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  1. Yes certainly an exciting prospect and hopefully in training this week Ralph will see how impressive he is.
  2. I personally think it will be a loan option as we should have one to use up. Its a matter of the right player becoming available if the team he’s from gets the ones they want in. So who’s buying what in the last few days? Maybe West Ham, Villa and Liverpool could have a no 6 who’s not going to feature for them?
  3. I get the impression that Djenepo starts as Ralph prefers his left back covering. He tried KWP as left back today and probably felt it might of been a gamble in doing so. IMHO when Ralph realised that it’s better to put both Tino and KWP on the same right flank we will be flying again. He just needs to find the correct combo on the left and it might just involve S Armstrong.
  4. I agree with you too, We played well second half vs Manchester United when he put the extra midfielder in. I just think if we had a good ball winner this would give us a better option.
  5. So you would not kiss your Palace badge while doing a knee slide in front of the chapel?
  6. Don’t shoot the messenger but I heard Ronaldo was offered to all teams in the EPL and we turned down the offer. I can only guess it was for financial reasons or perhaps we didn’t need a striker.
  7. I do believe Armstrong wants a move back up north but unless we get an offer for him then it’s not happening. Must remember that Vestergaard and him were the best of buddies and this might of made things even more difficult. If Christie was an option then at least you move on a unhappy player member like Ings and Bertrand.
  8. Shouldn’t have a problem selling him now for 10m and getting a better keeper in, Thats what I would do.
  9. I reckon a loan midfielder who’s captain sort. Someone who can teach the youngsters something like Henderson does at Liverpool. However it depends if we can get one or two off our wage bill.
  10. We need a keeper that can save the ball and clear crosses when they go into the 6 yard box. Is that not what all keepers are suppose to do. Just why have we got two that can’t do that?
  11. Good we are getting our identity back. Buy talent, play them and sell on big. This will attract the best talent in the country as they know we will give them a chance plus let them move onto bigger things. Very much the Dortmund style.
  12. Why am I hoping for a heavy defeat so Ralph gets sacked. Thats sooooooo wrong of me, sorry!
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