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  1. Hope its true, there are so many conflicting reports! https://www.todofichajes.com/salisu-firmara-con-el-southampton-hasta-2024/ Saw this recently:
  2. He got an assist. Had our best chance of the second half drawing a good save and won the corner leading to our equaliser deep into injury time after playing another full 90mins. What do you actually want?!
  3. The summer windows are all big but this one feels like a window that could define Saints for 2 or 3 years. So far a good end to the season, squad playing exactly how the Manager wants, some high profile performances that targets will have seen and clear weaknesses that are extremely obvious to everyone at the club. Really hope we support the Manager, who is clearly class and knows exactly what he wants. So far, in 4 windows since being at the club he has made two permanent signings (Djenepo, Adams). Cover the weaknesses and see what he can do with a rounded squad and better options in certain positions.
  4. https://le10sport.com/football/mercato/exclu-mercato-rennes-un-dernier-detail-a-regler-pour-salisu-510764 This says that Salisu is very close to joining Rennes once agent commissions are agreed. Juan Mata Snr, his agent, prefers the Southampton offer as he personally gets more cash but the issue of a WP is probably the key issue as Salisu has no caps for Ghana and that makes it hard for him to move to the PL so he will likely join Rennes. If true...its both logical (he has no caps for Ghana) and also utterly bizarre - why would Saints chase a player that it would be hard to legally sign?! Either way, he looks set for Rennes which is a shame. At that price we may as well sign him and loan him out til he qualifies for a WP!
  5. If we don't replace Hojbjerg then its an extremely risky move. We were light on midfielders this season and have been lucky that none of the 3 have really missed a substantial amount of games through injury. Hasenhuttl hasnt really trusted Romeu for a while until he had to bring him back so it would leave JWP as the only proven player in the Manager's system. Smallbone I think is more of a #10 in RH's system unless he has a JWP style improvement in his off the ball play and develops more aggression. If JWP suddenly missed 3 months through injury I think we would struggle to win many games with any combination of Romeu, Smallbone and Reed. Central midfield is key to the pressing game and Hojbjerg's stats for ball wins are excellent, hence why better teams want him and why he played almoat every minute when fit. Simply put, we would almost certainly be weaker in midfield if we replace Hojbjerg with Reed. If Fulham made a decent offer then we should wish him luck, take it and let the Manager sign a player he wants to replace a key player.
  6. Is Mings actually good? Villa have been utterly woeful in defence this season and he is the leader of their back four. Good physical attributes and nice left foot but not sure beyond that.
  7. Dusic

    Nathan Redmond

    LOL. He was our PoTY last year and has been an important player this year. Not sure which games he "hasn't turned up for?" Sims - not good enough. Certainly nowhere near NR level, as will be proven by their respective careers. Boufal - always unavailable and likely leaving this summer. Here is a guy that actually has no end product. Djenepo - flashes of promise but not available enough so far. If what you wrote is a genuine opinion then fair enough, but you are wrong. Suprised you didnt add Sam McQueen to your list for a full house.
  8. https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-wolverhampton-offre-15-millions-d-euros-pour-axel-disasi-reims/1142442 Wolves bid for Disasi, the one we have cooled on to go for Salisu who seems to prefer a move to Rennes. Possibly.
  9. Dusic

    Nathan Redmond

    Mentally strong enough to recover from being the prime boo boy target and be PoTY the following season. Would be good to have more competition, absolutely.
  10. Dusic

    Nathan Redmond

    Funny how people see football. I like them both but its clear (to me) that Armstrong has clear physical qualities with his acceleration and is direct but of the two Redmond has far superior technical ability as a footballer, i.e first touch, weight of pass etc. In scenario where a ball was fizzed in to a player and they needed a sure touch, or were required to play a pass into a striker...I would back Redmond over Armstrong every time. For me Redmond is a similar type player to Lallana..and has thrived when given a roaming/central role as he can beat a player both sides and has a good shot on him. When you look at comparable players in our area of the league there are few I would take over Redmond, and its noticeable he has gotten better as our team has improved. Very different players and glad to have both.
  11. Dusic

    Nathan Redmond

    Something which is often overlooked IMO is his availability and durability. He doesn't get rested, pretty much always plays the whole game and puts a shift in. Look at most wide players or attacking midfielders since the restart (and even before) - they get subbed frequently, rotated often and in our own examples of Djenepo and Boufal, have missed so many games. Being available is an underrated attribute from fans, but probably not from a Manager. Yes he hasnt been at his best the last two games, but he will be there from the start in the next game and probably the other 3 as well, when if others were more durable we would be able to give him a rest. We have a few issues still that are obvious, Redmond isn't one IMO.
  12. He is excellent on the ball, much better than I expected he would be. Seems to have a great first touch and control that means he plays well in tight areas. On the evidence so far it would be good to keep him, but I fear the only way will be a straight swap for PEH otherwise Spurs will price him out of a move. He will be a starter for someone in the PL next season though, and Levy personally rates him so he may feel he can outlast Mourinho at Spurs.
  13. Certainly seems like classic Saints: - Player has bargain release clause, speaks English and favours a PL move. - Rennes DoF states they want the player, have met the clause but he wants to move to an English speaking league and they won't force someone to join. Move on to other targets. - Saints make a lowball offer rather than paying the release clause - Rennes sense an opportunity and get to work on persuading the player that he should join them. CL football helps. - Saints then agree to meet the clause but in the interim period the player has changed his mind. (Possibly haggling over a bargain release fee doesn't scream ambition to him) - Meanwhile the other choice Disasi knows he wasnt first choice for Saints and gets other offers and is also not available - Saints get a big offer for Vestergaard but have to turn it down as they haven't brought anyone in and only have 2 CBs on the books who they actually want. (Ok, made this bit up).
  14. https://as.com/futbol/2020/07/09/primera/1594247815_770000.html?id_externo_rsoc=comp_tw Salisu to decide between Rennes and Saints imminently after both agree to pay his release clause. He initially preferred an English speaking league but there are still come doubts about his abaility to get a WP. Rennes were seemingly out of the race but can offer CL football next season and have improved their offer to the player. Really hope we get him. When Norwich want £50m for Ben Godrey, to get a highly rated, left footed, English speaking young CB with a years first team football in La Liga for £10m would appear a great deal. Either way, sounds like an end to the speculation is very close and presumably this is the CB we really want, hence the Disasi talks going cold. ------------------- https://www.footmercato.net/a3762748839845722699-reunion-decisive-pour-larrivee-de-mohammed-salisu-a-rennes This says there was a meeting yesterday between Rennes and Salisu's agent which has lead Rennes to be optimistic they can sign him.
  15. https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Transferts-reims-a-repousse-une-offre-de-monaco-pour-axel-disasi/1150976 Says Saints have had a €15m offer on the table for weeks, suggesting player isn't keen. Wonder who we prefer out of Salisu and Disasi? If this is true then we obviously have no financial problem meeting the Salisu clause so if Disasi doesn't want to join amd Salisu seemingly does then hopefully we tie that up rather than miss out on both. -------- Update: Salisu to decide between Saints and Rennes imminently as both agree to pay his release clause: https://as.com/futbol/2020/07/09/primera/1594247815_770000.html?id_externo_rsoc=comp_tw
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