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  1. Thought Perraud grew into it well. Looks decent. Salisu and Stephens were excellent. Tino was ok but KWP is better. Romeu looks past it. Been poor in every match this season. Time for Diallo to start. He was very good when he came on. Elyounoussi simply isn't athletic enough to play in the PL. Waste of a shirt when we've got the likes of Tella and Broja on the bench (and Adams, but I guess he wasn't considered available today). Redmond gave a typical performance. Which was a shame. Djenepo was good defensively and always looks likely to do something positive, bu
  2. 70 minutes on the clock, several players playing badly, heading into a run of games which is tough and still KWP, Tella, Adams, Broja sat on the bench. Honestly, it's baffling.
  3. Most of our players wouldn't get in any other PL team so I suppose 0-0 is a decent enough scoreline. Pretty depressing, along with the loads of empty seats. Half time ratings: McCarthy 6 - hasn't had a save to make. WHU have been shit as well. Tino 5 - I'm sorry, but KWP is way better. Smacks of "Martin's" vanity project. Too slow to release the ball and looks tired. Do the fair thing and pick KWP. Stephens 6 - has done pretty well. Salisu 6 - as above. Perraud 5 - looks decent going forwards but a bit sleepy at the back. Romeu 5 - past it. Diallo should be
  4. Could be the match where Vegard Forren steps up.
  5. Per chance, you think it is a load of old pony?
  6. This is a problem of Ralph's / club's own making. There was no need to drop KWP and literally no one would be clamouring for him to do so in order to give Tino a game, other than in the cup matches. It makes no sense and smacks of pure moneyball and interference from above IMO.
  7. 9 nil! Mickey Mouse league! Can't take it seriously with scores like that.
  8. Sub GK at a big club has to be the best job in the world. 80k a week to joke about with the lads and the occasional cup match. Absolute class life.
  9. Just play our best right back at right back. Our best right back is KWP. Pissing off our best players by benching them to make way for an 18 year old who is: a) not as good; and b) knackered after 60 minutes, is stupid.
  10. "I've opened your eyes, you're now colour blind".
  11. There’s nae porn on it.
  12. Just saw Haaland at Rownhams services. Make of that what you will.
  13. benjii


    I think the rules in that situation should provide for the award of a penalty goal, and no red card (unless it’s violent conduct denying a goal). Goal plus red card completely changes the match in a way that the goal itself would not, so seems disproportionate. Penalty and no red card is unfair on the attacking team as they go from certain goal to 75% chance of a goal. So, penalty goal it should be. Plus, imagine the laughs when a penalty goal gets wrongly awarded.
  14. Don't forget the half a million, plus, spunked on refunds for the United match.
  15. I've done my ratings. Furthermore, I have written them below. McCarthy - 6 - didn't do anything wrong. Didn't have to do anything particularly good. Tino - 6 - Good first half but shows immaturity in holding the ball too long at times. Faded secomd half. Ralph is asking a lot of a guy who never played PL before and is 18. He deserves to be managed better. Stephens - 6 - generally good, but did he lose his man for the first goal? I wasn't paying much attention to the replay, so maybe not. Salisu - 7 - if Redmond hadn't been so good, he'd be our MoM. Handled most things very
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