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  1. But if Kat still has a say and has to sign anything to finalise anything what with being part owner with not as much power but still with a say? I have no idea how it works hence the question 👍🍻🙂
  2. That's alright, sorry it was Mayo (is Mayo a sauce?) and not ketchup/chilli ketchup
  3. https://insidefutbol.com/2020/09/23/katharina-liebherr-wont-sell-southampton-shareholding-can-veto-takeover/473755/
  4. Are we going to get smashed 7 0 tonight or win by the 1 goal? Away to Stevenage first team, we're still listed as U21's in this competition.
  5. I thought it was a Championship Reserve team? Still embarrassing but... not that bad
  6. Where's Appy? Calling Appy, Calling Appy
  7. Down to ten men, Ramsay 2nd yellow
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