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  1. Will he be sacked by Sky, I hope not its not that he has been filmed spitting on a kid through a car window
  2. Harry on the radio. Apparently Howe took them from League 1 to the PL he didn’t realise it was from League 2
  3. OldNick

    Site issues

    Crikey I thought you'd be on a profit Steve not losing money!!! That's not right.
  4. If he says he's not going to another club then we are screwed, no doubt his agent has put this strategy in place and Spurs will be paying the extra to his agent and Hoj as a signing on fee. To a degree this is what happened with VVD as he was determined to go to Liverpool and so no others jumped in
  5. OldNick

    Site issues

    Bloody hell this site is slower than Vestergaard
  6. I looked into becoming a patron but I wasn’t sure how it worked if there had been a subscription service it would have worked for me. I’m not too savvy how these things work but patron seemed a bit more complicated for me, but that was probably just me. Anyway my hope that there would be a last minute reprieve has been quashed but perhaps if you miss it too much ..........
  7. Who takes notice of Garth Crooks anyway? He is the biggest clown pundit around and is only there for multi cultural reasons IMO
  8. I doubt his knockers would notice how he chased back and defended the break form our corner. He is one of our most important players, and our form without him proved it
  9. Was he a massive success? I like him but I dont believe he set the world on fire
  10. It took only 4minutes 28seconds for the commentator to mention the Leicester result.
  11. Yet another great episode Ben, I had forlorn hopes that there would be a change of heart, sadly not. You will be sorely missed. One day you may reappear, or perhaps team up with another pod. You are a great presenter and kept things moving smoothly, very professional and a very enjoyable listen. Thanks for everything and I wish you the best for the future
  12. Ah I see, ididnt read or take in all he wrote,thanks
  13. I didnt think it would be double but the cost of living is higher down here. I doubt a footballer in these days will be looking at a 2 bed flat to be fair.
  14. I thought he was Ok at Derby but he is just not lit the PL up. He is just a tad too slow and doesnt impose himself. Too much like our plodding midfielders from the past.
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