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  1. I need to see another replay, but it looks like two fouls. One with his hand where he tugged him back. And a second with his legs as he cluttered into him
  2. If the ref gives a foul he also has to book Ndidi. The whole game then changes as he needs to be careful not to pick up a second. Instead we are a goal down and Diallo ends up in the book.
  3. Have a watch of this for more detail. He talks about his reasoning particularly around muscle memory. He's clearly an intelligent guy which I think has helped him here and worked out how to maximise his strengths and cover his weaknesses like pace.
  4. I'm sure someone will quote me otherwise (bracing myself for MLG) but it always feels like they get ridiculously easy pathways in both domestic cups.
  5. It's a huge game for both sides. Both will see a win as validating their ambitions for the rest of the season, primarily pushing for a top 4 place. A defeat and expect either set of supporters to overreact and say they are no better than a mid table plodder. My gut tells me we will cancel each other out and draw. Both teams struggle a little bit to score from open plays and neither will want to lose. It's gone under the radar because of United's ridiculous circumstances, but Leicester have seriously been boosted by penalties this season. 8 scored penalties already, which is 38% of their
  6. One of the things I love about Ralph is that after his time with RBL he could have waited for a bigger job. But not only did he come here in the first place, his commitment to the job at hand has never wavered. Whilst this shouldn't be a thing of note, many others would have thought themselves too big for the role. What I hope this shows to the Board going forward is when sadly RH leaves for a bigger role, is not to get too cute on the next manager. RH instantly united the fan base with his pedigree and a clear identity of football. Clearly the players thought so too, as I remember Bertr
  7. One thing I have noticed, as a generalisation, is that top 6 club fans compare their decisions against one another, rather than the rest of the league. So if they compare Rashford and whether he would have got a penalty- yes he would, would Werner- yes, would Sterling- fuck yes, would Auba- yes, would Son- yes. So if you solely look at that, then yes they were hard done by. But if you reverse it, would any of these players get a penalty against those clubs? Would Chris Wood- god no, Fornals- no, McBurnie- no, Joelington- no, Mitrovic- no. Etc. So often I watch a team who are more often than no
  8. This is to give an idea of their level of injustice Yes you have that right. They are complaining about this, even though it went clearly out for a throw in.
  9. Get the fuck in there!! What a win!!! I could lay superlatives at the whole team. Back 4 collectively were magnificent. All minimum 8/10. Don't believe the media or Klopp narrative. They had a tonne of attacking talent out there with Firminho, Salah, Mane, TAA, Robertson, Thiago even. To keep out one of the best attacking sides of the last couple of years needs every single defensive player to be on top. JWP was the general. Always in the right place. Always calm when in possession. And got the assist. I dunno how we hold onto him. I mentioned it at half time but want to mention it
  10. Lol just had a look on RAWK. Hilarious moaning about the ref. Apart from the headlock on Salah, most of the decisions have been correct. I guess they aren't used to having a ref not wanking over their forward line just throwing themselves to the ground.
  11. I totally bottled the last few minutes. Watching on a stream and ended up looking up whether we had made it through to half time. Fortunately the side has more bottle than me. Lots of good performances throughout the side. Nearly everyone playing at a minimum of 7/10. Special mention to JWP who really is a fantastic player. Breaking up moves, calm passing, even winning headers. Also think the ref is doing okay. Apart from that clustofuck of a decision at the end to give a corner (reckon both him and the assistant took their eye off it) which I think was an innocent mistake, I think
  12. Whisper it quietly. But so far very strong refereeing.
  13. I think we haven't adjusted to the fact that other teams have caught on to why we pass it round the back. We passed it round, waited for opposition to move forward and then attacked the space. Now teams will hold back and make sure there is no space. We need something new. Personally I would like to try and beat then on the outside more often. Even KWP often runs inverted or cuts in. Everything is too narrow. Djenepo is the only one who gets down the outside, and it's only a couple of times a game. Nothing wrong with been found out, but the sooner we accept our attacking play has then th
  14. After the man city game I felt really proud. Despite defeat, I loved that we played our football courageously against a side that is hugely more expensive. The last two performances in contrast have been utterly cowardly. Content to sit out a draw with little urgency or courage. At this point of the season, a point does very little. We ain't going down so the next best thing is to aim for Europe. To do that we need to win a lot of games. If we had gone more attacking we may have beaten Fulham but on flipside lost today. We get more points. I want us to be braver and really go for the wi
  15. I love our 4 2 2 2. Anything that gives us a clear identity and style of play. But feel today we are crying out for someone to float centrally in a cam position. So much space there and when one of ings or che drops into it we look better.
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