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  1. A young English manager with a good track record in the Premier League doesn't want to go to a bottom-half League One team? Are you sure?
  2. Matthew Le God: "Jeff Bezos would not allow such a name change."
  3. Bottom of the League One form table, with table toppers and new arch rivals Sunderland up next.
  4. Anyone know what the record is for most Premier League games drawn in a row?
  5. On Football Focus now. Even though lots of people have said it before, I think today is the first time I've actually ever heard him describe Saints as "his boyhood club" and "his team" etc. Probably not particularly interesting to most, but think I've seen a few people on here denying that it's the case...
  6. Looked like he pull a hamstring after the 2nd Newcastle goal yesterday. Hopefully I'm wrong...
  7. https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/football/wigan-athletic-send-keith-the-duck-off-in-style-3363589 I'm sure the thousands of travelling fans would have been respectful to Keith the Duck at half time.
  8. What have you got against poppies on Remembrance Day?
  9. Yeah, before Leicester won the league the biggest clubs never bought all the best players. That's why we were so lucky to sign Danny Fox when we did.
  10. Has any team ever recorded their largest ever home and away, victories and defeats (I think) in such a short space of time? - Biggest home win vs Sunderland - Biggest home loss v Leicester - Biggest away loss v Man Utd - Biggest away win v Newport. Who's been lucky/unlucky enough to witness all 4 games?
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58322829 Interesting but not surprising turn of events. Who will this affect from Saints this upcoming international break? Could Covid be the beginning of the end for pointless international friendly breaks?
  12. It was not (clearly) going wide. I've just rewatched it and am fairly sure it was on target (albeit probably heading to the opposite corner from where it ended up). I don't see why they don't just give the benefit of the doubt to the striker on such instances. Is the dubious goals panel still a thing/ could it change? I had Che in my fantasy football team this week...
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