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  1. Here is the full list. https://www.premierleague.com/news/2247219 With one exception, there are no surprises. We have listed 24 over 21s and 49 under 21s. The only contracted player omitted is Dan NLundulu who is the only over 21 out on loan. The surprise (to me anyway) is the listing of someone called Adli Hatim Othman Husain Elkhidir Mohamed. I have never heard of him! A "Home-Grown Player" means a player who, irrespective of nationality or age, has been registered with any club affiliated to The Football Association or the Football Association of Wales f
  2. He has this afternoon been removed from the B Team profiles on the OS. Not overwhelming evidence (e.g. James Morris is still there) but a good indicator.
  3. And Marcus Rus/Enzo Robise - all three disappeared without any mention on the OS. Robise is still listed in the B team but the others were removed without explanation.
  4. Yes, I agree - I'll assume 2022. We were never told what happened when his contract expired in June 2020 so it looks like that was a 1 year extension.
  5. Yes, good luck to all the departing players - and those being offered new deals. The PL have now published a full list of retained players here https://www.premierleague.com/news/2163099 Contracts Abdul Karim, Mohamed Salisu Adams, Che Sac Everton Fred Armstrong, Stuart Bednarek, Jan Bellis, Samuel Lawrence Alexander Bycroft, Jack Thomas Chauke, Kgaogelo Diallo, Ibrahima Djenepo, Moussa Edwards, Milan Diamond Lazane El Younossi, Mohamed Ferry, William Finnigan, Ryan James Forster, Fraser Gerard Gunn, Angus Fraser James Hoedt, Wesley
  6. Thanks @SuperSAINT for posting the Twitter and Instagram posts. The OS gave up on providing information on departures and many of the contract extensions some time time ago so until the PL publishes the definitive lists (by second Saturday in June) these now look to be the best sources of information.
  7. Séamas Keogh, who is out of contract soon, has been removed from the B team profiles. And information on the trialist in the B team last week https://www.the42.ie/southampton-considering-a-bid-for-irish-youngster-sean-roughan-5433297-May2021/
  8. Saints record for 2021 if you combine the league games of the first team, B team and U18s is something like P40 W4 D5 L31 F40 A 121 Pts 17 Woeful.
  9. I have updated the info in the opening post to reflect how it woud currently look in 2021-22 season i.e. updated which U18s become B team players, which U21s become U23 etc. I'll add it to the opening post at the end of the season once we've seen the retained list but in the meantime... FIRST TEAM • (U21) or (U23) = qualify as under 21 for PL purposes or under 23 for PL2 purposes respectively in 2021-22 - i.e. born on or after 1 January 2000 or 1 January 1998 respectively. • (U21**) or (U23**) = 2021-22 = final season as an under 21 or under 23 respectively. 31 p
  10. Marco Rus has been removed from the U18 profiles. There is a mystery trialist at Coventry in this article: https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/football/football-news/coventry-city-trialist-big-impact-20296222 But read this and it's a short-lived mystery: https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2021/march/Under-18s-3-2-Coventry-City-report/ Rus is one of many out of contract soon.
  11. Yes, had a feeling when he was added to the B team squad profiles on his return from loan that this was on the cards, particularly as Scott and Latham have rarely featured since. They probably wouldn't have bothered if he was being released at the end of the season. There are still a handful not listed (and some who've left that are!). Congratulations to Jack.
  12. Revised squad lists published https://www.premierleague.com/news/2015249 Much as you would expect. Points to note Shane Long is included in the 25 man squad list (which compises 20 players) - may be a resut of the lateness of the loan. He's the only over 21 out on loan to be listed as Hoedt, Gunn, Hesketh, Lemina, Sims and Elyounoussi are all omitted. All the Under 21s out on loan are listed (Vokins, Valery, O'Connor, Slattery). Enzo Robise and Sean Brennan are omitted from the Under 21 list - they look to have been released. 25 squad players (*Home grown) Ada
  13. And you can probably add Lewis, Scott and Burnett to that list - we've not been told details of any contract extension but may well have been 1 year
  14. Some confusion over who got the straight red card yesterday. The OS report says Agbontohoma but the red card in the line up is shown alongside Tchaptchet
  15. I wondered about that but Liverpool have omitted VVD and named only 24 players, suggesting it's not compulsory (or I can't add up)
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