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  1. Makes the RLC name drop earlier in this thread a lot more plausible.
  2. Don't think he's been that bad really. Horribly exposed. But I'd bring back Gunn if we're going to play that high.
  3. RLC head already in Southampton on the basis of that performance.
  4. Yes. That's my point. He's 23. He needs to leave.
  5. It's Sims who needs to learn from Harrison Reed. Both decent enough, neither good enough to start for us, both need permanent moves away to get settled and a career going. Judging Sims on just his games for us and not his under whelming performances on loan isn't wise for us or him. He'll be working on move away by the end of the window.
  6. So no black woman then. Lord duckhunter will be chuffed. Looks like as I suggested earlier the gig was below anyone decent.
  7. Jesus, you're obsessed. You've got issues about women and people who aren't white. Anyway, you've stated throughout this thread women lack the credibility to speak with authority about PL football because they've not played at that level. 2 points...firstly the best show of this format is the BT European Goals Show and not one of those pundits has played at any professional level yet their insight and knowledge is beyond any PL coverage we have. Secondly, if we do succumb to the idea of women like Scott not being able to speak with authority about the mens premier league because they haven't played at their level, then to be clear your opinion on either PL football or who TV stations should pick to head their TV shows is null and void as well. Oh and thirdly Alex Scott can do miles better than Soccer Saturday. It's not a particularly great gig anyway IMO.
  8. Touché. Although people who are more in the know and work in our recruitment team would tell you it was a deal all but wrapped up long before this summer and we waited due to a mixture of funds and felt the timing wasn't right. Hence why it so quickly done when the window was open (Covid complications aside). Same article also names 3 other players, two of which didn't happen, one did but that was described as unlikely in this article. More bullshit than truth in this article.
  9. Our deals are reported in the media late on in negotiations. Not early on, not before we've made offers and enquiries. We're not in the business of letting shit fester in the media whilst we wait around deciding when to make offers. If it's reported as "Saints have interest" it's likely to be bullshit. If we have interest, we'll get into negotiations. If it's reported as fee agreed or bid made by credible sources close to the player or club then it's potentially credible, if it's random sites reporting interest in McKennie and Ntcham when no offers are being made or reported and the closest sources to our club have quite clearly told people we're either not interested or we're getting rid of people first who only left yesterday then it's bullshit.
  10. Again, just like McKennie, we do not do our business in the media. If it's linked in different sources, every day, every week then it's unlikely to be true. Our interest becomes public through our sources at a time we are comfortable with. Or potentially at the players end towards the end of the deal but clubs and players we are looking to do business with are told quite quickly to keep it quiet. If it becomes public knowledge we won't entertain it and will either pull out or have already pulled out. If various random internet click bait sources are reporting interest it's likely to be either just clickbait or agents trying to use us to drum up interest. McKennie and Ntcham are not players that ever smacked of credible interest.
  11. Count again. 5 of the first 8 before my post make comments towards it.
  12. Individually some people might have the opinion that they are dull as fuck now. Nothing to do with their age, race or gender. You are quite literally making up reasons in your head for these people being let go. It's quite obviously a part of a huge shake up at Sky over their football coverage but you're so precious and desperate to be offended that you've made up reasons for their contracts not being renewed, got angry about it, replaced them with people you don't like and then got angry about that too. Ummmmmmmm....You said the people getting the job wont get it on merit, and they will definitely be a woman and a black man. But that is definitely not a pop at women or black men. OK then. Anyway, as is being reported today they will be rotating the slots, not selecting just 3 people to replace them. So you all got your racist and sexist knickers in a twist over nothing because you're all so desperate to be offended that some people getting moved on because heaven forbid some people might find their banter, clichés and rants boring is a perfect excuse for you to let off some steam.
  13. Well it's a matter of opinion isn't it. For me, I find that whole Soccer Saturday panel dull, outdated and very much had it's time (and fair play by the way, it was a good time). I prefer listening to other presenters, including those 3 mentioned. They offer different views and less clichés. They aren't angry about VAR all the time (granted, neither was Le Tissier) for a start. The best show of this ilk is the BT European Goals show. Granted being able to the action is a massive reason for that but having presenters who clearly know there stuff, researched and up to date is also a huge plus. None of them have played football at any level so using the quality of womens football as a reason they shouldn't be talking about mens football is genuinely nuts, so the people doing that really need to look at themselves and realise that if they truly believe that then they too shouldn't be offering any opinions on the game themselves either. Yes because anyone under 50, a woman or black simply must be a box ticked rather than selected on merit. Honestly, as Ian Wright has brilliantly put recently, if you're using the letting go of these 3 as an excuse to have a pop at women or black people then you really need to be having a word with yourself. Nobody has replaced anybody yet but any excuse to for some good old fashioned racism and sexism eh!
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