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  1. More I see Reed play at Fulham the more I think he's not suited to us. We don't play with a tidy midfielder who sits in front of the back 4 breaking things up and moving it on quickly. The two nearest players we have to that have been declared back up options and overrated in the past week on here. If the manager thinks he can turn him into a dynamic midfielder capable of playing in our 2 then great but if he doesn't, then I'm totally OK with moving him on and letting him have a crack at a career in the Prem at Fulham.
  2. You ask this all the time. It gets more laughable every time. I have seen you on this very board every season get sucked into discussing and thinking about potential signings Saints or other clubs might make based on newspaper rumours. Why you think the people doing these transaction wouldn't hear these rumours or have these thoughts cross their minds when negotiating deals genuinely baffles me. If you think that chairman or whoever do these deals are not trying to call each others bluffs when trying to save a few quid then you are deluded. Rumours in the media can plant seeds of doubt into sellers or buyers minds, interest in players can be used to bump up prices or interest in other players can be used to quicken up deals. Football clubs could not give one single fuck about fans. If you think they are leaking transfer rumours to their selected journalists just to keep your little mind updated and occupied then god help you pal.
  3. Fabrice29


    There's no clamour. Deals take time. People have worked themselves up during this thread to the point where they are annoyed it's not done. The season ended less than a week ago. The constant need for hourly updates because of SSN and then social media really has turned football fans into spoilt brats. If it gets to the start of the season and it's not done, permission to wet yourselves, until then, it's quite literally affecting no one but people in this thread. (Before anyone says "it's stopping our plans to do transfers, it's quite obviously not and if we're planning our transfer strategy around a what if scenario then we've got much bigger issues).
  4. This is a link to the player. No evidence it's credible or not. Poor. Also as a side note, I think it loses it's credibility when it says we want to finalise a player-cash deal with Spurs when we've specifically and publicly ruled that out.
  5. But as you said, we all knew it. Poor.
  6. Can you prove that he would?
  7. As per your post earlier in this thread and before that someone else pointing it out also. Poor posting.
  8. LeG mentioned before he had a feeling the club would look at him again in the summer. Can see him and Reed being given an opportunity to fight for a place to replace PEH. If either want it of course.
  9. Fabrice29


    Not least because nobody at the club has an issue with him. Manager, board, players. All happy. If he stays, he'll play. Only people in this thread who have riled themselves up whilst scrolling through the posts on here have an actual problem with him. Club are keen to sell, player is keen to leave, both are trying to quicken it up and are using Everton to do so.
  10. With the news that China banned PL football in their country being broadcasted there was talk of clubs with Chinese owners being affected. Assume this got covered elsewhere on here though. Imagine it's just a contract renewal. Nothing big or major with ownership breaks that quickly.
  11. Fabrice29


    Genuinely nuts from PEH if he's agreed to go to Everton so quickly. Only reason I can think for it is if he's enjoying the feeling of being wanted so quickly. Which has it merits of course but his priorities of wanting CL and the title have changed.
  12. Fabrice29


    Everton getting used in the media in my opinion. Players side is pretty clear and quick to mention that Spurs is his ideal destination at every possible opportunity. All well and good Saints trying to quicken it up by saying they have 48 hours but if the player rejects Everton and an offer from Spurs comes in next week it's back on isn't it. PEH isn't going to Everton unless he's had a sudden meltdown in lockdown. Everything he's said and done is about winning the league and playing in the CL. He's not joining a team that we could finish above in a few days time. With a year left on his contract if he doesn't get a move to Spurs this summer, he'll take his chances and wait until next year when he's available on a free and other top clubs will smell a player on a free. If he still cant get a move next year when he's out of contract then maybe he'll pop to Everton but not now. Everton know this as well. Hence they are trying to do it ASAP as it's their best opportunity. Pretty sure Spurs will play the long game to get the price down and would have told PEH to stay patient accordingly.
  13. Fabrice29


    Which is why JWP is second behind PEH and way out in front of third....oh.
  14. I like the fact that Hypos source seems to think Dave Coles still works at the club. Think I'll take the rest with a pinch of salt.
  15. Only one that fancies our chances then? Leicester are exactly the team we are set up to beat. Confident enough to attempt to play out the back all night allowing ourselves (one of the best teams at winning the ball in opposition half) to press high and create opportunities. There underlying stats show they are there for the taking and are they are no rocks at the back. Give me one fixture to back us to win and I'd choose Leicester at home this season. 2-0 or 3-1.
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