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  1. Simplistic lol. Where were your posts calling to bail out small clubs when Bury, Chester went to the wall or Macclesfield. No club came to our help when we were hours from extinction. A lot of clubs are run by people who manage the club badly. They are businesses and so they have to sink or swim, us paying say £5mmeans that is less for us tospend to grow our own club. As for incredible wealth, I dont see it at Saints as we have to sell to buy, so there isnt much swilling about to help
  2. Its ridiculous, its like asking M&S sending some help to the corner shop
  3. Yes if he thought he was one of our top players. He didnt seem too worried him leaving
  4. OldNick

    Danny Ings

    I agree, he has ticked the box of pulling on the Saints shirt scored at FP, he would of course be interested if a top 6 side came in for him
  5. Good start to a Monday morning listening to that, thanks. I didnt agree with Dan that their keeper didnt make any difficult saves, the one from Che was breathtaking as it was close in and at pace. That was really unfortunate, Ings header was a good save but not as testing I would agree.
  6. Doesn't matter too much if WHU have a bad start as the season is long, they will get 6 points from us sadly. Interesting how Brighton do but we need to up our game, dont wnt to have no points after 2 games
  7. Jamie Redknapp said he was one of our best players lol
  8. I have been waiting for SouthamptonFC to update my password. Therefore I cant get on to see where S/T's are available, can anyone put a screenshot up so that I can make plans?
  9. OldNick

    Site issues

    I fell for that as well. lol
  10. enjoyable listen, well worth saving this podcast and you all ought to contribute and dont be freeloaders. It will make a difference if you do. Anyway keep it going Ben& co
  11. OldNick

    Site issues

    Lol not blaming Mr Grant just providing helpful information lol
  12. OldNick

    Site issues

    I still cant get into the lounge
  13. fantastic, and hopefully our small contributions make the difference for you.
  14. to be fair Liverpool always get fantastic prices for theor players and rarely waste those proceeds, more so under Klopp, who i dislike intensely but he is a very good judge of a footballer
  15. OldNick

    Site issues

    it is frustrating but all must respect that Steve is not making money out of this at present and many would shut it down rather than lose money. Hopefully he can get the issues sorted.
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