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  1. Pelle, Lambert, Rodriguez and Ings. Those 4 in that order. If Broja continues playing like this till the end of season, I would swap Rodriguez for him.
  2. Agree with the fact he had a very good squad. The summer he joined us, we had just sold Lambert, Lallana, Shaw, Lovren and Chambers. Rodriquez had a bad injury and Schneiderlin was upset about not being aloud to leave. Koeman had a lot of rebuilding to do when he came in.
  3. I like Ralph and think he has done very well at times. However the seasons under Koeman were the best we had in recent history. Koeman also works best when there’s no pressure to perform, like with us and at Feyenoord. To answer the question, yes I would like Koeman back.
  4. Started watching in Saints in 2002, Niemi Clyne - VvD - Fonte - Shaw Romeu Tadic - Mane - Lallana Lambert - Pelle manager: Pochetinno.
  5. Maybe an interesting player to look at is Ajax youth goalkeeper Charlie Setford. Plays for England u18 and a fellow Saints fan.
  6. I find that rumour unlikely. He signed a contract extension only last year.
  7. I get the impression we are doing what Dortmund have done with Sancho and Bellingham, offering talent the chance of first team football at a young age. By their early 20ties they will have played loads of PL games, be worth millions and have some of the big clubs wanting their signatures. Instead of being loaned several times to championship clubs and having to wait ages for their PL debut.
  8. They have Sancho and Lingard on the bench, our attacking options from the bench are Long and Elyounoussie (and Redmond and Tella).
  9. LiveScore has a completely different line up, probably one I would have preferred.
  10. Are we still interested in Oxlade-Chamberlain? Or was that just some made up gossip.
  11. He is way out of our league. PSV have seen Dortmund buy young English players for little and sell them for big money and know that if Madueke has a good season, one of the big clubs will do them a ridiculous offer.
  12. Messi available for nothing, only wages..
  13. If we sign Madueke that would be a really good deal done. Dutch media reporting Borussia Dortmund and Spurs are after his signature. Madueke has been amazing for PSV in the build up to the coming season and expectations are high for him this season.
  14. Terrible lineup, our bench is stronger then the team on the pitch.
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