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    Which is why JWP is second behind PEH and way out in front of third....oh.
  2. I like the fact that Hypos source seems to think Dave Coles still works at the club. Think I'll take the rest with a pinch of salt.
  3. Only one that fancies our chances then? Leicester are exactly the team we are set up to beat. Confident enough to attempt to play out the back all night allowing ourselves (one of the best teams at winning the ball in opposition half) to press high and create opportunities. There underlying stats show they are there for the taking and are they are no rocks at the back. Give me one fixture to back us to win and I'd choose Leicester at home this season. 2-0 or 3-1.
  4. No. Those two have clearly ****ed Ralph off somehow and have been frozen out. Do you think they are the only ones for sale? There's alot of players in pictures and involved in training that if they get a suitable offer would be gone not just those two.
  5. All this waffle because of a couple of pictures. He's off if and he and Saints get suitable offer. Shame really because he's clearly a talent.
  6. No he got MLG'd on Twitter before deleting it and attempting to save face on here. It's old footage from Staplewood which is quite clear from the surroundings tbf.
  7. People believed the United being interested nonsense did they? They won't be able to get rid of Pogba let alone want a poorer version.
  8. Aaand as if by magic he's gone down to evens to join them. Sky sports news/Sky bet win again. 10m clealry just a figure plucked out if nowhere seconds before the article is posted.
  9. Fabrice29

    Che Adams

    I think the tactics of the side at the time aided that slightly. No doubt that this season he surpassed what Sammy G did previously though.
  10. I love it. Can't wait for the carnage and drama.
  11. Won't haunt us at all. Numerous managers now have not rated him enough to get into our team. He needs to play like you said and he'll have to do that away from here. If one day he's some hot shot striker banging them in the PL (Not totally ridiculous tbf, he has potential) then it will be because he's had the opportunity to play somewhere regularly. It won't haunt us because he's not good enough for us now and keeping him is pointless for us and pointless for him. Same with Hesketh, Reed and dare I say it Sims.
  12. Actually he wouldnt. Hence why he left a big club as a squad player to join us.
  13. Not a stupid desicion at all. Neither were in the team and when they were they and we were still ****.
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