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  1. Good news, but seems crazy to risk him this season given theres nothing really to play for. Would have thought it better to save a position on the bench for a youngster, for experience.
  2. HahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahaha
  3. This is Pompey's year. I can feel it. In fact, I have a sneaky feeling they will get back-to-back promotions through the play-offs.
  4. Good for United fans. Hope Utd get a hefty points deduction now though. We all know that most pundits were against points deductions for the European League debacle because "its unfair that fans that get punished". Well, they've caused this postponement...
  5. Thanks for the clarification MLG. What if we go into administration half an hour after the final whistle on the last day? Or we are found to have committed some other serious breach of rules, resulting in a points deduction?
  6. We always play well against Leicester. Comfortable 3-1 victory. Che, Minamino and Jankewitz with the goals. Bednerak and Vestergaard won't give Vardy a sniff.
  7. How the fuck did we only lose by 1 goal to Leicester?
  8. I don't think we'll go down, but I do think it will be closer than people on here seem to think. I can't see us getting another point this season. Or next season at this rate.
  9. What is this ridiculous new fad in defending in recent seasons? I think I have only over seen a handful of goals (if not less) that have been deliberately scored by players shooting under a jumping wall. Surely, statistically speaking, it would be more beneficial to have an extra player in the wall...or pretty much anywhere else.
  10. They are playing bottom of the league again at the weekend. They couldn't lose again, could they?
  11. Introduce PowerPlays where they have to use a rugby ball for 10 minutes per game. Or where goalkeepers must have 1 hand tied behind their backs.
  12. I doubt Sky would get the rights, which is probably why they are so openly against the proposals. Its more likely that the likes of Amazon / Apple will win rights, or alternatively, the ESL will have its own broadcasters/subscription model. Personally, I'm in the fuck 'em camp. If a new league is set up without the big 6, the other clubs may take a financial hit (maybe even go bust) but I'm sure new clubs would rise and the new league would be a bit more open. The TV deals wouldn't be anywhere as near as big but games would still be broadcast. Clubs would just need to cut their cloth acc
  13. Just seen the scores for the other games in the round. West Ham won 11-0. Arsenal won 10-0. Sheffield United won 9-0. I don't think it really says anything about the quality of the women's game, other than the gulf between the different leagues is even bigger than the men's. Makes cup upsets like those by Southampton seem more impressive.
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