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  1. Second bid expected suggests Villa have been encouraged, plus a current niggly injury. Every player has a price, especially if they push for a move.
  2. We will obviously replace Ings when he goes. But wide attacker we have Armstrong, Redmond, Walcott, Djenepo, Tella and Elyounoussi who play there plus even Smallbone when he is fit again. Not saying we shouldn't target that position but we would surely need to let two of those go first? Personally I don't think Elyounoussi deserves another chance, nothing against him but its a tough business and he 100% isn't good enough to have an impact at PL level. If we got him out on loan then I could see another loan for Minamino late in the window. But for a permanent signing I don't thin
  3. To me it all points towards waiting for a definitive outcome on what happens with Harry Kane (and possibly Erling Haaland & Tammy Abraham) and the knock-on impact of that for various teams. I don't think Ings or Saints will have a strong indication at this point of what will happen. Also, if there are no offers then Ings may opt to wait until next summer when he is a free agent and would be very much in demand. That would be the worst outcome for Saints.
  4. Yes - good article. They have 30 something Eng U15- 21s players and 5 of the 6 Eng age group captains are from City. Absolutely mad. From looking through that Rising Ballers account Villa and Leeds have been very active in signing academy talents this summer. Saints mentioned as interested in a couple but would imagine being in div 2 of PL2 isnt a great selling point - the top talents surely want to play against the best players, Livramento being a good example. The 14-18s is very, very cuthroat in terms of recruitment. If Saints had a top talent in future to the level of a Walcott o
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR4ROsuNf9R/?utm_medium=copy_link Seems we have lost defender Max Alleyne to Man City. England youth player, only 15 but made his Saints U18 debut last season.
  6. Seems mad that we will have chased a 3rd choice Man Utd full back for 3 windows in a row and still not signed him. Hope we have some other options we can move on fast as looks like he will be starting the season in Utd's team. Unless we go with Djenepo as LB cover til January and go after Williams for a 4th window...
  7. Don't disagree with Ralph in terms of where we are most light. Attacker wise we could do with another but only if they are better than some of what we have, as numbers wise we have 6 who can play #10 (Armstrong, Redmond, Djenepo, Walcott, Tella, Elyounoussi) and 6 who can play as a striker (Ings, Adams, Obafemi, Long, Tella, Walcott). So I doubt we will sign a #10 even if Elyounoussi leaves. Striker more likely but only to replace Ings when he goes. The kind of depressing thing is that the positions Ralph mentioned (full back, CB, no6) would likely not be signings that come in a
  8. There are a few on this thread who have made themselves look silly, and clearly don't understand the context of this move. Its not about finding the best player, its about the best person. One who can be a good role model, approachable, passionate about doing this very specific role and having high standards to set a good example. Olly Lancashire isn't the greatest centre back the world has ever seen but he has come through the Saints Academy and forged a pro career that has seen him chosen as a captain, certainly at Swindon. That suggests that he was seen to have most of the attribu
  9. Good theory behind the concept, the more realism and experience of what it means to be a pro can only help these U23 players, especially someone who was playing in L1 last season. Will be interesting to see whether he ends up registered in our 25man squad, presumably if like usual we don't have 25 then he would be automatically added? Would imagine on the pitch when he plays it would help a lot as the U23 league, esp Div 2 is definitely not L1 level and we surely will want to get promoted as being in div2 must make signing young talents a lot harder. Will be interesting to see h
  10. Anyone who thinks we might sign Phil Jones please have a listen to the last fans forum where Matt Crocker explained in detail the recruitment process that is followed and in particular the key criteria that should be met. He said in the past we had veered away from that and made costly mistakes so are looking to stick to it.
  11. Apparently it was going to be Papa Waigo but he has been unsuccessful in getting a work permit. If he didn't have other business interests then Dean Hammond would be a great shout for that type of role.
  12. They have already brought in two replacements for Bissouma (Caicedo and Mwepu) so are in quite a strong position too. They do have a very strong off-field operation with good experience in Paul Barber and Dan Ashworth and an owner in Tony Bloom who is one of the best in the PL. I think if they sign a good striker they could push for top 10 as have good strength in depth in most other positions, and like you say - still a good bit of cash to do more.
  13. Another potential replacement who will likely be gone before we know what is happening with Ings. Shame our contract/financial situation forces us to be reactive rather than proactive.
  14. I think he would probably cost similar to what we will sell JV for. The problem is we have little control over when JV leaves yet clearly need to sell him at some point this summer. In the meantime lots of potential replacement options will have already moved. Thats the issue with 1.) never signing replacements until after the sales have happened and 2.) having a really weak position with key players getting into the final year of their contract and being unwilling to extend it.
  15. If we do sign Armstrong, it will surely only be once Ings is sold given the likely cost. Massive gamble as an Ings replacement given he has only really had one really good season. Could probably get Edouard for a similar fee to what Armstrong will be.
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