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  1. Are Liverpool still planning on having an open top bus parade to celebrate their league title when Covid restrictions are eased? Will be gloriously funny if they are no longer champions at that point.
  2. Ud-oh! They've got a Whalley in the team!
  3. Crawley the latest club to have a Covid outbreak. Assume their 4th round game v Bournemouth will probably need to be postponed.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJL9RvSsNxH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Until now I have been willing to give Shrews the benefit of the doubt. Despite vigorous protocols, it is possible for Covid outbreaks to happen anywhere, such is the nature of the disease. However, the above photo is evidence that they seemingly have some players blatantly flouting the rules over Christmas which has no doubt contributed to the outbreak (assuming that the above is recent). For that I say fuxk 'em and give us a bye. Seems their fans aren't best pleased either. https://blueandamber.proboa
  5. They are making both the 4th and 5th round draw tonight. So all 5th round ties will include xxx vs yyy fixtures.
  6. Given that West Ham/Stockport haven't played yet, are we saying that we could have a 5th round draw this evening of something along the limes of: Saints or Shrewsbury or West Ham or Stockport V's Team xxx or Team yyy?
  7. Is Jake Hesketh injured or just unable to get into the Crawley matchday squad?
  8. Austin has re-signed for QPR. Gutted we have missed out on that. Could have been a great goal scoring back-up for Ings.
  9. Didn't this happen to Leyton Orient earlier in the season in the league Cup? Its much harder to rearrange multiple cup games than league games. If there are multiple postponements over the 3rd and 4th round, I can't see how the competition will be complete in time for the Euros...
  10. Fulham game v Burnley now postponed. There's going to be a big backlog of fixtures soon...
  11. Amazon. More of a full blown river though.
  12. It was a clear offside that the lino flagged...
  13. Its not nice to intentionally set out to hurt MLG's feelings on Christmas Day by saying Merry Christmas.
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