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  1. Let’s put our second team out and beat them again
  2. Danny’s assist play has been shocking. Always prefer him to be the last man but when he’s not he under-hits, scuffs the pass plus just passes to the opposition. If he was not so good at scoring goals for us he would be the next boo boy.
  3. I doubt we will get a European place in the league so why not try and win the FA Cup? I think the problem is the club see the higher league position will bring more income.
  4. Liverpool need to stop the long pass to Walker-Peters from Stephens, Get down the right flank as much as you can as Bertrand and whoever else will side track back again. Stop Walcott running with it and no fouls for JWP outside the box and you are fine.
  5. They’re favourites? Seriously we have a better home record now, Only UTD and CITY have beaten us recently and it was very close. We also had a full day and a half to prepare for this game while West Ham have another game on Friday.
  6. Great news but I expect he will be on the bench. Was JWP in the photos as I heard he maybe out.
  7. Pilchards


    Sign him in January means you have to pay all his wages. In the summer he will be a free agent and then you offer him a take or leave 2 year contract. That’s the best he will get anywhere.
  8. Not sure why as he makes every tackle, every header and most of our impressive balls from the back. You would never sell your best defender during mid season plus on the first offer. Maybe next summer someone will bid 70m for him which we will take.
  9. If Stephens gets ahead of him on Boxing Day then he must be shit.
  10. Don’t think we will sell any of our main players but if a loan bid for Long and Obafemi came in then take it. As for Redmond who could afford to buy him for 12m?
  11. Don’ think we had the luck either, A couple of crosses almost made its target and Ings was so unlucky not to get that rebound.
  12. Totally agree, the right flank is producing so many options while the left creates lots of puff before it gets turned back again.
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