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  1. In years to come Southgate will be saying I should of chosen JWP instead of Henderson as I knew he was not fit but I let him convince me he was.
  2. Would prefer one of the best teams like Manchester City as they have the entire squad away on international duties and they would only have 3 weeks of pre season training. We never start well anyway so we might as well get this one out of the way. Add West Ham, Liverpool, Spurs, Leeds and Burnley as we never beat them too.
  3. Adams scores you goals for sure. Sticking him on the bench after being one of the better players will fuck up his confidence. Saints did it to him and it looks like Scotland are doing the same.
  4. I would of thought that having players in the team would raise the profile and the price. If Vestergaard or Bednarek had a good tournament we could of got an extra 15m on the price.
  5. Give me a break. You NEVER take unfit and out of form players to a tournament. it’s always been England’s downfall at all tournaments because the manager sticks to his favourites. Honestly are you telling me that Rashford and Sterling deserve a squad place? They are fucking shite!!
  6. If JWP had a better player on the end of those great free kicks then he might of got picked. Southgate fucked up with McGuire and now he has to take White as cover. Honestly what a dick for a manager as Rashford, Sterling, Mings, Henderson and McGuire shouldn’t be anywhere near that squad of ours. PS it’s obvious playing for Saints won’t get you an international place even if you are playing well.
  7. I strongly agree too as I know a few that have been involved in the youth system. The problem you have is that at the age of 13 and you are not snapped up by Saints already the parents would probably take the other option of another club as a safe back up. You need all the clubs to agree that no child should be approached by any club until it’s 14th birthday. They can be scouted at any age by a club but never approached as it’s important they know how they are progressing.
  8. That’s stupid for Howe’s. Sit patient for 6 months in the hope a job comes up for a struggling team that he’s going to miss having a chance of a pre season with them. Not a chance as he will snap up the first decent local job that comes his way.
  9. We need to see some throw and pass out videos before being impressed with him. Thats something Forster and Mccarthy are shit at…. plus stopping shots.
  10. TAA was picked as a free kick and corner expert. Maybe JWP could get in on that basis? Will add James looked lost in the 20 minutes vs Austria but so did all those that came on. Fingers crossed he gets picked but I reckon Southgate will leave us scratching our heads yet again. He’s so outdated and the football is bland.
  11. I think they pay much more than us. In fact half the West Ham squad get paid more than our best paid player this season. Sebastien Haller F 25 £6,000,000 £115,385 Andriy Yarmolenko F 30 £5,980,000 £115,000 Jared Bowen F 23 £5,000,000 £96,154 Danny Ings F 27 £3,900,000 £75,000 Takumi Minamino
  12. Moyes ‘We will pay you 120k a week.’ Ralph ‘We will pay you 55k a week.’ Shall we move onto the next target? I always find with Saints that we get our 4/5th choice who would be signed closer to the deadline because nobody else wants them.
  13. Pilchards

    20/21 Kit

    I’m predicting the plain yellow kit will be the 76 yellow with blue chevrons down the sleeve. Hoping a solid blue colour as the collar but I expect it will be the same as the home kit. As for the black kit, would be amazing if it was the one that was leaked last season.
  14. Better substitutions, stop switching the keepers, Not play Minimo because Klopp said he had too, Say Tella is the best prospect at the club after a cracking game but to drop him next match for Redmond. Never have Bednarek anywhere near the team as his confidence is shot, drop Stephen’s after being our best defender in the last few games, Would make Ings wait his time to get back in the team after Adams scores for 5 games on the bounce, give the young Swiss lad a chance after his sending off vs Man Utd and finally make the team put in a better performance in the F A cup semi final as we we
  15. 100% he would yes. He certainly wouldn’t be playing with Redmond for starters. Then he would play a better defensive line up where the two wing backs don’t bomb forward all the time leaving two slow centre backs to cover any breakaway. Finally our players would play for 90 minutes and not just 45 minutes and be totally fucked at half time. I could go on?
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