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  1. ive only seen the clips on MoTD but we seemed to be in the game and perhaps created as many chances. What was evident to me was the amount of loose passes straight to their players that put us under undue pressure and 2 goals came from them. It was a foul but the VAR was never going overrule the ref.
  2. depends on what side of the fence you're on
  3. I think people who throw stones should not live in grasshouses
  4. of course they are the longest holders of this trophy. Much like the Fa Cup. When they win something best to get your helmet and protective gear on as there becomes a world crisis
  5. Crikey no posts since December 22nd!!! Is this thread dying out? Come on Pompey give us something pleeease
  6. Another one gone from my childhood. I saw him play a few times but he never stood out to me when he was playing against us at the Dell. No doubt Brian O'Neill had something to do with that lol
  7. I also thought that Walcotts tackle may have had a further closer look. There again it was biter bit as that was a classic Milner tackle he had the pleasure of receiving
  8. I usually dislike Carragher but I thought he was very fair post match, he said it was a pen and showed why. It showed that KWP placed his right foot to the side of Sadio and did not touch him
  9. I couldnt get on this morning and so went and looked at the Ugly Inside, that took 30 seconds, how you navigate that site is a task.
  10. Just when you want it flowing the site cant cope. Shame really
  11. Is it just me or is the site really slow and you cant go to other sections easily?
  12. Forster oh dear, he made the defence nervous with his first kick of the game. He nearly got caught in possession and then he kept punching the ball instead of catching ata time when we needed a calm period. I know he is lacking in confidence but I really found him fraying my nerves. Jack Stephens did some brilliant blocks but he is so casual with his passing at times and gives the ball away in dangerous positions. KWP superb again Diallo looked so comfortable Tella a little lost and to my mind Ndulu(?) is going to be the better player. He was strong and looked very mobile a
  13. Personally Gao has put a good management team at the top of the club who try and be transparent. Perhaps in time this will help us develop and grow. If we get some other new person owner they might rip this up.
  14. she was terrible, but that doesnt mean that all are likely to be poor, most of the male commentators drive me mad
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