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  1. I bet his wife took him one side and told him what a Cnut he was.
  2. I actually became jealous when Stoke became the bully boys. They used to kick Arsenal off the park. Maybe that’s Ralph’s new vision.
  3. Loved reading the back page of the tabloids. Grealish ‘He was winding me up from the beginning by pinching and twisting my skin.’ Ha ha Good on you Oriol and I hope you could sleep Saturday evening after she waited for you in the tunnel.
  4. Ha ha ha Gareth Crooks on team of the week. Loads been said about Salisu but I’ve left him out because one week he’s great the other week he’s reckless. I like consistency so I went the City defender instead. Honestly you have to laugh as it’s called team of the week you Cnut which means the best players THAT week! PS - I reckon end of Feb he will be linking him with Liverpool with comments like ‘Liverpool deserve Salisu as they will take him further’
  5. The newspaper reports are saying so many players are or are not coming to Newcastle. They are suddenly becoming my most hated team and I would love it if they get relegated. Just throwing money at oldies to get them out of short term trouble. Trippier, Howe and probably Woods will be sold/sacked next season.
  6. Gotta laugh. Gareth Crooks team of the week was talking about Coady for England then adds JWP should be a shoe in for Liverpool. What are they waiting for as they need him badly. What a c**t! Also why was Carlos FK better? Because you were directly behind the hall unlike JWP you were slightly left side which does not show you the true flight of it.
  7. It was a knuckle ball. Read he was having fun in training this week and learnt a few new tricks. I thought I would give it a go and luckily it went in, If he’s the second best FK taker in the world please tell me who’s currently no 1?
  8. What I love about that free kick was every keeper moves to his right knowing that’s where he’s putting the bend. The Wolves keeper starting to go that way and was flat footed as JWP took it to the other corner. Surely now James will mix the two options to give him a better chance. Stunning and come on Southgate don’t be a twat and leave him out the 11.
  9. You are a genius. I never thought of that
  10. I will go with what Ralph picks, after all that’s what he is paid for.
  11. It’s the other way round. Our youngsters will be the pathway at Nice. The premiership is where the money is and if we get these rumoured 20m wonder kids in then perhaps that’s where we send them to improve?
  12. Think he was stating the obvious. Dave always goes on about the fans and he’s right, without us Saints are nothing. Regarding the takeover, I think it’s one person that’s starting this rumour (true or not true that’s not the matter) and I think the Chinese whispers are travelling to us supporters.
  13. And if we win today Ralph is a bloody genius. Think he’s going for the fresher legs approach over quality it seems. Good luck!
  14. Fucking hate Spurs so badly. The new manager has certainly turned them around and it’s going to be difficult. Will be a battle of the fittest and I fear for the second half as our guys will be running around with chains around their ankles after a mental first 45 minutes of non stop closing down. Saints 1-3 Spurts Son (2) and Pane (1) Prowse opens with a stunning free kick.
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