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  1. Maybe I am just becoming long in the tooth. But this kinda analysis fucking pisses me off. I don't think we are necessarily playing any better than we did in our opening games, just the level of opposition has gone down. The modern analysis seems to focus simply on W, D and L and no context. You could lose back to back to back games against City, Chelsea and Liverpool, and the media will be putting pressure on the manager for not getting points on the board. And if you beat watford, norwich and Brentford in consquetive games, you are on track to win the fucking league and do a Leicester.
  2. I do think some people's opinion on JWP is stuck about 4 years in the past. Most of the time has got the ball so far he has played it forward, and tbh that's the way he has played for the last couple of seasons.
  3. The kit clash is absolutely fantastic
  4. Really felt this one in my soul. It was clearly not his day. Now he has to try and bounce back when he should have been well done the order.
  5. If this does go to penalties, please don't give one to Smallbone. It looks like his fairytale won't happen today. Really fear those misses will be in his head.
  6. Commenters mistaking Djenepo for Salisu. One is a giant beast of a centre back, the other made of pipe cleaners. Must be nice to be earning their salaries!
  7. Really devastating news. No one should die just doing their job. Rhetoric needs to die down. Wtf is wrong with some people
  8. I think there are a few things that are wrong. First is the leadership at the top. Mike Riley was a shit referee, and making him in charge of these muppets is a recipe for disaster. Hugely out of his depth, arrogant and doesn't understand football. I'm not surprised the refs last were inconsistent. The messaging from the top was hugely inconsistent and an utter mess. The refs should still have been better, but fuck me we had about five interpretations of the handball rule in one season. When you have a bunch of non talented refs, you should at least give them a consistent framework to work wit
  9. I have a golden rule in life. If ever I am in situation where I am talking, debating or arguing with someone, and either one of us makes personal attacks or attacks on credibility, then I will simple walk away from it. Whether it is my partner, friends, some dude in the pub or online. Because if someone is at that stage, they have likely closed off their mind. Why should I continue to answer your questions if I am just opening up myself to personal attack? Why would I do that? You have now jumped in to attack my credibility twice now. I get anxiety very easily online, so I am not going to put
  10. Whilst I get your point there are peoples jobs attached to climate change, you must remember that is dwarfed completely by the number of jobs and economic dependency on fossil fuels. It's like people saying that the Government exaggerated Covid for the sake of the pharmaceutical companies. Why would every country simultaneously trash their economy for the sake of a handful of a companies? It makes no sense at all. Don't get me wrong, those companies are corrupt as hell, but the idea that everyone is suddenly going to bend over for them is insanity. Same logic here. Why would everyone be protec
  11. Apologies, not sure if I am fully following your point? If it is around whether there are factors outside humans that cause climate change, then the answer is absolutely yes. No one is saying otherwise! There are numerous feedback systems that can accelerate and decelerate warming and we have a damn good understanding of them. So 33 million years ago, the ppm was somewhere around 1500-2000 if memory serves me right (I'm actually super busy today so don't have time to dig out the numbers) and several degrees warmer. Which demonstrates what I was saying that increase greenhouse gas emissio
  12. I debated Scally plenty in the Climate Change thread with lots of back and forth. I am happy to talk to others here as well. You however have decided to make it personal by attacking my professional credibility with laughably baseless claims. I am happy to debate with others, but I ain't sinking to that level.
  13. To be honest, there have been so many studies on global surface temperature rise and concentration of greenhouse gas emissions accounting for the last few centuries (and others tackling thousands or millions of years). It is not a case of someone doing a study in 1900, and us doing it now and saying 'hang on a minute, look, these numbers are different! Something is going on!'. There are hundreds, if not thousands of studies from different researchers, different methodologies, and consistent and rigorous challenges to those methodologies. And regardless of what is used, the conclusions ar
  14. Around 3 million years ago they were roughly around the levels they were today. Around 33m they were much, much higher. Correspondingly, 33 million years the global surface temperature was several degrees warmer.
  15. I'm a bit late to the debate, but happy to answer a couple of questions on climate change. Or at least recommend GM looks at the Climate change thread where I have already done my best to carefully explain the science and processes. For his reference, I work in climate change and have done for over a decade. I haven't read through everything, but I will answer the first question though on ppm, where you say you don't understand the link between ppm and global surface temperature. And that's absolutely fine, there isn't an expectation for everyone to be a climate scientist. But whether or
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