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  1. Crikey, there again when did rules come into with them
  2. Was this a pub in Pompey last night
  3. I dont. Let them lose at Oxford as there is a risk they will win the final. Wycombe look safely through but that may work against them when it comes to the final
  4. OldNick

    BLM & Football

    The massacre was going on before the war of course, not went on to do
  5. OldNick

    BLM & Football

    Sadly Stalin like Chairman Mao were responsible for killing 10's of millions of their own people. Pretty hard to celebrate such people.
  6. Leeds fans in the 70's were despicable, probably the most racist with Chelsea, and being an away fan was not good
  7. It would have been nice to sing to them after they were singing to us 'When the Saints go marching down' Perhaps 'Goodbye Cherries its so good to see you go back to where you belong '
  8. I thought that our central defenders would be outmuscled and bullied like they did against WHam ,Burnley etc but they stood up and did the right things. Well done. The first 10-15 it was really frantic and scrappy but all of a sudden we started to play fluid football and then the goal came. I the 2nd half it was annoying that we were under pressure and kept launching the ball that gave them possession again. Once Armstrong came on he seemed to calm it a bit and we gained control again
  9. I dont expect him to go, I would be very disappointed if so. The way Ralph was so disappointed when his chance didnt go in showed to me that he is very much keen on him. It was also nice to see Nathan tell him to keep him chin up.
  10. Problem is that counter attacking teams require the opponents to attack. Thats why Chelsea have not been as good at home. If teams defend deep they can rely on our defence to mess up when they do come at us and then have something to defend before we mess up again. Whilst Im not 100% in favour of a big centre forward Giroud types do help. I have been keen on us getting Ivor Toney from Peterborough reminds me a bit of Cyrille Regis, strong and fairly decent in the air.
  11. It was sickening as you could sense him trying to conceal his delight that Zaha the major threat limped off 'oh what a shame for the game'
  12. OldNick

    The BBC

    The BBC news last night was a bit outrageous. Im not a fan of Trump but the way they potrayed the stadium being empty as though he hadnt drawn a crowd, but on their own website they had put up how kids on TikTok and another had ordered tickets to not go therefore to leave lots of empty seats. Whether you like him or not, that is not balanced reporting. BBC iplayer is brilliant and allows me to watch the brilliant This Country time and again
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/premier-league/wanyama-mane-believed-southampton-players-didn-t-want-to-pass-to-him/ar-BB14lVfj?ocid=spartanntp Odd, but that's what Wanyama has said
  14. Im not missing the PL one bit and quite happy if it doesnt start up again this season
  15. I wonder what risk there is with all the phlemn lying on the grass during a game
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