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  1. It's probably the company that Kat uses to hold her shares. Not really part of the SFC group any more.
  2. The second of 4 games in 11 days. And the third and fourth look much more winnable. I would make a few changes for this one normally but seeing as we aren’t really playing for anything do we just go with the same guys, providing they are not getting over exposed to injury?
  3. I think that’s mostly amortisation of contracts plus net transfer spend. Usually when we have people on expensive long term contracts we sell them after a couple of years. Now we have players on expensive long term contracts that no one wants so they represent a significant write off each year and they don’t get sold to offset our spending. Frankly, we’d be mad to turn down any half decent bid for Hojbjerg. I guess the contract extension for Long is a decent sign of confidence though. With three other strikers on the books plus Redmond capable of doing a job further forward we could have easily let him go.
  4. I think so. I’m not sure! I guess we just have to be thankful Mason didn’t whip out the red in the first place. We usually get hard done by when he’s the ref so I’m surprised he didn’t. He must have had serious doubts whether it was a foul.
  5. But he’s not allowed to? That’s on the PL for having a weird system. I agree that the monitor should be used.
  6. Trump is also unlikely to accept the result if he loses. He will allege voting fraud, interference etc. and refuse to vacate the office.
  7. VAR and Mason had an absolute mare. It's embarrassing that the penalty was awarded. Awful from Mason in the first place and awful not to overturn it. Then there was the Bednarek incident where Mason clearly guessed what had happened and didn't dare to give the red that was clearly, indisputably, undeniably the appropriate coloured card IF it was a foul. I guess he was relying on VAR to sort it out, which is OK if VAR is allowed to adjudicate on the foul - but it isn't, because he didn't show the red or give a pen. So then you have VAR deciding if the "foul" denied a goal scoring opportunity. As it self-evidently, no doubt, clearly did, then what the hell does an outcome of no red but an Everton free kick in a dangerous position mean? It's a nonsense.
  8. So we know now from the Lander UK accounts that we borrowed £80m. The previous working capital facility was £20m so that probably explains the change of lender - Macquarrie might not have had the stomach to be that exposed to a business that could be relegated and lose a huge chunk of turnover overnight.
  9. So, basically, we are just about sustainable to the extent we don't spend materially more on transfers than we receive. Once we do, we have an accounting loss due to player amortisation, which is exacerbated by having unsaleable players on high wages who need to be covered in the first team squad by another player (Forster, Lemina, Carillo, Hoedt etc.). The interesting thing about the £80m loan is that the 80m is not the maximum working capital facility, necessarily, it's what we have actually drawn down.
  10. Just had a look at these. Remember this is for the year up to June 2019, so over a year out of date already. - turnover was the same as the previous year, although we only had a ten month accounting year in the previous year so on an annualised basis it was actually down (fewer tv appearances) - operating costs were £30m higher - turnover was £149m against costs of £140m - we made a transfer profit of £54m in the previous year but only 400k in this year - first team salary is £85m - total wages are £100m - total salary costs including pensions etc are £115m against turnover of £149m (77%) - we owe £47m in transfer fees - we are owed £21m in transfer fees - the company is owned by a HK company but the ultimate owner remains a BVI company controlled by Jisheng Goa - the recent loan appears to be for £80m ! This is not part of the annual accounts as it is post June 2019 but was confirmed before these accounts were published so is obviously material enough to mention. The previous working capital facility was for £20m.
  11. He normally shafts us but today he's helped us out.
  12. I always fancy a pint of Gazprom during the Champions League.
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