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  1. No, and doesn't sound like Ralph does either deep down. Genuinely tough for Ings, I am sure. But imagine he could get moves to at least two of the top 6 on big money and with a chance to end his career winning stuff. Hard to turn down if you know its available. But would be a huge, huge blow to Saints even the likely small fee we would get, goals we would miss and also the signal it sends Ralph and other key players.
  2. Its a strange one because Dan Sheldon says on Twitter that its not about the money and that Ings would be our highest paid player if he signs. So if its not about the money, and Ings wants to stay then what else is there, aside from probably interest from others or wanting to know more about what Saints plans are? I mean, if I were Ings I woulf be wanting a.) Top money b.) Assurance there is money to sustain the teams performance c.) Assurance from Hasenhuttl that he isn't about to leave at the end of the season. Ultimately its a big decision and his main real chance to move ag
  3. Latest RH quotes on contracts don't sound hopeful. Ings - sounds like a case of "well if I move I can get x so why should I accept your offer of y." As soon as the manager talks about the future without the player its never a good sign. Bertrand - suspect he wants 3 yrs and we want to offer 2, shich is sensible.
  4. It would be peak Saints to buy Ings as an injury prone but talented player with something to prove, for £20m, see him develop into one of the PL's best strikers and then be forced to sell him for approx £20m.
  5. And would cost us to replace, when arguably we already need to sign a full back with Bertrand obviously still here.
  6. With a year left and a clear indication from Ings that he wasn't going to sign a new contract, his value would plummet. Teams would know that we had to sell him, and in the end I think he would go for £20m tops because we would have an awful negotiating position, like with Hojbjerg. Hopefully he does sign!
  7. 9.14% on that substantial loan. Ouch, and relegation before that is due would be disasterous. Listening to the interview Steele makes it sound like in a non Covid time we could have flogged Lemina, Hoedt, Elyounoussi etc for transfer fees. I would suggest that would not have been the case. Also says if we can generate revenue in the summer market we can then reinvest it - but who do we have to sell who isn't a key player who is actually worth anything?
  8. If Utd were that bothered about loaning out Williams to give him game time then there wouldnt be a huge logic in getting him cup tied. Can imagine he will get a good few games at Utd considering they have EL as well.
  9. Top clubs would be stupid not to be looking at Ralph. His success at Saints has been earned and he has shown he can get a team playing to a specific style and improve players, whilst also coming across very well to supporters and the media. I just hope that when the time comes and he does leave, that it can be done in a respectful way that keeps his reputation here intact. If so, and he gets a great opportunity in the future then fair play - its been a mutually brilliant appointment.
  10. The Shrewsbury statement says they have reluctantly informed the FA that they are unable to fulfil the fixture. Therefore would expect Saints to be given a bye.
  11. Dusic

    Mohammed Salisu

    This, it does seem very speculative. Such a shame he has picked up an injury now. Sure Ralph will be asked about it pre-Shrewsbury. Salisu has also been the victim of Vestergaard's transformation and latterly Stephens taking his chance.
  12. So no Vestergaard, Redmond, McCarthy, Romeu, Adams or Salisu in the squad.
  13. Well, "destroyed" is a strong word, but: - No regular Academy starters in the first team apart from players who went through it 10 or 15 years ago - No regular England youth Intls in across U16-23 (we regularly had 5-10 in the past) - U18s and U23s always struggling in the league table - No decent fees brought in for players who don't quite make it with Saints (Reed discounted as was an Academy player about 8yrs ago).
  14. Will be interesting to see if Forster is still very nervous on the ball. If so...will be a few calamity moments I am sure.
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