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  1. Keen to get Uri Geller's opinion on it all. A very wise man who can no doubt get to the bottom of what is happening out there. https://www.urigeller.com/are-your-eyes-attracted-to-11-11/
  2. What is going to suddenly happen to vaccinated people in 5 or 10 years?
  3. Our average our away pre-season friendlies have an average attendance of about 12. It's probably not worth the stewarding costs and the additional Covid risks (which is probably going to be a ball ache for the squad this season in terms of players having to miss games to self isolate). Why don't you just go to the pub with your mates and wait til the new season starts? Or go to the beach while the weather is nice? Or read a book? Olympics start this week, they'll be good too.
  4. Apparently Jake Hesketh had a trial there and has been rejected 😔
  5. jawillwill


    Does anyone know know how to find out about a house currently going through probate? The house has been derelict for over 18 months since the elderly owner died and is gradually going in to a state of dis-repair. From what I understand (from gossip from his neighbours), he only had one elderly relative who isn't local and doesn't want anything to do with it. How does the house ever get sold in such instances /how long would it usually take before it goes up for sale?
  6. Bloody hell, you've had 18 months to check your facts yet you don't know that it is, undisputedly, not a flu virus.
  8. Seriously though, do you think Jannik will be off this summer? If he is, will we be able to survive without him?
  9. Quite like them, and fairly reasonably priced as you say. Anyone know what the material is like? Assuming they're designed to be good for sport (how much will my nipples chafe if I wear it during a long run?)
  10. Its a shame Southgate will still be manager at the world cup. He's done OK the last couple of tournaments but they got as far as they got in spite of him, rather than because of him. He clearly started to believe his own hype with the most baffling use of substitutes I have ever seen.
  11. If Italy had beaten Germany and Belgium and England had beaten Spain, I guarantee you would say the same. England clearly had a favourable 1/4 final v Ukraine, but other than than that it hasn't been any easier or more difficult than would usually be expected. If we had played Ukraine, then Denmark, then Germany I doubt anyone would be calling it an easy route to the final. Not forgetting we also had the World Cup finalists in our group. Re: Pickford, he is and always has been a liability. Hopefully he has a good game without any major brain farts.
  12. See we've signed someone today. Is she any good? Not sure I've ever really noticed the social media channels making a big deal of new women's recruits.
  13. Why does Gareth Southgate hate Sancho?
  14. Sack Southgate. Hire Claude Puel. Improve excitement levels.
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