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  1. Some short memories here. Might not be an amazing player but at the time of the contract and times last year when Adams wasn't firing he was forming a pretty good partnership with Ings which allowed Ings to prosper. Adams took his chance when he got it again and we haven't looked back but the reason the contract happened was because he earn't it through his contributions.
  2. Apology accepted btw. Don't know why you were so precious anyway, wasn't blaming you hun.
  3. https://ibb.co/bjh7SbP https://ibb.co/3CqRdL1 https://ibb.co/RgxPQNg https://ibb.co/RB589kw
  4. Not sure if I'm doing really well or whether the game is broke but I have 4 games left and after drafting Long in after an early injury crisis he's currently top PL scorer with 26 goals in 25 games.
  5. More moaning about staff. We're one of the fittest teams in the league but nope, fitness coach and head of sport science are both horrific on the game. Luckily the lower leagues have much better staff than PL Southampton and you can pick up some decent options down the leagues because the staff we employ are literally stealing a living according to MLG.
  6. I'm sure you're asked to grade people on something more than what's the opinion of the main forum and would anyone else be in for him. They've been part of a coaching group that led by the manager has seen drastic improvement over the last 12 months, but nah no improvement in their stats. If only the club had opportunities over the last few years to get rid of these wasters knocking about the coaching staff.
  7. Umm he's a Premier League coach? Fleming as well, been a coach at the club for 5 years working with youngsters and clearly must be pretty good at his job if he's been kept around so long but no, he, Davis and Watson all have to go immediately and seeing as not one of them is on the verge of it in real life, it's not realistic is it?
  8. Any expl He's a proven better finisher than all of those but whatever. More importantly why is the staff so horrific? Having to sack a club legend like Davis doesn't feel great when you start so what's your criteria for judging them?
  9. Yeah came in to call out some of the ratings in our squad. As above JWP and Ings underrated. Ings same finishing attribute as Jared Bowen. Long's jumping also poor considering the rest of the squad and league. Also, just the same as last year if you're taking over Southampton the first thing you have to do is turf out the majority of the staff which just seems bonkers. Sort it out MLG.
  10. Most fouled player in the league last year I think?
  11. Doesn't matter. He affected the defenders ability to play the ball. Also doesn't matter it came off a Villa player either as has been peddled on here, he was offside from the moment Ings flicked it on. And not just offside either, half his body was clearly offside so any rewriting of the rules to allow people lean offside would be utterly nuts.
  12. Get rid of that Glen fella or tell him to read up on the offside rule before next weeks pod. Utterly clueless on a weekly basis and seems to have made a niche for himself by being wrong and moaning about things he's wrong about. Get Lucy back on. "One of these arm pit offsides again".
  13. Yes, I only cared for the Arsenal game personally as I'd watched the Saints stuff previously. As it happened, I hadn't finished my cup of tea so carried on watching Saints. And like I said, who cares about who comes first, impartiality, incidents and all that bollocks, it's a highlights show, just watch it so you've seen everything that happened for the weekend. Everything else including running order, pundits, montages and who said what...it's meaningless.
  14. Because it was probably the least viewed game of the day and probably the one most people tuned in for and again...who actually gives a fuck about being first on MOTD. You all watched the game previously and the game you likely didn't watch was on first. Perfect.
  15. People moaning about MOTD2 need to get a grip. I thought the opening montage was a beautiful troll, all this talk about how great they are followed by a convincing defeat, lovely stuff. Could have amended it but I think they thought "Fuck it, these fans have made tits of themselves, let's show it". Also they are top of the league, they are the story of the season so far and whilst it was clear to anyone with any football nous they'd regress at some point, the only team with a 100% record has to be addressed so the focus would always be on them. Two ex Everton pundits? So what? Both are on the
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