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  1. Out of interest would you have fully supported a different physical gesture, but are just against the specific action of taking the knee?
  2. Rico Henry on the bench for Brentford in their playoff 1st leg vs Bmth. Not sure if he has been injured lately but he has started most of their games this season. Edit: just back from injury.
  3. The worrying element is that Da Grosa did seemingly enter a period of exclusivity. You would hope jokers like that get binned off before they even start talks. Just shows Gao will sell to anyone who can raise the cash, no matter who they are, whats their plans are and whose money they use. Unfortunately the biggest liklihood is that we end up with a wally frontman of DaGrosa's ilk who fancies some limelight, backed by invisible, emotionless investors of the minimum amount of money needed to keep us ticking along or who need financial returns within a couple of years.
  4. Dusic

    Mohammed Salisu

    I think we should be looking at extending his contract by a year this summer or early into next season. He has 3 years left and as a selling club the optimal time to do that would be with two years remaining (as a minimum) to get a good fee, so keeping good players on long contracts is clearly good business.
  5. Feels like this is becoming a bit ofan issue for us in that the best one by a distance is Armstrong but he may also be deployed as a #6 sometimes which takes away our only real goalthreat from open play aside from the strikers. Of the others Redmond, Djenepo and Walcott (assuming he signs) are very inconsistent and don't contribute enough in terms of goals and assists. Tella seems much better as a striker than when played deeper as he can use his pace better and probably isnt technical enough retaining possession. We brought Minamino in because we had Walcott injured and it seem
  6. Excellent again today. Improving all the time. Great to see as he seems like an honest, hardworking pro.
  7. Loftus-Cheek feels like a player who need a permanent move, not another loan. That said, Ralph mentioned him in the press conference in the context of him being a good player that we were interested in but with too high wages, so I don't see that we are likely to be signing him. Profile wise I think he would make a good #10 on the right, in a similar style to what Armstrong does, but he probably sees himself as a central player.
  8. He has made two sub apps: 5mins vs Shrewsbury 1min vs Aston Villa
  9. Seems a clear cut situation to me. - Manager has a talented rookie who he thinks has potential but is a way off being near the level of the existing first team players - Jankewitz, despite never really putting together a consistent run of top performances in the U23s thinks he deserves some first team minutes, isn't getting any. Has interest from a mid level Eredivisie team (was it Groningen?) and gets a bit sulky. - Relationship with club and Manager goes south to the extend of submitting a written transfer request which is rejected. - In the midst of a massive injury cri
  10. Dusic

    Mohammed Salisu

    He looks great at the defensive aspects but is much more like Bednarek on the ball - i.e can pass ok with his strong foot, looks very dodgy on his weaker foot and isn't going to be orchestrating too many attacks from the back, certainly neither of them are anywhere near Vestergaard in terms of ability on the ball. A pairing of Bednarek and Salisu would attract a lot of opposition pressing I think. Surely will be a starter next season, and for that reason I would expect us to take the cash for Vestergaard and sign a backup type CB in his place.
  11. I think he was hinting at no extension but also no sale.
  12. One major plus point with Adams - as noted by Ralph this week is his availability and robustness. An underrated attribute for any player, but loved by Managers. For what we paid he has done well, especially this season. He has improved and shown signs he will continue to do so. Certainly a big improvement on Long and Austin in terms of goal involvement and availability.
  13. Obviously we need depth in some areas, that is absolutely critical - but you could also make a compelling argument that to really improve we need a couple of starting players as well. Its quite conceivable that in the first game of next season the only new signing in the team could be at LB, where we will do well to find a player as good as a fit and fresh Bertrand. If as seems likely we are after a LB, LB/RB cover, CM or AM cover and a young striker - its hard to see any of those making a real impact initially aside from the LB who will need to be capable of playing in the PL from d
  14. Probably the right timing for both. Unquestionably one of our best ever signings and something of a symbol of what Saints represented during that spell under Koeman.
  15. The most difficult part is that likely Ralph and the club won't know what is going to truely happen until near the end of the window, unless a big team moves for Ings early on. Clearly he would need a good replacement but if he only leaves in August then our targets will probably have gone and it will massively disrupt our start to the season. He is probably unlikely to be involved in the Euros which might benefit in that a team can move earlier for him if they want to. Ultimately everyone will hope he stays and for that reason the club will probably not give him a deadline to s
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