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  1. I know this is heresy but I think Gao hasnt done that badly considering he has his hands tied by te Chinese government. He has allowed people like Semmens to get on with his job and IMo done that well. We would all like to have an owner who spends like theres no tomorrow but very few are lucky enough to have one of those
  2. Look at Leicesters attacking riches compared to ours. We did well to gain a point. Fans who complain about the keeper, whether being at the near post need to go in goal and face shots from amateur players let alone the modern footballer.
  3. The Sheff Utd player had nt been vaccinated, but I know that a pro footballer who was reported collapsing with heart palputations ( I this for sure) has had the jabs. I still know its right to have them done. As for the Twitter, surely that is not Rickie Lambert!!!
  4. I get the Pompey News feed on my Facebook for some weird reason. It seems the template for any report is Win = The fans roared them to victory Draw = The fans roared them to a fantastic point and if it wasnt for them.... Lose = The fans turned up and roared them on and it was a plucky defeat Lose badly = The fans were fully behind the team and the boos were by the opposition fans as they didnt want to win
  5. Being cynical no doubt there is a winner out there who was expecting this to happen.
  6. our problem is that we couldn't finish a bag of chips. Long season unless we find players to put it in the net.
  7. I had many a conversation with Docker and wish I could have recorded his stories. His tales of going to Liverpool, Bob Shankley there waiting to greet them was amusing.
  8. Not popular observation but Redmonds dead ball delivery has been superior to JWP
  9. there goes my weekend again!!!
  10. I have to hold my hand up, I was wrong it seems this has been a fantastic success for anyone who believed.
  11. I think you underestimate Dycheball , he always finds a way. Corney is scoring as well. Funnily enough I feel it is not cut and dried. Before the season started I thought Palace were in danger but they have been able to rebuild with young strong athletic players
  12. Thats what the Roma fan said. He was given 3 chances to prove that 'He could do that' and failed miserably. Im sure most of the people on the match thread would be unable to pass the ball let alone take a chance
  13. Roma took a fan who criticised the team and got him on the pitch and he was useless, This would be so good if our club went to the match thread and picked a few of our goons out to do this
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