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  1. I think it’s pretty obvious it’s not DaGrosa from the comments.
  2. They would of got him if they never fucked around. Honestly fancy telling Weston to stay put as we need to get rid of 3 players to afford you on our wage bill.
  3. Okay forget Butland but someone else must be better than our current 3?
  4. It sounds so much like we are bargain hunting, Nothing wrong with that but I would rather a player that comes as a starter player rather than another average squad player. I personally would sell Gunn and Forster and get Butland in as no 1. Go big on a decent CB and move Jack Stephen’s as a holding midfielder unless you take a loan holding midfielder in. Don’t need anymore striker options as Che Adams and Djenipo will get better and better.
  5. If a takeover did happen then I'm pretty sure the price for players we are after will go up. Think it's important to get a few deals agreed before anything happens.
  6. Omg his dress sense is bolloxs. Imagine if Razor Ruddock was still at the club, he would flush him down the toilets.
  7. Totally agree. Having 3 average keepers all training together means that one is not getting extra expert training and they all start to show lack of sharpness.
  8. So from playing deeper against Brentford on Wednesday and then changing it to a high line on Sunday this gave the players roughly two days to understand it? I'm sorry but we were lucky first half as they could of scored twice before sticking it in the net. Half time Morinho asked Kane to drop back and make sure you time your runs better Son and you will be one on one with the keeper. Ralph got his pants pulled down second half and he better sort it out this week as he has the players everyday to sort it.
  9. Mark Lawrenson: ‘Going 2 nil to Spurs as Saints barely laid a glove on Palace last weekend?’ The palace keeper was man of match you penis. When are Gareth Crooks and Lawrenson going to fuck off and get replaced by even more woman.
  10. Maybe we are trying to shift all the deadwood out to make way for some better players on the takeover? We can dream hey?
  11. Pilchards

    Danny Ings

    Some shite team that lost against a league one reserve team.
  12. I expect we are waiting to see how the transfer market turns out. Chelsea, Leicester and Everton will have some casts off they don’t want. (Wonderful) Maybe we are waiting for some champions league knockouts before going for a player? When you look at some of the teams in the EPL they get who they want like Eze for Palace. They paid good money for him and it’s players like him that lifts a team.
  13. Pilchards

    Site issues

    That’s how I get in but how do you jump from thread to thread? i can only read whatever the last post was made like you. Thats not good is it on trying to get on our message board?
  14. Bet he plays the same 11 on Sunday despite saying they are unfit.
  15. If they offered 25m we would snap there hands off because it would give us a chance to get in a younger striker for a better sell on profit for the future blah blah.
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