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  1. That may be the case but Imo he wasnt given the time or players to make the move upwards. Pogba really made it difficult and I agree he falls out with good players. To be fair though you need the players to pull with you. Sadly there are a lot of 'Me' men out there instead of team men and the new generation coming through must be a nightmare to deal with.
  2. Strip all the club of their historic titles. The moment they are told thy are to leave they will mess themselves as they want their cake and eat it. A midweek league, apparently. I thought they play too many games.....oh of course they will want the PL to be reduced in size and they will get parachuted in to the FA at the 5th round. When will the other get the balls to actually stand up. I think Im right in saying when Celtic tried to do something 10 years ago or so their league said goodbye, that immediately made Celtic withdraw their plans
  3. Ralph saying the players have left it all on the pitch has made me question him
  4. Jose is not as bad as people paint him. I like Ralph but he has alienated players as well, Jose is a serial winner, Spurs were never the correct club for him. It would be good if he has made a stand, but Levy and co dont care what he or anybody else think.
  5. It was disgraceful and seeing those lads who are basically broken was not good to see.( ive only watched the first part) Amazing that none told their parents, but they were ruled by fear. I do hope they get their just rewards. Need to phone big mouth Savage on his phone him and ask what he knew as he was at Crewe
  6. It could even be our club doing it, make the fans get used to the thought hes leaving and their sentiment may turn. Personally he is tarnished as he obviously wants to go. Fair play hes done well for us and we for him of course.
  7. I flagged up Toney when he was at Peterborough at the same time Todd Cantwell when he had only had a few games. I should be a club scout. lol
  8. should it not as its population is far smaller
  9. Bitcoin consumes 'more electricity than Argentina' - BBC News This is amazing, I had never considered the energy use of 'mining' this product. Will this turn the sentiment of the young against this 'currency'? I really still cant see why it is so popular and to me am sceptical , but it seems now the media are talking it up that it is going to rush on
  10. Export into Europe used to be clear and easy, just pay the quote and go, now increased costs for the haulier re paperwork, 2x agents fees £75 (£150 total ) then add 20% vat to pay into the EU. No wonder our exports are going to drop. It has cost my small business most of my European sales as the clients will not cough up these charges and so source the goods internally. We havent yet had many people flying off on holiday, just wait for the extra queues etc and aggro. It is madness and whilst not a fan of the European project the economic sense of leaving is zilch.
  11. I lit a candle for you last night Mack. There again, you can brag about not only holding the FA cup the longest ( I know that was club 3 or 4 times ago) and now the Johnstones or whatever its called now as well. Perhaps it is all part of the plan you staying down in L1 so that your owners can tell the fans that they are constantly bringing honours to the club
  12. Personally I dont agree, I think a centre half should be bullying the forward not the other way around. He rolled on the floor twice holding his face, I suspect it hurt but it sent a message to Calvert Lewin that he had won the battle that gave him confidence to keep doing it, the rest of their team would also have picked up on it.
  13. Ramsdale is also error strewn and deffo not for us IMO.
  14. If he is going to be a decent player he has to toughen up. Forwards will see how he couldnt take the physical stuff and will play on that. Never show youre hurt
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