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  1. problem with the PL basically saying it was a dive is that JWP wont get penalties awarded inthe future on 50-50's. Point is always good at Goodison but caught by one longball and so they decided 2nd half to lump it long. We were pretty good and I was pretty relaxed watching the game. Madness with the Bednarek tackle, its either foul and red card or play on. The problem with VAR is that it is the old boys club, they dont want to show their mates up and so side with them. Perhaps the Stockley Park team should be ex professionals who have really studied the laws of the game and kept apart from the refs. Overall I thought Lee Mason was pretty fair even though hes from Pompey
  2. Surely that will be a positive for them. They wont have their wages to pay over the summer and there is going to be a big pool of free agents to choose from. I would suggest they wil come out stronger not weaker due to that
  3. Thanks, very good and raised a few smiles there.
  4. OldNick

    Obafemi or Adams?

    To be fair to me, I had mentioned and noticed 2 or 3 occasions where you could see his potential. The clever flick to set Nathan away from the bye line away to Chelsea or Leicester ( I cant remember what game now)and he did another again I cant recall when. He was also very unlucky early in the season where there was a brilliant reflex save that stopped him scoring. So I do believe I have been consistent in my opinion
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/07/adam-lallana-will-not-play-again-for-liverpool-to-protect-transfer-says-klopp So he's a legend according to Klopp and wants to sign a new contract but Klopp is not going to play him in case he gets injured and so cant have a move. Kind of says he knows he's injury prone and he cant wait to move the legend on
  6. OldNick

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Adams without hesitation. I have yet to see what the fuss is about Obefemi
  7. I cant find it, could you post a link ? I really have trouble navigating that site it is a bit of a mess, but I suppose once you get used to the way it works its ok
  8. wow , I wish the commentators had picked that up.
  9. OldNick


    yep, the main difference I can see is that the Japan have a polite society that does not involve hugging kissing when they meet.
  10. Crikey, there again when did rules come into with them
  11. Was this a pub in Pompey last night
  12. I dont. Let them lose at Oxford as there is a risk they will win the final. Wycombe look safely through but that may work against them when it comes to the final
  13. OldNick

    BLM & Football

    The massacre was going on before the war of course, not went on to do
  14. OldNick

    BLM & Football

    Sadly Stalin like Chairman Mao were responsible for killing 10's of millions of their own people. Pretty hard to celebrate such people.
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