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  1. What’s this anyone? Southampton FC - Companies House website added a charge/debenture from MSD UK Holdings Ltd. The signatory was Marcello Liguori but his address is given as MSD Partners, L.P. in New York. That company manages the assets of multi-billionaire Michael S Dell
  2. West Ham for me. So much shit down there that nobody wants to win a match.
  3. He could win the golden boot as Vardy has scored only 3 goals in the last 19 matches and he’s leading by just one goal. Would love Ings to tell the club he’s not interested in leaving.
  4. Probably our easiest game of the season. I say give a few fringe players a game to even it out for City.
  5. A few solutions needed as it’s clearly not the fans fault. (1) Let the players train there at least three times a week (2) Stick the players in a hotel the night before so it feels like an away day preparation. (3) Play like an away team at home and sit back a lot more. Try to hit the other team on the break when they commit more forward. (4) Get a shrink in and I’m not kidding you these players are purely lacking the right mental attitude when stepping on the pitch. (5) Ask the FA if we can wear our away kit at home. (6) Play all our home games away
  6. I know it’s rude to ask but does anyone have a spare pass code I can use? im pretty sure some of you in the same family won’t be using yours and I would kindly watch It for you Thanks!
  7. Pilchards

    20/21 Kit

    I think the way some people have let themselves go during the lockdown then a bra would of been handy.
  8. Pilchards

    20/21 Kit

    Very good if true. why has nobody drawn one up yet after this latest info
  9. Pilchards


    My ‘I’ve come out’ thread has gone missing, I never got the chance to read if anyone gave me any support?
  10. We are **** on that pitch so I guess it has to go.
  11. That Rickie Lambert guy certainly wasn’t too good was he? I was saw him shoot straight at the keeper in a home friendly from 45 yards out.
  12. Bruce Grobelaar Razor Ruddock Sofiane Boufal Fabrice Fernandez Papa Wago Nobody would pass the ball and it would be hilarious to watch them fighting each other.
  13. I know it was not 1976, Cant remember if it was 2003 so it must be 1902 or something.
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