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  1. Wow, 6 defense minded players against the mighty Albania.
  2. Like said above, who is going to replace Ralph and do a better job? We have to remember that the likes of Hoedt, Lemina, Elyounnoussie, Long etc are still on the payroll. Until the club can move them on, investment in the squad will be limited. Since Ralph has been here, the players bought have been pretty much spot on. Slowly a stronger squad is being built and youth players are getting more playing time. Ralph might want to change our playing style until the squad is strong enough to be rotated when needed. The high pressing game is more fun to watch, however the players fat
  3. Can’t sadly, at a client. Hopefully I can have a quick look on my phone from time to time.
  4. Great lineup, looking forward to the game (though I won’t get to see it due to work). COYR!
  5. I don’t know who would be the worst to have as a referee when playing at OT, Mike Dean, Lee Mason or, a call from the past, Howard Webb.
  6. Attack is the best defense! One of Johan Cruijffs quotes
  7. They can have Lemina for free and hand us Lookman in return, if RB Leipzig agree 😉
  8. Dr. Kucho


    Johnson and his government have made a mess of the way we try to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. But then, imagine if Labour won the elections and we had Corbyn, Abbott and Thornbury leading us in these times. May might have done a better job, Cameron too as he is a good ‘talker’ and could be more clear. As we stand I cannot think of current politician who could lead us through this pandemic and the coming economic crisis.
  9. Didn’t know Adkins was still down here in Hampshire. Just had a quick look on his Twitter account, great positive videos the bloke does. would like to see him back at the club, maybe as a youth coach.
  10. That wasn’t Joey Veerman with those stats, that was Henk Veerman (29 year old striker from Heerenveen). IMO Joey Veerman (22 years old, only played 23 games in the Eredivisie so far) isn’t the kind of player we should look at. He hasn’t impressed at Heerenveen and if he was any decent, Ajax or PSV would be all over him.
  11. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Couldn’t believe what I was watching last night. Just under 2 weeks and the clown is gone from the White House.
  12. I doubt Nagelsmann would leave Leipzig. He’s doing a great job there and Red Bull have money to keep him satisfied. I think Nagelsmann will likely leave to Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Liverpool etc.
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