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  1. Given before today he hasnt missed a PL game since late 2018 I don't understand how you can make such a conclusion unless it is based upon literally 1 (one) game?
  2. 2nd loan probably the best we could hope for. No need for Chelsea to sell on the cheap, no real need for Broja to push from his side and the fee they would want will probably be beyond us sadly. He must be seen as a £15-£20m asset already and that will only increase.
  3. I do feel that Amrstrong will score goals if we create chances for him. Thats our biggest issue, there aren't enough chances being created by the likes of Redmond, Djenepo, Moi, Walcott. Other teams in the bottom half have players like Sarr, ASM, Raphinha, Traore, Zaha - we have nobody who is anywhere near the level of these in terms of creative ability and threat. We badly need one of ours to find some kind of form.
  4. From the press conference written section comments I wouldn't expect Broja to start. Ralph still thinks he is best as a sub for now, as Albania use him as well. I think it will be Armstrong and Tella again.
  5. We have definitely had a tough start fixture wise but with no Bamford, and Raphinha doubtful at best there probably won't be a better time to play Leeds.
  6. I've said it before but what is the point in Harry Lewis? Nowhere near good enough to have the slightest chance of playing at PL level and should have left the club a couple of years ago. When he does leave he will play L2 at the very best but most likely non league.
  7. Dusic

    Injury Watch

    No sightings. Surely he isn't going to play until after the next Intl break at the earliest as also had no pre season.
  8. Dusic


    Odds on this lad getting a red for his first tackle?
  9. They knew enough about a 15yo in our Academy to poach him, so I don't think they (or any PL side) will be bamboozled by a full Intl who played in the Eredivisie last season! But agree, could be a good option if we go one up front again.
  10. That team tonight is very young, and clearly some decent players in the U18s like Doyle who will take him to have an impact at U23 level. However when you think of our recent U23s who have been amongst the better prospects at one stage is it quite enlightening how many have utterly bombed in pro football. Off the top of my head: Will Ferry - L2, plays but in a dire team Jake Vokins - L1/SPL, not yet made any pro impact Jake Hesketh - National League Josh Sims - unattached Callum Slattery - SPL Tyreke Johnson - National League Marcus Barnes - Unattac
  11. Thats the thing: end of this season he could be worth £30m or £5m. Nobody wants a CB who makes big errors every 4 or 5 games. If he cuts those out (big if) and improves his weaknesses then he has a good game.
  12. Dusic

    Mohammed Salisu

    Hope we are trying to extend his contract. Regardless of what Saints do as a team this season, teams will be noticing him. As it stands, our optimal time to sell would be 2022 summer, so would be good to push that back a year and allow him to develop a little more. He could be a top CB if he improves a bit in possession and as a set piece threat.
  13. IMO the reason he started the season ahead of Bednarek is that Salisu was going to be the no1 CB and Ralph realised that a Bednarek/Salisu partnership is fsr too limited on the ball to work. Both are decent defenders, Salisu is great 1v1 and Bednarek is generally solid. But the weakest element of both their games is on the ball, technical ability. Stephens has some pretty big flaws: concentration, aerial ability, size and ability to dominate physical opponents. But he is calm on the ball and has the ability to play passes to break the lines. He is a funny player overall, and you can
  14. Well JWP hasn't trained this week due to a stomach issue so if any of our CMs miss out then it would surely be him.
  15. Still no sign of JWP in the training pics from today. Edit: Ralph said in written press section he has had some stomach problems this week.
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