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  1. Would hope we know who we are going for and have made firm moves in the last couple of days. Assuming Sangare was the target we missed out on (as reported by Blackmore), Ralph seemed confident we had other options available, rather than concerned. Presume he will do a presser Friday, will be interesting to see what he says as by then if not much is expected it will be very disappointing and will suggest its gone further wrong. The best deals of this last week will be done before the weekend IMO. Hopefully the Diallo talk from l'equipe comes to something. https://www.nhnieuws.nl/nieuws/273829/southampton-niet-concreet-voor-interessante-speler-joey-veerman A scout for Saints in Holland suggests we are watching Veerman but won't move for him yet as he isnt PL ready off the ball and says we are suprised Sangare opted for PSV over Saints...noyhing about work permit. Then for the second signing (maybe Sessegnon on loan?) it is surely dependent upon Boufal...and thats gone quiet.
  2. https://www.letelegramme.fr/football/stade-brestois-l-angleterre-pour-ibrahima-diallo-29-09-2020-12628150.php This backs up l'equipe that Saints are keen on Diallo but also says there is more interest from the PL. Mentions specifically Leicester who have been in for him in the past (they just lost Ndidi for 12 weeks), but also hints at others. Hope there is truth in this one and that Saints can afford it as looks like a good player and well suited to wgat we need. Re Carillo - was obvious we would end up paying him off as his wages make a perm deal impossible otherwise and even on loan to Leganes we probably paid 75% of his salary anyway.
  3. https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-ibrahima-diallo-brest-cible-par-southampton/1177659 Ibrahima Diallo - suggests offer imminent from Saints. No6.
  4. No chance of Choudhury because Ndidi is injured.
  5. On Veerman, sounds like Herenveen want him to stay for one more year, especially as he only signed a new contract last summer, and they will have little chance to replace their best player with such a short time left in the window. Thats another problem with leaving it so late. From a Saints perspective if we like him then we mighy feel he would be too expensive for us in a year, and maybe with some Holland caps. But at this stage it just sounds like we have enquired - as we probably have with lots of players. Surely decision time on who we go for has to be in the next couple of days...
  6. Re outs: I can us coming to an agreement with Carillo and allowing him to then join another club on a free. Praying Hoedt joins Lazio. Its gone quiet with Boufal the last day or so. Likes of Sims, Hesketh etc can move on loan during the EFL window, til mid October I think.
  7. From what Dan Sheldon said on TSP it sounds like Sangare was the permanent signing we were hoping to make. Reckon it will be loans now.
  8. Doing similar in central midfield. Despite having a year to replace Hojbjerg and a global scouting network we will probably sign Tom Davies on loan.
  9. So...basically a week to go. With Sangare all but signed by PSV the only real links seem to be Davies, RLC and Sessegnon The latter would be a great loan to cover Boufal should he leave, but I am concerned that we won't end up signing anyone who is really a no6, unless something turns up that hasnt yet been talked about. Doubt RLC is a goer anyway for the simple fact that we won't offer to cover all his wages and there will be other teams, the likes of Villa, who will. Very happy with KWP and Salisu signings but we have known for probably a year that PEH was going to leave, and he did weeks ago, so to be scrambling around in the last week, linked to players who don't appear to fit, isnt a great thing. Hoping for something that is under the radar. Preparing for Tom Davies on loan - who Everton ditched because he is crap off the ball and on it.
  10. Knowing Hojbjerg was set to leave about 9-12 months ago and then scrambling around for a replacement in the last week of the window is not a great look.
  11. Can only assume we weren't really in for him as surely coud blow away wages offered by Dutch teams. Seems like a bargain but must be a reason he stayed at Toulouse for so long without anyone moving for him.
  12. Sangare sounds good and I know is highly rated. That leaves two questions: 1. Why has nobody already snapped him up at seemingly a very reasonable fee? 2. Surely there would be competition for him? Personally I think we need someone with proven defensive ability - which he has - and in this position a permanent signing would be better than a loan, as we will just have the same problem next summer otherwise. In the #10 position a loan is more paletable as the player would probably just be cover rather than a key player. If we got Sangare and then someone like Sessegnon on loan, I think that would be excellent.
  13. It says she has veto option on any deal, so she is surely in a position to notice Da Grossa is a charlatan and stop it, should she wish to?
  14. Wilfried Ndidi might be out for 12 weeks so unlikely they would sell Choudhury I would think. Davies getting absolutely slated on Twitter by Everton fans for his performance tonight. Villa after Barkley or RLC on loan, as want a new #8 (neither of these options for us IMO as not a #6 and wages too high even for a loan).
  15. Yep, this Da Grossa lad seems to have fantastic credentials and is well worthy of being granted a period of exclusivity.
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