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  1. The funny thing is that utter shite like us, Palace, Burnley and Sheff U even have a whiff of Europe.
  2. That is proper class. He's a 50m+ player.
  3. Balls of Steel Don is such a big strongman who definitely isn't a useful idiot for the Kremlin is so big and strong and manly and tough and big and strong and tough and hard and manly and strong and hell-yeah! that his response to finding out that Russia were paying bounties to mercenaries who kill US soldiers was to publicly clamour for Russia to be invited to the G8. He's so manly and big and strong and tough for a senile traitor.
  4. I covered that in my first paragraph. The Saudis aren't trying to buy Newcastle to make money directly. It's a PR exercise to help them drive interest and investment into their economy, to diversify from oil and try to become a tourism destination and drive demand for infrastructure development. It also provides a level of political cover and cache. Yeah, you might get lucky and attract a sovereign wealth fund or a mega-billionaire but it's unlikely and it's not a sound business proposition.
  5. Neither Burnley nor Saints are a sensible investment if you are looking to make money. If you’re looking to create a legacy, some sort of public relations push on behalf of a government or what have you then there’s probably not much in it but Southampton is obviously a bigger place and closer to London. If you’re looking for a return, better to buy a Champ club or even League One with decent infrastructure, like Sheff U, Wolves, Leicester etc. and like us with Markus. To materially increase the value of Saints or Burnley would take hundreds of millions, on top of the purchase price. Who is seriously looking to do that?
  6. Some excellent points made here:
  7. benjii


    Here's the best insight I've heard yet on this matter:
  8. KWP's rear foot was playing him on.
  9. VAR review that? Don't walk!
  10. I guess the fact it's a dead rubber doesn't help but, seriously..... Zzzzzzz
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