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  1. I must have missed it, and the one at 8th minutes. 12th minute 36 minute etc etc.
  2. Well, a good win to end a good restart. Looking forward to next season now and what we might achieve with a few good buys, (starting with KWP) Che is starting to show what he can do, and I just had a feeling it was just a confidence thing and once he scored his first he would start to knock them in. Danny Ings, wow. great if he can keep that up next season. Adn Ralph, thanks for this, please stay and put together a winning squad made of a few old heads, youth and weird luck. Just want to say that after the way Bournemouth behaved against us after the 3-1 win, I wanted them to go down today, and they did. But its easy to forget this will lead to people losing their jobs ans some financial hardship, so I hope they can steady the blow. Well done though, Saints. The future IS bright. The future IS Red and White And, oh. Apparently we lost 9-0 at some stage. When did this happen? And why did no body tell us? And surely someone could have mentioned it? But no, not a peep from the press, nothing from the pundits and not even mentioned by any commentator at all. How bizzare.
  3. Oh get it there Che Adams. This is 2hat he needs to be doing more of.
  4. We don't do injury time goals. We do now. Lost our way a little but kept going and got something out of the game. A few choice buys and we could be fun to watch next season. We'll done lads.
  5. Well that will do me. We tried hard lost some momentum but kept trying Onwards and upwards.
  6. Obafemi....................Oh yes
  7. I recon it should be se en minutes. ......we are in the accendancy......it'll be 3 minutes
  8. VAR looking at a possible incident off of the ball..........and it's looks like VAR isn't sure that Gary Neville is biased. Goes on and on about Romeu but mentions nothing about Harry Hands - on Maguire throwing people around. We were doing ok but manure seems to have knocked the wind out of our sails. Let's at least try and do some damage limitation if we are going to whack the ball around willy nilly. The 3 - 1 is coming I think.
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