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  1. West Ham next when Moyes is inevitably sacked
  2. Unfortunately we knew he preferred the Premier League ... " Nicolas Holveck, president of Stade Rennais, is the guest of the "RMC Foot Show" to take stock of the transfer window. He indicates in particular that the arrival of Salisu is largely compromised #RMCLive
  3. D) Jim's vague response didn't clarify if it's transfer, contract or takeover news. It could be in the right thread and equally it *may* not.
  4. This story was released by Sky Sports in May. 2 + 2 = 5 An American-based company has held talks to buy Gao Jisheng's majority share of Southampton, but the coronavirus pandemic has held up discussions. The group has shown interest in purchasing the Chinese businessman's 80 per cent controlling stake, which he put up for sale earlier this year. They have been described to Sky Sports News as the only serious player in a potential takeover, following interest from more than two parties. However, it is understood those talks have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and a deal is not close to being agreed. Previous owner Katharina Liebherr, who sits on the board and retains a 20 per cent stake, is said to have been actively involved in discussions
  5. Yes, but he is past his prime. Ings has just turned 28 and hitting his prime, it's different for every player. My point was a long term replacement for Romeu in that they play the same role and he will likely leave after seeing his contract out. Personally I think we have a ready made hojberg replacement in Reed so he doesn't need replacing.
  6. Really like the look of Douglas Luiz at Villa. Tenacious, good at breaking up play, quickly closes down the opposition. Only 22, was bought for £15m last summer so I imagine his stock has increased some what. This could price us out of any deal, but would certainly be an upgrade on an ageing Romeu.
  7. http://stream-cr7.net/manchester-united-live-stream.html
  8. Transfermarket values him at 7.2m, so certainly not a bargain buy/loan as many expected
  9. Guan and K Billy's noticeable absence on here today is quite telling, obviously nothing on the cards. Complete trust in Ralph to see this through, I just hope injuries don't come back to bite us.
  10. Smith Rowe gone to Leipzig. JKA free to leave now?
  11. Saint Scott

    Che Adams

    For north of £15mil I'd rather we just went for JKA. Worked under hassenhuttl, natural finisher with skill and pace and likely to make us more money in the long run when inevitably solder to the scousers. Yes, he would be a record signing but I'd be happy with just him in this window. JKA, Redmond and Ings is a mouth watering prospect.
  12. Clear penalty at the end! Inga, Moi, Vestergaard and Redmond all played very well. Must play with 4 at the back from now on, different side after changing.
  13. I never mentioned Blackmore, I said peach never stated what you "claimed" he had said. This was also posted early this morning, a lot can change throughout the day. I'm off to rejoin the optimists who have an interest in seeing the club do well rather than you pessimists who would get off seeing us crash and burn.
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