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  1. Pilchards

    20/21 Kit

    I actually like the different blue option as the shorts work well. Not sure if I will love it until a player wears it.
  2. Yes that was madness first time round. I say get him back, get Berty to hit a few crosses in and then Danny to fire a few shots at him and then we make up your minds. I'm pretty sure Sparkes our goalkeeping coach will be rattling Ralph's door after 5 minutes of watching Forster.
  3. It's funny how things get speeded up when someone from our club puts out feeders to say we are interested in Cash from Forest.
  4. And you stood back and watched it happen?
  5. I have no idea when his contract runs out but the official SaintsTwitter is teasing the Left Flank is locked down. A photo of Redmond and Bertrand together. Seems like we are going to have an all Saints day with all the announcements on one day?
  6. Superb then why the fuck have we not announced ours?
  7. Bellingham was signed a week ago and he’s still not met the press. Brighton signed one yesterday, not met the press either.
  8. If Manchester United want to sign him then they will need to pay us about 30m as that’s how much the value has gone up since we signed him last week. Why are people panicking as work permits and buying foreign players these days take a little longer to reveal because of COVID-19. Any other foreign player from the IPL held a shirt up yet that’s been bought from another country?
  9. Met Rodrigues in a late night curry house in Bedford place. I walked in with a traffic cone on my head at the time and it hit the inside of the door causing it to cut into my nose. Anyway I saw him and I started shouting ‘Everyone this is Peter Rodrigues who lifted the cup in 76, What was it like Peter?’ He was okay about it but was more concerned about the blood running down my face at the time. Top bloke
  10. Are you sure Spurs cast offs would be good enough for us? Whatever next, Harry Kane?
  11. That surprises me that we are rated worse than Villa and the same as Brighton?
  12. Manchester City 1/1 Liverpool 13/8 Manchester Utd 15/2 Chelsea 14/1 Arsenal 66/1 Tottenham 66/1 Leicester 100/1 Wolves 100/1 Everton 150/1 Leeds 200/1 Newcastle 200/1 West Ham 250/1 Aston Villa 500/1 Brighton 750/1 Sheffield Utd 750/1 Southampton 750/1 Burnley 1000/1 Crystal Palace 1000/1 West Brom 1000/1
  13. That’s the guy I’m talking about
  14. Okay I will add McKennie is no different than Harrison Reed except for the headers.
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