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  1. Except the Tweet is just made up click bait for thickos?
  2. He's young, Hungary, and guaranteed to improve.
  3. We were due a reffing howler….. but Lovren, so Lolz.
  4. Yeah, Danny Murphy is so depressing.
  5. I got a Christmas message from James Ellsworth, which I cherish.
  6. Sobering stuff and let's hope he makes a full recovery. Still, got to lol reading back this thread.... "That's the tournament over. Oh, they're finishing the match." [Not having a go at anyone. I know it looked bad.]
  7. Couldn't believe the way Che got dropped, whilst in form and having been consistently good all season. It seemed to be based on Redmond managing a good game against Bournemouth. Che is an underrated player. He lacks the killer instinct and yard of movement in the box to be prolific but his all round game is excellent and we generally played better when he was in the team.
  8. Harry Kane had four loans before he got his chance for Spurs. It would be silly to let him go cheaply, IMO. As others have said, he's not 25, he's only 20. If he's happy to sign an extension then get him on loan to the Champ for a season and see how he does. He's got raw attributes but needs to show he can apply himself mentally over a season and dig in for a team when needed.
  9. benjii


    It's obvious, and unbelievably significant, but not worth the hassle of a forum post. Just use your loaf!
  10. I have never seen anything that substantiated Markus' alleged 3bn net worth. Seemed based on a misunderstanding of his share of the Liebherr family business. No doubt he was wealthy and had tens of millions liquid funds, but 3bn has always seemed pie in the sky stuff. Mali always seemed like a rich-man's hobby, rather than a valuable asset - if it was a solid, profit-generating business, it wouldn't have been wound up so abruptly after Markus passed Likewise, there is not a single verifiable public source of Gao's wealth, as far as I am aware.
  11. My main gripe is that Mings is shit and Maguire is injured, so we've got two wasted squad places. Plus JWP is better than Phillips. So, I think he's unlucky to miss out on the squad, although he wouldn't play much if Rice and Henderson are fit anyway and at least he gets a rest.
  12. Lol. It was a big old dive, quite clearly.
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