Bednarek inside him sounds like a recipe for a soft goal. Just not "4222" FFS.
  12. I'd go 352 and keep JWP at right wing back (assuming no KWP or Tino). Foster Stephens Bednarek Salisu JWP Diallo Romeu Perraud Redmond Tella Broja
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