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  1. Any idea what happened to last Sunday's match (17th)? We were supposed to have played.
  2. “I hear all different things said about Danny Ings’ contract. It’s obviously a delicate situation, I think the club realises it’s a delicate situation. This is their star player and you could be going into the summer where he’s got a year left on his contract. “Southampton have offered him a contract that would see him become their highest-earning player. That offer’s on the table and it hasn’t been signed yet. So why hasn’t it been signed? Does Danny Ings think he can go back to a big club? Does he think that a Man City might come in for him? Maybe they might, maybe they won’t. Is that s
  3. Ings wants to join Man Utd?!? https://www.thefocus.news/football/report-tottenham-target-has-his-eye-on-move-to-manchester-united/
  4. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/he-s-a-wonderful-talent-aussie-teen-praised-after-impressive-saints-debut
  5. http://hockeynews.site/events/leicpton/
  6. https://mobile.footballghana.com/asante-kotoko-set-to-announce-partnership-deal-with-premier-league-club-southampton
  7. I just use the Add Files option
  8. Apparently being rearranged so guessing they don't have 14 players available
  9. This guy is nuts RE last paragraph, surely it's a good thing the stupid gunt, or am I missing something?!?
  10. https://www.timeslive.co.za/sport/soccer/2021-01-06-safa-may-have-to-fight-england-for-services-of-southampton-teen-kgaogelo-chauke/ David Notoane: "Kgaogelo Chauke is definitely one of the players that we want to have a look at before we make the final selection for the Tokyo Olympics‚” "He is definitely on the radar for the Olympics together with the likes of Khanya Leshabane at Leicester City‚ Philippe Sandler at Manchester City‚ Ricardo Schutte at CD Mirandés in Spain and Sphephelo Sithole who is with Belenenses SAD in Portugal." “I have always said that any talented yo
  11. https://www.thefocus.news/football/report-southampton-have-offered-their-player-to-club-who-havent-won-in-30-league-games/
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