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  1. He cost 35 m because he was with bought from us with about 2 years left on his contract.. let’s not rewrite history koeman brought in mainly players from the unfashionable Dutch league.they were unproven in the prem and ended up bargains
  2. But still you’ve got to factor in when koeman arrived we had just lost 3 of our best players. Lallana lambert and lovren were absolutely brilliant for us.. was no easy task for koeman but somehow he used his knowledge of the Dutch league transfer market and took us to the next level.. imigine that instead of of signing mane tadic pelle and Toby/vvd we signed che Walcott djenepo and salisu.. doubt we would have replicated the success and a lot of this has to be credited to koeman. although I do appreciate the board has a lot of say on transfers and it’s not just completely down to the mana
  3. I agree with you even though it seems not many do.. heres the thing a lot of excuses being thrown around like the club not backing him or Ralph not having much money to spend. but really if you look at the job koeman did at a time after we had lost talisman like players in lallana,lambert lovren etc, koeman didn’t spend a lot either similar 12-15m average players that Ralph gets. But koeman targeted the positions to strengthen brought in players he knew could do a job there like pelle, tadic etc and he had us looking like pushing for champions league .. we look nowhere near th
  4. I disagree, redmond elyounoussi and Walcott are all poor.. but Ralph and the club have done little to address it.. we do have better options that are not starting, the likes of tella or livremento playing in the ten positions (livramento in front of kwp) also could be a lot more exciting, S Armstrong is way better too is he fit enough to be starting or does Ralph prefer the others? Then you have Ralph even shoehorning his love child redmond in as a striker over the likes of che and arma.. as for koeman he didn’t spend insane amounts when here either. He had to replace talisman like
  5. Honestly I think I’d still make a change, there’s some great options out there atm.. the likes of koeman or nuno would be a huge upgrade. a couple of wins against poor opposition seems to be getting a load of overreaction that Ralph is now great again.. but how many premiership wins have we had since January ? do you really want to see the likes of redmond elyounoussi and Walcott playing every week ? It’s depressing seeing these team selections under Ralph and the football isn’t great either
  6. Yeah I mean obviously that was a extreme example and I’m not directly comparing jwp to xavi, but like mosin says above a good passer like xavi who can play it also neat and tidy works a lot better if his passes go to the likes of Messi ronaldinho iniesta etc who can carry the ball . Probably wouldn’t work so well if your passing to other players who also play the simple pass or to Redmond djenepo etc. i just think maybe jwp doesn’t really help us that much barring setpieces compared to say if we had a doucoure in midfield
  7. I kind of agree with a lot of this, one thing I’m starting to think is maybe jwp doesn’t really suit us as a player.. yes he’s a exceptional free kick taker but that aside really for me he’s just a neat and tidy player with a decent work rate, it’s very very rare he completely bosses a game that has some huge impact in our results. for example xavi was amazing for Spain and barca with his tidy passing but he had pace and creativity all round him so it worked a treat jwp can be neat and tidy but if the players he pass to do nothing with it how does it help us? maybe having some brick
  8. I get the comparison with long actually ,Redmond is kind of the winger version of long both have this uncanny knack of making a dogs dinner of what ever good chances or positions they find themselves in. the chance where Redmond was put through was him in a nutshell makes the usual taking to many touches mistake finds himself in trouble and completely messes things up then has his default annoying look of shock and exasperation on his face. i actually really can’t stand this player, even those who say he is inconsistent are wrong you know exactly what your gonna get with him eve
  9. We should definitely use that 352 we changed to against utd.. worked a treat vs utd changed the game McCarthy Bed Stephens salisu Livramento Perraud Jwp romeau. Diallo/stu Armstrong Broja
  10. This thread is depressing when ever I see new posts I have a look hoping it will be news of a takeover just to find people talking about nothing ☹️
  11. Antonio was a pacy but extremely raw player for us in league one..oba had similar traits but has only played in the premier league. So not sure it’s clear Antonio was better at this stage? i just think it’s a bit strange the treatment of oba here he was ahead of che even for a while and now he’s not even worth 2m?
  12. Terrible fee, can’t help but think we really screw ourselves a lot of the time with players we get rid of. liverpool manage to palm their youngsters off on the likes of Bournemouth etc for 20m whilst we take 1.5 for. Oba if we didn’t rate him why was he keeping Adams out of the side at one stage.. hes not the finished article and it could go either way but he reminds me a bit of Antonio when he was with us and he hasn’t turned out bad. Decent deal for Swansea anyway cheap as chips for potential with pace and if he does a Adam Armstrong could be worth a lot
  13. McCarthy kwp steohens salisu perraud livramento jwp romeau elyounoussi Armstrong Adams thats the one for me kwp Livramento combo is mouthwatering. Could also help keep saint maximum quiet if hes playing on the flank,( although he could play more central) elyounoussi deserves a shot after his midweek performance it’s good to reward performances like that for motivation for the players just outside of the first team and since djenepo or Walcott haven’t really set the world alight in first two games why not ?
  14. Agree with that but would put moi in on the other side
  15. For me theo hasn’t done enough to cement his place.. and the only number ten who is really head and shoulders above is stuey. why not give moi a shot after a performance like that? Games like this should help play you into the team hat trick and two assists is impressive against who ever and we had A decent young line up out and he stole the show.. would be a bit soul destroying if you don’t get a start after putting up stats like that. He deserves a shot for me
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