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  1. I could imagine the anti vaxers hanging Marie Curie or Alexander Fleming. 'Penicillin. its made of mould, he's the devil burn him'
  2. might mean Davies to us, there have bee rumours we have been looking at him
  3. Has he seen the U23's results? I expect most of us could break into that team lol
  4. I read 3 signings and got excied that I had missed one. Then I saw one was Theo ffs !! To me that is not a true new signing as he was ours last season
  5. Frankly we shipped 60 plus goals last season and so there must be a major problem there whoever we play!!! We are a mess at present unless we pull some players out of the bag
  6. I get the logic in what you are saying but Ings is a tried and tested player in the PL whilst Armstrong is not. Therefore a risk factor comes into play. It is well known we are in for Armstrong, always a bit of a concern that we seem to be the only ones wanting him
  7. I think that the club may be looking at the current/future position due to Covid. I suggest that they may be factoring in the chance/ probability of crowds being stopped or another lockdown. This will of course effect our cashflow
  8. Ings will not guarantee us staying up, but he would improve our chances. Problem is we are saddling ourselves with another big salary for 4 years, that will in time weigh us down if he is not firing. Those injuries from his past will surely slow him as he gets older. Tell him to sign or go I suggest
  9. It seems to me that the club are moving the fans mindset to accept Ings going. I feel it is sad tht Danny may leave us in a position that it is too late to replace him. I remember when there was talk of keegan leaving, that he came out to say he was staying and that helped with season ticket sales. A week or so later he had walked.
  10. IMHO the name/slogan 'Black Lives Matter' was always going to grate with people out there. It is obvious that people believe all lives matter, thinking why are black lives more important. Of course it wasnt that Black lives matter more, but that is how I think people perceived it the slogan as. Add to that the more extreme political side of this movement seemingly taking it over. I have no problem people taking the knee ( I personally wont as I dont think I need to)but I wonder if a lot of the players are taking the knee due to peer pressure. Not that they are racist. In my own business I
  11. If Ings is thinking of leaving for SPurs etc the best thing for us is that he sorts it soonest so that we are not scrabbling at the end trying to find a replacement. One thing is for sure is that Spurs will get him for a song as that what Levy does to us.
  12. Another of my boyhood heroes gone, so sad that the march of time is taking them RIP
  13. He'll sign if no other club comes in for him lol. Cake and eat it comes to mind. Give him a deadline and if he doesnt sign withdraw the offer. His old contract will still be valid for a season and the club will sav some money. He will stil have to give his all to ge others to keep their interest once his contract runs down. Im tired of the players power
  14. It is madness that people like Vanessa Feltz is paid £400k a year, Zoe Ball (world class presenter according to the Beeb!)£1.2m. It makes me mad seeing these people get such high fees. Iam sure you could get people to present the programmes for a quarter and would be just as good. I only want to tune in to listen to a few tunes, not to listen to their inane chat.
  15. The more I think about it paying £100k PW for 4 years is hell of a commitment and taking large sums from our potential budget. I still feel keep him for a season and let him go on a free. To still be paying him those wages at 32-33years old does seem pretty strong
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