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  1. Saints scouting Paul Onuachu, as well as Lorenzo Lucca (€10m).
  2. We should get him cloned. Something, Something, Redmond, Something, Redmond, Something, Something, Redmond, Something, Redmond, Something
  3. Lorenzo Lucca being looked at, €10m
  4. Am I allowed to say we're 2 0 down without getting shot?
  5. I have a feeling Surman will do well
  6. I suggested that and yeah lol
  7. Alright, calm down. I won't bother anymore. This place is becoming worse and worse. I'm out. Enjoy the kiddies playground everyone. EDIT Sorry I didn't have a crystal ball to know it was a technology issue
  8. Didn't see it, put your knickers back on fella/woman. At least I posted the things about Dave Merringtons in his thread from 2012 and posted other things in related threads from years or months back. Maybe I didnt fancy doing a search for once. Why have you got to be so picky?
  9. Yeah they didn't have them up earlier, as per the pic
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